Blood Brothers (RPG) Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Mobage, Inc.
  • Updated: Aug, 28 2012
  • Version: 2.30
  • Size: 32.4 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Mobage, Inc.

Over 20 million downloads! To all our dedicated players, thank you!
We hope you continue to enjoy Blood Brothers and all of the improvements we've been making!
-New skills logic
-Updated pact animations
-Various bug fixes

Customer Ratings

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21 Ratings
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12307 Ratings


*****Download Blood Brothers and see why over 20 MILLION people have enjoyed this game all over the world!

Blood Brothers is a dark fantasy game, a tale of a hero turned vampire, who must bind an army in a pact of blood in order to exact vengeance on a corrupt empire. Choose one of eight heroes -—knight, samurai, high elf, dark elf, ape, lizardman, dwarf, or goblin—- to lead your army to victory.

Killer battles! Mysterious characters! Secrets to be discovered!


“With thrilling combat, character collection and leveling and an interesting storyline, Blood Brothers is epic!” –


* Customize your party to gain a strategic edge
* Wield skills from archery to sorcery, lightning to fire
* Bond and evolve characters together in dark rites
* Traverse villages, castles, dungeons, and more
* Get new characters and areas in free updates


“Love this game! It has a whole new concept on the RPG games out there. If you like Rage of Bahamut or other card RPGs you will love this--it doesn’t use the card concept, which I love.”

“This game is a blast! It’s like a very interactive strategic board game and so far the best RPG game I've played on my phone.”

“If you like any kind of CCG you will love this game.”


-Use a defensive formation when leveling new familiars, leave higher level familiars in the front.
-Take short or long paths in zones based on how many battles you want. Use the "Map" button!
-Special events come often and you should participate (even low levels).

The world of Blood Brothers knows no bounds!

Blood Brothers is powered by Mobage, the best, free social game network.

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Customer Reviews

  • Best game

    by Ihave5 legendaries

    Amazing... A little expensive if you want to be good

  • Great

    by Larryparker38

    Love it.......iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii just can't stop playing

  • Blood brothers

    by Benster1774450

    Great game. Can't stop playing

  • Updates needed.

    by Jabbercb

    Fun and enjoyable. However my game keeps lagging out. I need to force quit out and reload every 2 minutes.

  • Fun

    by Empire gaming

    Good times

  • Good

    by Rich up

    Enjoy playing

  • CCDs

    by Xxxdddtxxx

    Great game

  • Game

    by Bleached anus


  • Best Game Ever On IOS

    by Halomasta68

    I love this game it is very basic and extremely fun and addicting!! Can't wait for more updates

  • Good

    by Ljmcq188021

    Nice game

  • Very Buggy

    by Ragebeard

    Add me LDL9yU. This game is very fun but at times will slow and freeze. Just close it and it reloads at the last point.

  • Great game!

    by Kylie888

    Mobage delivers once again

  • Can't put it down

    by Mataco5

    Very fun and addicting

  • Great game!

    by Mongoose312

    So far so good. Pretty basic game. No bugs and its fun atm. Only a few levels in, will update when I get further.


    by Fatcows

    7AHSMc get rare warriors ! You need it

  • Great

    by Hhhyyui


  • Awesome game!

    by Intifineite

    Just started playing and addicted already!

  • Good game

    by Goemama!

    Very fun but will need sort of investment to get the more elite monsters

  • Great

    by Ajabshbwksk

    The game is great!

  • Great and addicting.

    by Scott Shaffer

    Want a huge advantage in the beginning? enter my Invite ID (LTNuUj) to claim a gift.

  • Terrible

    by girlgeek96

    This game doesn't even deserve a star. The events are so frequent that there's nothing special about them, and the pvp battles are so unfair because they pit you with the players who throw away their money on this game. The only reason I still play it is because it has so many events that I don't want to miss anything, and I've already worked super hard to get the progress I'm at now. DO NOT GET THIS GAME. It's not with it at all.

