TRANSFORMERS Legends Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Mobage, Inc.
  • Updated: Apr, 25 2013
  • Version: 2.0
  • Size: 38.73 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Mobage, Inc.

What’s new in TRANSFORMERS Legends:

•New episode type: Team Battle! Team up with other players in day to day battles against rival teams for the ultimate rewards. Cooperate with your team members for victory, compete with rival teams for rewards!
•Rarity 6 character cards! The new character card rarity boosts the power of your deck. These new rarity cards also have new special effects!
•Rarity 5 weapon cards! A new weapon card rarity has been added that takes the power of your deck to a next level
•We fixed the exploit of the premium Space Bridges in which players could purchase specific tiers of the Space Bridge more than once
•We fixed an issue where the logic to download parallax cards over WiFi would not always work
•We fixed several issues in the store including malfunctioning ‘back’ button functionality
•Medals used from your inventory now point to the correct Space Bridges
•Teletraan 1 now shows arrows to clarify which paths you can take
•We resolved a horizontal snapping issue in the inventory
•Card labels now show full CHRONOGON and EVOLUTION text
•Major performance and memory improvements
•Various bug fixes

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
103 Ratings
All Versions:
6654 Ratings


Recruit, construct and battle with over 300 classic TRANSFORMERS characters based on the original cartoon series and reimagined by famous comic book artists. Experience the only TRANSFORMERS mobile game that combines action-packed PVP, a thrilling campaign mode and weekly episodic live events!

The war between AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS rages on. Battle for Earth with TRANSFORMERS characters such as OPTIMUS PRIME, MEGATRON, BUMBLEBEE, STARSCREAM, the DINOBOTS and hundreds more. ROLL OUT!




TRANSFORMERS (R) and all associated characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission (c) 2012 Hasbro.

Customer Reviews

  • Best I phone game yet

    by Shockwave 777

    After going through the sd card full and losing all my stuff this game is still good my code is 115233588 if you want rewards

  • Loading problem

    by Blah blah

    I like the gameplay but it keeps closing on me

  • What just happened

    by Homer 38

    I loved this game so much. But when the update happened. It erased all of my cards the hours I spend playing the game and now I find this. I had pax and Optimus. They were both evolve cards. Worst update ever. So after I this happened I delegated the game. Thanks a lot mobage thanks a lot I would rate this 5 stars if wasn't for this . Thanks a lot


    by Sony RNA

    It doesn't have a log out button

  • Get it together fellas!!!

    by Ghost7414

    The team has always been fairly swift to resolve problems. After experiencing the "SD FULL" problem, I had all the faith in the world that they would have it resolved by now. It's been two days fellas .......GET IT TOGETHER!

  • Good game

    by Guitar_man567

    It's a fun game to play. Only downside is that to be a great player in it you have to spend way too much money.

  • Awesome game

    by Azrael187

    Awesome game when something does go wrong the ppl at mobage fix it quick and then give you something weather it's Moba coins or rare cards for your trouble , five stars

  • Transformers Legends

    by Bish1100

    February 5th I've been playing this game for about a year now, and I've spent tons of money building a deck. As of today, suddenly mobage had a new login that apparently makes it impossible to link to your original account email address and it completely RESET EVERYTHING. RESTORE MY ACCOUNT IMMEDIATELY

  • SD CARD FULL?!.. iPhones don't have SD cards how is it full?

    by Alex93010

    It won't let me play it keeps saying that my SD card is full but I don't even have one. I really liked playing this game ALOT but if this not fixed I'll have to delete it And I really don't want to plzz fix this soon :(

  • SD CARD FULL?!.. iPhones don't have SD cards how is it full?

    by Alex93010

    It won't let me play it keeps saying that my SD card is full but I don't even have one. I really liked playing this game ALOT but if this not fixed I'll have to delete it And I really don't want to plzz fix this soon :(

  • Good time killer.

    by AndyKakes

    This game is a great time killer for any Transformer fan!

