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  • Updated: Aug, 06 2013
  • Version: 1.07.0
  • Size: 56.25 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Major League Baseball Advanced Media

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REQUIREMENTS NOTICE: MLB Ballpark Empire is only compatible with the following devices: iPad 2, 3, 4 and Mini; iPhone 4, 4S, and 5; and iPod Touch 5th Gen. Please make sure your device is supported before downloading.

The game that puts you in the executive suite managing your own MLB team and stadium is now available on the go.

Select your favorite MLB team and build your roster with hundreds of real MLB players. Build your team's stadium just like in real life or mix your favorite elements together. You'll find iconic ballpark favorites like the Green Monster, Monument Park, the Think Blue Dodgers sign, the Cubs W flag, and much more!

MLB Ballpark Empire Features:
- Play as any of the 30 MLB teams.
- Hundreds of MLB superstars to add to your roster.
- Play through the real 2013 season -- can you win the pennant?
- Manage your own concessions - earn revenue selling Hot Dogs, Popcorn, Pizza, and more!
- Hire your front office staff to keep your Empire running smoothly.
- Visit your Facebook friends' ballparks and play friendly matches.

Your Facebook account is fully synced across all devices, so your progress will be accessible anywhere!
*** MLB Ballpark Empire requires an Internet connection to play. ***

MLBPA-Official Licensee, Major League Baseball Players Association. Visit , the Players Choice on the web.

Customer Reviews

  • Disappointed

    by weezy_05

    Looks like a lot of fun bt when I go to play the first game it jus keeps saying loading and I can't do anything....please fix I'd love to play this game need NFL one too...

  • Baseball

    by RjKing305

    Amazing games, very entertaining!!!

  • Love it!

    by xXTheKing73Xx

    It is a great game being a baseball nut I enjoyed it all :)

  • What the hell???

    by YankeeFan65

    The concept of this game is great; actually playing, not so much. This game lags like it's nobody's business. Is is loading on dial-up? It takes forever to respond to what you touch, which makes it impossible to even play! Needs a serious update asap!

  • Update would be nice.

    by Sean Connory

    I finally downloaded this game and was excited to start playing. Game downloaded just fine and even the one time download. Now, when it tells me to play a game, the game just keeps saying loading and never moves. I restart the game and have the same issue. I'm sure this game is fun and exciting, just wish I could get past playing a game.

  • Review

    by Mr. JS5

    Great game but it could use a little more customization for the stadium. I wish they would make an NFL version and a NCAA football version.

  • Kind of lost

    by drew_up_a_win

    How do you build a 2nd level center stand! I'm so lost... I'm the cardinals but I've tried everybody else and I can't find it...

  • I will give your game 5 stars if...

    by Phantomfr3ak

    You can fix this game witch is slowing down but nearly freezes at times.

  • Sadly very disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Sadly very disappointed

    The game is incredible but the "one time download" comes on everytime I try to play

  • Addicting

    by Torch152

    Game is the best and if u have a dream to be the owner of your favorite franchise u would love this app

  • Fun

    by Juukjguvybmu

    Good game

  • Fun game

    by Jayvee986

    Very fun game and addicting

  • Greatest baseball app ever!!!

    by AMFwweqr

    This game is very addictive and kids will love it. It also has a lot of real mlb baseball players to play on your team! Overall download it right now

  • Addicting/Annoying

    by TommyMavis30

    Fun as hell/lags and freezes constantly

  • Pretty good

    by Yankee49

    I like the game but one flaw is the app closes pretty regularly!

  • Very addictive!

    by Dave Lahna

    Fun and well-built

  • Fun but it Crashes Horribly!

    by Sparky The Teckie

    I love this game but it crashes to much. The lag makes it unplayable and frustrating. I loose my tickets when it crashes and kicks me out, it goes from 32 tickets to 2, and they don't come back. It also happens with the game changers. Please fix this game, or take it out of the App Store. It's just not ready for people to play.

  • Very good

    by Shake316

    Good game works well and is very addictive especially if you are a baseball fan it's like fantasy baseball without the tedious stat watching

  • Great game.

    by NaMaMy

    I would give it 5 stars, but certain parts of my stadium and can't remove in order to replace with the next better part. Please fix. I don't want to erase app, I'll have to start over.

  • Great Game!!

    by Jenks27

    Love it! It has a great MLB experience!

  • This game

    by Nolan23517

    They should make this compadable with the iPod 4th generation

  • Ugh

    by harrystyleslover52 (;

    PLEASE FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I downloaded it to play it and it is not working I get on it and then then it kicks me right back off !!' .____.


    by NotoriousCPT

    The only thing I've been been waiting for longer than a new ball-park in Oakland is for this freaking game to load. And then when it does nothing happens. Pass.

