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How big is your stomach? Do you think you can eat 20 pieces of virtual ice cream in 10 seconds? How about at least 10? Race your friends and see who's the best! Each time you complete a piece you see a message with how many you've eaten. Be quick on your feet though! If you eat more than 15 pieces of virtual ice cream, post the most you've got in the reviews and challenge the world! This can be great as a competition with possibly even a crowd of your best mates watching as you all try to out perform each other. Who do you think will end up with the highest score? Take them on in a finals battle to declare the virtual ice cream eating champion!

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Customer Reviews

  • Hey

    by collin woodard

    Well it is easy and I got 19


    by jgxkxkgc

    I got to 14!!!!. Whoohoo! I love this game!!! BYE IT!!!! Soooo much fun! It's so simple! All you have to do is tap on the shake button and... SHAKE!  Enjoy!  \(^o^)/

  • Yay

    by Shazam360

    I got 17

  • I got above 15


    I got 9

  • Aiight

    by Hungry gurl

    I got 21 on my first try

  • Easy

    by K Olesen

    I keep getting in the 20s

  • Uhh.... Ok

    by Progirl12

    Its ok but it needs more color pops

  • Good!

    by Food is cool

    This game is addicting!!! I got 25!!!

  • Awesome!!!

    by Crazychic21

    I got 14 on my first try and 16 on my second try.

  • Fun

    by Dancinellie

    My hand is like soazzing out and i almost got 17!

  • I got 16!

    by Tatertot13

    It is a really fun and addicting game!

  • More pops please

    by Sabor sabor

    More pops please

  • Yah

    by Jjj1970

    I got 16!!!!! Awesome game!!

  • Ice cream

    by Love ice cream

    I ate 16 ice cream

  • I got 18!!!!

    by PopopopjKz

    Awesome but can get boring I wish there were different ice creams and cones and you could use the screen to bite or lick the Popsicle or ice cream and change the background.Otherwise it's a pretty cool and creative application by lolriffic stuff.

  • The worst

    by Read Me You

    Its the most dumbist game ever but it has u thinking of ice cream

  • Good

    by Ssyyren

    It's not good or bad I got 16 on my first try too easy

  • Great app!

    by singing4dlord08

    I got 16 icecreams down in 10 seconds. It's free and adicting, so try it today!

  • It's really stupid

    by Bunnyluver:)

    Don't get it it's pointless and time wasting


    by Me=Crazy

    Boring game stupid.

  • Ice cream review

    by Tenor saxophone !!!

    Hey everybody I ate 16 ice cream pops above 15 k !

  • Stupid

    by Ioppalhgdjy

    I hate it all u do is shake ur iPod By the way if u like this say this at the end STEELERS ROXS SUPER BOWL PEOPLE WHO R GOIN TO WIN THEIR 8th

  • 27 baby

    by thatwhiteboyy017

    Yeah! But dont get it

  • Boring!

    by omgitsbess

    I got 16 but all u do is shake ur ipod not reallt fun

  • La

    by Dygfhdhdjrvhsdbdb


  • Ice Cream Race

    by Laura

    Stupid app. Not recommended.

  • Worst app ever- don't get no matter wat

    by allylittledanger


  • Sooo dumb

    by jessicamessenger

    if their were 0 stars thats what i would give if!! u shake a popcical its not even an ice cream!!...... horrible......just horrible!!!

  • Not entertaining

    by Bobeggnops

    A pie eating contest would be better :)

  • Dumb game

    by hhubacek

    No wonder it's free this is a dumb game.

  • Hmmmm

    by annabear

    I'm sorry but that does NOT look like ice cream. I like apps that I can customize, so maybe u should be able to choose ur ice cream before playing, and make it look less like a popsicle. like the other guy said-- too easy. I already got over 15.

  • Stupid!

    by Shhhh12345!!

    All u do I shake ur ipod...then u repeat that again. It doesn't even show u your past score...don't get this's not worth the time!!

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