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  • Publisher: Mobage, Inc.
  • Updated: Apr, 26 2013
  • Version: 1.0.8
  • Size: 31.19 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Mobage, Inc.

-Bug fixes

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About Kingdom Corps

Long ago in the land of Lemuria, The Dark Lord and his minions took over the nine Crystal Castles, spreading fear and allowing evil to roam free across the land.
You are chosen by the Goddess Freyja to defeat the Dark Lord, and reclaim all Nine Crystal Castles under his dominion. You will need to strengthen your units, expand your territory, build alliances with your friends, and attack the Dark Lord’s strongholds to reclaim Lemuria.

Game Features
•The Power is in the cards!
•Kingdom Corps feature hundreds of cards beautifully illustrated by renowned Japanese artists.
•You can create more powerful cards by using the fusion system to give your cards battle skills and by sending them to dungeon explorations, you improve their stats.
•Your home, your castle.
•Town management affects your ability to wage war. Build and upgrade your town facilities to support your war efforts.
•Create guilds and ally with fellow lords, to defend yourself from other guilds, as well as gather enough strength to attack the Dark Lord.
•PVP Duels!
•Using your strongest line-up of cards, challenge other players in card duels for ranks and rewards!

Player Reviews

Top Reviews
Must play. Other similar games got old fast but not this one, don’t have to pay to play and great way to pass time. - Cody Guistelli (August 5, 2013)

Well played. Very good game and put together well. Not pay to win, you can get the top tier cards with some luck. - Ryan Baughman (September 24, 2013)

Other Reviews

Kingdom Corps is a nice kingdom builder/war sim game that manages to break out of a lot of the really annoying cliches that most mobage games have. This game has no "quest" mode where you tap things for hours to progress, this game has no event cards that you have to buy every two weeks to stay relevant, and this game doesn't require you to magically pull several copies of the same card to get the strongest cards (several build options). This game is all about planning and strategy. –Levin Dean

A well balanced fun game. There were some problems before but it is fixed as the admins are active. Really love it and I recommend it to people who love rpg. – Amirul Naim

Awesome! Very addictive, card game, castle game , dungeons, leveling up, conquering.....! - Sarah Shukla

Good game that is not pay to win or cluttered. Aesthetically pleasing and heavy coop play. None of this energy waiting for this game. If your good you can play all day. – William Liu

No purchases required. That's right! You don't need to spend to enjoy the game. Everything is balanced and you have a fair opportunity to earn rare cards without spending money. – Alvin P.

Customer Reviews

  • Fun

    by Jaredculture

    Addicting game that I've been playing for many months. Please use 00fs04 in world for a bonus when starting.

  • Still great

    by anthony gant

    There's a new world. Use August04 as the code to get perks.

  • Bonus starting cards!

    by StationX

    Enter code 005h04 for bonus starting cards! world 4!

  • It's very good...

    by Nightmarexyz

    I like it very much, however I think that waiting for your cards morale to fully come back is too long and I don't think it's exactly fair that only cards with full morale can go through dungeons. The graphics are great. I think you should be able to evolve the cards if you could because your graphics are really good. BUT THE THING YOU SHOULD CHANGE the fact that there should be more opportunities and a more clear explanation dealing with the deck cost. I still don't understand and I think there should be easier ways to increase it. Sorry that this is long. OVERALL, it's a very good game and has a great storyline, graphics and cards.

  • Great game very fun.

    by jacob flemming


  • Awesome

    by Pure EnRg

    Love this game it's a must have!

  • So far so goog


    Good game has a lot of potential

  • Very good

    by Creeper93

    Very good

  • Truly Awesome game

    by Jogame22

    One of the best games I have played for iOS devices. My friend code is -125g02- for world 2 + 1. Get this game, trust me.

  • Review

    by Parth13

    7at003. That is my review code. Use it and you'll receive a sr card. Please please use it. This game is fun. Crashes occasionally but still good. ONLY IN WORLD 3 7at003 7at003 7at003

  • A fun game

    by kirosakisora

    A decent fun game easy to learn and pick up use this code in world 3 for rewards 72u803

  • Cool game

    by immort4l m3rc

    Fun so far

  • Amazing game

    by Braveangel4u

    Great game that fuses card battle and town builder all in one come join u wont regret playing !!

  • Good so far

    by Christy Beal

    64f503. This is my code. So far a pretty good castle/town builder mixed with cards. Questing is easy and rewards are good. SR cards drop with daily login bonus KP. Not bad at all.

  • Ok! game on

    by Cinohn

    It's kind of confusing at first but fun. If you decide to join here's my code for world 3 622103

  • Kingdom corp

    by Tyslater

    What a great game!! Join world 3, and enter scotty03 for the code after tutorial and receive startup gifts!

