Avengers Alliance Games App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: Marvel Entertainment

New Feature
- Group Bosses: Join forces with your allies in an epic battle versus a powerful Group Boss in the new Spec Ops!
- Lockbox Collection: Collect all 8 classic comic book covers from Lockboxes and win a new Hero!

Bug Fixes and Optimizations
- Fluctuating Power Level of "Customized" gear in PVP fights has been fixed.
- Animation glitches for various heroes have been fixed.
- PVP fight loading time has been improved.
- Various memory leaks have been fixed.

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
807 Ratings
All Versions:
14194 Ratings


Team up with the Avengers, Spider-Man, the X-Men, and S.H.I.E.L.D. to harness the power of ISO-8 before Dr. Doom, Loki, and the world's most powerful villains beat you to it. Recruit your favorite Marvel Heroes, gear up and Assemble in this new game.

Download now and play in your choice of English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish!

***** GAME FEATURES *****
- Stunning graphics and special FX.
- Team up with Marvel Heroes including the Avengers, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and more!
- 450+ battles including Boss and Epic Boss battles.
- 60+ missions and hundreds of quests.
- Over 400 in-game items.
- Customizable agent and hero stats.
- Join forces with friends and send/receive FREE gifts.
- Player VS Player (PVP) mode.
- Special Operations (Spec Ops) mode.

***** IMPORTANT*****
- Game play and stats are not linked with the Facebook version of the Marvel: Avengers Alliance.
- Internet connection is required to play Avengers Alliance.
- Compatible with iPhone 4 or newer, iPad 2 or newer, and iPod Touch 5.
- This game is not optimized for iPod Touch 4 or older.
- Requires iOS 6.0 or later.

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Customer Reviews

  • Pretty good

    by Ainfulvdcjovewqtikb

    Very good game but if there was an easier way that I could get heroes without those coins or whatever they are please make it possible lol it would make the game much more fun, but yeah overall great game, a must download you won't regret it!

  • Fun!

    by Jc.effin.Chavez

    Great game to pass the time.

  • Love the game on my iPhone

    by Albin John

    the slowdowns, lags, freezes mid game, have gotten a little better, and I did give it a better score, but it still sometimes crashes, so there's still some work to be done on this game. And some of the heroes like captain America ww2 is overpowered. Please fix. PVP battles should be against players on your same level. Not some battles against players 5 or 10 lvls above you! You can't win very many battles like that. It's ridiculous. You guys need to fix that ASAP.

  • Very good

    by Mereelbanr

    I think it's very well made

  • #amazing

    by Zpanda35r

    I love it and its an awesome game. It crashes sometimes though,But I think the next couple of updates might work. Please try and fix it please. #I'm trying to save the world here" ^__^

  • Avengers

    by Everydaytori

    App is good except it shuts down while playing and it never rewards me what I lost before shut down. Prizes during fights also come in multiples and some stay frozen during the fight.

  • Fun, but very buggy

    by Hawkclaw

    It's a really fun game, but it has some big problems. First, everything is really expensive. Which wouldn't be as bad of a problem if it wasn't so buggy. It's really annoying for the game to force quit half the time you're about to get a boss/deploy award, and the official website just says to restart the game every once and a while. Or how about you make the game better?

  • Marvel

    by Adren Conner

    Cool game

  • Marvel

    by # AC

    Great App!

  • Avengers Alliance

    by Pastor Jonathan Bagwill

    Only one complaint, it crashes Every Time I play it. Without fail. Fix that and you've got yourself a fantastic game with five stars!

  • Crashes on payoff's FIX APP!!!

    by InDugoo

    Spend $$$ Expect App to at least work properly! Crashes EVERYTIME when collecting Boss rewards... Think I'll be keeping my $$$ in my pockets until you resolve this issue, which means current battles will have timed out! Compensation wouldn't be frowned upon!!!

  • Good

    by King Kong song

    Good game but its shuts on and off on an iPod 4

  • Amazing Game / unfortunately it glitches

    by TigerLily555

    I love this game! It's so much fun to play, but they really have to fix the glitches!

  • Allies are a must

    by DC D^D

    Fun game. Allies make it easier to afford upgrades.

  • Fix!

    by Cookie arvelo

    Fix fix fix!

