D.O.T. Defender of Texel (RPG) Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Mobage, Inc.
  • Updated: Dec, 08 2012
  • Version: 2.8.1
  • Size: 18.23 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish

Seller: Mobage, Inc.

Minor improvement.

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69 Ratings
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*****Limited-time offer: Start the game now to receive a special warrior from a past event! Players will also receive $3 worth of items absolutely free.

In a world of squares, somebody needs to think outside the box…

A high-fantasy adventure with a twist, "D.O.T." is set in Texel, an 8-bit retro universe in dire need of a champion. In this exciting new RPG from Mobage, the player is transported through a mobile game into a world that has no concept of death or war, and is being torn apart by sinister robotic invaders. Only your skills as a commander can save the three tribes of Texel, and open the portal back to your own reality.

* Unique graphics that combine 2D pixel and 3D block art with dazzling effects
* Characters that transform through fusion
* Power-ups through character and gear customization
* An epic story set in a distant universe, with the musical score to match!
* New characters and areas, continuously added in always-free updates!
* Intuitive battle formations, created with grid-based swipe action!

What Others Are Saying About D.O.T.

5 STAR “I’ve been through a lot of rpg apps this is hands down the best I’ve come across yet.”
5 STAR “This game is just fantastic! It’s easy to figure out and a great way to pass some time.”
5 STAR “Great game reminds me of the good old days of gaming.”
5 STAR “If you are a fan of strategic old school rpg’s, this is the game for you!”

*Connect with other gamers on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/DefenderofTexel. Check out more games at www.mobage.com, and follow us @Mobage on Twitter to get the latest news, deals, and help on our games.

Customer Reviews

  • D.O.T. Fan all the way!

    by Thunderpawx

    Great game!! I love the gameplay, and the graphics make this a fun and intriguing game. Use my invite id guys!! jAdh (eith capitals)

  • Best Game on iOS

    by Seacoast_7

    I've played this game everyday since "Twilight of Dragons" and it's easy to say that it is the best game I've played. The iAPs may be somewhat expensive but if you do play everyday it is a long term investment that does pay off in the end. Amazing game overall.

  • Highs and Lows

    by Kaithe Rocelin

    Really enjoying the PvP and Dungeon events, though I wish something would change in Raid Boss to make it a more enjoyable and less of a pay to win event. I also would love for the Siege event to return soon. The Christmas Siege was finally starting to have everything balanced and player friendly. Also I don't know if this is a bug or not, but Velthuria, the preempt Shamus recolor, changes to a darker shade of his normal color whenever he is hit. He has been out for a while and the interaction is still there so if it meant to be that is really cool if not just a heads up.

  • Most played game on ipod

    by Mikereno

    I have been playing this game since December of 2012, a little while after it came out, and I play it every day. Such a simple game that has been so addicting. This game is awesome. Five stars easily.

  • Use this code!!

    by poeticthnkr

    Use this code and we will both receive a rare fighter! jqCD

  • D.O.T. Defenders of Texel

    by Gunnagetcha0

    Great game! Please use invite ID 7knS (case sensitive) we both get rare characters to use beat first boss then go to more on homepage then invite ID : )

  • D.O.T. Defenders of Texel

    by Gunnagetcha0

    Great game! Please use invite ID 7knS (case sensitive) we both get rare characters to use beat first boss then go to more on homepage then invite ID : )

  • D.O.T is a MUST have game!

    by Austinajm16

    D.O.T. Is so awesome! There are tons of characters to get, fun weekly events, sweet pixel art and a lot of cool features! Get D.O.T. And go have fun! There are over 100 characters to earn, here is a list of the rarities. Common, uncommon, rare, epic, and LEGENDARY. The rarer the character, the harder it is to get them. Every week there is a new event, and sometimes there is a limited time build. So i recommend this game to everyone looking for a good game to play! :)

  • Great game

    by KR2000

    This game is awesome. Its tempting to use money at times but other than that its a great game. When you start the game after clearing the first mission enter the code j7sY

