Bingo PartyLand Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Mobage, Inc.
  • Updated: Aug, 19 2013
  • Version: 1.1.3
  • Size: 56.45 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Spanish

Seller: Mobage, Inc.

◆ NEW! Set the mood for perfect Valentine's Day in the Lover's Island Room!
◆ NEW! LOVE is floating in the Air!
◆ Features for upcoming new events
◆ Bug fixes for smoother game play

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15 Ratings
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634 Ratings


"Totally NEW Bingo Experience! - Stunning Animations, Powerful Magic Boosts, LIVE global competitions!"

◆◆◆ Try your luck in Bingo PartyLand!! ◆◆◆

◆ LIVE Bingo competitions with FRIENDS and people around the world!
◆ STUNNING ANIMATIONS and HD graphics, smoothest Bingo experience!
◆ INCREASE the FUN with the MOST VARIETY of MAGIC BOOSTS - Bomb Boost, Electric Boost, more and more!
◆ BUILD your own PARTYLAND ATTRACTIONS with COLLECTIBLE pieces you found! - who can find the last SUPER RARE piece?
◆ ENJOY FULLY THEMED ROOMS - beautiful daubs, Bingo balls, cards, every elements!
◆ CHALLENGE yourself and play up to 8 CARDS!
◆ UNLOCK new rooms and SECRET items as you play more and LEVEL UP!


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Customer Reviews

  • Bingo

    by Maxxie59

    Love it, super fun

  • Bingo

    by *** T ***

    Very addicting!

  • love

    by Gundingy

    love the game so much fun

  • Queen

    by Musliaswife

    Love this game except for when the last number is said u have no time to press the number and bingo makes u not want to play

  • Bbingo!

    by DiamondzR

    First thing I play in the morning! Last thing I play before bed! It's a Love - Hate relationship!

  • Awesome

    by Fallenangel2891

    Love bingo

  • Bingo party land

    by Nagginoma

    This game would be lots of fun IF ONLY a person could win enough to play for awhile instead of losing out all the diamonds in less than 10 minutes!!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome Graphics

    by Ladyscorpion3

    Keeps your interest with colorful fun games. Only wish there were more ways to earn extra rewards so I can play longer. Power ups hard to afford.

  • Bingo

    by Bonnie MacLean

    Addictive! Very good game!!!

  • Best game I play

    by Grhil

    I have a great time play bingo enjoy it.

  • Super

    by Jen 44

    Love bingo great game

  • Snazzy tune!!

    by Kricket897

    I can't stop suing this game! I love that the graphics are fun, colorful, and the music is SO VERY catchy !

  • Great game

    by Teriajames

    Love it

  • It's not fair

    by Homegirl12

    I am very upset cause you can only get to level 50 and you can't go any further and that's not fair you need to fix it so we can get more levels

  • Like the game but needs improvement

    by pennyswings

    It is really hard to get a Bingo. I would say I average 1 in every 6 or 7 games. Need or add an area where you can see the numbers that have been called. Your bonuses and other add ons are really expensive. I do Like the game.

  • Fun

    by Bzegan24

    So much fun

  • Partyland Bingo

    by Detective DJ Fakharpour

    Love this game, just wish there were faster and easier ways to play more often without having to use a credit card to make purchases

  • Awesome and so much fun

    by Littlerose88

    Love this game you need to try this one and you will not be disappointed

  • Fun! Fun! Fun!

    by BingoSmash

    Easy game! Fun! Great way to pass time!!

  • Not happy

    by Dhollisa

    Something happened and I had to start all over. The levels I accomplished are jus gone. Like the game but now I don't ever feel like I can get to the end by starting over

  • review

    by Jay5306

    i really like the game... still can't see past numbers & no refund if game is interrupted

  • It'okay but

    by MockingJayDist12

    I like it and it is fun to play, as long as you buy for CASH boosts and other things. Can't they make a game that you earn those boosts and other things. I'm giving it 4 stars because it is cute and fun to play!!!

  • Fun bingo game

    by Flubberybottoms

    Love this game, so addicting and fun.Wish they would add more levels.

  • Best Ever!!!

    by Snowy-ball

    I really love the new Valentine room and the collectibles in there!! Love waking up seeing my "collection" for the day!!! I play about eight different bingo apps. This has the greatest fun themes and creative aspects that I really enjoy!! If I get up in the middle of the night I might do a game or 2 before going back to bed. Very addictive, love it. Have fun!!!