  • My review

    by BeccaBear2003

    Love the game a lot of fun just have some issues with it. 1 it crashes a lot coincidently whenever your supposed to collect a reward. Ex. After you collect a hero you sent on a deployment or after beating a boss level. And other thing need to be able to have more options in collecting ISOs to play levels. Or other stuff game play is really slow when you are just waiting to collect resources before you can continue in game play. Other than that love the game. Fix those problems I'll give it more stars.

  • My review

    by BeccaBear2003

    Love the game a lot of fun just have some issues with it. 1 it crashes a lot coincidently whenever your supposed to collect a reward. Ex. After you collect a hero you sent on a deployment or after beating a boss level. And other thing need to be able to have more options in collecting ISOs to play levels. Or other stuff game play is really slow when you are just waiting to collect resources before you can continue in game play. Other than that love the game. Fix those problems I'll give it more stars.

  • Good and Bad

    by Nickypoo01

    Good turn-based strategy game, but needs some work. Good: - great superhero fantasy - levels and abilities keep you coming back - good range of abilities. No two characters come off as the same. Bad: - crashes A LOT - PvP needs some balance fixes - Storyline is repetitive

  • New spec ops

    by Mikeamado

    Unplayable!! Seriously it's been getting worse. Now I'm unable to finish one battle, without it closing on me right when I win. What's the point of this game if, you can't battle. Fix it!!

  • Fun

    by Uda Udabest

    I'm obsessed it takes a whole to get your guys good without paying tho

  • PvP is garbage

    by DevansMan

    As the title says, pvp is garbage! Their are hackers that control the outcome of tournaments. If you are someone who gets agitated when you play games, stay away from pvp!!!

  • Has Potential

    by Nahome12345

    This app has potential. It has a wide variety of characters, and sorta gives everyone a fair chance. Sort of. The battles are great, the storyline is interesting, and I like the way things are received. I think all that stuff is fair, with the one exception being "Deploys". I don't think I've ever won a deploy. Am I that unlucky?? Now onto the... Lesser... Features. It goes without saying that PVP is absolutely pathetic. I worked REALLY hard to get into the Diamond League, (its the first time Ive even been above silver), and I get off for an hour. An hour later I get back on, and.... My rating has gone down by 80. I get it, the higher you get, the harder, the more your attacked. But If I leave it overnight lets say.... My rating could go down to the 700s. Not to mention the game crashes every 3 minutes even with no other apps open. So if I start a battle, and it crashes, guess what that counts as? Yep. A loss. Also... Psylocke. I worked bought Psylocke, and I am... Well... Unhappy. In PVP whenever I play against anyone else with Psylocke, their Psylocke's "Kinetic Shield" is a quick action, for me, it never is. Also Mental Coordination. Oh god it practically never works. It ends up being a waste of a move mostly. NEEDS WORK. That being said this app can improve. If it fixes the crashes and makes the PVP better, this could be 5 stars. But for now, I cant give it a 3. FIX PVP!!!

  • Terrible! Constant crashes make it nearly unplayable

    by Tannybogus

    Constantly crashes at the end of battles which cheats you out of the energy you used and the rewards at the end. Can't go more than 5 min without a crash. Incredibly sloppy code.

  • Frustrating

    by lmc4lfe

    This game is a lot of fun, but crashes on the iPad mini after every other mission or battle. Fix this and I'll give a 5 star rating.

  • Depressing

    by K-kirk

    I downloaded this game about a week ago and became hooked immediately. I love Marvel and old school turn based rpg's so this game seemed to be perfect.... Until I blew through the initial stock of in-game currencies and quickly realized my options were A) shelling out boatloads of real money B) friend random people and hope for some generosity or C) much grinding. Naturally I chose B and C. That worked ok for a day or two until I discovered you can only get a few resources from people per day, 25 i think. Just enough to level one character once.... And the grinding?? Yeah, glitches prevented me from getting any rewards six times today. Two deploy rewards, a daily, the daily pvp, and two boss rewards. So now I'm choosing option D) delete this junk app and go back to playing games that aren't glitched and designed specifically to force me to pay outrageous amounts of money to enjoy. Honestly, don't waste your time or money on this app.