  • Crash

    by Kev19930

    Love but keeps crashing on new update >:(

  • New update won't let me log in

    by Ushoory

    New update gives me message "SD card full" and just exits

  • sd card non existent = fail

    by hi4head

    i don't have an sd card, so how is it full? won't let me play, tis lame =[

  • Yup

    by Goobspls

    Standard mmobage. Good fun

  • Nice twist

    by DamonB 55

    This is a pumped up blitz game

  • TFL greatness

    by Fitzy1111

    If you love transformers and are willing to put some time and money into a game you'll love this one. Great art, episodes every week and good customer service. Been playing for about a year now and I'm still hooked.

  • I'm a boss add me. 83620518

    by Porkslinger

    Together we will conquer

  • Awesome

    by Tapatio34

    Dope game , I like how you can evolve a card multiple times

  • Request/Suggestion

    by Timreviewer

    The previous episodes/events should be replayable for transformers legends

  • Update lame

    by Dwarfalope

    This update wiped everything i hade. Took long time to get to where i was with out spending real cash now it all gone. DELETED GAME.

  • Crashes constantly since last updated

    by Ldef

    I have over 1 GB available and it constantly tells me SD Card is full on my iPhone. Been playing this game for about a year, about to stop since this error

  • This game was fun...

    by Galactic Empire

    I'm getting the same issue as some of the other people here I've been playing this game for at least a year and now after the last update it's giving me a message saying my SD card is full so I can't play anymore the game just crashes after that message :(

  • Title

    by Dalek empire

    Oh and to ash_moon that happond to me too just delete something. But this game is sooooooo not worth it

  • Dwayne

    by Lonelboy

    I can't even play the game now what is going on

  • Mobage's ATM

    by Phamhall

    Claims not to be a pay-to-win game, but unless you're willing to she'll put significant amounts of cash (talking hundreds monthly) you will never be able to enjoy the game and the cards that are offered. Their customer support is among the worst I've come across. They simply show no concern over the quality if their Product or service. Shame on Hasbro for not pulling the license.

  • Bad new format

    by Roller2323

    With this new update the game has become a certifiable nightmare to play. Amazingly what was once fun is now a brutal chore. I dread pressing that icon when I see it in on my iPad. Word of advice to heed to the bad reviews otherwise your game will be lost in the halls of mediocrity!

  • Disappointed

    by Cmac5977

    Loved this game. Almost 20k base deck and months of work and money, all wiped out. Please fix this

  • Something stinks

    by NavHax

    I had not played this game in about two weeks, but today I turned it on and immediately realized that this game was no longer the same game that I had been playing for months. This is trash. It stinks. It has now been unliked and your star rating is now down to one. I would give you a zero since this application is now worthless to me. Frankly, this application belongs in the trash.

  • Upset

    by Pjf73

    You took all the cards I work hard to get why?also my rewards! Unhappy!!!!

  • SD Card full

    by Kanuck55

    Can't even access the game. Error message that SD card is full and then it closes out. Fun game when I could play it before the update though....

  • Newest version is horrid

    by ih8ieds

    From the newest "event" to the constant crashes or to the way that you can no longer skip matches. Congratulations you took a fun game and completely ruined it

  • Fix the "SD CARD IS FULL" Bug

    by Wooly Wombat

    For the love of god, fix the bug!!!!!

  • SD Card is Full.

    by This-Dude

    This is completely ridiculous. I quit.

  • Reset entire game

    by Optimmus

    After a recent update like so many others I was required to login again. After I did that the game I had spent so much time and money on was completely gone! At the very least this should have been made know before the update. Completely unacceptable. I will not support any more of their games unless some type of restitution is made.

  • No more for me

    by BobGeorge1865

    After update, I can't log in. That means no more playing and means no more spending. Just lost a money spending customer. I'm gone.


    by kwanpark

    can’t log-in after update. cutting my losses now.

  • Do not upgrade

    by Boogie turns 5

    Do not upgrade my sons been playing this game for a very long time had a nice deck of cards that he worked hard on getting. When you upgrade you start from beginning. IT WILL BE DELETED! Not spending time or money to get back what he had!

  • Used to be great, sd card full?!

    by nyhunter77

    It's not. Fix! Thanks.