  • Please Fix

    by Sheuebdvsiiwbscauehdgei

    It is a fun game when you can play it. It always crashes on my ipod 4th generation and is almost impossible to play.

  • READ

    by App reviewer123459

    This game would be so much better if u can get better players legendnaries have a 0.1 percent chance and u almost never get any good rares like this if you want this to be fixed

  • READ

    by App reviewer123459

    This game would be so much better if u can get better players legendnaries have a 0.1 percent chance and u almost never get any good rares like this if you want this to be fixed

  • Fix crash plz

    by Bkggg

    I love this game but I have tried to play it but it keeps crashing plz fix this

  • Boring

    by Goolyhg

    Waste of time

  • Terrible game

    by Ashley14rose

    In the middle of playing this game my phone died and when I charged it it deleted my account.

  • Social media fail

    by BoominBase

    It won't let you play unless you have Facebook, very sad

  • Bad game

    by Kharper67

    If you want to waste money then play this. I have played for almost 2 years. When they give out scarlet coins or buy packs then do not expect any good familiars. Have have used over 1000 Scarlett coins and the best I got was a Desna. The best in got when opening packs was nothing. This game will rip you off no matter what you do. The top players in every event has cheated the game. You will never be close to them unless you spend $1000's of dollars just to keep up with them. So please do not waste your time with this game.

  • Not happy with the log in

    by JTinSC

    I have enjoyed playing BB in the past, but now it's asking for a log in and I can't get anything I try to work. I will delete this game.

  • Eh

    by Catherine Nguyen

    Backs out every time

  • Good game add me

    by Mo1435

    Put this ID in when you start LuuwPv

  • Epic game

    by Wolfyyassassin

    This game is freaking epic

  • I like it so far

    by Dawayne Hinson

    So far I like it, it's pretty straight-forward so that's good. Lets see how it goes later.

  • Cool

    by Bryan123433

    I love this game. Too hooked to it already.

  • I've played for more than a year

    by DN Swagg:)

    Great game but very costly for inexperienced players, need to make new events

  • Can't switch to another user anymore :(

    by Sinforosa5811

    Can't play using my facebook account anymore. I put my facebook account on the ipad's app, but when I switch to the game it opens using the ipad's owner. This is the first time this happens. Please fix. :(

  • Great game

    by Ailotea

    Fun to play great story overall great game

  • Great

    by ZombehGamez

    Im in college and it's really cool

  • Mwehh

    by DiaBonD

    Ever since the last update the app keeps cutting off. Kindly address this issue please. Thanks heaps.

  • Good

    by iiTANTALiiZE

    Good one

  • Just started

    by Messiah Juni

    Fun game so far.

  • Not anymore

    by Used to be fun!&$@

    I used to love this game. Recently they made it harder to earn characters in events. You have to be a much higher rank in the event now and if you don't spend a ton of money especially when your first starting out good luck. Like from being a 40,000 rank to get a character to 25,000 or lower to get one in the events. Their character pacts are getting more and more expensive as well. I've spent about twenty dollars on this game and never gotten anything good. If you wanna do good plan on spending. They are getting to greedy and ruining the game. Used to recommend this game. Now I wouldn't. Also I'm starting to think the bazaar is a hoax legendary wise. Characters that were 800-1000 galahorns when I had like 400 are now 1600 to 2000 now that I have 800 in just a few weeks. Some are 4000-5000. GL's are a dollar a peice. Get real. 5000 dollars for a game character. Greedy people running this game! Now I recently found out the games legendary's fluctuate depending on how many of that item you have. I have pictures of proof on my phone. Gonna show them on u tube soon. Not playing this anymore

  • ????

    by ($)($)(:)

    I would rate IF I COULD PLAY IT the game crashes befor i can start to play it plz fix

  • Very Buggy

    by Ragebeard

    Add me LDL9yU. This game is very fun but at times will slow and freeze. Just close it and it reloads at the last point.

