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- Christmas is over, but winter continues in Stick City Run! Happy new year 2014!
- Minor fixes

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Stick City Run 2 Free is the most stylish and addictive stickman running game around!
This game is full of mission, objectives, upgrades and playable characters!
Test your skills! How far can you run?

Stick City Run 2 Free is one of the most stylish stickman running games of 2013! The easy gameplay makes it one of the simplest yet addictive running games around. You run and jump through dangerous tracks and complete different missions and objectives.

Stick City Run 2 Free has some really challenging tracks, even if you have played other fast paced jumping or running games before. Collect trophies from the missions and complete objectives for better scores! Share your scores on facebook and twitter! Game Center supported! Challenge your friends!
Stick City Run 2 Free is suitable to play for the whole family.

- It's Free!
- One the most stylish stickman running games
- Simple jump and run game mechanics (easy to learn for kids)
- 4 playable characters to unlock
- Upgradeable Power-Ups
- Missions and Objectives
- Complete missions to level up!
- Game Center for leaderboards
- Share your scores on facebook and twitter!
- Really challenging for everyone

You play as a jumping stickman. The stickman will run forward on its own and jump when you touch the screen. The longer you hold your touch, the higher the stickman will jump. Your goal is to jump over every building, run and get as good highscore as you can. You have to do a lot of jumping to beat the tracks, but be careful: unnecessary jumping will not get you a good score!

Power-ups help you in different ways to get better scores in the game. You can updrage power-ups in the shop to make them even more powerful! Collect stars in the game in order to upgrade your Power-Ups or unlock new characters.


Stay tuned for more upcoming Stick City Run adventures in temple, candy land saga etc. Remember to get Stick City Run, the first and original! The Stick City Run saga continues! Thank you for playing our games and enjoy!

Stick City Run 2 Free © 2013 Lettu Games

Customer Reviews

  • Gyfygkj

    by 77zzbb


  • Cool

    by Akskkdikdkdk

    Is a cool game!!!! :)

  • Pretty neat

    by Qtswag

    As the title says, it's pretty neat. It's different from Temple run and a lot of games since it's just 2D, but it's still fun.

  • It's pretty good

    by ☺️☺️☺️

    The game is ok but not like city bird where u just can't stop.

  • Epic

    by South lacrosse


  • Awesome

    by Qqqqqqqqqqqqqy


  • Thrhghh

    by Dragon Squirrel


  • Good game!

    by Pebblesluvsu2

    It's very catchy

  • Funnly Stupid

    by Miarah8373100

    It's fun and stupid

  • Fun

    by Reerunfartbomjosie


  • Stick run

    by Trey99 beast Levi

    Good game

  • Stick city

    by Sticky awesome

    This is the best game ever!!!!!

  • Fun

    by Adpadder


  • nice

    by DylanFan97

    this game is too cool for school

  • Awesome game

    by Denise9078

    Really addicting and fun plus it has groovy music :)

  • Nice

    by Dakine117

    It's a good and challenging game so nice

  • Hmm

    by *-*Sora*-*

    Good game

  • Good

    by Sushi! 719

    The game is fun to play. When u have nothing to do, it's fun to play.

  • Fun

    by Didit2x

    Great game to kill time

  • Good

    by Missmia81


  • Great game

    by Nene21***

    You should really download this because it is so fun and you will never get bored of it trust me because I don't lie please believe me

  • Qwerty

    by Nitroviuos

    Great game lot of fun by hours

  • Game

    by Joker2163

    Game okay but not better than the 1st one

  • Cool

    by Javi

    It's pretty cool

  • Rate

    by Sammemullen

    I love this game, but I wish it had a little more detail

  • Cool

    by Wolfprank526

    Really fun

  • Stick run 2

    by Da bomb oh yea

    I love this game I would recommend it 5 stars

  • AMAZING!!!

    by Allama11

    I was just looking for some games and I saw this so I'm like oh this looks fun. IT IS!!! It's so addicting!!!!

  • Dope!!!!

    by ScarO1

    Best game ever recomendeble!!!!

  • Run 2

    by Abc123890xxxgdjajsshhd

    It's a good game! It's a little hard when you get to day 2! I would suggest it if you want a challenging game,and fun game!

  • Very fun

    by Dhdurhsusbsucush

    Takes a little practice. Don't give up.

  • Fun

    by Vhshehdhdjeh

    I love this game

  • Stick City 2

    by rileyamaro

    This game is awesome! It's even more addicting than flappy bird!

  • Awesome!

    by 3llaisawesome

    This app is perfect! At first I thought it would be cruddy but it is epic! No glitches at ALL!

  • Love

    by Saulgamer11


  • Great game

    by allyn canavan

    #addicting Great game 5 stars for sure

  • Cool

    by Awesome super player

    I just wanted coins but it's pretty cool

  • Cool

    by Sfcsvjixz


  • Kew

    by Shizztalker

    This game is okay..kind of simplistic, nothing much to it but it's addicting. Probably because I'm competitive and want to win at everything

  • Game


    Good game

  • Good

    by xPapaScottx

    Loads fast

  • Rate

    by Ianurm99

    Cool game

  • Stick run

    by Future scincentist


  • Hooopppppp

    by Kyle 81 81


  • I love it!

    by Lindaa_valriee

    I just downloaded it today and I'm literally obsessed!!

  • Best game ever!!!!!!

    by Maya Lynn brown

    This game is so much fun'!!!!!!!!!

  • Jason Kemble

    by Iluvurmom69

    I'm gonna give this 4 stars because all you do is mainly jump but it's still really fun and you can control how high you jump, amazing

  • Awesome

    by Tatajj02


  • Fun

    by Macy_@


  • The Bert game ever

    by Jayda Benjamin

    It's so addictive

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