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Kate Moss's favourite game, according to The Guardian!

You've seen the video - now the lives of those adorably dumb characters are in your hands.

Enjoy 15 hilarious mini-games as you attempt to collect all the charmingly dumb characters for your train station, achieve high scores and unlock the famous music video that started it all.

From piranhas and platforms to snakes and level crossings — tap, swipe, and flick to safely escape a wide range of DUMB WAYS TO DIE™.

Download the FREE game now to enjoy the new fun and remember, be safe around trains. A message from Metro.

- Why is his hair on fire? Who cares, just RUN!
- Quickly wipe your screen free of puke
- Balance that wobbling glue eater
- Flick the piranhas out of range of those precious private parts
- Swat wasps before it's too late
- Best not invite that psycho killer inside
- Carefully remove forks from toasters
- Help self-taught pilots
- Get back from the edge of the platform you fools
- Have patience at level crossings
- No crossing the tracks! Not even for balloons!
- And who knew rattlesnakes were so picky about mustard?

- Perfect your dumb-death prevention skills to unlock the full set of characters for your train station
- Earn your own local copy of the original video
- Compete against friends and highly skilled strangers on the Game Center leaderboard

Watch the original Webby and Cannes award-winning video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJNR2EpS0jw

© Metro Trains Melbourne, Dumb Ways to Die™

Customer Reviews

  • New favorite app

    by Da niggerest

    All the mini games are fun and capable of being their own separate game and your always on your toes

  • Toast

    by Nhcdtjvxemigvxsd

    I love this song so I got the game. But when the toast mini game comes up I can't get it out all the way so if you could make an update that makes the toaster smaller that would be awesome

  • Fun, however.....

    by Wcc1kk

    I find it as a good time killer. It needs some work. Very Inconsistent. Touch controls seem to sensitive.

  • Funny and fun!

    by JuiceBoxxEd

    This is a hilarious game and entertaining. I just hate the ads. If there was a paid version I would buy it! (hint) though I probably won't pay more than $1.00 for it

  • Dw2dy

    by Jdhcudidh

    I luv this game but every time I go to the menu it has these huge pop up add videos that drive me nuts!

  • Btw...

    by Opijm

    Take your helmet off in outer space: guide the helmet threw the asteroids without breaking the helmet before you run outta oxygen. This is just one, ill post more soon

  • Awesome Game

    by Jgarza171

    It's a really fun game I love it but I have an iPhone 5s and when I get to the fork part I can't get the fork out it's like my screens not long enough.


    by zoogulon

    This will become one of great the non-IAP ruined games! Such as the original Cut the Rope, PVZ 1, and many more.

  • Awesome! But needs some tweaks...

    by Intercept1337

    The game without a doubt is fun, addicting, but also frustrating. The mini game where you must blow to keep the plane flying in 99.99% impossible to beat. I don't know if the game wants you to blow into the microphone...or the screen. I've tried both and it never works. Also, the touch sensitivity for the mini game where you need to wipe the screen clean from puke, has to be altered in some way in order for it to not loose track of your finger. Besides that, the game is great!

  • Eh

    by Wizard bot

    Love the game... Hate the adds

  • Pewdiepie brought me here

    by Shwjslsmd


  • :D

    by Loving_Teacher

    A lot of people think that you have to actually blow on your device to make the airplane one fly. You just use your finger and flick. I love this game, but I would like to have different mini games.. What is the point in getting new characters ???

  • Fun and treacherous

    by Isis and jr.

    It is not only an awesome game but it also teaches us lesson by making us smile

  • Fun

    by Jeff/סובר

    Fun for all.

  • So much fun

    by RealDraft

    very cutie mini game.

  • Not about the game

    by Hurumphh

    I only d/led this because @brendan7419's review made me laugh. Love the ideas for the mini games!

  • Awesome game

    by Sammy

    I love this app my friend told me about it and its awesome don't judge it bye it's name good game

  • Addictions but raging

    by Harmonystarz

    This game is very fun but some is very hard. For example, wiping the puke. I can't even wipe it up in time. And after 1500 points, the piranha goes so fast I can't keep up!

  • Hilarious!

    by Rattlesnake JT

    This game is so fun and funny! I love it. It is worth getting.

  • Awesome

    by Zee_Dats_Me

    I ❤️ Dumb ways 2 die but my only complaint is it keeps on freezing up and I don't want an app the always gets frozen every second!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Black screen when trying to play

    by kenj86rdcs

    Everytime i try to play the screen goes black and only see a pause button. Have to keep uninstalling it then does it again....