  • Crashes

    by Goodolecep

    Every time I finish a deployment the app crashes and I don't get any prize.fix that and you have an awesome game.

  • Love the game, hate the bugs

    by BestBlaze

    Phoenix should be taken off game, "Phoenix Fire" is totally unfair! It takes over 75% of health or more, total BS

  • Getting a little better

    by Happy but upset

    Would like it better if you could accept more gifts, idk like ALL OF THEM , and can send command points to friends and receive them, your agent should be able to get one energy point every time u level up. cause u can only play 6 games then wait for hours to play again. It shouldnt take 20 hours to level up a character either max should be 8 hours .

  • Fun but unreliable

    by Guy with sense

    Very fun game. Unfortunately it crashes all the freaking time, there are many bugs and glitches, and overall a very poorly made game. Could be good with a few updates and big fixes. You're better off playing the same game on your PC.

  • Ok game

    by Bspartan

    The game is buggy but still playable. The real issue is, soon after you start this game forces you into micro transactions in order to compete in pvp. It gets infuriating to a point where it's not even fun

  • Crashing game

    by Kevin Gouip

    This game is crashing all the time!

  • Need update

    by Joedaddy6969

    Please make sure iphone5 users are reimbursed for awards that did not register. It happens while character is on deploy.

  • PVP Needs work.

    by Randy Strauch

    PVP Battles should be against other players on your same level. It is nearly impossible to beat someone 5 to 10 levels higher. The battle generator error'd out once putting a team 100 levels higher then me into match. The end result was me losing 35 points. This makes maintaining your point position difficult. Also battles should not start with a stacked line up against you 3v3. It gives an unfair advantage to the player starting off with 3 player moves resulting in significant health damage and character deaths. Battles should start 1v1v1v1v1v1 to put the match on a level playing field. The computer needs to be fixed in pvp mode. The computer should not lose every battle when your away from the game. It is a disappointment to find out all points I won are lost and more because computer does not understand strategy and is stupid. Fix the problem or don't let battles be initiated without the players consent. Also stop updating the game while it is being played until you figure out the bug problem. Too many games get dropped due to this error. I will give it a higher rating when these issues are fixed.

  • Enjoy it

    by Caia2468

    Crashing more often after the last update. But overall, this is a fun game that challenging without being frustrating.

  • Buggy

    by Majestic7

    Crashes all the time.

  • Crastastic...

    by Madamemingo

    Every time I play pvp and earn my reward, the game conveniently crashes, every time I beat a boss, the game conveniently crashes. Also starting off a pvp match and the game gives the team the first turn or it just starts and a character is missing half their health... The game is broken.

  • Great game but...

    by maxi_mage

    I really enjoy this game but it crashes and I end up losing my prizes. Which is very frustrating!

  • Could be good

    by srditz

    Too many constraints. Also crashes after deploy completion without giving bonus.

  • Buggy unbalanced and unfinished

    by LordDenOfNamenottaken

    Follows the patch schedule of the original putting it a year behind in bug fixes. Adds new bugs with slow play and daily crashes. Has elements that we're never adapted for phone play and are... Wrong as a result. It's like they aren't even trying as most of the problems are often complained about and easily fixed, but they simply never bother.

  • Good game

    by Oowolf37

    A nice time killing game. Great for marvel fans.

  • Juggernaut crash problems

    by Bummed Out 765

    Any of the missions containing Juggernaut cause the game to freeze. Never can complete the task. Fix that and you get 5 stars.

  • Fun game but....

    by Billy Burress

    Shuts down all the time for no reason. Fix the darn bugs already!

  • Addicting

    by P. Victoria

    Love the game would like a easier way to get Shield points to get more characters

  • Torn

    by Kings 67

    I'm still torn with this game. Started playing maybe a week ago, my 3 hero's are level 4 and I don't have the S.H.I.E.L.D. points to train them so they are kinda stuck @ that level. Same is true with "command points", not enough to buy a new hero. Either I have been really unlucky with my "spins" after boss battles or this thing is set up as a "pay to play". Hope it's not because I enjoy the game, but I won't pay real money for virtual items.