  • D.O.T. Defenders of Texel

    by Gunnagetcha0

    Great game! Please use invite ID 7knS (case sensitive) we both get rare characters to use beat first boss then go to more on homepage then invite ID : )

  • 100% outstanding still

    by ProxyWarden

    After playing for over a year, I have come to love this game. Sure this game has iap up the ying yang, but you don't need to spend a dime on this game to get ahead. Use my invite id because you love me. Id is down there 8toj 8toj 8toj

  • D.O.T. Defenders of Texel!

    by Gunnagetcha0

    Great game! Please use invite ID 7knS (case sensitive) we both get rare characters to use beat first boss then go to more on homepage then invite ID : )

  • Wooot

    by BCoopsta

    Not a bad little game. Lot's of different aspects (lvl'n,evolve,etc.). Friend code ydZY

  • D.O.T. Defenders of Texel

    by Gunnagetcha0

    Great game! Please use invite ID 7knS (case sensitive) we both get rare characters to use beat first boss then go to more on homepage then invite ID : )

  • This was a great game

    by Shopper man

    This game had me playing for months with weekly updates and new material

  • Awesome

    by Ricosuave0403

    This is one of the best games 4 IOS it's so amazing & Plz add me as friend

  • yyvK

    by BeastlyTenacity

    Not gonna waste time with words. Games awesome, add me as friend please.

  • Really Fun

    by #HashtagSwag

    This game is a really fun game and waiting for energy isn't all that bad. Use my invite to get a rare monster and some other cool stuff yyDV.

  • Super fun

    by Gameroono

    I'm a noob at this so if u can type in yTKo it would help u and me out! Plz help >.< this is such a good game

  • Love it! ..Maybe too much?

    by MitoMadness

    This game is so great! And the tutorial is so simple and explanatory, that this makes the game such a relaxing experience to any aged person. And I don't see this game leaning towards any specific gender at all. So in other words, it's the perfect game for anyone! There's also a great 'newbie' boost when entering in anyone's Invite ID. You end up receiving a Rare fighter, Aja Leaves, Nux Bits, and Pixite. It's hard to explain what each item does, but they add lots to the experience of the game. If you'd like to see for yourself, try entering 51PD as the ID in the game. Every (I think 2 weeks), the prize that you receive changes, so also be aware of that.

  • Gm over!!! Won't load

    by Harley(1998)

    Was one of my favs but pos won't even load gm now so I guess it's time to delete and move on to another! Very disappointed!!!

  • Email is in use?

    by Traback

    I tried to sign up for mobage but all of my emails were apparently in use, I don't get it!

  • Signup this!

    by Philosopia

    Signup this!

  • Morons

    by Langstonappreviewr

    This is horrible, this game Is programmed to drain kids money who play this ridiculous bullshi, everything is terribly made and whoever programmed this flicked up bad

  • Sweetness

    by TronBonne


  • yHYv

    by 1977664709

    Use my friend code

  • D.O.T

    by DxRose

    This game is awesome but you should remover the energy or something cuz I wanna play longer

  • Love this game

    by Etayloruf

    FV7o add this code to get a rare fighter.

  • Great

    by Luffymonkey21

    Great game invite for goods and help T1DY

  • D.O.T. Defenders of Texel!

    by Gunnagetcha0

    Great game! Please use invite ID 7knS (case sensitive) we both get rare characters to use beat first boss then go to more on homepage then invite ID : )

  • This game is pretty fun

    by Omnh026

    It has a decent story and fun gameplay but could cost less energy to go through levels and energy up grades with class ups

  • Truly the best game I've played years

    by Jack58

    I never imagined myself sinking so much time into a mobile. Every morning I wake up just as excited as the last to check my trades, salute my friends, and dive into the weeks event!

  • We're unable to connect :(

    by Andiops

    The rating of the actual game is 5 stars! :) But I can't play it says there's a connection error and I have a great connection!! Anybody have an idea how to fix? The weird thing is that on my iPhone 5c it works.....

