FANTASICA -TCG card game- Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Mobage, Inc.
  • Updated: Aug, 07 2012
  • Version: 3.6
  • Size: 31.63 MB

Languages: English, Japanese, Korean

Seller: Mobage, Inc.

-Bug fixes

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Begin your quest in this card collecting, role-playing, tower defense adventure. From the artist behind the Final Fantasy series comes Fantasica, the ultimate social experience.

• Winner of Best Art Style on Mobage •

Join forces with your friends to defeat the evil threatening your world. All interested heroes are advised to keep their weapons sharp and their allies ready. The world of Fantasica is a beautiful, yet dangerous place!

- Collect beautifully illustrated cards drawn by Final Fantasy Art Director Hideo Minaba.
- Defeat enemies in strategic, real-time battles with your own personal army.
- Band and compete with friends to defend the world from darkness.
- Over 200 adventures and quests to test your mettle.
- Ongoing ranked events that offer rare cards, prizes, and of course, bragging rights.


• “Tower defense gameplay provides more depth than other CCGs. Appealing setting for fans of anime. Classic CCG elements will attract die hards and keep them hooked.” - gamezebo

• "A Fantastic (no pun intended) game. The cards you get are used in the tower defence style battle which level up said cards. Weekly or bi-weekly events normally add cards which normally are too good to pass on. Friendly and easy interface and some gorgeous art makes this my daily game! Highly recommend"

• “TCG with TD in a very unique way, and the mix of quest, battles, stealing artefacts and constant events makes this a game worth playing”

• “Awesome fun and very addictive. Great amalgamation of many types of games to bring a new twist on card collecting”

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Customer Reviews

  • Good game!

    by Blurmotins

    The UI is kind of lame, no real flow to it, but aside from that, I'm having a ton of fun with this game. I've found allies difficult to come by and I don't see too much longevity for this game but hopefully these things change wth the next updat

  • Great

    by Viorath

    Really enjoy the system this game brings to a basic card game by adding in a td system makes you think a little.

  • Nice

    by Orgin of pain 6

    It's ok

  • Interesting game

    by RingoSeto

    Pretty easy to start and tutorial is good

  • Fantasica

    by S30r1

    This game is the best the graphics are very good and the characters are amazing I recommend this game to anyone who likes tower defense games.

  • Good

    by Superstarandy


  • Need to update.

    by Mickey Sounthala

    Good game concept and great gameplay so far but they need to fix the dialogue in game when doing quests. Every time she has more to say and I click to the screen to see more the dialogue ends and it just goes straight to the mission.

  • Great

    by Pppiffcv


  • Tower defense type strategy meets card based RPG

    by Shadowfox789

    I never ever thought this type of game could be done it is so amazing too bad I can't give above a 5* rating or I would.

  • Great!

    by Mixymark

    Love this game!

  • Good

    by Mackieton

    Pretty good.

  • Fun

    by Junichilee

    Its better than what I expected. The only problem is when you first open the app the and download the latest data.

  • Like it so far

    by Chummster

    I want a speed up button

  • Nice!

    by Ldydrgn007

    Loving it right off the bat! :)

  • Awesome

    by Daddyreaper

    I like the game a lot can stop playing sometimes

  • Fun game

    by Green......

    Get if you're bored :)

  • Fun time killer

    by JD Maverick

    Decent way to pass the time

  • Great Game, lots of content

    by Jaxter5

    This game is chock full of content and has a nice little tutorial to get you started and it's not too long either. The only thing that was a bit off to me was that this game really overwhelmed me with everything since it drops you into the fray from the get go. Other then that it's a great game and I recommend it.

  • Engaging, but complicated...

    by Ayanshi

    A fun tower defense/ collectible card game. Normally my compliant about these types of apps is that they are too simple to offer a real challenge or to keep my interest, that is not Fatastica's problem at all.

  • Good Game

    by ESA GREAT

    I gave it a 3 star review due to some reasons. I have no problem with the game it is fun but it's not the kind of game I love to play using joystick movements. Don't get me wrong it's still fun : )

  • ..........……………

    by xHaruka

    Terrible game.

  • Fun

    by Moomoocookie

    Fun game good artwork wish it had better main menu

  • Great app

    by ItsMcMuffin

    Looking for a fun game? Hit the install button. For kool stuff put this code after the tutorial 54822361 :)

  • Fun

    by J-lock 44

    It's fun, just don't spend money

  • Id : 49031397

    by The Wolfy

    Plz use id if u r joining. Great game lots of events and ways to move up. Well done

  • Awesome

    by Shadow11138

    It's an awesome game!

