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Minor bug fixes.

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This is the official app of the exhibition China's Terracotta Warriors: The First Emperor's Legacy at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, February 22 – May 27, 2013. Witness Terracotta Warriors and other ancient objects come to life. The app uses augmented reality (AR) to superimpose 3D objects onto real space.

The main feature of this app is the Augmented Reality (AR) viewer.

-- Note --
You need Image Markers to be recognized by the app to generate the AR experiences.

-- Features --
View through your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch camera, an animated life-sized 3D terracotta warrior, and many others!

Find information on the exhibition, pricing information, directions and opening hours.

View your AR, take a photo and upload it to Facebook.

Customer Reviews

  • Almost Useless

    by astraleddy

    The only good things about this app were the exhibit hours and pricing. The AR stuff sucked. It did not provide any educational or entertainment value at all. I could not even see which symbols I had scanned or how many. The exhibit itself had duplicate symbols.

  • Overall, a useless app

    by Caffeh

    Don't bother with this app, it has not meaningful content over the exhibit. Rent the Audio tour instead. What little content this app does have is pointless, like the feature to point the "camera" at special barcodes in the exhibit. It will show you a 3D model of the real object sitting right there in front of you (I'm think of the crane). First, it only works while pointing at the code, is very low fidelity, and why would you waste your time when the real object is right there. Oh boy, what were they thinking?

  • Useless

    by Studio H

    We downloaded this for our 6 year old in anticipation of our visit to the museum tomorrow. There was nothing other than telling us the hours for the exhibit that was even remotely helpful. A simple Google search will get you far more information than this app.

  • Pretty pointless

    by punkassjim

    Not informative in any way, and not much in the way of entertainment either. I used the app to entertain an eight-yr-old and a ten-yr-old (who are very hungry for knowledge AND cool technologies) for roughly ten seconds. Considering someone spent actual money to have this app produced for the museum, I am in awe. What an atrocious waste of money, time, and manpower. The app serves one purpose: as an advertisement for a development shop that does one nifty trick. Too bad that one trick is useless without a healthy does of additional content, and other tricks.

  • Why?

    by Klanger25

    I dare you to find a less useful app. In no way supplemented the exhibit's material. One part simply showed how a crossbow worked. Some app designer laughed all the way to the bank.

  • Couldn't get the app to load

    by Philip.F

    I was curious to see how the app would complement the exhibit. Unfortunately, it only loaded a black screen and stuck there indefinitely. Even after hard stopping the app and rebooting my phone.

  • Not that useful

    by Museum_fan

    It only gives a small subset of what you can get from the audio (I think it was $5). The app is a great idea, but not useful yet.

  • For children under 10

    by Tommy Colgate

    For children under 10 maybe of some kind of use, otherwise a waste. Sad for this Great Museum!!!

  • Asian Art Museum- Terra Cotta (Not) App

    by Roxys precious

    Nice attempt but really slow and shallow. I expected to get a little more info on the exhibit sculptures and history, especially since I just got tickets to see it. 3-D generated replicas that represent what you already imagine the object to do: ie, bell gongs. Why?? What about the why and who rang it? What was the history behind it? How about an interactive map of the exhibit? Or audio narrative of the relic (or text for that matter?) For a museum to have such an amazing exhibit that people rarely get to see, I'd hope that in the future, your curators would request apps be more informative and helpful. I can't tell if this was supposed to be for kids or adults as neither audience would be satisfied with the content.

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