  • Fix NOW

    by Geronimo57

    Same issues..."SD card is full" and forced to create a login. Will my old data be there? Better be, or I am owed some serious cash. I've tolerated the scam-based pay-to-win stuff to this point. No more.


    by Sauceboss9998

    ok first off I've had this app since it first came out in 2012. All the way until this update things were great never had a crash or bugs with nothin.. it was great for me .... UNTILL NOWWW IN UPDATE 2.0 MOBAGE IMPUTS SIGNING IN CRAP AND DELETES MY FREAKING SAVE OF THE GAME ... I PUT MONEY INTO THIS CRAP NOW ITSS ALLL GONE WHAT THE HELL. I WORKED UP MY DECK FOR 2 freaking years and BAMM NEW UPDATE ... IVE SEEN MANY REVIEWS WITH THIS PROBLEM AND TO ME ITS A BIG F U FROM MOBAGE .....I'm not gonna delete this just because I have a dream one day they may have they may give a huge apology and return ours stuff but I know that probably won't happen but I still believe and when that day comes this will be my 5 star app again ...

  • What the ----?

    by Kyjoel80

    Just updated now it says my iPhone's sd card is full. Makes no sense, uninstall then reinstall, same problem. Think the update wasn't truly ready guys!

  • 0 stars

    by Girlove

    Like others I had been playing this game for a long time and this new update deleted all my cards. Lv 283 and a deck of lv 5 cards. Not playing anymore

  • LOST IT ALL!!!

    by LOST IT ALL!!!

    I LOST IT ALL!!! I have been playing for a while, built up my deck and was getting stronger every challenge. Then I updated and lost everything. I LOST IT ALL!!! I really liked this game about childhood heroes, but now I am just going to delete it...thanks for ruining a good thing! To bad I can't give zero stars!

  • Forced update with players losing account

    by Haagen4life

    Afraid to update since so many are saying they lost their whole deck but I am forced to update to play. Also I hit the sd card full issue all the time.

  • Annoying game crashes

    by .Jasmin11

    Game keeps crashing after new update

  • Horrible update

    by Cheyanne11

    This update says it fixed memory issues, instead it made them WORSE. I was able to run the last version, but not the new one. I deleted multiple albums, songs, pictures, emails, and texts but still can't open this game. The game itself is great though. Now I have over 1.5 GBs of space, AND STILL can't play. The new update is stupid! Fix it!

  • Angry

    by Angry at transformers legends

    I lost everything! My cards,money, and my rank! I'm deleting this now because of what a waste of 6 months this has been.

  • Keeps Getting Worse

    by Cosmily

    Every recent update has made the game worse and worse. It used to keep crashing and I could only play a few minutes before crashing. The game's fun when playable but now I can't even play the game. It crashes when I start. What sd card is it looking for and why is it full? This is beyond rediculous now.

  • New update

    by extreme2130

    I enjoy playing this game and have done good with my cars now with this new update it keeps telling me sd card full ive deleted a lot of games and its still full fix this

  • Can't load game up!!!

    by BillNyeBeatHam

    SD card full keeps coming up I deleted some apps and pictures and freed up space but I still get the message. Typical mobage.

  • bad time to ask for a review

    by Trd4x4

    I have been playing this game for over a year and with this last forced update lost all progress back to level time waisted mobage better get ready for a lawsuit

  • Thanks for the update

    by Jpham4

    Requiring me to set up an account??? Game deleted!

  • I won't let me in

    by Elite Autobot

    I tried to log in but it won't let me. I love transformers. Can you please fix it. This must be fixed

  • Update ruined game

    by Tricia6y

    Now that the newest update requires a Facebook or Mobage login I am going to delete the game. Why is this necessary just to play a game?!? No! Not doing it. Game deleted!

  • Enough is enough..

    by Forty0z

    I cannot tell you how much money me an thousands of others have wasted on this game and the whole time the playing field was cheated. The only thing good about this game is the art work I'm sorry but this game is unplayable and they have turned into con artist , don't waste your time.

  • Trashed this game!!!!

    by Mattmanpa

    Total waste of a game. Used to be great. Played from almost day one now I have to start over like a newb. Lost all my cards....what a waste. Bring the game back mobage

  • Won't open...

    by flwlss

    App won't open since today's update!

