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Seller: Gang Zeng

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Battle defender is a fun tower defense game, you need build defense units to block both air and land enemies to go through your zone, Destorying your enemy gives you more golds, you can build more defense unit, you can also upgrade your defense unit to add damage. Let'g go! good luck.

Game feature:
- 8 different enemies;
- 4 amazing tower types;
- 3 difficulites for player of all levels;

Customer Reviews

  • Maps and towers

    by Videogame30

    Needs more maps and towers but it is a good game

  • Hi

    by AWSpoofwil


  • Boo

    by ItsMyNickname

    This company keeps making their apps free so they CONSTANTLY appear on sites that track price changes. It's forming a new category of "price change spam". Ugh. Annoying!!! If this app costs money, wait a day and it'll probably be free again.

  • Horrible TD attempt!

    by Bootrix

    The company/person that made this really bad TD game has also made many other sub-par games for the idevices. They seem to be all about quanity and NOT quality! I guess their theory might be to throw 100+ garbage apps on the app store and by playing just the "numbers" game, they'll make some cash. They also take the game from Paid to Free to Paid to Free like every week, just look at appshopper dot com to see their app status change history. VERY sad for those that get stuck paying for any of their "stuff"!! I have never given them a penny, and never will!

  • Lack of Controls

    by usersicon

    This game is cool and a good start for a game beta. But their are no controls for game speed, difficulty, and settings. Would be nice for game speed settings and game saves and most of all the ability to remove towers or cancel or unselect a tower creation when needed or if wrong built item was selected instead of being forced to waist the credits.

  • Oops

    by Martikhan

    Bought it by accident so I'd hoped it would be good. Eh entertaining but is there a level two? If so it's more than 50 waves...

  • Crashes

    by Benthestud


  • Impossible to beat!!!!

    by Gardenblock

    I'm playing 3 similiar type apps (battle/defend)and I can't seem to advance on only this game!!! I be playing same battle 4 a half hour and I'll always still lose, try others too

  • Another terrible Unity game

    by Phoenix2000

    I should learn to just automatically delete any Unity game, and Apple should force them to show that before you buy! Locks up and crashes all the time, unresponsive controls, just all around unplayable.

  • Not the most amazing..

    by tolar5

    I cannot get past the EASY level. Maybe I'm just terrible. But there's no information about the goals, levels, etc. I got to like 46 and died. How many are there? When do I win? I have to do the same grass level every time. Graphics need updating.

  • Is this a clone?

    by SlashAndBurn

    First off there is another game that is basically a skin change away from being thus game, and the controls feel so disjointed. When I drag at and zoom level it should follow my finger, this o e kind of drags at the same speed at all zoom levels. Also the zoom is painfully slow and doesn't go that far. Now on the interface, it needs a complete renovation. On the small screen wasting 20% for controls seems wasteful. Also it would be nice if the upgrade buttons listed what the price of the upgrade costs. And the value for selling a tower.

  • Needs A LOT of polish

    by iReviewTheApps4u

    The basic concept of a TD is there but that is all. Graphics need massive improvement as well as tower additions, enemies, etc. Cost for upgrading and selling needs to be shown. Right now I would describe it best as taking the map style path of Garden War but with the crappy game play and graphics of the worst TD game in the App store, Evo.

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