G.I. JOE: BATTLEGROUND Games App Review (iOS, Free)

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  • Publisher: Mobage, Inc.
  • Updated: Jul, 03 2013
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  • Size: 36.46 MB

Languages: English, Japanese, Korean

Seller: Mobage, Inc.

▪ Additional skill type configurations
▪ Bug Fixes

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Storm into combat with the battlecry "YO JOE!" or "COBRAAA!" on your lips! Relive your favorite G.I. JOE moments with your favorite G.I. JOE characters inspired by classic episodes of this storied franchise!

G.I. JOE: BATTLEGROUND is a light-strategy collectible card game where you can assemble, train, and deploy squads of iconic G.I. JOE and Cobra characters before unleashing them in combat in dangerous missions around the globe.


▪ Create your dream-team squad from G.I. JOE's finest recruits and/or command a strike force of terror made up of
Cobra's deadliest operatives
▪ Train, trade, upgrade, and promote your characters to employ iconic character skills and unlock powerful vehicle skills like the G.I. JOE Conquest X-30, the Cobra HISS tank, and the Dreadnok Buzz Boar
▪ Collect, train, and deploy hundreds of unique characters from A Real American Hero to G.I. JOE: Renegades and every series in between. More new characters added multiple times each month
▪ Enjoy gorgeous character art from the artists behind G.I. JOE-based comics and action figures
▪ Read classic character bios, and collect and cash in Flag Points for recruits and combat supplies
▪ Compete globally in special events featuring massive boss fights and player-vs.-player combat

G.I. JOE: BATTLEGROUND is powered by Mobage, one of the world's largest free social game networks.

G.I. JOE ® and all associated characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission © 2013 Hasbro.

Customer Reviews

  • Good game

    by JohnNCpoker

    Use invite code to get awesome card to start LuJD4z

  • Great rpg

    by GundEbombs

    If you are a GI Joe fan, then this game is very fun. Great graphics, great weapons, great sound, great old school RPG. Pretty much all of the characters are in it with a variety of unique special weapons that you can power up in a strategic way. It's certainly tempting to buy in game, but you don't need to. The only complaint I have is that the game freezes sometime. With that said, I give it five stars. It's hard to put down.

  • Great, addictive game!

    by ButtmunchBrant

    Use invite code: L5d2f3 for a rare Agent Faces Card! The better the cards, the better you play! Very fun game to pass the time.

  • Go Joe

    by Whargoul662

    Excellent game, few bugs,but they are being fixed,this game brings your childhood memories into a new era, enter my code for a powerful and rare card. 7jCipT.

  • Fun game.. Play all the time.

    by Michael Dandridge

    Use 7F6c1P for rare card!!! Case sensitive.

  • All Hail Mighty Cobra!!!

    by Ruffian 7-1

    Takes me back to being a kid playing with my actual JOE's. Don't have much time for that now. All grown up. YO JOE!

  • Fun!!

    by dirty liggett

    ccJ5B for a rare card Amazing game for old school joe fans

  • G.I. Joe

    by alaskan75

    It is a fun game.

  • Great game

    by The Real Demon

    Awesome game hope they keep making it better with less drag


    by Syynn

    Epic all I can say !

  • Awesome game

    by Nagoichi404

    Love this game the Gi Joes and Cobra section team artworks is amazing and nostalgic for the fans!

  • Great Game!!

    by gobolts1

    I'm loving this game!! Very similar to blood brothers! Easy game play, it's got me hooked!

  • Go Joe

    by TheBeaverCleaver

    I started playing this game about a week ago, love it, definitely grab this game if you enjoy character development !!!

  • Cool

    by Pweise


  • Fun!!

    by dirty liggett

    ccJ5B for a rare card Amazing game for old school joe fans

  • My all time favorite game!!!

    by Justin Hayman

    Soo much fun! A definite must download

  • Great fun game!

    by AtCarman

    Fun game play and seeing all the old pictures on the package for the GI Joes takes me back to when I was a kid. Lots of fun all over!

  • Use code 7Fqemg for loot!

    by MatthewXII-X

    If you use my referral code you'll start off with a powerful ally. Find me and I'll help you. 7Fqemg

  • Almost forgot all the characters

    by Backlash27

    Legendary characters killed this game for me. You have to buy them, or win them. But only the credit card warriors win.


    by Badhammer

    I love this game, there are really cool events

  • Buggy game

    by Jkilton

    The game is fun if it would work. You are able to play for about 5 minutes then it starts to lag. It gets worst as you play more until it eventually freezes. The game developers won't fix the problem. They instead want to put more newer characters in game that you have to pay tons of money for.

  • Fun, but crashes why too much.

    by Scumdog6

    It's frustrating mostly. You lose a lot of xp and rewards when the game crashes after battles. (Which happens quite frequently)

  • Not bad.

    by Home by 9

    Game slows down and runs poorly after minutes of playing, otherwise it's not bad.

  • Very very Frustrating!

    by Mamas boy 67

    Game is constantly crashing very frustrating! Could be a very fun game that brings back a lot of memories for those of us that grew up with these toys if it wasn't for that!

  • Neat at first, but...

    by Crodemoyer

    About every 10 minutes of playing, the memory is used up and the game freezes. I have to clear the app from running and restart... Dropped rating. Now, in duels, 3 of a 5 man line disappear when battle starts. Please fix the bugs, memory usage has gotten even worse! Dropped rating again. Your new 'event' won't even let the game run on a 4s. Done, thanks for what could have been a killer game.

  • Garbage

    by Gi ho

    Doesn't let you play without a log in name that is letters only. Tried over and over with letters and it doesn't work

  • Can't listen to music

    by KaOs17

    Stupid sounds and fx in this game makes it so I can't listen to my music.