  • Sd card???

    by Arshneezy

    It's says that my sd card is full, I've deleted everything on iTunes. Still no go. It's been like this since I updated to os 7.

  • Time and money gone.

    by Tisktisk.

    Never had to log in before. Guess the money I've put into it over the past several months is gone since I get to log in and start all over. Guess I will get some of my life back each day at least.

  • Um, what?

    by Ash_Moon

    I downloaded the latest update and thought I'd get back into this game... But I have an issue, after I had to download the Facebook app for my iPod, logged in, and got excited as the game started up... Oonnnllyyy to get a pop up saying "SD card is full". This doesn't make /any sense/, due to how iPods /don't have SD cards/. From what I can tell, I'm not the only one who has encountered this issue, please fix it and any other bugs that are present.

  • Upset!!

    by Jonsey1977

    Really... I no longer have the deck I worked so hard to build due to this update.. Someone needs to fix this immediately or refund me ALL my money for cards purchased!

  • Terrible update

    by Drift2013

    Downloaded the new update and now the app won't open.

  • As card full?

    by Overdrive-808

    So after this update it keeps saying my sd card is full, but for the past so many events I haven't had that message, but after the update it says it's full even though I deleted so much stuff after

  • Boooo!

    by Disappointed75215643

    This game has been ruined. PLEASE STOP UPDATING!

  • Lost all data

    by BuzzArmstrong

    Lost all data when it updated & asked for a mobage Account which I set up. Then it reset everything. Lost all progress. Played game for long time. Spent money on it. How can I get my data back. Deserves 0 star rating. Fix the problem.

  • The update messed up everything

    by Upset Transformers Legends Fan

    Because of the update, I lost everything.

  • Lost everything

    by Kojoho

    Lost everything with new update and have to start over. Game now requires Facebook or mobage account. Wish I never received update on phone to pre-register for next event. If not fixed will delete app and never look back

  • New Transformers: Legends update

    by UnFrickinHappy

    I updated, and now I need a Mobage account. I lost all my cards, my deck points, and rewards. I have to start entirely over. I'm deleting this app, and I suggest everyone else do the same.

  • Lost everything with new update

    by 0000000000000002

  • Lost everything

    by henegoon

    Once I updated, I'm now being asked to sign in. I had a guest account before because when I tried to register, the app said that my email address already is being used. When I ask for the password to be resent, I never receive an email. I guess you can't use guest accounts anymore which means my deck is gone and I now no longer have a reason to play this game.

  • Bad update

    by Cheyanne11

    This update says it fixed memory issues, instead it made them WORSE. I was able to run the last version, but not the new one. I deleted multiple albums, songs, pictures, emails, and texts but still can't open this game. The game itself is great though.

  • Trans-fer $$$ into Mobages' Bank

    by defjew

    Mobage has turned this game into a massive cash grab. The loyal player base has been cheated week after week with tweaks to insure you do not succeed without spending large quantities of real money. Your newly obtained cards are worthless after each weekly event cycle. The only way to remain competitive is by purchasing new event cards every week. The event card is 50$ this week! For 1 card!!!!! Spending money does not even guarantee that you obtain a card, it's only a chance! There are plenty of Facebook pages and forums that explain the lottery system Mobage has placed to insure you keep spending and getting less and less each week. Stay away and do not download this game. All the real fans of the game and Transformers series are boycotting this and hopefully Apple and Google Play shut this app down.

  • Terrible update

    by Hell no!!!

    The game states I have a slow connection even though I have 100% wifi connection. I try to spend my episode chips at teletraan1 and I get a connection error. The problem is the game and the makers. It is quite convenient that I am unable to spend the chips and get the rewards and the chips will erased at the start of the next episode which is in less than 6 hours. I still win because I haven't spent any money on the game.

  • Won't let me play

    by darkwolf2014

    I have a whole GB of data available, but when I try to open the app it says "SD card full" and then kicks me out of the app. I've considered deleting the app and then re downloading it but I'm worried I'll lose all of my data, regardless of having a Mobage account.