  • defender of texel

    by piggy15776

    Use invite ID: nuvG

  • used to be great. now it's awful

    by br0ctopus

    dot used to be my favorite app. but now there is constantly bugs and is becoming extremely repetitive. they keep making the event dungeon instead of rotating. overall it's just starting to get boring and many of my friends agree

  • Good game

    by Titan1212

    Really good game, but the in app purchases and super high. Invite my friend code(NsMC) so we can get super rare fighters and prizes :)

  • Good but,

    by Thuggrunt12

    Great game. Very addicting. All around great. Just don't I repeat do not do in app purchases do to them being full blown rip offs. I just pumped in and got some of the worst characters in the game. I could have just not spent my money and gotten along fine, but it made it seem if I put in some money I would get better fighters. So I did and got some of the WORST fighters in the game.

  • Great game

    by Nina Aura1

    Loading... Loading... Loading... But otherwise it's addictive and events change every week. My favorite game.

  • nKge

    by 2bg8

    Use my invite is nKge (case sensitive)

  • Addicting!

    by ohTrolls

    This app has loads of in-game events that everyone can participate in. This game is really addicting; even though I put it down for awhile, I would still come back to check on it. Even though this game has IAP to give you a higher advantage in the game, you can still earn the advantages in-game via events and quests. If you need help on your adventure, just paste this in the invite Tvpv and we both get rare fighters.

  • Excellent game

    by Silly rabbit 42

    Get rare monster and items, play through first mission go to more invite ID and put in 6kmy. We both get items and a rare thanks for the help

  • yKai

    by Trevdaddy

    Use my code for 30 nuxbits

  • It's awesome

    by Miker123479

    This game is great! It has tons of fighters and many different types of weekly events. For first time players, after completing the first boss, tap on the banner "Enter ID" in the home screen or menu and enter "Lxus" to receive a strong fighter and a bunch of items to help you in your journey.

  • Crashes

    by easter egg hunter

    I didn't for a minute think that this game would be any better than their other one "MONSTER MATCH" both are always crashing ... They can't seem nor want to fix this issue . As far as spending real money I DONT THINK SO!!! It would just crash & you'd loose your money .. Come on at least fix monster match . I would've been level 50 by now if the dam thing wouldn't crash all the time :-(

  • Help!

    by SEJ1998

    Currently in the games present version, I have been facing the issue, in which the game will load perpetually. This issue has been ongoing since the latest update on January 16, 2014. Platform: iPhone 5 System: 7.0.4

  • D.O.T

    by Ggxbtvxjdvtxsjrxctxbztvf

    This is the best game I have seen in a long time! The style of gameplay and the seamless mechanics are incredible! This the only game I play on my phone and it is the best I have. The events are incredible they are so fun. This game is a great time-killer during the day. Hope the events keep coming! My friend code is y55X in case someone wants to trade!

  • Awsome game

    by Iliarich

    Awsome game loads of fun. Use my invite ID TEnN and we both get cool stuff:)

  • Omg

    by Tokuaki

    Please fix BUG omg

  • I love this game so much

    by Alexnawrocki

    I hate how people complain about this game it's so awesome and I play it everyday, even though I'm terrible at it sometimes XD


    by AckhmeXD

    The best game known to man!

  • Bug

    by M4-Shermen Jumbo

    I forgot my password and stuff and I sent a email to my account to recover it but I waited seven months and it never came.

  • Very fun, but get out your wallet

    by H1228

    Very fun game, and quickly addicting. But it goes beyond pay-to-win, it's pay-to-be-relevant. The hardest levels are literally impossible to complete without pumping in some cash, even with some of the game's better fighters. Still, really fun. Obviously, I'm still playing.

  • Needs pixite transfer system!

    by Trollman2000

    The game is great and the fighters are unique and the gameplay is quick and simple. But I have too many pixite, could you make it so 10 pixite=1 voxite?

  • It's Amazing

    by Angry birds masicure

    I love the game but every time I start it it asks me for my apple password and it keeps asking me this every time I get on another app so I give it a 4 star until it's fixed still a great game though!

  • Amazing App!!!!

    by Mr.gagme

    This app is awesome and amazing. It's my favorite app of all time so fun!!!! if I could make it 1000 stars I would!!!!