  • Awesome game!!

    by SaraPP

    Time flies when you play this game! This Bingo is the complete meaning of AWESOMENESSSS!!!!! Love this game, play it almost everyday I come back from work and every night b4 I go to sleep and it gets ADDICTINGGG!!!!! I even got my mom playing which is awesome!!! I love the different themed rooms and the special boosts!! So many varieties!! Not the grandma style bingo!! Top top it off the graphics are incredibly cute!!!! I especially enjoy getting my bonus diamonds everyday. Spinning the prize wheel is the best fun. I get totally caught up in the special seasonally inspired room and snow for Christmas Day. So far everything works fine and no glitches. I have been trying every BINGO game I can find, I have 8 installed and this is TOP of my FAV list! I'm totally hooked!!! Keep up the good work creator!!!!! Thanks for the entertainment!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars!!:)

  • Frustrated

    by G-Momma

    This game is fun, but disconnects constantly You can rarely get through a game without a disconnect causing you to have to reconnect and start again with your fingers crossed in hopes you can finish a round. I don't have a bad connection and this is the only app I experience this problem with. Shame too, because the game seems great.

  • This game is fun.

    by Smileboo

    I wish they didn't use power ups. That way it would be much more fair!!!

  • Super fun!!!

    by SusanaDK

    Ridiculously addicted to this game!!

  • Best bingo

    by K.D. Neeley

    Real cool


    by Tina kirk

    This bingo game truly is a great bingo game. It is comprehensible and easy to use.

  • Bingo

    by 32161

    I love to play game and all the little helpers that give u a chance too win

  • Fun game

    by 1988 Mudslut

    Love this game so much fun

  • Bingo

    by Alex01249

    Lots of fun!!!

  • Great Game!!!

    by Nanas3boys2

    Tons of FUN!

  • Good game

    by Neggersdorf

    I enjoy this game, but don't play it as much as some others because of the cost of the boosts and the length of time to replenish credits. Fun, but not the best yet.

  • Bingo Master

    by Cisco1965

    I really enjoy passing time playing bingo. I really wish I can win something for reals though. Or who knows maybe I will some day and then I will be playing more than bingo. Thank you!

  • Not enough diamonds !!

    by Mail lady 2

    Great game but doesnt give u enough diamonds to play more than a couple rounds. Boosts are too expensive! Needs more rewards. Other than that I love it!

  • Party bingo land

    by Pooh-bear74

    It's fun

  • Bingo

    by Punchkin121

    Love this app. I play every day to relax It's addicting. Great fun Can you lower the costs of buying or increase the stuff you get for 1.99

  • Love this game

    by Learn with me uncle

    However I think that the power ups could be cheaper

  • S

    by Lizard0607

    I enjoy the game but wish the collections were explained more & it was easier to get power ups, scissors, and rubies.

  • Bingo

    by Skyangel83301

    Awesome and very addicting!!!

  • Lucyfan851

    by Lucyfan851

    Good game!

  • So Addicting

    by January51

    Great game....makes me feel like a kid again!

  • Bettyboop

    by Pepelepew55

    Like the game, very addicting, wish we could earn diamonds faster and the odds could be better. Also if a number is call give us a chance to daub, I have waited for the number and then I am unable to daub or call bingo that is not fair.

  • Game

    by Babigo

    Great game.

  • Fun for one

    by Emcorn41

    If you're feeling bored or lonely a game of Bingo can cheer you up!

  • Good Game

    by GoodAdvice4u5678

    This game is very fun! I think the cards should be cheaper and the username should be easier. I keep getting blocked out and I don't feel like restarting this game! On the other hand, once you start getting in the zone and win it's awesome! One time I won with four cards. Another time I got second place! This game is great, but always remember... You need stupid wifi!:(

  • Bingo Partyland

    by PaigeWager

    I love this game

  • It's fun!

    by KittyHawk62

    It really need to add more boosts that be more fun to play. Can't afford boost playing not enough Coins or tokens :(

  • BINGO!!

    by Cestar65

    Love this games. One of the best bingo game played so far!

  • Bingo

    by Levois

    I love this game - I love the graphics. It is fun to play!

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