  • Garbage

    by Skyandbase

    Constantly freezes up despite great wifi signal. Unplayable.

  • Use 7hZuD to get an exclusive Storm Shadow card!!

    by Orgspasm

    Good game! Type in code 7hZuD to get a bonus card!

  • Great game!

    by Falconfan75

    Wonderful for passing time on night shift work!

  • Addictive

    by BlitzMonkey

    Fun to play.

  • Very cool

    by Demonn805

    Addicting game, very fun!! LbXq27 for a rare card

  • My review

    by Ohjbyftcyl

    This is a great game that brings back so manny memmories from childhood and its so addicting the only problem is when ill just be playing it will freeze and kick me back to home but i still think its a great game

  • Fun when the app isn't freezing

    by Pristichampsus

    There's a lot to like about this game. The ability to collect a team and build it up is enjoyable. But with the constant freezing the app does (at times taking over 5 minutes to perform what should be a 1 1/2 minute battle), a lot of the fun is lost. This is getting very frustrating, and it's almost to the point where I'm ready to stop playing. To the people handling the app, get it together, ASAP.

  • Fun.

    by Memememememeow

    Brings back memories with the classic toons.

  • Where in the world is "Stalker"

    by Fresssh Prince

    Overall fun game to pass time buy quietly. And I am a die-hard Gijoe fan since I was 4, my first Gijoe was "IceBerg" Yooooo Joooooeeee!!

  • Old School Bliss!!

    by EQwenSuOrcha

    Wow what a great time recalling all my favorite joes from my childhood. This game scratches the itch! Enter Code: LiSEyM for current bonus cards!

  • Fun game.

    by 803041

    Good old school game that was redux.

  • Gi joe

    by Dp459

    Fun game and easy to play

  • G.I. Joe

    by Envy479

    Great Game

  • AWESOME!!!

    by drew_2469

    Dude, it's G.I. JOE! What else is there to say?! Love this game!

  • Rare Slice

    by Stiphy1

    Use my ID for a rare Slice card LSEV6n. Great game for all Joe fans!

  • what

    by Vjy()66

    all my progress deleted on day 3! blech!

  • Yo Joe!

    by RichardHAVOKen

    This is seriously one of the funnest games in the App Store. Once you get the hang of things it's super addicting and crazy fun.

  • Game

    by 4Dyce77

    This game is amazing. I love it.

  • Hmmmm

    by Pops65mdh

    Better than I thought it was gonna be. A little lag but not to bad.

  • A fun but poorly optimized game

    by xxteargodxx

    I found out about this game the other day and decided to download it and take it for a whirl. I've been having loads of fun playing it and seeing my childhood heroes battle it out with Cobra. However as fun as this game it's just as poorly optimized. This game has drastic lag spikes, stutter steps while moving pieces on the board layout and has locked up on me altogether once. And all this happened on my iPad Mini I just bought two days ago. I will gladly give this game a higher rating once a few things have been fixed but for now it's one star.

  • G.i. Joe battlefield

    by Dogg37

    Good time. Fun app

  • Love it

    by Melivath

    One of the best ccg style games I have played on here

  • 7bHZrj code for Slice!

    by Tonkiki

    Fun so far. More fun with this code! 7bHZrj 7bHZrj

  • Bob C

    by Cg123459

    Awesome game, addicting.

  • Old Joe!

    by Anybody got this name

    Fun game, but the crashing and load time needs to be fixed. Fix those two and I'll up the stars. Still a good clean, fun game.

  • G.i. Joe

    by Nessamt09

    This is an awesome game

  • Conflicted...

    by Locust_Daddy

    On one hand, fun game with awesome old school joes... But it crashes every 5 minutes... Discouraging... Fix the crashes and I'll up the stars!

  • Fun but has a bad memory leak.

    by Myphsto

    First of all, I enjoy the mechanics of this card battle game. It is one of a few that you can multitask while playing due to how battles work which is a good thing. Be warned, if you play on a iPhone 4S for ~10min this game will slow down, use all memory and you have to restart it. On my iPad it takes longer. Profiling in the SDK shows massive memory leaks mostly during combat. I wish they would fix this issue as I enjoy the game.

  • Cool

    by Laharl the great


  • Yojoe Gi joe fans

    by Chad Childers

    Big fan of the Arah series ! Being a collector of anything gijoe makes this an enjoyable card collecting game. It can be bit repetitive at times with the clicking , leveling , upgrading and promoting. I highly recommend this game to gijoe fans , just give it a try. If you do not a like card style game this is not for you. Best thing about the new update is that you are able to skip the battle to the end without wait , which saves tons of time.

  • Visions of childhood

    by Dreadknott100

    This reminds me of collecting the mini-figures and playing with my friends. In fact, I still have most of my guys and vehicles, and I now watch my children enjoy them. Every time I discover a Joe that I used to have in the game, a part of me gets super excited. Keep up the good work, Thanks!

  • Overrun by Bots

    by Jason L

    Game was fun to play at first, but now the bots are destroying the PvP. The daily ranking system is ruined thanks to a few individuals (no330 and his bot army). Mobage won't do anything about it since they get money from players trying to beat the bots by any means necessary to get in the daily top 10.

  • Force close

    by URUKHAI1978

    Game force close on iPod 4g. .plz fix

  • Great game

    by Sammy420247

    fun game

  • #FTCF

    by Walrus41

    Great game

  • Fantastic game

    by P8ntitblack

    Balanced well and always engaging. Nice throwback to old characters.

  • Lame

    by Remtd325


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