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  • Updated: Apr, 03 2012
  • Version: 2.2.0
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Languages: English

Seller: Major League Baseball Advanced Media

Version 2.2.0
• My Tickets added for select clubs*, allows in-app storage of online single game tickets purchased. Mobile tickets then may be used for day-of-game access to those select ballparks
• Expanded My Journal features to include filters
• General Maintenance improvements

* Currently, the following Clubs have My Tickets access: Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, Kansas City Royals, Miami Marlins, Milwaukee Brewers, Minnesota Twins, New York Mets, Oakland Athletics, Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh Pirates and San Francisco Giants. Additional Clubs will be included when they become available.

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238 Ratings

Description At The Ballpark is your favorite mobile companion when visiting your favorite Major League Baseball ballparks. This official MLB ballpark application perfectly complements and personalizes your trip with mobile check-in, social media, offers, rewards and exclusive content. Select MLB ballparks also offer mobile food ordering and seat and experience upgrade components.

**** NEW IN 2013 ****
• Re-architected My Journal section
• Manually enter all of your ballpark visits dating back to 2005
• Upload and share personal photos from your ballpark visits, dating back to 2005
• View team statistics and watch video highlights from games attended
• Ballpark and player entrance music
• Social media clubhouse, including social rewards for select clubs
• Updated tickets section, featuring special offers by club
• Seat and experience upgrade functionality at select ballparks*
• Passbook integration for digital ticket delivery and storage (select clubs only)
• Re-designed user interface

**** At The Ballpark features ****
• Check-in for ballpark offers and rewards
• Interactive concourse maps and directory
• Social media integration
• Customize to feature a designated favorite MLB ballpark
• Team schedule, ticket information and sales and promotional event listings
• Access to food and beverage ordering available at select parks**
• Directions and parking information
• A to Z Guides for every ballpark
• My Journal: Personalized check-in history for ballparks visited

* Seat and experience upgrade currently is accessible at the following MLB ballparks: Turner Field (Atlanta), Target Field (Minneapolis) and Coliseum (Oakland). Additional ballparks will be added as they become available.

** Food and beverage mobile ordering currently is accessible at the following MLB ballparks: Citizens Bank Park (Philadelphia), Minute Maid Park (Houston), Chase Field (Phoenix), CitiField (New York) and Marlins Park (Miami). Additional ballparks will be added as they become available.

© 2013 MLB Advanced Media, L.P. All Major League Baseball trademarks and copyrights used herein are the property of the applicable MLB entity. All rights reserved.

Customer Reviews

  • Nice app

    by ghbrett1992

    From what I seen after just skimming through it I really like this app.

  • Must for real baseball fans!

    by meh5150

    Keep track of games attended along w/ team records, ballparks visited, game highlights, stores your game photos, detailed park maps & lots more. Must have for anyone who visits multiple ballparks!

  • Bring back game details

    by Dee Phire 

    Love the ability to keep track of what games/parks we've been to - but my favorite feature of the previous version was to be able to browse the box scores/game details and remember who did what. Please bring that feature back!

  • Location reminder keeps popping up! Stop it!

    by vabene1

    Nice app but I do not want it to locate me unless I am in the ballpark yet when I use the app the location reminder keeps popping up. I am at home checking the schedule or whatever so stop the irritating reminder! Otherwise app is ok so far...

  • Your Baseball Scrapbook

    by Bick33 

    I think this is the absolute perfect companion to going to games. Any question I had, that I would usually search, the answer was already here. A great way to save pictures and experiences even with past games!

  • Not working

    by JARBAR99 

    Food ordering is currently disabled, and the choices are limited. At Citizens Bank Park, hot dogs and crab fries should be added to the menu. Otherwise, the app is good. Checkin in to games works great.

  • Love this app!

    by John22john2222

    Great for keeping track of games and love that you can see highlights and condensed game on video / if you can connect at the stadium you can even see a replay a few minutes later. Looking forward to checking in at my last 2 stadiums next year!

  • Question

    by Tbess 

    Whenever you have tickets on passbook do you have to have wifi for it to scan it? Or do you only have to have wifi to download and update it?

  • Ballpark badges

    by Vitocam

    Please bring back the ballpark badges. I'm dying to check in to all the ballparks just to earn the badges.

  • Pretty good

    by SeamusMcG

    Pretty good app but I'd like to see it let you add games you've attended going back before 2005.

