Nightclub City Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Mobage, Inc.
  • Updated: May, 24 2012
  • Version: 1.2
  • Size: 14.48 MB

Languages: English, Japanese

Seller: Mobage, Inc.

-Bug and currency fixes

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162 Ratings
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Create the hottest club ever!

“Forget restaurants, cities and malls, Nightclub City takes players to the more exciting world of nightlife parties, giving them the power to create their own clubs.” – Inside Social Games

Nightclub City, named the #1 game on Facebook by Inside Social Games and played by nearly 20 million people, is now available on your mobile phone.

Play Nightclub City and see if you have what it takes to create one of the hottest clubs around.

★ Manage staff, keep the music bumping, bar stocked, and popularity up.
★ Work as a DJ selecting various music sets to get your club goers dancing.
★ Throw a Ladies Night, Disco Dance Party, or a Rick Rollin 80s night.
★ Add leather lounges, flashy lights, glowing dance floors, and other décor to create a unique atmosphere.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what the press has to say about Nightclub City:

“The most impressive thing about Nightclub City, at first glance, is that it is not recognizably a clone of anything.” – gazebo

“…the level of style and flair in Nightclub City is fantastic.” – Inside Social Games

“The music is absolutely amazing – probably the best in social games” –

“Music lovers and gamers looking for something different will thoroughly enjoy this virtual party.” –

Customer Reviews

  • diffeeence between facebook game

    by nabila boudrid

    Personally my favorite facebook game but here it is so different such as all the features and prices its outrageous they should update it and it will be a huge hit

  • Please read

    by SLY_C00P3R

    1:we need to make money when we leave. 2: I have this weird thing where the game randomly flips sideways and stays like that. 3:my game keeps crashing when I try to hire someone. 4:be able to move the bouncer at the door and be able to kick whenever you want. 5:bar tricks need to be instant 6: please read!!


    by Trevor Kunkel

    Why can't we customize out dj and bartender add this and connect to Facebook and I will give five stars an recommend it to everyone i know and I know a lot of people so plz add this and we all will be happier

  • Need to be more like the Facebook one

    by Cj Matthew delemo

    Needs to be more like the Facebook version where we can edit our players on iphone 5s and assign workers.

  • Connect to Facebook

    by Prime_Cena

    I would like it so that I can connect my Facebook so I can continue to play my nightclubs that I already got you should add that.

  • Please

    by BudderRS


  • Connect to Facebook pleaz

    by Tyler Conwell

    Would be nice if u could make an update to connected to facebook I love my club on there

  • Yo ! Update

    by Vinze2423

    Update the game update the game!!!

  • Please do facebook

    by Aak789654

    Can u please make able to connect with Facebook please thanks

  • Need update

    by Digasaur

    I like this app,but it's need update.Like the DJ customise,kick people and other THING!!!!!!! Please UPDATE IT.

  • Night club

    by NerdyJessy

    It's good I Guess But What Happened To The Night Club Story????

  • Facebook sinning

    by Noori Bushnaq

    U should make sinning with facebook's account

  • Ok

    by GreedyGretchen

    Can famous people come in like on Facebook version?

  • Game

    by Hahn gjbcc

    Great game but glitches me out of the game all the time

  • Connect to Facebook

    by Joethermalrubio

    I like this game but I would want to connect it to my Facebook account

  • It's alright

    by Tsentluver

    It's alright... It just needs a few more adjustments. What I really want is a sync button so we can sync our nightclub city from facebook to the app.

  • Why?!?

    by Dvdbefb

    It keep freezing and crashing

  • Lame

    by Baconz

    If this was exactly like the Facebook version of the app id love this. But it's not.

  • Freezing..

    by Just Dance!:-)

    I deleted it after playing it twice.. Not to be rude, but it wasn't the type of game I was looking for and all it did was glitch, and freeze, and not load.

  • Why?

    by Ggggggxcnchbghbvbnv

    They don't have nightclub story no more.I hate this game

  • Facebook?

    by FlexiRacheLynn

    I really like this game but I wish it could connect to Facebook. I don't feel like starting over from the beginning.

  • WHAT THE!!!!!!!!

    by 112903girl

    It says yo have to be 12 and older to play the game on the App Store but on the game it says 14+ I DO NOT GET IT


    by Arnolds BombShell

    I would love this app and I would play this way more if there wasn't so many glitches. I used to login in and it would freeze. Couldn't get anywhere. Then that seem to work right. Now I have another glitch that Upsets me with not being about to find my sister easily on here and see what her club looks like. On top of it all it says I have a new staff member but every time I do as directions say to collect staff member it throws me out of the app. It's been 3 months and I haven't seen one update to this app. If I have overlooked my updates on this one please hear me I'm ready to give up on this app. The concept and ideas are way cool. But that coolness goes out the window when it doesn't even work threw right.

  • Not working

    by Pulliam123

    Every time I put my email in is goes back out its seem like a fun game but can't play i would of gave it a 4 or a 5 put can play it sooooo

  • Negative

    by 1800-chokedathoe

    Text me/ call me @ 940-447-5125

  • Not good

    by I'm Rae Rae

    It takes forever to load the game

  • Really confusing

    by Amber.h....