  • by All the little birds

    I just heard about this game and I REALLY want to play it but my app closes every time before the game even starts!

  • Why ads?

    by Malakai Mertens

    When I first got this app it was great but since the last update the ads just ruin the experience of the game as well as the performance. 1 star until you remove ads again.

  • Won't play

    by Mystiana

    All I get is a black screen after launching. Will change rating once I can actually play it.

  • Clean the throw up mini game

    by Bub584378338

    This level is impossible, I've even cleaned everything up and it continues to fail me. I would like to see this fixed. Other than that the game is fun and addicting.

  • Noooo :(

    by Emmy851997

    The screen keeps going black and I really want to play right now but I can't....... Fuuuuuuu!! Yes I have uninstalled and reinstalled it three times :/ Please fix this!?

  • Horrible and violent

    by Awesome christopher

    Don't buy this its horrible and violent it will make you do bad things

  • Fun

    by -16-

    Seemed fun, but I couldn't read the instructions fast enough before they went away. Then I didn't know what to do.

  • Super fun game

    by Ese steph

    This game is well worth it.

  • Ok

    by Jacob Easterly

    It's not a bad game, but there are a few levels that have a mind of their own. A lot of times the game won't register that you touched the screen and it's timed so if it does that then you will loose. I don't know how many times that I have lost just because of that reason. Definitely needs to be fixed.

  • Great Game

    by Abbyisswasome

    My friends recently told me about this game "Dumb Ways To Die" as soon as I got it I was hooked on instantly this game was so fun and very addicting sometimes I had to delete it a couple times and put it back on my phone because it got so addicting but soon the more I played it became less addicting and I just had fun with the game,at first my parents thought it was weird because of the title but the point of the game is to save them in a matter of time I would recommend this game to everyone

  • No

    by Kiki...........

    It needs less adds

  • Must download.

    by Katisacat

    Best game ever.

  • It keeps u occupide

    by Jok3R-_-Man

    Its cool

  • Stupid advertisment

    by *cHoLiTa*

    Its shows all the time

  • Catchy tune, awesome game!

    by Erik Englund

    Love the simplicity of this game. Would love to see more dumb ways to die.

  • New mini games?

    by Hshaknfmsk

    We need new mini games haven't played this game in a while

  • Dumb ways to awesomeness!!!!

    by Basset962

    Love it!if you don't have this app you should totally get it!!!!!

  • Fun but slightly broken

    by Ads.org/annoying

    The app is fun but keeps asking me to update even though it is up to date. And it's super annoying to be forced to watch an ad after every play through. The kindle version doesn't have that silly feature.

  • Curlykaedy is a liar dont listen to her!

    by Wall-ELover


  • What

    by Catsofcats

    I downloaded the app and it never showed up and I can't delete it

  • ^.^

    by Wower than wow

    Two words awe some

  • Life Lessons and WARNINGS!!

    by Gamer12125

    This game is actually pretty useful. It will teach you some VERY important life lessons for example: don't walk into a room with a psycho and NEVER EVER PRESS THE RED BUTTON! WARNINGS: you may develop anger issues; you may violently scream and throw your device across the room; REMEMBER TO NEVER DIE FROM DOING SOMETHING DUMB!! So I recommend if you want a new phone and/or die get it!! If you love your family and don't want to die don't get this game!!


    by Jules3301

    If you are looking for a game to ruin your life this is the game for you! It's super fun and addicting. You may want to violently throw your device across the room between this game and flappy bird but I recommend you get this game!

  • Airplane trouble

    by Genie_Jennie

    Love the game, kids love the song too. The airplane one isn't working, no matter what I do it just doesn't register. It used to work though so I'm not sure if an update has caused some sort of glitch. Please fix!

  • Whyyyy!

    by Kuhweewee

    The ads are getting really annoying


    by Bledsoe102612

    I love this game including the song it would cool if it was more stable though like when you want to listen to music. Please add the other 3 parts from the song like the out of date medicine, scratching the new ride, and wiring your own electricity. That would be the AWESOMEST!!!!!!! Btw your game is way better then flappy bird :)

  • Fun but...

    by Natalia116

    This game is so entertaining and fun, but the ads are so annoying. Remove them please. Also I'm having problems with the puke mini game. I try to clean up all of it, but at some point it freezes. Another issue is the bear mini game. I tried touching the screen and I failed. The balloon one needs to be fix too. Every time I try to put the last balloon on the hand it doesn't go through. PLEASE FIX!!