  • Great App!

    by Brianfmmon

    The latest version allows the sorting of the journal entries with home games, away games, and all games! Very cool!

  • Great app!

    by Willt08

    Really excited about the ticket feature and love the classic seat upgrade and stadium information features. Great for use at a park you aren't familiar with. Passbook support!!! So great.

  • Great App

    by dsingletary911

    Definitely take this with you on your next trip to the ballpark. Great for locating concessions and other ballpark amenities.

  • Seat Upgrade was a life save

    by Jason Dayton

    I can't speak to any of the criticisms levied to the other parts of the app, however the seat upgrade feature worked great at the Twins game tonight. Just simply put in my name and email, then selected my seat upgrade and was able to purchase directly in the app. It then presented me with a ticket which I showed the usher and we were good. Saved me from walking half way around the park to guest services.

  • Pre-2005

    by Blank224

    I would like to see the ability to add games before 2005 as well. Great idea for an app. Please continue to add features and updates.

  • Must Download!!!

    by I like myself I like myself

    I just found about this app through a friend. Bought cheapest tix at box office to just get in the gate. Pulled up this app and upgraded my seats while waiting for a beer. Showed the phone to to the usher and sat down before first pitch! Works great!!

  • Great App, Great Price

    by roadie195

    For $18, me and my two sons moved up from a RR seat to a K seat. Gives you choice in what you want to sit behind (first base, third base, home) and for a great price. Very useful app.

  • MLB

    by Vargas construction

    Homerun stanton

  • Love the app

    by jcissell0317

    It's a easy to navigate and it a great app to have when at the ballpark

  • Pre 2005 and Journal

    by Txmusicman2012

    Good app but would like to be able to enter games pre 2005 from older stadiums ie The Astrodome etc. also would like to reference seat location where i sat etc in the history portion of the journal. All in all though a fun app. especially when paired with the MLB Passport Book.

  • MLB Needs to Improve Cell/Wireless at Parks

    by BigDaddyBob869534

    It wasn't till I reached PNC park for opening day between Phillies an Bucs that I discovered that MLB had taken At the Park function out of At Bat this year. Needless to say, I was unable to get enough bandwidth at the park to download the app. But what is really frustrating is that of the six games/six different parks I attended last year I was only able to check in at one because I couldn't get checked in do to lack of bandwidth at the parks. If MLB is going to offer special rewards for check ins they need to ensure adequate coverage at the parks. I've been to games at CBP (Philly), Arlington, San francisco, Pittsburg, Citi Field, Yankee Stadium, Fenway, Baltimore, and Arizona. I've only ever gotten enough coverage to connect at two. Please help MLB! It's almost funny watching people walking into each other in the concourse as they fiddle with their iPhones trying to connect.

  • Could be better. No iPhone 5?!?

    by  LJ26

    Good idea behind the app, and works well. But it's ridiculous that there is no iPhone 5 support!!!

  • Fix it!!

    by Brianhatesitevenmorenow

    Since last update, all totals are zero.

  • Please Add Games Prior To 05'

    by Tflagler24

    Still no update for games prior to 2005. Come on guys!

  • Bogus contests.

    by Bunthead

    Great app for keeping track of which stadiums I go to, but when I checked into citizens bank park on Wednesday, I was told I won a Carlos Ruiz bobblehead, only to find that they had all been given away. The desk had been packed away and guest services was very rude about it not being their problem. Very very off putting.

  • I new upgrading seats would cost money...

    by Hajj shahhsjdjdjdjsueya

    But I didn't expect to be gauged. I paid to come to the game, and while I feel guilty enough not to upgrade my seats myself, I am sure not gonna pay an additional $20-45 for 5 innings of good seats ONTOP of my ticket prices. Boo MLB, boo.

  • Only games from 2005 on?

    by Mtc01742

    So I downloaded the app before I went to a game this past weekend and as soon as I got into the ballpark it FROZE up. I couldn't use it to check in - really - isn;t the title AT the Ballpark and set up for exactly that? EPIC Fail if you ask me. Oh and to top it off you can't enter in any games PRIOR 2005 = very disappointed by this and the app in general. If you add games prior 2005 that would greatly improve the experience - besides fixing the black screen when NSIDE an actual MLB ballpark.

