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  • Updated: Dec, 14 2012
  • Version: 2.2
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Languages: English

Seller: Mobage, Inc.

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Embark on adventures, quest with friends and take flight in airships to explore the FINAL FANTASY multiverse. This is the newest mobile incarnation of the FINAL FANTASY series.

In a realm beset by encroaching darkness, no one needs to fight alone.

You and your friends must band together and embark on a quest to restore light to the kingdom's last guardian crystal. Collect powerful abilities, iconic jobs and legendary weapons. Meet chocobos and major characters from the series' expansive roster. Battle Espers like Ifirit and Shiva, and fight some of the series' most powerful foes alongside friends.

★ Collect cards featuring legendary FINAL FANTASY characters such as Yuna, Cloud and Lightning.
★ Join forces with friends and compete against others to become the top brigade!
★ Explore quest areas, battle bosses, meet chocobos and gain levels!
★ Regular multiplayer events offering exclusive legendary weapons!

What are other users saying?
★★★★★“Here's a good card game that’s easy to understand. You quest, you equip weapons, abilities, and summons. You feed chocobos, you perform limit breaks. Really nostalgic if you're a fan of the series.” – Ralph Ysrael Malaluan

★★★★★“Best app ever. Final Fantasy fans need this game!” – Deren Johnson

★★★★★“A game that is licensed with the best RPG characters ever. Love Final Fantasy and this game is rewarding, refreshingand fun!” – Ben Malinowski

★★★★★“Final Fantasy has been, and will continue to be, my most favorite RPG series and this game just adds to the fun. Love how the events use games from the series. This is a must have!” – Sean Eldridge

FINAL FANTASY AIRBORNE BRIGADE: Where friendship truly matters.

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Customer Reviews

  • Fun game

    by Medicine0

    You can actually achieve things without spending any money in-app!

  • It's ok

    by Crazyaye

    For the type of game it is, it passes as one of the best. I would prefer that this genre would disappear, but this one game is good... So far anyways...

  • Awesome

    by Ttkano

    ^_^ awesome!

  • Great

    by Jonnycbad

    Very fun and highly addicting!

  • <3

    by Tylerisme64

    I love this game lol

  • Really fun

    by Tokomi Okura

    I really love final fantasy games.

  • Good game

    by Spireplatonic

    Takes a bit to get into

  • Great

    by Fun and easy and free

    Absolutely great

  • Like it

    by Flamerai

    It combined FF with one of those games

  • Sound please!

    by Matt charles

    Good game, a bit tedious but good for nostalgia, could use music and sound though.

  • Great game

    by Briseida Vazquez

    Pretty entertaining, just no music. :/

  • Coo

    by Dippylips

    This games very addicting

  • Funky

    by anthony gant

    Kind of fun but art is crazy looking

  • Fun, but lacking sound

    by M_aR-k

    I do enjoy the simplicity of the game. I just wish there was music.

  • Fun

    by Asianpang


  • Nice game

    by Fishhuntee

    Nice game

  • I like it.

    by Hollowpain

    I like the idea of leveling up more than one job class to get hybrid classes

  • Fun

    by Gryffinclaw lover

    It's fun and runs smooth but it doesn't have a ff feel to it at all.

  • Need update ASAP!!

    by fofoq8

    I love this game ...but I just did the device update & now the game started to sound funny...the graphics doesn't show & I couldn't go on with either the quest or the brigade battles :(

  • FF Brigade

    by DisappointedAF

    I like this game and give a thumbs up. Even tho the job lvling is kinda slow. No matter. It is still pretty cool either way

  • Eh.

    by Uariana34


  • Bad quality

    by BNGY

    A bad, quickly put together game that belongs on Facebook. I think it would have been much better if the Final Fantasy name and elements were not used as it brings about expectations that are simply not met here at all.

  • Not working

    by Rukaki

    Game wont open

  • dumb

    by superfreakazoid

    I never even got to play this game...why? Because u HAVE to sign up preferably thru facebook where the app wants to access ur friends list and email addresses...why the eff do they need this info to play a game? No way will I let these spammers have their way...eff u, u pieces if crap!

  • I hate games that force you to listen to their bad music...

    by A nom nom nonymous

    But a Final Fantasy game with no music at all?!! That's insane! That would be like a call of duty game with no guns. I enjoy almost everything else about this game, save for it following the pay-to-win business model. The gameplay is simple and the graphics are cute and reminiscent of earlier games, but the lack of any sound or music just takes too much from the experience.