  • Really frustrating

    by Misty-lover <3

    This game is really frustrating because there is no time and there aren't specific directions also because this game has to be exact so i don't like this game so don't get it if you get frustrated easily

  • Love it

    by Owl lover 66

    You did...just WOW:):):):):)<3<3

  • Dumb ways to die is ok

    by TheKingOfAwsomest

    This game is good but I hate the adds

  • I like it but...

    by MrGoodGriefing

    The puke mini game is impossible to do when I swipe it doesn't clean as fast as my finger and the hotdog one is possible but, hard.

  • Blank screens aren't very fun

    by ryan@atlantis

    I saw Pewdepie play this game and thought it looked fun. However, after downloading the app on my iPhone 5 the game doesn't even launch - I just get an eternal blank screen. I've already restarted my phone and reinstalled the app to no avail. Is there anything I can do to make this playable?

  • Great

    by Jack89262


  • STOP!!!!!!

    by Very elfy pie!


  • Fun!

    by Coolperson87

    It's very fun! Though it can be improved. New minigames would be good. Plus, some of them are almost impossible! On the puke-cleanup minigame on full speed no matter how much I clean it up I still lose! And on the defend the private parts minigame on full speed pirhanas come too fast! Still a cool game though.

  • A measage from METRO

    by Claroboy

    I love this game its so fun to play and take turn with friends what i like about the game is that everybody is going to watch the music vid i watch it all the time its leaves u measages to those little kids that they cant do that or they will die (in a cartoonish fun way) or get injured. Thanks dumb ways to die and metro for deliverin the measage!!!!

  • Stupid

    by Mkdhdhsj

    When ever I want to go to main menu or play again it will always go to a ad and that is why this game is so stupid

  • Funny, Cute & Exciting

    by Beckie:3

    the characters are adorable and the mini games are not so hard, good game

  • .i like it

    by Shortay02

    it's working but whenever I try to "poke a stick at a grizzly bear" it won't let me duck whenever I hit the screen. please fix it

  • Pandicorn

    by Carnivore33

    This game is an addicting, agitating,and it stimulates my inner obsessive compulsive disorder! Overall, it's a fun little time passing game.

  • Ads and too fast!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Jfksjvwko

    The game is fun but there are to many ads. After like every try there is a ad. The game is too fast because they count down and barely give you time to read it then your supposed to have the action done . You guys need to have less ads and give more time!!!!!

  • Great

    by A Big Coldplay Fan

    Great, but why has a train company made a video game? Also, the button level is impossible. How can you resist pushing that button? (

  • Awesome

    by Savannah :) faith

    This game is so funny I love the theme song but for some reason the part where u blow to make the plane fly never works I blow into the mic and it just won't go I use my mic all of the time for videos and others but I don't understand while it won't work on that but other than that it's the most addicting game

  • Good but boring

    by Kicking&Running

    Same games get old very fast. And inconsistent points every time you complete something is stupid.

  • Dumb ways to die

    by Zebra lover 5252

    Love this game you should download it but could be better

  • Disable airplane...

    by Kasey Ehrgott

    I love love love this game. My only gripe is that I wish disabling your microphone would disable the plane level. I take public transportation and really don't want to blow on my phone in public. Or ever, really.

  • So hard

    by Nearly impossible

    Sometimes so hard

  • Doesn't open :(

    by Uogdhuhe

    I want to like this game but it just goes to black when I open it on my phone, and the start screen doesn't have the start screen button or anything. It's fun to play on other phones but it doesn't work on my phone at all....

  • Doesn't open :(

    by Uogdhuhe

    I want to like this game but it just goes to black when I open it on my phone, and the start screen doesn't have the start screen button or anything. It's fun to play on other phones but it doesn't work on my phone at all....

  • LUV IT


    This game is fun, but you NEED to fix the wipe the screen game, I have an ipad2 and its impossible to do that one. Is there a way to remove that one?

  • Fun game but some people have an iPad

    by Kdog739

    A few games are literally impossible with an iPad like the one where you have to clean off the screen and the tilt one and the balloon one are also very difficult on the iPad, but it's a very fun game overall

  • Won't work

    by Browniesarwyummy

    I'll get to the main screen, tap play, then everything will freeze. Please fix!