  • Addictive! Heaps of fun!

    by iSuperSonicsFan

    I downloaded this back, last April when I got my first iPhone and I was hesitant at the time.... As time went on, I've also noticed this game also requires some logical thinking at times, Which is a big thumbs up in my book. I highly recommend this app to first time iPhone users!

  • Good game but expensive iaps

    by Ibladeaddict

    This is indeed a very good game. In fact, it's the most played game on my iPhone. While, there are a lot good about this game: weekly events suitable for just about every player, good fighters are only semi-hard to get (via trade), great pixel artwork, a large amount of fighters, lots of rewards, but once you run out of energy restores, it's hard to get anymore if you aren't a high rank or wallet warrior! The iaps are ridiculous! Just hear me out. You can get 10x the amount of bitters (full energy restores/trading currency) from buying with real money from a player than from the game itself! So, if you have a lot of time, download this game. Don't even bother with iaps as bitters are obtainable through in-game currency and not that much either. Oh and my invite id is Tgi5 (thank goodness its friday duh) and we both get rares. Don't believe anyone that you are going to get some Legendary if you put in a specific id. They are all lies. You will only get a rare fighter but when you first start, it's a great addition to your party. Hope my review helped a considering player and don't forget my invite id! Tgi5 (with caps) and peace!

  • Love it!!

    by Katitax

    Awesome game can't stop playing

  • Very enjoyable

    by Warrada

    This game is pretty easy to pick up and play, either just for a couple minutes or for lengthier amounts of time as well. Lots of events, a neat friendship mechanic, and lots of fun and interesting creatures all make this game pretty great. The soundtrack is nice as well, as is the overall style of the game.

  • Amazing but 1 suggestion

    by CreepyFireX

    I love this game to death and so do my friends but I have this great idea where in the next update you should be able to nickname your monsters because some times when in trading with friends I can't remember most names because their too hard to remember. Please add a nickname system but when traded the nickname goes away. Also I think in Mob Raid and siege you should be able to choose to be in the same team if you have a certain trust level with someone. Like me and my best friend have a 50 trust.

  • Love it

    by Drunkncow

    Theres sooo many cool fighters. Tons of fun and addicting. The fact that its 8-bit makes it a lot cooler. Also, use this code to get a rare fighter: TEri

  • Great Game

    by Cbongiova

    For extra bonus finish first event and enter 9bbL.

  • In game purchases too expensive but good enough otherwise

    by vammirato

    Maybe because I used to put quarters in a machine when I was a kid but plinking in a dollar to play for 10-20 moves and a few minutes seems crazy, right?

  • Fun but.......

    by Pete3699

    This game is really awesome but I can't really click ppls names for some reason please fix please!

  • Want awesome fighters?? Get this game!

    by Sgtjojoe

    Best game I have ever played on a mobile device! Use the invite ID 3F36 to get an awesome, rare fighter!!

  • It's good but


    I used to like it but now I can't click on people's name

  • Good game

    by Alareesh

    Awesome game use my id for rare fighters : Fsno

  • A good game, but needs an update

    by REALLY needs one

    It NEVER loads it's so annoying, so FIX IT


    by I'm.duck

    Put my invitation code: 7qsh So we can both get rare fighter and items :)

  • D.O.T. Defenders of Texel

    by Gunnagetcha0

    Great game! Please use invite ID 7knS (case sensitive) we both get rare characters to use beat first boss then go to more on homepage then invite ID : )

  • Bs

    by klarkaston 

    The app keeps force closing everytime i open it, ill give it a better rating if someone fixes this for me or help

  • Add code -- Td34

    by Langstonappreviewr

    Td34 is my code

  • defender of texel

    by piggy15776

    Use invite ID: nuvG

  • Great game!!

    by SpringFire12745

    Always something happening to keep you interested!

  • Awesome

    by BigMac1397

    I've been playing this game for about a year now and it has always been very addicting and very fun. Though if you do spend money in the game you end up spending a bit more than you would like.

  • Amazing Game

    by Roadrunner1971

    My invite code is : bm36 Enter this after the first mission and recieve an epic reward! Had an issue before with starting it, but after a few downloads i got it to work. Good Luck!!

