CityLand Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Mobage, Inc.
  • Updated: Sep, 04 2012
  • Version: 1.1
  • Size: 23.72 MB

Languages: English, Japanese, Korean

Seller: Mobage, Inc.

Misc. bug-fixes

Customer Ratings

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36 Ratings
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52 Ratings


Build a thriving city! Discover and make real friends as you embark on an adventure to build the most awesome mobile city in the world!

CityLand is powered by Mobage, the best, free, social network.

Customer Reviews

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    by freckles813

    Lots of fun to play, but there are some recommendations I have: - recognition of achievements for things I already have. For instance, I have a BBQ place built, before the quest was up. It should know I did it so I don't have to do it again. - ability to delete things/sell things back. I don't expect full price, but I've accidentally built the wrong place/road before, so I'd like to remove it. Also, the ability to move buildings I already have. - 360 degree option. I know this game isn't super complex, but I'd still like buildings to face the street. Also, the ability to turn MY view 360. Sometimes I can't see spaces, so I can't tell if I can/can't place something. - increase the energy limit. It's increased since I've been leveling up, but it still seems awfully low considering how many things need energy. Those are some of the improvements I'd like to see in the future; I'd think it'd make the game even more fun to play. Keep up the good work!

  • Keeps crashing

    by girlcreeture

    I'd play this more often if it didn't crash all the time. I like collecting the worms and henchmen etc. for trade and the goals are fun. PLEASE fix the crashing!

  • Bad game

    by Brian Contos

    I had to sign in to Facebook to play.

  • Password

    by Ekgs

    It won't accept my password, & won't let me change it


    by HavocJade

    Ok so I went to level two and It froze! Ok fix that and get more people playing and I'll give u a better rating.

  • Do not get this game

    by Baker1o2

    First you can't play the game without a email address . Second of all it says that you can't have any spaces in your name, and that it has to be at least 8 characters long. Every time I type it in with 8 characters it says that over and over again . DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Seems fun

    by Brenden P.

    This game seems fun, but when I start out, it tells me to send out a dinghy, when it gets back and I tap it, I level up, however, I can't tap anything and it just freezes. I'll give you 2 stars for anticipation...

  • Horrible

    by Best of the all

    Never ever get this game

  • App Crashing

    by Kaylie2234

    I just started playing the app and when I start playing the turtoial it crashes and says there is an error I am VERY Dissapointed by this

  • Ugh

    by chunkydoodle

    I don't know how many stars it should get because I can't play it because they don't have any names able that they will let you use.

  • App Crashing

    by Valley956ghost

    When it loads up it just crashes .. Please fix this .. Until its fix I'll be rate very low ..

  • I am very sorry

    by Emma donut

    I can not believe that it did this . When u tap on the app and when u wait for it to load something pops up and u have to sign in to Facebook or something else. I am very disappointed . You guys out there that are older than me u guys would probably like this game because your aloud to go on Facebook . BTW I am NOT a teenager .FIX !!!!!!! PS. Please . -______-

  • Please fix glitch

    by drewswifey89

    I keep trying to play but a few seconds in it cuts off please fix so I can play I love city building games

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