  • Fun game

    by Taz7467

    Its a fun game but y does everything gatta cost so much

  • The most addicting game ever!

    by elvis aguirre

    This game is AWESOME! You play it will forever become addicted I can't stop playing it it's the most perfect app. I feel like I'm playing a game on a xbox when I'm in a battle

  • Avengers alliance e

    by Pauldag


  • Update ruins this.

    by Greqo

    All week long the game has crashed after winning my 5th PVP game of the day. Not getting my reward for my time and also can't even spin when I never opened the reward. Fix this. It's game breaking.

  • Lovin' it!

    by Rukus0615

    Fun, fun, fun

  • Good but needs work

    by Heather1028

    EVERY time I get a bonus it freezes and reboots the app, loosing the bonus. Also it does that with my energy. Other than that it's good. Just frustrating

  • Getting ridiculous

    by Tonsotrub

    Since the latest update, app crashes after hero deploys resulting in a lost of rewards. App also crashes after boss defeats when you'd gain reward. Essentially making it so that you lose out on any time or battle earned bonus.

  • Loading an existing account

    by Marvel fan 2000

    Not met let me load an existing account

  • Bob

    by Ffgchdvhcidghdgdvgggfdvdgxvf


  • Captain America WW2

    by mweyer

    This is a great game. A lot of fun to play and a great variety of battles, bosses, and heroes in the game. But pvp needs to be fixed, WW2 captain America especially. I have no problem with his ability to protect against single target attacks and being able to counter all attacks. He should not however be able to protect against every attack. It makes it impossible to get around him for most of the characters and weapons and he is one of the most used characters in pvp, at least from my observations playing the game. The ability to protect against all area and single target attacks makes him overpowered and in my opinion a detriment to otherwise fantastic game. This effect of shield guard makes captain America WW2 unfair in battle, but protecting against single target attacks and countering all attacks is far more fair and how he originally was. Please fix captain America WW2 by changing his shield guard back to its original capability of only protecting against single target attacks.

  • Marvel Heroes

    by Marcy1905

    Was into this at the beginning but it steadily wore me down with slow progression and lack of depth. To get the higher tier heroes you'll have to spend real money to be able to eventually get 1. It's fun if you enjoy superheroes for a while but they can make a fair game that requires much less monetary investment to get along in the game.

  • fun game but....

    by musiclver22

    fun game but, it costs way too much money to play this game. you can play for 15 minutes at a time, then you run out of energy and have to wait another day. upgrades cost too much also. they should have made the game cost a flat rate instead of all this add on pay junk.

  • Started off great, now plain bad

    by 12345589991berk

    Started playing when it first came out go addicted but now it is THE most buggy app I have plus one of THE most money hungry apps out there. Do yourself a favor and find something else to play

  • Fun, but money Hungary

    by Lvl100survivalmode

    Game is fun. Pay to play though.

  • Best game ever!

    by M1sterbob42

    I can't stop playing this

  • Best game ever!

    by M1sterbob42

    I can't stop playing this

  • Crashes all the time

    by Alock112

    I can't make it through one PvE fight without the gameplay lagging and eventually crashing. This bug is ruining a great game. There are plenty of other bugs that need attention, but the one I mentioned is absurd. Get it together and put out a quality product!

  • Good idea flawed execution

    by AdenosineHeartStopper

    I enjoy the concept. What I don't enjoy: 1) the app crashing at critical points for me like after I beat a boss and have not yet received my reward. The app crashing as I am collecting my PVP award ... Definately deserved, because I miss my target A LOT... And I have my character boosted for accuracy. 3) consistantly losing at PVP 4) Unstable ISO-8 consumption vs collecting ratio 5) even in 4 star if the episodes beating some enemies and getting 4 exp even when I have my agent and a hero... Shouldn't you get more exp with the fewer individuals? That's how most other RPG's work. 6) my Heros use moves to dodge attacks or regain health and it seems like it definately is not a working function. While my enemies are impossible to hit and continually gaining health I am left back in desolation.

  • Restart often...

    by Baird Kistner

    The game play itself is fairly fun, BUT the big thing to learn is that you must shut down game down in the various methods they describe by hard quitting, turning off and on the device, and deleting / reinstalling the program. This often will happen during the battles and then you will lose the energy and any equipment you may have used.