  • Freezes on iPad mini

    by saki1979

    10-15mins into the game it slows down and freezes up on iPad mini. No issues on iPhone. Latest sw on iPad and the game. :( Reinstall didn't help

  • Fun Game

    by Artist2003

    Not a bad game at all

  • The best, Addictive!!

    by Hass003

    Check out BloodBrothers, rated 4.7 stars! Use my Invite ID (jCHjn) to claim a gift

  • Please

    by Jimmykid7

    I normally signed in to my montage account to play blood bros by using my email but you took that off and made it where you have to use your montage name I don't remember mine so now I can't play blood brothers


    by Peewee1234

    Fun game. I've played since it came out. Please fix the crashing. It's just getting terrible.

  • Was awesome...

    by Haynwarrior808

    Till it starting lagging. Game loads ok and plays great while on the map. Problem starts when i enter PvP mode. MAJOR LAG!!!!! Its to the point where i need to kill the app and reboot just to move on to battle two, then do the same to get to battle three then again to get out of the battle screen...SO IRRITATING!!! >:( FIX ITNOW!!!!! >:(

  • Bueno

    by Bean stalker

    Venous famous lamp us fantastic ices

  • Additing yo!

    by swisscookies

    I'm crazy about bb and also on it first thing when I wake up everything is amazing and I can't stop playing! Until today I finally quit I have to get a move and get my life back everyone that plays and know me will be miss Warning of life to get a move on I don't see myself coming back but to others I hope you enjoy and please don't begg goodbye fellow BloodBrothers :) Btw I said "and" a lot haha

  • Can't even play plz fix

    by $Cody123$

    This is a very fun game I have been playing for the past year but in the last update it won't open for my iPod 4th gen. I would love to actually get to play the game again. Won't even load an crashes on the load screen!

  • Awesome game, BUT!

    by DoughboyLBC

    It always signs me out by itself rather then it just continuing where i had left off and its starting to bug me alot. Before it would never do that.

  • Coo

    by Sirubu

    I wrote a review!!!

  • Me

    by Funnemane

    Love it

  • Wonderful App

    by Cityboi87

    Great Game. If you would like to start of with your own Legendary Familiar add LDsG3B at the beginning of your quest and you will get a random Legendary Familiar ! Good Luck - Mobage Team

  • Problem

    by Icytoad

    After a few minutes of game play especially during pvp event it lags out really bad. I can see I'm not the only one this is happening to please fix.

  • Not understanding

    by DemonMoria

    Okay, I've tried to play this game several times and for some reason it will not work for me. I've downloaded and deleted this games like 7 times and as soon as it wants to start playing it logs me off and sends me back to my home screen. I want to play this thing but I guess it's just not meant to be.

  • Tired of so many pop ups

    by Dudefromindy

    I like this game a lot but I am sick and tired of going to the main screen and having to kill 19 pop ups at a time it is getting rather ridiculous

  • Awesome

    by KrowenDeRequiem

    Addicting game

  • F--- blood brothers

    by Dannybb3500

    I was happy because a few days ago i got 1500 coins out of nowhere then i updated the game and started out level 1 on two accounts one of which i spent at least 200$ on. Also my other account where i had good familiars is level 1 too i spent no money on that account but plenty of time i would say dont update but then you cant play anyways

  • Ya

    by Ganigdafer


  • Problems

    by 1Winwalker1

    Pls fix the problem of player keep get lagged and can't play

  • Fix please

    by Drzironman

    The game takes too long to load and it's constantly crashing. Please fix and I'll rate a 5

  • Broken Update

    by JesseR5095

    Hey you broke the game with a wicked memory leak. Well done Blizzard...

  • Great

    by Chompu ahe lol

    That very good game I never bored when I play this game blood brother rpg

  • Awesome

    by Snott Bubbles

    Great game. Super addicting.

  • Very addictive

    by OasisUTD

    Amazes me how they constantly keep this game fresh and fun to play. Love the events. Just wish they would update and give us new ones from time to time.

  • Awsome

    by KamikazeAircraft

    This game is the best

  • Great game

    by Chapter 4 buggy

    This is a wonderful game with the enjoyment of tcg and evolution combined. If anyone wants to earn extra stuff when they start, use V71Si To earn a starter pack. Put this code in as the referral. Anyhow, enjoy!

