A Delivery Train Lite Games App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: Gang Zeng

fix some bugs

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Delivery Train Lite is physics driver game, you need deliver ore to destination.

Game feature:
- 6 different level ;
- easy tap control;

Customer Reviews

  • Pretty good

    by Railroadnut767

    It's just fun to drive it... I was wrong. Let me redo this. This game is crap. There are more glitches in this game then there are cars in this world. First of all, it is like super impossible to get this horrid looking train to the finish with the required amount of cargo. The train gets stuck in the freaking ground all the time. But over all I think I will keep this app... To find glitches to tell the world like level two is impossible

  • Good app.....

    by Bobaya01

    This app is great in all..... But for the lite version they can add more levels then just 3... And the controls are kinda hard.

  • Cute..

    by BamaMom79

    This is a really cute game. My 4 year old has asked me to put so many train apps on mine and my husbands phones and this is the one he constantly plays on both. I'll even sit down and play it myself. :)

  • Horrible

    by Jordi;)

    Button does not work

  • Terrible

    by Ylime599036

    This app is terrible the button don't even work!

  • Killer2004

    by Killer12004

    It's stupid

  • Doesn't work.

    by ---Jrod---

    For some reason when I tap the arrows nothing happens. Do NOT get this app.

  • Horrible

    by Tally lisey

    It is the worst game on the planet don't download it

  • Horrible

    by Jake-7898

    Doesn't even work

  • Worst game in history

    by Scw3349

    It's crap it has 3 levels 3 it horrible.if you have no life get it

  • Um........

    by Mr.kookness

    Not good at ALL!!! If I could rate it 1-100 id be a -10000000000000000 I mean.... Reading a book is gunner than this game. If you like being bored.... get it.

  • Nice try...

    by Yucateco

    ...but this game is weak. Uses moon gravity and limited controls to make it more challenging. I also keep tapping the ad because it's poorly placed right next to the controls. The paid version is overpriced.

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