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If you're looking for a fun game to play with friends on the bus or for a quick break between classes or work, LAST BLOCK STANDING! is it! The objective is simple, weasel your competition to having to click away the last block standing by simply removing blocks in turns, but leaving enough that they get stuck with the last one.

The rule is simple, you can remove as many blocks as you want as long as they are next to each other and in the same row. Each person takes turns removing however many blocks they want to remove, and the last person stuck with the last block to remove loses! Think of it like a card game or a board game with one simple objective. Like rock paper scissors type of easy or something similar.

Inspired by a summer vacation game played between friends now brought to life. It's addicting and so easy, anyone can play. Plus the background is pretty catchy too, but that's just because the first time it was played was on the beach sand with a few sticks. Hence the beach background theme!

If you ever need to view the instructions for how to play, just click the how to play button. Otherwise, you can reset all the blocks by clicking the reset button after finishing each game. This should be played with at least one other person and can be done in as quick as a minute if you both race each other. Try thinking smart and removing blocks leaving holes, rows, and trying to make them get stuck with the last block standing!

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