Sprinkle Islands Games App Review (iOS, $1.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Mediocre AB
  • Updated: Jul, 11 2013
  • Version: 1.1.2
  • Size: 36.22 MB

Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish

Seller: Mediocre AB

iPhone 5S and iPad Air bugfix

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Titan burns again - Award-winning water puzzler Sprinkle is back in a new shape!

In a not so distant future, a garbage hauling space ship from Earth gets on the wrong course and burning trash is scattered over the beautiful islands of Titan. Help the Titans as used car tyres and soda cans set their villages on fire!

Using intuitive touch controls you control a tiny firetruck, but since the fires are sometimes hard to reach, you need to use obstacles, buttons and elevators to put them out. Your water supply is limited - earn drops by conserving water!

* Five distinct islands with a total of 60 levels provide hours of challenging entertainment.

* Amazing water physics - The original Sprinkle set a new standard for water in games. Sprinkle Islands improves on that with endless oceans, pools and floating objects.

* Easy controls, challenging gameplay!

The original Sprinkle game has been enjoyed by more than eight million people. Join the fun in this improved version!

Customer Reviews

  • Finished - need more!!!

    by :| zenson

    So addictive I'm done.

  • Very cute and silly...

    by LoonyFF

    ...and for me, that's worth five stars!

  • Great Game

    by jeffcp1

    Really like this game for my 5 year olds, it requires him to use problem solving techniques while be creative to find a solution.

  • Love It

    by Donut dude!

    It's a really fun game. I love how it is so simple because when I am trying to relax I don't need complicatedness. Haven't had any problems.

  • Good physics puzzles

    by n3rdXcore

    This is a pretty solid physics-based game with a lot of interesting puzzles.

  • Great

    by Chad-RS

    A very cool game. It's a lot of fun!

  • Fun game

    by Zeigsz

    Cute, challenging puzzles.

  • Fun!

    by Freakyzekee

    Great game!

  • Worth the time!

    by Cristobal Stonyo

    Very fun game to play and nice to look at too. The music and gameplay are really relaxing.

  • Fun!

    by Bbitouch

    Almost a little addictive. Different way to pass the time. :)

  • Love it

    by Juice0987654321

    I got this because I was bored and it was under top charts... I'm glad I did. It's so addicting!

  • Addicting!

    by MindlessClarissa


  • Interesting

    by General_Korey

    Trying to figure out trajectories and such, my sons are great at that!

  • Cute, fun, no complaints.

    by Jlbmlmm

    Nice work on this.

  • Fun and relaxing

    by mwb52888

    This is a fun little game with pretty visuals and a peaceful tone. I like it.

  • Lovely light-hearted puzzler

    by ashrafnfs

    Simple and fun

  • Fun game.....

    by Fjjdj

    Simple to learn, but fun physics game.

  • Reseña

    by Cindy Peraza

    Es un juego súper bonito y de mucha lógica

  • Excellent

    by Dannystyle07

    Is very nice game I love it best so far

  • Awesome game

    by Voomvoom2008

    Great for puzzle lovers.

  • Ok

    by princeton fan

    This game is ok. You get stuck on one level and the game becomes useless

  • Just okay

    by dspandel

    This just is just ok, I don't consider it worth the 2 bucks spent on it. The graphics and controls are nice, it's just boring. After the first 3 levels I was already regretting the purchase.

  • Just okay

    by dspandel

    This just is just ok, I don't consider it worth the 2 bucks spent on it. The graphics and controls are nice, it's just boring. After the first 3 levels I was already regretting the purchase.

  • Great but horrible

    by Orange Lover987

    This is a great game but who wants to listen to the sound of flies buzzing while playing? That silly sound ruined it for me. Deleted.

  • great

    by Hgfcfgfgcfg

    ... except for the fact that you cannot get past level 7 >:(

  • Great game

    by Piraterage

    Very well made game. Creative and fun

  • great game

    by Moo$a

    this is one of the best games that i've ever played.Extremely recomended for any idevices:)

  • Nice

    by Ibrahim abd aljbar

    This is nice game , go and downlad it

  • it is lots of fun

    by th3 gr33n

    this game i have enjoy it very much, even my son 3yrs old he enjoy it of course he just touch an move

  • Excellent

    by P s Y c H o N o V a

    Thanks for the quick bug fix for the iPad version.

  • Great!

    by Emerica6708

    When I first played this game I didn't like that they had taken away the ability to control the angle and height of the sprayer independent of each other, but after "five dropping" all levels I really enjoyed it. It took away some of the frustrations of the first game because I could target specific fires faster and easier now. I love the game, so unique compared to everything else on the AppStore, I can't wait for more levels!

  • Excelente juego

    by Camilo Roa

    Juego Excelente... Pero por favor más niveles ;)

  • Fun!

    by ImWoo

    Cute little creatures & fun graphics.

  • Rare 5-Stars (nota igamer)

    by McSear

    'Game actually got me interested in playing during work breaks, and very few games do. Much more engaging than the 2-D Where's My... app. Love the quirky 3-D environments, the music is great accompaniment, puzzles and progress quite fun! =RECOMMENDED=

  • gf

    by marcumh

    Worst game I have bought

  • Sprinkle

    by GilbyGirl

    Very cute game and very addicting, especially for water people!!

  • Fun game!!

    by Drivingguru

    Very addicting game!

  • Sprinkle islands

    by Zlilla

    This is the best game ever

  • One of the most fun games I've played

    by Niknah

    The levels are short enough for a quick play when bored.

  • Good, addicting like (insert drug of choice)

    by DuchessofCambridge


  • It's good

    by TheBlacklotus

    It's fun and entertaining

  • Fun and imaginative

    by Weo23

    Challenging and fun to play. Thanks!!! ;-)

  • Good game

    by Texas dad 1

    Even better than the first. Love it.

  • Super like

    by Rabu222

    Love it

  • nice

    by عيوني حزينه والسبب خافقي مضيوم

    بس المويه تخلص بسرعه

  • Jim

    by Johnnytightlips



    by Lefudge

    I love the game!! Very challenging! Side note, it keeps crashing. Please fix it!

  • Vary Imaginitive!

    by NaveedS

    Fun and challenging for a long time!

  • Great game

    by Tiny tower creator

    Creative and fun levels

  • Fun but broken.

    by Matt Heisterman

    It won't unlock any islands after the first even though I've beaten every level with 5 stars. So, broken...or seriously short...or both.

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