  • Needs Improvements

    by soicyburr

    Love the game. However, it keeps freezing up, closing out, & when it does work it lags. Please fix.. Very frustrating!!

  • Disappointing

    by George Steinbrenner

    The concept of this game is great. However the actual operation of the app is terrible. It takes forever to load, doesn't respond when you touch certain things, and generally doesn't work well. Not to mention it randomly shuts down once and while and takes forever to load back up. Whoever created this game really screwed up a good opportunity.

  • It'd be fun...if it would work

    by Elysebeth Kaiser

    The concept is great and I've even gotten a few things done. But the first problem is that it won't let me log into Facebook and the second one, it keeps crashing. Sometimes before I even get to the game itself and sometimes when I just get a task or two done. This would've gotten a much better rating if it actually worked. So disappointed.

  • Fix the bugs

    by Lone Star Toffee

    The App looks to be a blast to play but it won't load. Please fix the issues! I'm excited to get this going.

  • Sloooooooooow!!!!!

    by Coiledsnake

    Game lags. Won't load and freezes. UPDATE!!!!!!

  • Ballpark empire

    by Whatsthisstuff

    Results are predetermined. So it's pointless. You would be better off banging your head against a brick wall.

  • Horrible!!!

    by Chronzy

    Don't bother listening to these fake reviews that say this game is great. It doesn't even work!!! Can't get past the tutorial!! Stuck on loading screens and it disconnects every 2 mins. Waste of time!!!

  • Won't work

    by Cheeetah21

    It won't work for iPod 4th generation.

  • Bad

    by 12345xxgavinxx

    Make it compatible for iPod 4

  • Non stop crashing

    by DiscGolfChick

    I was able to play this game when I first downloaded it. Now it won't load and crashes every time I try and open it. Lame

  • Update problems

    by Stlfan0202

    Game used to be pretty good but the recent update has made it slow and it freezes during games. I wish you didn't have to click on the concession or fan point pop ups in the stands during games either

  • FB

    by FeverishQuill64

    You cant say4+because you have to be older for a facebook

  • Very Disappointed!!!

    by Dlvan87

    I am super disappointed. I saw this app in my MLB magazine and decided to download it because it looked like a lot of fun. It downloaded perfectly, but when I try to start up the game, it never loads completely. It just keeps loading and loading, that's it. I tried starting it up in different locations thinking it was a reception issue, but the same thing happens everywhere I go. I finally just gave up and deleted it.

  • Unplayable

    by radwansk

    Splash screen loads and takes about 2 minutes to come to a prompt for a one time download...gave up after another couple minutes. This app is not ready for distribution.

  • Error connecting to Facebook on iPhone 4S

    by binarybandit99

    Great game to play on Facebook website but cannot connect to Facebook from app on iPhone after the really long download. App gives me error notification so I am only left to play as a up after 3 re-installation attempts!

  • Slow

    by Jackson3282829

    This game I would to play but I can't because it's so slow and horrible it freezes every time I go to hit play ball and I haven't even played my first baseball game yet

  • Bad

    by Djparty

    Keeps saying there is an error won't work

  • Update

    by Lemonhead38911983

    Can u please make this app compatible with iPod Touch 4th Generation because this is an app that I really want but I can't get it.

  • Stupid

    by Asome 468

    It won't load

  • App never loads. Deleted

    by msg174

    As stated above

  • Horrible

    by Bakdheodbjdjdnsk


  • Crash and Lag

    by PeterFuerb

    This game is great when it works. Problem is that the game now crashes 9 out of 10 times that I try and start it.

  • Screeching sound

    by Softball Girl1

    When I got the game it made a loud screeching sound and then crashed

  • Slow and worthless

    by John Datson

    Slow loading not worth the time.

  • Very fun

    by Racer_Baby

    An app that keeps giving you challenges and goals. I haven't outgrown it or gotten bored yet

  • Awful Update

    by Henderface

    I used to play this game everyday, then I stopped, because every time you buy the same section/piece of the stadium it goes up in price sometimes even double it, which didn't made sense. All I needed was the nosebleeds & the lights. Few months past and just Saw there was a new update that promised it would get rid of the pricing going up, I was happy to play again and give it another try. So I downloaded it, and boy was it another letdown. I'm at level 29, and now with the new update you need to get to levels 30+ even 35 to unlock the pieces of the stadium that were always unlock from the beginning of the game, you just needed the money to buy them. I didn't even bother playing games or check the rest of the features or any other part of the game. Game is fun but they ruin it with these stupid things, I already played through the season three times and won the WS everytime, so gameplay is fine, but I will delete this app, no way I'm gonna try to get that high of a level to complete stadium. No Stars for you. You Ruins It.

  • One Time?

    by DavidV92

    Why does the "One-Time Download" happen every time I start the app? And then I have to re-authorize Facebook. Fix this please.

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