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Big River Defender is a fun tower defense game, you need build defense units to block both air and river enemies to go through your zone, Destorying your enemy gives you more golds, you can build more defense unit, you can also upgrade your defense unit to add damage. Let'g go! good luck.

Game feature:
- 8 different enemies;
- 4 amazing tower types;
- 3 difficulites for player of all levels;

Customer Reviews

  • I like the td game.

    by YannieZheng

    I like the td game.

  • Mr

    by Str8h82fld

    This game really needs an upgrade!!! I am unable to get past lvl 53. Please add another upgrade to all the towers n give more gold for kills. Should be able to win on easy. Please, please upgrade soon!!!!

  • Rocks!!

    by Jtni

    This is a really fun and challenging strategy game. It's obviously not easy but that's the point isn't it? Or it wouldn't need a strategy!!

  • Horrible

    by Gadgetysgh

    No way to repair damage, the weapons get boring, way to difficult, the list continues. Really regret spending money on this. I will be sure to start reading reviews before I buy. Disappointed!!!!!

  • Unrealistically Difficult

    by Angela Bottega

    Can't get far on EASY.. Way too hard with not enough golf for kills.

  • Boo

    by ItsMyNickname

    This company keeps making their apps free so they CONSTANTLY appear on sites that track price changes. It's forming a new category of "price change spam". Ugh. Annoying!!! If this app costs money, wait a day and it'll probably be free again.

  • Buggy and redundant

    by franzerelli

    Yes seems like you can't get past lvl 53.

  • This app needs an update

    by Tyson J

    One should be able to win on easy...and so far it's impossible for me to win on easy. This game defines insanity...Fix this game to be fun!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Waste of time, I'm glad I didn't pay for it.

    by Pheebers

    Really awful. Too difficult on easy, no way to save game, no statistics, no way to know what upgrades cost, no story, no way to know how many waves there are, no description of damage (so you can evaluate upgrades- not that you could anyway because you don't know what they cost until after they're purchased), the list goes on. And on.

  • Unnerving

    by Tri2Pla

    Inconsistancies in gold paid vs the cost of towers is frustrating. The towers operate poorly in that they don't try to take out the leader but rather whoever they are focused on first or frozen. Annoying.

  • No freaking resume

    by jjgoode

    There is no resume what the hell? I start rocking this game killing everything and get a phone call, come back to the game and I have to start all over???!!! Fix it!!!!

  • Big River Defender, virtually undefendable

    by Joe the Stargazer

    The game is fun to play and addictive BUT so far it seems impossible to win at the EASY level. Both myself and another person are intelligent and savvy game players, but after 40 and 15 attempts, no luck. We have tried many strategies and gone through many relatively boring levels, but then the hordes come with almost impervious resistance to multiple shots by our well placed defenders. I'm just about done. EASY level should be do-able within ten tries.

  • There are better defense games

    by I hate 2mb

    I'm not impressed at all with this game. Certainly there are better 'tower defense' games even free ones. I wouldn't pay for this game.

  • Not good

    by Froger82

    Don't get till they fix it and do they have to fix it. It crashes all the time and when you do play the ships go way to fast for you to even get any towers set up and you don't get any were enough money to upgrade to get more towers. They must had to fil a quota for the month or something cause they really didn't teat. Don't get till they fix just to few proplema that I siad and I'm sure there's a dew more that I didn't stike around to find out.


    by I AM SEASON


  • Crashes at start

    by Kiddo818

    DO NOT BUY UNTIL THEY FIX THIS APP I have not been able to play this game yet because it crashes at launch every single time.   I was finally able to play this game and wow it is bad. I have almost all TD games and this one is one of the worst in the app store. Believe me, this game would be hardly any fun even if it was offered for free. 

  • One more thing!

    by westred

    I meant Fieldrunners, not Field Defense! A few more Tower Defense games they should sequel: Tower Madness(a classic), Tri Defense, geoDefense, Elemental Monster TD! Who agrees? It gets kind of repetitive when they keep coming out with games where you have to tap here to shoot!

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