  • Epic game!

    by RuinWulf

    This game is amazing! 5m4h03 is my code! Use it in world 3! We both get epicness!!!

  • Awesome game!

    by billydee_nprime


  • Fun game!

    by Fartmasters213

    Use this code 4geb03 to receive a super rare card when you first join!

  • Fun game!

    by Detrickster

    5ahf03 - world 3

  • iPhone Error

    by VX42

    Don't download this version if you have an iPhone. Wait for the next update. The server error seems to happen every other day causing me to have to reinstall the game.

  • Not connecting

    by Tony_chew

    Logged on the first day several times and didn't give me a problem. The day after i get "server authentication failed" I know my router is working since it works for everything else. Fix it!

  • Needs help

    by Thisbetterworkmatr

    Seriously! I spend $ on cp to have to change into kingdom medals. So stupid! I try to make a transaction from cp to km but it is stuck with a loading spiral. No amount of waiting or uninstalling is working! Fix this properly!

  • Can't connect -Facebook not installed


    I had linked the game to my Facebook account, which was fine to this point, but now it won't let me log in since I don't have the Facebook app installed on my iPad. There is a reason I don't. Can you please put it back so that the Facebook cookie is enough? I'll be playing on my phone for now I guess.

  • Kingdom Corp

    by Weirdo<3Elisa

    Can't connect either.

  • This game was good

    by Cooldarc

    This is a fun game but don't play on any merged world or the super guild once know as BLOC now apoc will crush you. They are a group of players that like being hated and believe the game is only for them to play. The devs also side with them on most things so don't waste your time. And if you do play don't waste your money on the gold lotto unless you like to spend $30+ for one SR or UR card if your lucky. P.S. the cycles can last far longer than 3 months and when that happens apoc will start crushing everyone just to have something to do after they have taken all the castles and citadels on the map.

  • It's been over a week

    by Indtjxshc

    Can't connect to game. Says "server authentication failed"

  • Fail

    by Kinwart

    Can't connect to game.

  • Unable to play

    by Herohunter99

    I was unable to join the game because all worlds were full...

  • Can't play

    by RikusGirl007

    It won't let me get past the first start up screen once I sign up. It looks like a fun game wish I could play

  • Broken

    by Juche28

    App doesn't work. Start screen goes to loading screen and goes straight back to start screen in a vicious, annoying cycle. Restarted phone, reinstalled app, tried a different Mobage account... Nothing fixes it. Friend recommended it to me but I can't even play it. iOS7 bug? I use an iPhone5. Fix please!

  • Great game

    by Joshua Hutchings

    Hey everyone this is an amazing game in you join sever 1+2 upload this code 0n3401 and get great cards to start off with.

  • Amazing game

    by Xmach31

    Join world 1+2 with code 056801 Best strategy game app there is.

  • This game is really addicting

    by chococoal

    Invitation code: 549703 Make sure you are in world 3 to receive bonus gift at the beginning of your journey and good luck :)

  • Great Game!

    by Paulee100

    Code - 541303 for a great starting card in world 3

  • Awesome

    by teku dark

    Use this code and get cool cards only valid in world 3 390403

  • Enter code 4g3003 in world 3

    by m0m0d0a

    This is a nice game to pass the time. Enter code 4g3003 (only valid in world 3) so that you can start with strong cards and more!!

  • World 3 Gift code!

    by Alumon

    4t3e03 Put this inv. code only if Ur in world 3!!

  • Friends

    by Undeathly

    Great game please use me code 02ss01

  • Nana

    by Me25735864

    For the nana's

  • awesome

    by necneo

    good app

  • World03 only Invitation

    by Juxshoa


  • Yaaaaaaaay

    by XpartyghoulX

    I like stars!!! :D

  • World 3

    by CmattW

    Great strategy to a ever building world!! Enter code 23y703 in friend invite for special card. Have fun!!

  • Cool

    by Yoloholo


  • Fun anytime, anywhere...

    by Aucifer

    Unless you don't have signal. XD enjoying this game so far. Lots to do compared to most of the tcg I've played so far. I find the building, expanding, and deck management to be simple yet fun. 3fsm03 is my code. Please join The Kamiko guild on world 3 and let's have some fun!

  • Bonus

    by Seay1978

    3r5u03 code for bonus cards

  • Dumbest game ever

    by The red snak

    Everything about this game is gay

  • It wasn't for me

    by amber rates awsomly

    I didn't like it at all

  • Awesome game

    by Medawar

    Its simple yet you still want to play amazing looking card type my code when you enter to get a cool prize: mexman03 but remember its only valid in world 3 so join soon mexman03 so we can both get cool strong cards

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