  • Awesome but...

    by Thornfang

    Love it so far but when I had to put in an email I put in my real email and now I'm stuck with a dumb name

  • ???

    by Xsavagexx

    I don't know why but I get logout sum times... This never happen when I frost started to play..... Help please

  • One wish

    by Biddybidbidbid

    Only wish I could get a legendary

  • Fun game

    by PURPl3dank420

    It's a rpg.. I love RPGs!!!!

  • I don't know if it's fun or not..,

    by Hunter Payne

    The game crashes after I log in. It says welcome back, begins loading then crashes. Can't play the game so I don't even know if it's any good I only know that it doesn't work.

  • Kou lor

    by Lorkou


  • Kou Lor

    by Lorkou


  • How do you log out now?

    by Hhkpifckpyfstj

    how do you log out?

  • Although

    by I'maKriminal

    I do enjoy blood brothers, it's quite fun.. But sadly, you almost have to spend money to get any good characters.. To compete anyway. So that's what I did, I spend a literal 25$ on the game right.. And the familiars are got were nothing special, although I know it's a gamble when you use those coins.. I think when you use blood coins, the odds should be much more in your favor.. Seeing that I dropped a decent amount of money into the game.. And still got poor monsters in my crew. I wouldn't mind a response to me personally, if that's possible. - Austin My mobi name or whatever is Brasingr if you'd like to respond.

  • Terrible

    by Bgffv

    Went through the whole registration process then....nothing. Does not load completely before shutting down. I have no idea if the actual game play is cool or not...terrible man

  • Takes a while

    by AnimeFanfic

    When you sign in for the first time, the game takes a long time to load, but overall it's a pretty good game.

  • Worst gaming staff ever


    Every week they come out with a new fam a new event. Every week they come out with new pacts trying to get people to spend money but after still not being able to play on my iPad 1st generation for 8+ months. Dena is by far the worst game company I have ever worked with.

  • Amazing

    by []^lolman^[]

    This is an amazing game. Everyone should have it

  • latest update terrible

    by Highside-

    Great game, but the latest update ruined it for my ipad mini. Lags out after a few minutes of play. Pretty much unplayable now. Game itself gets 5 stars, latest update gets 0 stars.

  • Cool but...

    by George awsome rock

    I love this game it's all good but the board game is kinda stupid

  • Blood brothers

    by Latina2671

    Love this game!!! Graphic great, story line easy to follow

  • Plz

    by Nangid101

    Plz update lags out at the loading screen

  • Problem in blood brothers

    by Tekken93

    The game freeze then blank back to main scream....I wanna play again please fix blood brothers

  • Best

    by Rupertdabear15

    Great game

  • Best Game On Here!!!

    by Nxtweswelker

    Just a perfect RPG game for the iPhone, countless hours have been poured into this game and enjoyed every second!! Add me when you start to get a great starting familiar, Tj4UX

  • Excellent game

    by LStreets

    Became addicted immediately.

  • L1pvTC

    by Dude554()

    Check out BloodBrothers! Excellent game!!! Enter my Invite ID (L1pvTC) to claim a gift!

  • Doesn't work

    by Wheezy124241

    Won't work on my iPod crashes when loading its a good game ive played it on google play its a good game but it crashed please fix this

  • Fun Game

    by Quaeryt

    So far, it's been interesting. I like that the combat, though mostly automated, still has some strategy to it. The art is very well done and the story is fun playing from a vampire role. It's also fun getting your choice from eight different starting characters. If you do decide to download, please use my ID at the end of the tutorial for a great rare card. LRuGG8 Thanks and have fun playing!

  • Fun game

    by Asagoth

    Truly fun game a must have

  • It's ok


    It's ok

  • The game

    by Nick sage

    Is rly good

  • Cool game

    by Zombi3terd

    It's not that bad of game. It has cool graphics and evolve system. 7xm8oy use my inv code to earn a cool R summon.

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