  • No more events

    by Oh i don't know

    This game was great but then they stopped doing events so not much to do anymore

  • Awesome

    by Austin carroll

    Fun and addictive.

  • Cute and fun

    by Iloveallen

    Like the title says, very fun :)

  • Great game

    by FluffyCritic

    At first the menus seemed clustered and confusing and there is no music.

  • Waste of time

    by sacredmoon

    Good reviews are liars and don't even explain why it is "good." They must be DeNa employees; or paying people to lie. This game has no music, probably because the company is too cheap to pay for copyrights. The game is a snooze fest. You click advance until you run out of energy and you can use potions or hi potions to refill. Unfortunately, those things are limited daily usage. If you fight bosses, you have to wait to recharge and miss out on more items. You can use items to refill, but those are also limited unless you pay real money. Also, chocobos are so pointless. The ones that are not yellow give you decent items, but that's only if you buy these carrots that don't even increase your chances of a good ability or weapon. The company is just milking you. Forming a party is pointless because the main objective is to pray if you get a decent brigade. Most times you are stuck in an inactive brigade. Parties are only there for show. Don't waste your money or battery life with this crap. Oh, and events are over so it is even more boring.

  • Love it

    by Karasu-dono

    A great game. Very nostalgic,

  • Fun!

    by OtoriTakeo

    A bit cartoony but fun

  • Sound

    by RichardEby

    This would be ultra amazing if it had sounds and music

  • My only complaint

    by redherring17

    is that there's a glitch regarding the current quest feature. Other than that, perfect.

  • Love it!

    by Kbkswat

    It's missing music but overall game play is lovely. Been a ff fan and my fav is #9, and yes that means I'm a thief for now haha. d384d231, here's my I'd input it and watch us grow as powerful battle buddies! I am active on each mobage game I have :) join me

  • Won't start

    by MisterRyu

    Tried to download and play, and it won't even start. I'll leave a proper review if this is fixed soon.

  • Event Glitch?

    by Leila Miranda-Lavertu

    I received tons and tons of Zegham Carrots DX+ in my mogbox but they don't show up in my feed-items. Help? Game is uber fun btw

  • Fun

    by Donte4021

    Great game just need sound

  • It's ok

    by Kasith

    This game is alright, visit it several times a day when your energy for questing is restored. The limit of consuming energy restoratives is very annoying, and having to collect treasures one at a time from the mog box is slow. Gil being in this game is questionable, as it's only used to break down weapons, scrolls, or spells/abilities to enhance your stuff, might as well be some other kind of currency, with currency you can spend real money for, being the Gil. Regardless, this game is an ok time killer if your a fan of the series. Might be worth visiting a bit each day, when around WiFi hotspots, in between playing actual Final Fantasy games.

  • Very good SE.

    by Lucas.Ol

    did like it, even if there is this forced competition, and sonething that I usually do not like in SE's games: this game is dependable of money to play like half an hour/day. But it really is nostalgic and worth 15 minutes a daty of atention, or more.

  • FFAB

    by Paradoxa1


  • I would give it a 5/5, but no music! :O

    by Hakuoki

    Since the FF series is known for it's music, it would make more sense to include music from past games into the game. That would make it a 5/5 game! :D So far, I enjoy every other aspect of the game though.

  • Love it!

    by Eiiinn

    Great game!

  • Almost Perfect

    by WillieBiscuits

    With the Final Fantasy series being renowned for it amazing orchestral music scores, I felt a little disappointed with the lack of music, or any sounds, in this game. Other than that, this is a fun charming game that I enjoy playing very much.

  • Epic

    by AnnoyinGamer

    This game is so epic

  • A twist on FF

    by Adtr4life88

    A refreshingly different take on FF!! Form teams to take out the bosses!! Earn your weapons and job classes like the originals!!

  • Fun :)

    by ArachneObscura

    This game is a lot of fun. Addicting.

  • Awesome game!

    by Hhh71637381

    Great game! Lots of fun!

  • Invatation Reward Code

    by Juxshoa

    There's an item waiting for you, so use my Invite ID (e781e597) when you start up and finish the tutorial

  • Awesome game for the busy professional!

    by Jim The ACE

    This game is awesome for the busy professional! Final fantasy look and feel while being friendly to those who can't dedicate long periods of consecutive time for games. 5 stars + 2 thumbs up!

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