  • Review

    by jasonb364

    Unlike every other iphone game it... this has kept my interest for over an hour

  • Try Again

    by 1lostFool

    Nice concept but to much of a money grab. Still fun even if you don't have the best unity to play

  • Game

    by Edgeman2005

    Cool game, graphics are ok, but cool game

  • Great

    by Shidobusu

    Amazing game I have it on all my devices.

  • Nices

    by Bohio1487

    Nices game

  • Great game

    by PhillyBluntz420

    Good game I recommend it to any who like tower defense/ rpg games

  • Wonderful

    by Kevishiiiii

    Amazing everything play now

  • Fun

    by Kadajcloud


  • Very nice game

    by Vũ cường

    This game is very nice

  • Decent game

    by IBeK9

    Worth a look but not something I'd want to invest a lot of time into.

  • Awesome

    by bultacfire

    This game is really fun and addicting

  • Not bad

    by Hylentor

    Ok for a freemium game, I don't know how it'll pan out at higher levels, but so far haven't had spend to do ok (got lucky with an event drop as well). We'll see once people start attacking me if it's still good as a time waster.

  • Hmm

    by ImToBoss

    Haven't found anything bad yet.

  • Great game

    by Chili 1027

    Just make sure to read the rule and help section, it explains the game very clearly.

  • Awesome

    by Noneyobeeznest

    I love this game it reminds me of balloon tower defenses

  • Worth playing

    by Aqua/ice

    Great game! Artwork looks neat and there's plenty of stuff to do. Even without spending money on boosts the game gives u plenty of opportunities to get good items and supplies. It would be nice if u could also use luna to buy potions and stuff though.

  • Good game

    by HawkOdeath

    Hard start but great fun

  • Fun fun fun but

    by SkinnyBK

    Its fun and I like the mixed style but time consuming...

  • Interesting

    by ZashiaQsharr

    I don't know enough about the game to honestly rate it, but from what I can see, it is pretty interesting. Love the old school pixel design, and heroic music. Nice concept as well for the mobile. Runs updates a little slow, but doesn't seem too bad once game is loaded. Fun so far. Also, advantages to be bought via microtransactions.

  • Good

    by Alias813

    Fun game

  • Cooool game

    by Nonetherewere

    Pretty fun.

  • Good game but

    by Asura6

    I like the game but the last update made my game run so slow. Please fix this soon

  • I love this game!

    by ThatOneKidddd

    This game is so fun and addicting. I love it, nice job! :D

  • Cool game.

    by ::Divinity::

    Of ur active,add me IGN: anemard929 ID: 69223692

  • More PvP events please

    by Dollabill1129

    I'm hooked on this game but I wish there would be more PvP events (non-guild wars), so that I can flex my muscles with my sick squad. Maybe training style with random PvP battles (like blood brothers)?

  • Disappointed

    by Bad Gnome

    I had high hopes when I saw the artwork. But just another mindless "card" rpg. No story, substance, tactics or interaction. All the battles are on full auto pilot no action options at all. You are forced to buy items right away. Can't even finish the first training without buying a potion from the cash shop.

  • Awesome

    by Geo stephens

    Awesome game, a great mix of two good genres in one great game

  • Ha

    by Hot topical

    Good game

  • Good game!

    by Matthew Sickles

    Been playing this forever and have no problems with crashing. Please use enter my code you will get cool stuff! Referral Code: 48700183

  • Okay for now

    by Ben30605

    This game has potential but they want you to write a review so early on. It may get worse due to the fact you may have to get allies just to complete a mission. We will see. If it gets like that or if you are almost forced (not choose to) to buy power ups via real money then this game is destined for deletion for me

  • Gnarly game

    by Ginoruruy

    Gitr dun

  • Worth a look!

    by Ding Dang Dingo

    Pros: Attractive art style which will especially appeal to Final Fantasy fans. Well supported: new units and events are constantly being added. Cons: The events are a MASSIVE time sink if you're unwilling to shell out lots of cash. Getting 5 and 6 star units requires spending lots of money unless you're lucky. 7 star units are pretty much unavailable to anyone without fairly deep pockets.

  • Nice

    by Zodirakz

    Ain bad

  • Pretty Entertaining

    by Twiddis

    It's fun for what it is, even if I don't agree with the whole pay to win model. Expect to have to dump some cash if you want to get into it.