  • Money hungry

    by Tlw3333

    Stop playing dot and start playing brave frontier. They know how to treat players right

  • Good game

    by BigTalk

    So far, an interesting game :) Try it out and use THqM as an invite id; you'll get some useful bonus stuff!

  • Can't even load

    by Hashinakishi

    I can't even get into the game now for some reason, please fix it. All the game does is load in the loading screen with absolutely no progress.

  • Loved it

    by Tokuaki


  • Add my id

    by S3XI MEXI

    Add my id YF1u

  • Unplayable


    Played through the tutorial. When it said, "You have completed the tutorial." I hit next and then it crashed and won't restart. I'll update my score if a fix comes out before I delete the game. From what I played though: -I'm not a huge fan of the combat system, though I can see the potential for strategy later in the game. (ex. If there were certain characters that set up a spell the first turn and a different character completed it the second. Also if there were persistent effects or spells that built upon one another) - I do really enjoy the artwork. It's definitely that new age pixel art, not simplistic like the NES or crisp like the SNES but that sort of messy looking art that still works out well. - From what I heard of the music it was definitely passable, though I hadn't heard enough of it to formulate a complete opinion before it crashed.

  • Amazing

    by IceFire117

    Great game

  • Awesome

    by ShadowStalkerNight

    Add me and get cool stuff and friend me so I can help you in anyway I can use my Code: Thdu

  • Great, but...

    by El_Mono

    Great game. Addicting as hell. However, since a few updates ago, I can't get past the title screen unless I'm on wifi. What gives?

  • Great game, but it has it's flaws.

    by Liltim101

    Amazing game when i first joined I loved it but it is hard to get how you say um legendary fighters without spending cash. And if you do spend money usually you have to be lucky with the results. The 2nd problem is the store items are too pricy bitters should be 25-50 dot coins not 100 for 1. Literally for 50$ I get can 50 bitters and buy an okay fighter. But it should be for 50$ I can get 100 bitters or 150 and buy almost a legendary or 2-3 really good fighters. Other than this the game is good you guys keep up the good work. For newcomers for a chance to get rare fighters use my code 2Mzk!

  • My honest opinion?

    by CheekLoins

    One of THEE best games on the App Store. It's so fun to collect all the creatures. The people complaining all they get is weak ones? You combine them TO get the rare ones. Even if it doesn't look like your cup of tea, I REALLY suggest at least giving it a try!

  • Great game

    by Wi3235

    Great time passer

  • D.O.T. Defenders of Texel!

    by Gunnagetcha0

    Great game! Please use invite ID 7knS (case sensitive) we both get rare characters to use beat first boss then go to more on homepage then invite ID : )

  • Good game

    by SnowyBarraccuda

    A little frustrating to get characters without spending money but overall a good game

  • Best Game Evar

    by Floresmofo


  • Nice!

    by Sicricc

    Really fun game! Enter this invite ID TDpF (lowercase p) for a rate monster!

  • Too Hard

    by Bonus camara

    This game has gotten a lot harder than when I started I can't even get E without having to trade. This game just keeps getting Harder and I'm pretty sure everyone on Facebook is saying the Samething!!!

  • AGXA

    by JamaicanBacons

    Use AGXA as invite code to get rare fighter

  • Great game!

    by Ochuco

    Great game! Advice is to evolve monster to themselves so they get stronger (self evolve) than to feed them to your strong cards. Only use foddlers to level your strong monsters. Use code TCZH after tutorial and get a rare card!


    by I is fan

    It wont sign in it keeps giving an error message saying invalid email

  • Game

    by Moo sauce jugs

    Awesome game!

  • Great app

    by J.Durb.

    Awesome game, easy to play and level up, add my invite code xCav

  • Game of Eve

    by KjsMax

    Event looks so interesting

  • They're going straight for your wallet!

    by BrokeNAngry!

    They trick you into paying for builds in which you have a minuscule chance of getting rare fighters and a 95 percent chance of getting crap. Then, even if you do get a rare fighter, they immediately release a stronger one the next week. Shady! Sad because this used to be a great game.

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