    Like I know how to buy things but I didn't even get a tutorial and it's kind of glitchy , well and the graphics are a little on the grainy side ...

  • Not as good as PC version

    by ConjrBalderrama

    Anyone else's crashing at Level 6? Mine crashes every time I try to use the feature unlocked to hire a friend.

  • Don't play

    by Alchemy60

    Half the time you can't click the bonus that pop up

  • Yikes, This is Baaaaaad.

    by OmalleyDaAlleyCat

    Compared to the long lost Nightclub Story, this game is a joke. Music is good, graphics are laughable. Also, I started to buy things for the club and after I placed them they would just disappear. They've got a long way to go before this is even remotely functioning.

  • Not bad

    by 123456789edmond

    I wish we could continue our game from facebook it will be better

  • Fixed bugs

    by SLCarroll007

    Can not sign up to play. Please fix

  • Laame

    by Iveekat

    Deleted the app since it wouldnt let me make a profile.. Booo


    by SydneyBlades

    1. Make the game more interactive like the Facebook version. (Bartenders, bouncers, dj, and customers) 2. Let users sync their Facebook to the game so they can progress from where they are at in the Facebook game. 3. Fix bug with signing up/logging in (when app is downloaded) That will get you your 5 stars

  • Horrible

    by J0S1AH

    I used to play this game a lot on Facebook and it was so much better. Takes way to long to level up at the beggining. Everything pauses when your offline. It's harder to make money. This game is not fun the way it is on Facebook. I will be deleting this app

  • Frustrated

    by 128Mitch

    Game freezes up to much when I go to edit mode to move items around there's no items to show and when I try to exit the edit mode it won't let me so I have to keep removing the app and downloading it back


    by BackToTheFutureFan

    They're are 4 reasons why I don't like this app cause you can't log on to Facebook and have to make a new club even though you have 456,092,029 waiting for you on Facebook. Can't change dj and can't make people sing or hear the bass drop. Last for not least at least make it the same as Facebook and log on to Facebook to make it better

  • Too long to load

    by JaTara Williams

    It takes way too long to load. Can't even play the game. Please fix this not sure if its the type of phone I have (iPhone 5) or the game itself.


    by Bland Kiser

    I'm trying to sign up but when I get to add my email it just says its verifying and then just stops. So it won't let me create an account! Does anybody know how to help me?

  • Facebook

    by Temples obsessed

    The Facebook version was\is the best version of this game and I'm ticked off that it isn't there anymore. No crashes, money was earned when you weren't in the app, you could dress the bartender and the dj. You could kick both people out that caused a conflicted... Etc. The people before already listed the good attributes of the Facebook app, so I won't go any further. My suggestion is to update it to that version or people are going to get fed up with this game and stop playing. I'm ready to!

  • Ugh

    by Skylinn

    Frustrated. I love this game but it needs to be more like Facebook! Click on characters, celeb sign in book, etc. also I buy things for 5000 dollars to make the cool meter go up but it doesn't go up at all.

  • It won't sign me up!

    by Geeia c

    This app won't let me sign up and it will be better if you can play on your Facebook account so It will actually LET ME PLAY!!! I am DYING to play it and the last time I played it was 2 years ago on Facebook !

  • Super slow

    by Poolinsummer

    I was hoping I could connect to Facebook on this app. That's a big let down. This was One of my favorite apps on Facebook there was, so I searched for the app. And I found this. It's super slow, it takes forever to load. If it was more like the Facebook version this app wouldn't have 2 and a half stars. I highly recommended a big update, with the connect to Facebook option, along with the bug fixes and improvements, and what everyone was saying needs improvements. I highly recommended this update soon. Your losing players and ratings as someone reads this.

  • Login

    by JavO'

    I can't even play cuz the stupid login screen.

  • Graphics

    by Frost815

    Not sure what's up with the graphics on iPad. But there is NO HD. The graphics look like they belong back in the 90s. Come on guys. Fix this and with what other people are saying cuz I'm not gunna repeat it. Then I'll raise the star review.

  • Bad game

    by pablo282010

    I The game doesn't let me log in and it keep telling me that I mistyped the password

  • :(

    by Lalalalakakala

    My friend told me this is a fun game but it won't even let me sign up. Please fix the glitches. :(

  • Bad bad baaddd!!

    by KelticWolf

    I love the version on Facebook, but please let us link our fb accounts to the game so we could continue to were we left off please? Otherwise 1 star until then.

  • Bad app

    by Furlz14285731415927

    The game won't let me move the things that I bought, and now I'm stuck. I can't sell stuff either. If I could, I would rate this game 0 stars. It has too many glitches. I would be very thankful and happy I you fix this glitch.

  • uuuffff

    by princesslovee2

    wont let me fix my club keeps hanging n crushes everytime i try to buy a new stuff FIX ITTTTTTT :@

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