  • Needs work

    by mediagrunt

    I was able to buy tix, but during the purchase process and the checkout screen, it kept showing me other, more expensive ticket options, which gave me the impression that's what I was buying. Very confusing. Also, it inexplicably couldn't add my tix to Passbook, even though my OS is up to date. Can't say I'd use this app with a lot of confidence and with money and tix on the line. Too bad. It's a good idea.

  • Terrible

    by threadgood

    Doesn't work. Cannot buy tickets

  • Neglecting roadtrippers

    by Yanks fan61381

    I too would like to be able to have my entire history(including pre 2005). The app also ignores that some teams have played in more than one stadium. Anyone looking to document your ballpark road trips would be disappointed.

  • Useless

    by marktoor

    I go to the Marlins ballpark. I would like to order food but only lists 2 restaurants in the whole park and the taste of Miami is right next to my seats and its not listed. It lists one restaurant not near my section. Could be a good app but it's useless. Not what you would expect from MLB that has all the money in the world!

  • Not in this state

    by Arctic g

    Basic usability doesn't work

  • Cannot check in

    by MaxNovak

    Have tried numerous times at the White Sox park, and twice at Fenway, since Opening Day 2013. Current app version and current OS on an IP5. Is anyone supporting this?

  • Disappointment

    by jacketsfan1

    Can't purchase tickets. Cannot scroll over to select ticket options. Great potential but terrible. Please fix

  • Not working

    by CHIP72!

    If Apple can't fix the MLB at the Ballpark app so you can actually check in, there's no point to using an iPhone when Windows Phone 8 offers a superior smartphone experience. (I own both an iPhone 5 and a Lumia 928.)

  • Terrible!

    by Hmmufrrhjseeguutg

    Absolutely terrible. I should have went with the reviews instead of wasting precious time at the game with this app. Couldn't check in or use any of the functions within the app at the game. Kind of bitter I actually downloaded it; so here's my warning y'all- don't download it.

  • Needs unlimited years

    by EDUNGI

    2005 is not far enough back to allow. Some of us have our ticket stubs and would love to take advantage of the history of games went to and stadiums.

  • Good... But Could Be Better

    by Adrian725

    My only complaint is that you can only add games back to 2005. PLEASE change this to at least 2000! I don't like not having all my attended games listed.

  • Great stuff

    by Guessypants

    I really love this app. The only issues I have are that box scores are missing from 2005 and 2006, and that the team records only represent the home team. It would be nice if this app continues to expand to allow for adding games prior to 2005, even if added in small increments.

  • Crashes

    by Alex Burritt

    Update causes the app to crash every time I try to check in.

  • Pressing 'Check In' button causes crash

    by Dcrain

    Great app otherwise. I'm just disappointed to have this happen when I need to use the feature. Devs, please NEVER push an update before a weekend where many people need to use.

  • Broke

    by Salokin99

    Today's update broke the check in function. The app crashes as soon as you try to checkin.

  • Crashes when checking in

    by StL1727472

    Just updated and now can't check in. It closes every time you try. Fix ASAP!!!!

  • App closes when I try to check in

    by Jhw4242

    The newest version of the app closes when I press the "check in" button. Please fix it!

  • Crashes when I try to check-in

    by fnwyfan

    I never had a problem with this app until now. It crashes every time I try to check-in to a ballpark. I am literally sitting here at Yankee stadium and cannot check-in. I am not happy.

  • Upgrade is Buggy

    by KCW0LF

    Just upgraded the app and now can't check into the ballpark. Basic functionality that must not have been tested. Don't upgrade unless you have too or this gets fixed.

  • Pre-2005

    by C__B__123

    Great App, but I want to have the ability to submit pre 2005 games.

  • Needs work

    by slapple25

    The app is nice, but you can't buy tickets on here. The page doesn't fit the screen, nor does it allow scrolling. Therefore you can get to the portion of the screen to buy. Not very functional.

  • Overall team records

    by Cagman

    I really wish they would bring back the records of all the teams you have watched, not just the home team records. Pretty cool seeing what the Angels or A's record was when I saw them play or any team for that matter.

  • Great app with a few minor tweaks needed.

    by Baker5245

    There needs to be a way to delete/edit photos that have already been added. The check in feature seems to have a lot of issues. Also, is there any way to record your exact section/row/seat at games that you have been to?

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