  • Best game

    by Purple

    Make a dumb ways to get pets and dumb ways to to make friends. I love your music video I can watch it for a hour or more

  • Best game ever

    by Walshyterrorist101

    I can't believe how good this game is it is outstanding

  • Irresistible!

    by Simple A

    I love this mini game and a video clip!! All characters are so adorable and too cute to be died. This app is fascinating and contains a great message. Love it

  • Can't even play it

    by Deenfamily

    I have seen the video and many people I know are playing this game, when I saw it on the iStore top charts I figure I'd give it a shot. I only played the game 4 times which is a shame because it,s cute and fun. I just can't stand that even on my large iPad screen I cannot drag the toast out of the toaster, it hovers just below the edge. Since after the toaster level comes up three times I die, I just can't play this game. I hope you can fix this so the game can be enjoyable and fun.

  • Yes

    by NicaMe

    So in my Spanish class and I hear my friend saying "common!!! gatta save his generals" and I'm thinking what kind of game is this girl playing!? And she says dumb ways to die and I'm thinking isn't that a song but apparently these people turned a gorgeous song into an amazing game, it was gods gift to earth. I download it, of course, and had a struggle at first but learned to love this game. Every night my mother now has to check on me if I'm sleeping because she'll catch me playing the game, I now fake sleep and when she goes away I continue. I'm so obsessed that I have the song on my phone and play it while I play. I'm letting you know now that you may be a victim of dumbwaystodieites, some people get it but you may be a survivor like my friend Brianna. This game has infected my hole family now. I'll let you know this game may take over your non existence social life but here's your warning! But dude, totally download this game! It's AMAZING!!

  • The Ads are Ridiculous.

    by Cal c3

    Personally, I love the game and the song but, the ads around every click is really getting on my nerves. I can't do anything without seeing a freakin' ad! Get rid of them PLEASE!! More mini games would be really cool too, man. I'll pay to get rid of the ads so please??

  • Awesome but...

    by john leventis

    Fix the throw up game every time I clean it I fails so make It easy

  • Mini games are possible

    by Basketball_freak

    The toast game is possible on the iOS .... U just have to pull it up as far as u can then go hold the toast and pull it up the rest up...

  • Never playing agin

    by Kyleigh0001

    I was looking a rewviews and one said that her iPad talking and all that never playing agin

  • Amazing and addicting!

    by skatergirl1118

    I downloaded this app so that I would have some games to play on a roadtrip with my family. Little did I know how addicting this game would become!

  • King James

    by Miguel Cabrera $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Please fix the crashes that have been happening in the latest update

  • used to be trendy

    by Bgxjdbdgissns gajs s

    this game used to be trendy and everyone played it in june, 2013, but if you just downloaded it, then you really need to catch up. if you think its "new" than run in front of a train

  • Arena

    by A litel bethaer

    I lick it

  • Awesome game

    by Victoria mdo

    Its Addicting and funy

  • Stop

    by Michala_

    Get rid of apps

  • I'm sewing apple

    by BatMan1000000

    Because my cousin tried getting his toast out with a fork and got a 3rd degree burn

  • by Thurston4 Music


  • Rachel Drew

    by Nd9114567784

    This game is really fun challenging but fun Why is this guy on fire just run Add a shaking pills on for the medicine ppppllllllzzzz Super fun :D thumbs up

  • The best game ever

    by Saffy

    I loves it! It's so cool it really is the best game ever and I'm only a kid so u teens and adults say what u want to say about this game !

  • Good

    by Scrymnstrs

    The difficulty shoots up after a while, makes the games fun even if repetitive. Still aiming for all the characters.

  • Cool,but a few problems

    by Baby cute slober

    Awesome game,but the spelling and the toast challenge are hard. Besides that I love the game.

  • Terrible update

    by Mdman01

    Loved this game until the recent update, now every couple of games it requires you to watch a video (using my data) to continue to play. Deleting it

  • Love this game

    by Footballxd9

    It's so fun to play hard but fun

  • Nice!

    by Reining-1234567

    Very good but put some twist. "Dumb ways to die world". Different stages located in a small island of "Dumb ways to die world" has an every equivalent challenge. We must put a problem in the introduction with the theme song. Example: You need to save those people because their mother commanded you to take care of her naughty children.

  • Suggestion

    by CJCougar1337

    Idea: for a medicine mini game, shake the phone like shaking pills out of a bottle

  • So addicting just like the song

    by bleedmaizenblue

    So addicting just like the song.


    by Error 2001

    To all those people complaining: 1) the plane one is optional, just go to settings 2) the mustard one u just move ur finger on the dotted line 3) to get the toast out and if ur finger can't fit, just go up as high as u can go, then let go, then quickly grab the bottom of the fork, and repeat. Seriously guys, it's not that hard.

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