  • Needs more to do!!

    by That dude Matt

    It's got interesting takes on the TCG style games. It even combines a tower def element but that tends to drag on sometimes Using 51888695 can help us both out as a referral. You know the deal. Save your cards to upgrade your 4, 5+ star cards

  • Good game

    by Hmoobhang18

    This is an excellent game. It's fun and addicting.

  • Great game but...

    by AllieC2011

    I like this game it is decent and pretty fun but usually the game force closes the first time then the second time it runs but certain sections make it force close but now... Now the game won't even stay open it opens, initializes, connects to my network goes to the black screen then force closes I erased my history so I crossed that off the list I did that over and over again and again until I just gave up :/ I literally tried to open it almost 100 times please get an update to fix this or I might just delete this game to get more space ...

  • Get pass time

    by Hooaahh

    Such a great game to pass time! Makes you think! And is very entertaining!!! Defiantly get this game!

  • Download NOW

    by Drdavisx

    A fun card game/tower defense hybrid.

  • Good game

    by Drakonis357

    Pretty fun tower defense game

  • Super Gameplay

    by Daxil403

    The hybrid mechanics of this TCG & RPG are awesome but there is little chance to get the awesome cards without money.

  • Really fun game but

    by Runesave3

    I like it tho you get a lot of repeat allies and it gets harder to pass lvls. But it's tons of fun

  • So far good

    by Iiii194729

    It's good so far

  • Amazing!!

    by EndOfEva

    Simply Amazing! Great game. Great graphics. Fun gameplay!! Have not been able to stop since I downloaded it. Highly recommend.

  • Great

    by Ironliver23

    Best iphone game i have played!

  • Decent

    by Sick. Boy.

    The game is solid.

  • Cool

    by knightog

    It's a cool game so far

  • Fun and addicting

    by Harblkun

    Fun game. I like the mix of tower defense and ccg

  • Great

    by Crakdice

    Fun game, pay to win though

  • Good game

    by Reap6662

    Pretty good game witting this for the reward hah

  • Good

    by Jared Mars

    I've only started playing this game and I'm immediately into it. However, I wish they would explain the main screen and how everything works.

  • great

    by Squat spec

    so far it's a great game just started

  • Unique

    by Xjinkxx

    Great combination of game styles makes this a standout among a crowd of clones.

  • rewviw

    by Zcbirduo

    ok so far

  • Pretty cool

    by Xcvzjuy

    Good one

  • Must play this one!!!

    by CNR's mom

    Very addictive. Easy to navigate. A++

  • Woohoo

    by iSimpl3


  • Fun!

    by Kyle816

    Having a blast. Played it before. Had to download again!! :):)

  • Cool

    by Iceballs13

    It's fun

  • Fun Game

    by Jacmint

    Just started play but is has my attention. Very fun

  • Good so far

    by Jbsft

    Seems promising

  • Awesome

    by Thatguy311

    Fun game easy to use add me for rare items 45266687

  • Still bad

    by Alr112

    From the last update they haven't fixed a thing. Everything is the same, and the game is getting more and more expensive. They release packs that cost $30-$50 for a chance-CHANCE-to win a good card. That means you could easily spend $100 on a card game. You can't even trade outside the game or they ban you. That means you just spent $100+ on a card, and that's it. Nothing more. Just bragging rights that you can spend more then 80% of the players. Again I caution you against trading cause they won't recover stolen cards. And make sure your password is secure. I had a friend hacked and he lost access to trading and his inbox and lost all his cards. Happy playing.

  • Great and fun!

    by WamboSize

    Pretty solid mix of RPG and TCG elements...add me for bonuses 63222592!!

  • Pay to win, but solid if you give it time

    by devdavi

    You'll never got those amazing game breaking cards unless you pay up quote a bit, but if you give it some time and it's pretty great even without buying into the iAPs

  • Cool

    by Gravitybomb1


  • Amazing

    by Iaredanbie

    In love with this game.

  • Very fun game!

    by Knuckles Down

    Needs something more though

  • Fun

    by Crowzan

    This game is really fun and I enjoy playing it every chance I can

  • Good

    by Chunkyogurt

    Great game! Love final fantasy art

  • A must play!

    by KH Fire Angel

    A fantastic tower defense/ trading card game hybrid. Once you start playing, it is very hard to stop!

  • fun

    by Hihihihi12984

    Fun game

  • Very fun game

    by krstaltear

    Hard to get good units, but a great, fun game.

  • Lots of fun

    by beatodds64

    This game is asome and great but could use more graphics put into the game but still very great game love it can't wate till update. :)

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