  • CRASHES!!! too often

    by BongSmurf

    Fundamentally a Good game BUT crashes far too often and at the worst time. Only seems to crash right when you are about to open a reward. You lose the reward plus the ISO spent to get it. Not to mention wasting your time...

  • Please fix the crashes!!

    by Sir PonceDeLeon

    I love this game and I keep playing it, but with the new update, the game is now crashing every time I should receive a reward i.e. Tis the golden hour, boss rewards, and I haven't received a daily reward in about two weeks.)( and I play it every day!) please fix theses issues!!!!!!!

  • Add me active

    by Ruck56

    Active on iOS tigrex56

  • Crash crash crash

    by Jjmacbain

    Stop fu&@$ng crashing!!! Seems like the developers really need to get another job bc putting out a decent game without a million and one glitches isn't their strong suit. I recommend getting better developers

  • Crashes way too much

    by JarrenGetchel

    Fun but horrible glitches and constant crashing

  • Memory leak and crashes still exist

    by PhoenixKevin

    Exp is nerfed. If you haven't updated to version 4.1, DO NOT UPDATE!!! Your exp gain will slow down! PVP is broken and computer AI is stupid(some recharge on their first turn) which is costing everyone defensive wins. If Playdom was smart they would fix the current issues instead of trying to push out premium weapons and in-app purchases which throw off the stability of the game even more. This game is getting worse with every update. The crashing and memory leaks keep happening. Its costing me energy, iso-8 and rewards. If these problems continue to exist then I will delete this game and start giving my money to a better game.

  • Game needs work

    by Natertickster

    DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS GAME! It is terrible... Crashes all the time, the PVP battles are a joke, you'll be so frustrated with how terrible everything is setup, and finally this company is so greedy that it limits how many gifts you can send between friends - but yet costs so much to upgrade / get items. I guarantee this game has made so many people mad that within a year 60 percent of the players will quit!

  • Crashes on payoff's

    by InDugoo

    Spend $$$ Expect App to at least work properly! Crashes EVERYTIME when collecting Boss rewards... Think I'll be keeping my $$$ in my pockets until you resolve this issue, which means current battles will have timed out! Compensation wouldn't be frowned upon!!!

  • Nice

    by Real steel masterrrrrrrrrrrr

    Amazing game

  • Fun

    by E.A.Waltz

    Wish the currency system wasn't so complex but it's fun

  • Pretty good

    by Wutzdatdare

    Fun game but customer support is impossible to reach, you owe me 63 gold!

  • Fun but buggy

    by Sanaithaus

    Great game involving Marvel superheroes. Unfortunately, the great content is hindered by poor follow through in programming. There are far too many bugs in this game. I was hoping the latest update would solve some of them, but it merely added new features when not all existing features are working. Research? In game requests going missing? Constant crashing? A major update could greatly improve this game, but it needs to come quickly.

  • Crashes

    by Adpowah

    I am getting a lot of crashes since the update. It's primarily when the daily reward, pvp reward, deploy reward and boss/epic boss reward windows appear. No reward is collect and it's not available to try again. Otherwise fun game.

  • Game

    by jamie jo Martin

    I really enjoy the game but I just don't like that there not many chances to get new Herod with out spending more money.

  • Avenged

    by Duwop41

    Great fun but loses some of its appeal due to crashes when trying to collect deployment rewards, boss rewards, and PVP battle rewards!

  • Cash grab

    by hammerbeck

    A cash grab by marvel, but a fun one.

  • Great game but updates are never tested.

    by kjmagle

    I suggest everyone should play this game. Lots of fun. Slow start but great time. There are to many things to say that are good about this game. With that being said, it seems with every update these guys make the game gets buggier. Now it crashes after 2 fights. Loves to crash after a boss so you do not get the gift spin. Their customer service is garbage. They always think its your device, and want you to reboot reinstall. Btw that never works. Also allot of the heros are so nerfed from facebook that they are unplayable. Now mind you i play this game everyday since it came out. I have seen the the downward slope of of game play. Im not say do not play this game im saying i think the developers are making a game for iphone 7 and not the one we have. Also Gold is never the issue because of tapjoy.

  • Comic nerd in love

    by Acidica6

    I love this game, final fantasy style combat with almost every marvel character I love. I count the minutes till I have energy points for my next mission.