  • Cant Play

    by Indtjxshc

    iPhone 5 Says "SD Card Full" and quits. ???? There is no SD card in an iPhone and i have plenty of storage, more tham 1 GB. Fail

  • Displeased

    by Darthson1

    I've played this game since it came out and with the newest update it deleted all my previous information. I will not be downloading it again. Thank you for raping my childhood.

  • Ruined game

    by TD887

    I've played this game for a while and never had to have a Mobage account now because of this update I need an account please fix this

  • Lost every thing

    by Jt1977a

    I lost every thing when this updated

  • "SD card full"?

    by DahcSiwel

    And then the app crashes. iPhones don't even have SD cards. Fix this.

  • This new update

    by Defiant2222

    One star. Worked up my deck , played most events . Now new update. All my cards are gone and I am back to day one. What crap. Don't waste your time. I would not even give them one star. Sad I really liked the game too. Now I will delete the game.

  • Garbage

    by Aceswilde

    I can't even get the game to load up. But good thing I couldn't. All of my friends who did download it and played all said the same thing. "Money Pit"! In order to be good you have to spend a lot of money.

  • waste of a download

    by Sevillano77

    Don't download unless you plan on spending money to play. The game is filled with bugs, people hacking it and cheating. It actually has its own boycott page for all the problems people have had with the game.

  • Stop supporting these games!!

    by Mifetjvd

    Insanely greedy, $30 a week is your deal for special card packs that dont deliver. Also every update makes me hate it more. Any good reviews of this game are from morons!

  • Total garbage

    by Darccyde

    I wouldn't suggest anyone download this total pile. I just lost my whole deck due to an involuntary logout. There is no way to get in contact with support. The don't even compensate you for loss. If you make an in game purchase and lose that they won't even give you a refund. To my fellow fans save your time and money...

  • Cool

    by Magnugiga

    Awesome game

  • Fun game!!

    by NaCoy

    Very fun game ^ㅅ^ㅎ

  • Cool game

    by Garrettb136

    Alsome game

  • Not bad not great

    by MeisterLeviathan

    This game is cool for the 80s and G1 fanatic in me. However you have to spend a lot and I mean a lot of time on it to get anywhere. As with any of These games it is about pulling you in and hoping you spend real money on the good stuff in this game.

  • Sd card full?

    by Scbookworm

    Been unable to log in for over 2 months because it says SD card full but i'm on an iPhone 5 and there is no SD card.

  • Awesome!

    by LJCVegas!

    This game is a fun and addicting card game. No, you do not have to pay to play but seriously? A special character pack for 65$? Just tone it down a little, besides from that this game us fun and awesome. But whenever I try to change my mobage account picture it crashes please fix

  • Good

    by Davidhuds

    It is a good game.

  • Friend code

    by Zerikon

    Awesome game friend code:42058225

  • Bad

    by Sonyac2

    Crashes a lot would not get this really

  • Don't even start playing this game

    by Gabollio the 3rd

    Pick one: time and money or just money. Either way it takes about $300 a week to get the cool bots. I'm sick of this game and the fact that Mobage won't deal with the hackers. I just deleted it. If you're new, don't even start they'll draw you in and get your money.

  • Add Me!!!!!!!!

    by Sinastar616

    Friend code = 4039

  • Pretty fun

    by Headdj

    I like the old school artwork

  • New stuff

    by Okdkkkdkjskdo

    New bots and cards every week also get new cards through telatraan 1 and become the best

  • Event ranking

    by Thundercrow

    There are a few hours left to the current event finish. I played until I ran out of battle cubes and only got 19.000 points, but the leaders have 53.000.000 points. How could this be?, they must be millionaires and spend a lot of money. I'm not going to pay for a game where you don't have a good mace if the money doesn't come out from your pockets...

  • Don't get sucked in

    by Kenaiwolf

    Four stars? Really? Mobage must be using the money they drain from nostalgic Transformers fans to pay for highschool kids to write favorable reviews for them instead of using the money to hire COMPETENT CODERS! Every event for MONTHS has had major errors. Hackers are rampant and un-dealt with. Reward cards end up having incorrect, nerfed stats than advertised. The list goes on and on people. If you love Transformers wait until a game worthy of the franchise comes around.

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