Real Hill Offroad Racing Rider: a fun popular awesome motorcycle nitro drag gt race free car games for family boy-s & girl-s kid-s & teen-s race challenge Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Michael Jack
  • Updated: Nov, 23 2013
  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Size: 56.14 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish

Seller: Michael Jack

- mini bug fixed

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720 Ratings
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720 Ratings


►►►►► $4.99 --> FREE for A LIMITED TIME!!!
►►►►► Drive the most amazing fun vehicles of all time in scenic and dangerous worlds climbing madness! Earn medals to unlock new worlds and beat all opponents with your SUPER BIKE, CRAZY MOTO, MONSTER TRUCK, SWEET CAR, ZOMBIE CAR !!!

+++++ Use your best skills to beat the most mind blowing tracks and be the ultimate flying racing hero!


+ RETINA DISPLAY support for iPad and iPhone!
+ Real bike, car physics and Realistic car, bike shocks!
+ 8 Addictive worlds and 80 challenging levels! (more coming soon)
+ Real Monster Truck physics and Realistic truck shocks!
+ Extremely powerful Monster Trucks and Mini Top Cars!
+ Gameplay that is easy to pick up and difficult to master.
+ Agil and fast reacting cars using accelerometer technology.
+ rotate your screen as you like.
+ unique and smooth gameplay.
+ Unlock on one device and use on another.
+ Fasten your seatbelts, it's gonna be a tough ride!


Customer Reviews

  • Great game

    by Robbie Singletary

    Fun to play.

  • Good

    by Jerenote10


  • It's fun

    by To long to record

    It will pass the time.

  • by JakeYoung 98

  • Awesome

    by Joshdahl2004

    This game is the best ever

  • Awesome

    by Minidnsnjwhwhs


  • Fun

    by QUADRACER303

    I just downloaded it I'm having fun with it so far

  • It's alright

    by Dj_gutz

    It's pretty good i guess. Just gets frustrating at times because you can't really control the bike that good.

  • Fun, but challenging.

    by MariosSidekick333

    This is a fun game, Playing this game is challenging, but just so, so that you want to keep playing. But sometimes you can blame yourself for failing, and that's just fine.

  • Cool

    by Janksopher

    It is pretty cool game.

  • The traxxas summit... Lol good idea

    by Ktmflyer13

    Add the traxxas slash 4x4!

  • The boss

    by Homerhokess

    Cool fun game

  • Awesome

    by Summers129378124

    Fun game

  • Cduihc

    by Vgikbt


  • Racing

    by Izzy REO

    Very fun and challenging.

  • Fun so far

    by JSC37155

    Seems to be goog

  • Fun

    by Best BB game

    Good game

  • Super

    by Tone lox

    Great game for kids! Enjoyed playing it with my son!

  • Yep

    by Vanessa Aguilar

    Awesome game

  • Yeah

    by Sacrifice7DS

    Good downtime game!

  • Repetitive, frustrating, nagging to pay

    by LPasquina

    The game is the same for the first forever you play it unless you pay for upgrades. And they nag you to buy upgrades every single time you play. It had potential, but this is an awful implementation. Do not waste your time.

  • Horrible game

    by HoustonHoosier

    Attracted by the rip-off image of Luigi. Mistaken download. Game tries to get you to purchase add-ins immediately. Whoever made this POS should be ashamed of themselves. Waste of time for all involved.

  • it's ok

    by porkchop289

    it's ok

  • Awesome

    by Mrmoney5678

    Get this game right now it is super awesome!!!

  • Cool beans

    by €%%+

    Fun and stuff

  • Crap

    by Robert Thetford

    A cheap knockoff of a much better game. Terrible control. Just a crappy way to try and get people to pay more to upgrade to better vehicles.

  • Fun

    by Truetrini4

    The controls are a little hard but it is super fun

  • Capt.

    by Captcurtis79

    Not a bad game if your bored as hell are if you have a two or three year old kids.

  • Love it

    by Waynec08

  • A some

    by Jerk buttercfcfgbnkjgjgug


  • Cool bikes

    by Superbunyun

    Fun and challenging, and a bit of balance need! Fun try it today

  • Fun?

    by Maggottron

    The game has a stolen picture of Luigi on a standard bike from Mario Kart Wii. If you made your own picture and not have stolen art/pictures then people would like to play your game. Changing the "L" into a "Z" does not make you a picture you made. Also why is Luigi even on the title screen anyways?

  • Yay

    by AllisonDrylie

    I love this game

  • Great app

    by djpwner77

    I think it'll do for my hobby...

  • fun game

    by Daniel7843

    good game. tons of fun!

  • Treeman

    by Dieselmonster87


  • Fun.

    by ChronicPuFFer420


  • Why

    by 9 year kid

    If your going to do something with this you should make it so when you hit the gowned that the charter git's up and you have two try's and when you hit the grownd that you got to a infer marry and git's a cast and a whele chair

  • Mr

    by Deliduke

    I'm addicted!