  • Do not get this......

    by Radu11

    Lol this app would not let me place the review on how bad it is , so i've shortened it... Playdom took the great marvel name and created a horrible app. I wouldnt download another PLAYDOM APP

  • Almost better than PC version.

    by Wizzy18

    Just add all the stuff that's inside of the PC version and it'll be perfect. Being able to talk to people and sell items would be great.

  • Reward ripoff

    by Bobalinka

    I played the game pretty consistently but the game is being really glitchy. When you win 5 battles in pvp each day you are supposed to receive a reward but the game closes before you can collect it. I hate being ripped off. I had spent some money on gold in the past but so aggravated with getting no reward for a week now that I don't see myself spending more. Pretty much stopped playing except for sending and receiving gifts. If they give out something to make up for being ripped off I will play again but for now I am laying low

  • Deke16

    by Shmeekle

    Awesome game. Just wish you could get command points as gifts . Highly recommend getting this game.

  • Fun and Addicting

    by Jeffrey Kaldahl

    Very fun game that can become a addiction. Does glitch from time to time when on missions and send out members for side mission, losing the bonus. Other than that fun game.

  • Bugs

    by Deathwarrio

    The game keeps crashing and it crashes during battles or after bosses which prevents me from getting any rewards from beating the boss battle

  • Not bad

    by Taternut89

    I thought the game was pretty good

  • For die hards only.

    by Sack Attack

    Characters are cool, but everything costs money. I like it but battles are tough.

  • Awesome!

    by Rating bro dude thing88000

    Boss awesome amazing totally rad bro it's like riding a great white shark while Morgan freeman is reading you a bedtime story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • How could I play if this app crashes

    by Huyhggr

    I love this game but I can't play without the app crashing and breaking and being really slow please fix it for I could play without it crashing

  • 2 stars til a better update

    by Happy but upset

    This is a fun game but it crashes A LOT, especially when u send your agents on deploy missions in the chapters when u got to click on them the game crashes and u don't get your bonuses and it also happens when u defeat a boss or mini boss. This is so infuriating, makes me wanna play a different game and delete this one. Please fix this . And u don't get a chance to earn a hardly any command points . Would like it if u could send those to friends to earn as well, then u wouldn't have soooooo MANY COMPLAINTS. it would be in YOUR BEST interest .

  • Self-awareness

    by In Columbus

    79% of the time I try to fight a boss or a mini-boss the game crashes and I have to do it over but this only happens when I'm about to win. When I'm about to lose the game doesn't crash. It feels like the game is self aware. Like the game was programmed by Loki himself. This game REALLY needs to be fixed and quick.

  • Gg

    by 304g

    Keep it up. I give it 10 fingers up!!!

  • Dumb game and stupid

    by FrodoAagustin

    It so stupid when ur playing PVP it let all the other players team dodge and guess what ur players never dodge do not download it it so stupid also u can't go to sleep, cuz if u do they will take points of FOR NO REASON

  • CRASHING!!!!!!!!

    by Olden

    Ever since the update nearly every deploy crashes when you try to get the reward. ISO missions crashing and wasting valuable time and resources. It worked fine before. Fix it. Disney will be disappointed if you don’t.

  • Fun game,Money Sucking App

    by Nuggetyoda

    Good god,dont be too selfish developers.Everything cost money and the characters are way too expensive you greedy people.

  • Good story but too much asking for cash.

    by ibrox72

    Interesting storyline, but training rapidly got to the point of asking for cash. Moreover, too much cash. I'm not going to pour as much money into a phone game than a high-end graphics PC game. It also has bugs, particularly several crash points loading battles, getting awards for winning battles and getting stuck on battle information screens that lock in place forcing you (now that some fool prevented me from force-closing apps) to turn off my phone just to get the game to re-boot. The game has potential, but that's the problem: it's already published!

  • Bugs crashes

    by Daleyfam

    I used to really like this game but with this new update I have had so many crashes that deny me the ability to collect my rewards after defeating bosses & deploys. It has become not worth it to play this game & I have played for months. Please fix & a higher rating will come.

  • LOVE IT!!

    by BroncoBob9

    I love this game!!

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