  • So fun

    by Spivnasty

    Totally wacky motorcycle gnar! Shred the hills and dunes like a pro.

  • Great game!!

    by S.W.wilkerson

    It's a very fun game to play. Love it.

  • Addicting, addicting

    by Fbaken


  • Good

    by Sam467294920483719

    It's okay good but a good app

  • Cool game to keep my 4 yr old busy for a while

    by Dobnutz504

    My son loves this game which keeps him quiet for long trips in the cat

  • Game

    by Nick1233455

    Fun time killer

  • Great game

    by 1977Lefty

    Too much fun!!!

  • Pretty good

    by Jajocr

    Good game, so far.

  • Fun tho

    by Tmellown

    Better than flappy bird

  • Pretty fun

    by Dancer 1313

    So far so good. It's addicting.

  • Good game

    by Ronni678

    Good game. Very fun.

  • Good

    by M trovenne s

    Fun game

  • Good game

    by Kaykay2011211

    Great game!!!

  • Dirt bikes

    by Bebop11

    Pretty good weight distribution

  • Motocross Real Rider

    by gembobb

    It's a fun game. My daughter told me to download it....I was a little skeptical, but now I can't put it down

  • Like bike race

    by Kiato2000

    It's like bike race but better graphics in my opinion and you can get different vehicles!

  • Real racing

    by Cj--31

    Like it but to slow

  • Cool

    by Nlw0421

    It's cool

  • Good time passer

    by Jez me

    Great way to kill time

  • Awesome game you'll love it

    by Bmanonomanaweseness

    Get the game it is fun!!!!!!!!

  • Sweet

    by Dude5275

    Cool game good time killer

  • Fun

    by Idgafanymore420

    Pretty fun game

  • Fun stuff

    by Helmsjourney

    Fun game

  • Saweet

    by Buck Danc'n

    Endless Hours of entertainment once you get the correct 'feel' for the game. Enjoy!

  • Awesome

    by SayItWithYaChest

    Awesome sauce

  • best riding game yet

    by Musiclover1067

    read the title

  • Great!!!!!

    by grafXfreak

    Loads of fun!!

  • sshhmmea

    by whatevertogetfreeshit

    it ok i think you should update it so you can view the track before you play it

  • Fun

    by Bill milfinder


  • Great game

    by Nuttybavarianca

    Fun little game

  • Good ish

    by Sbarnes071

    It's alright

  • Fun I guess

    by Fieldsrhino

    Crashes are stupid

  • Fun game to pass the time

    by Jr-0003


  • Amazeong

    by Llklahxhavb


  • Game

    by That one guy!!!1986


  • Good times

    by 654321YTREWQ

    My boy loves this game. Fun times.

  • Real rider

    by Wes3242

    Fun game to play

  • Cool game.

    by Fastride passyoo

    Good time waster..... 2 stroke smoke with 4 stroke sound though ...... That's the only bad thing if you call that bad!!

  • Good

    by Chris Devich

    Five stars

  • its good i guess

    by Aldomonti

    cx its hard sometimes but fun

  • K

    by kmp3190

    great game...

  • Bb

    by Jeppy1776

    Awesome game!

  • Sir

    by Radicalrandall

    Great app

  • Awesome

    by Jordo11900

    Get it!!!

  • Love it

    by Jdog9988

    It's a challenge which makes it fun ;)

  • Amazing

    by Mario gamer 48

    It's really fun and addicting

  • Uncontrollable

    by Classicmints

    The handling and controls are impossible to work. Leaning back doesn't work at all because the vehicles are so heavy at the front and anytime you go into the air you flip entirely forward despite having your phone tilted opposite.

  • Cool

    by Ajt0530

    Fun to play

  • Tanner

    by Attack of the queen


  • Fun!

    by V-to-the-Lo

    Fun game!

  • Ok

    by Coolville mayor


  • Fun



  • Awesome game

    by Ballzdeep696969

    Really fun game to play

  • Annoying

    by KentonL

    Asks you to buy something or to give it 5 stars Every SINGLE Time you finish anything. Tilt function is out of whack, doesn't even really do anything, either that or the latency is high (using the new iPhone 5S)

  • Great game

    by Santa Cav

    Awesome in every aspect!

  • Sweet

    by Epicspyman87

    This game is awsome

  • S-U-C-K-S

    by Jennifer23832

    Worst game ever!

  • It's fun I guess?

    by Who*

    This game is fun for the most part but the crashing is stupid one tap of anything will make the person fall off and u can clearly see that they stole the luigi logo... But on the other hand it is pretty fun I will rate five stars

  • Good game

    by RG1969

    Lots of fun. Tough,but fun

  • Interesting...

    by Meghan H. L.

    Very cool game! I think it's interesting how the guy falls apart when u fail...

  • Cool game

    by Dubljai

    Cool game so far

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