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Introducing a funny ghost prank you can play on your friends with scary footstep sounds. Hide this prank under their bed and scare them all night long!

Now you can recreate these sounds effect and drive people you hate nuts and no matter what they do, they hear them coming from some secret place. Set a countdown, up to 60 minutes before the prank and then, press the button to start the prank and watch as the screen fades to an innocent off mode silently awaiting your prank victims.

To change a setting or turn the prank off, just tap anywhere on the screen to have the settings fade back into view.

Depending on your skills at slipping this unnoticed prank into the perfect hidden spot, your prey will be searching for hours! Meanwhile, the entire time your iPhone or iPod touch looks as if its innocently turned off.

Make it even harder for them to locate by setting the how often the noises should be made, from extremely often with every second to rarely maybe once a minute more or less. Trick your friends and family members for good!

Customer Reviews

  • Cool

    by Crohnusnsapphire


  • Awesome

    by Kammypop

    this app is really fun I advise people to get it!!!!

  • Love

    by Seativa Anziano

    Hey u know I love this game btw!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Funny but lame

    by Zebra lover 325

    I love the game but it's so lame because when u hear the footsteps it sounds like someone ate bad ice cream and then they crapped it out

  • Lol

    by TeaKwonDo

    Omg it scared the crap out of my friend, after I told her it was me, she laughed at it. I love it

  • Wow

    by marskool

    Wow people as I was reading this comments i realized they're stupid. HELLO IT'S SUPPOSE TO B 4 PRANKING PEOPLE duh

  • Wholly

    by bobspizza12321

    I scared My little bro SO bad! He's scared for life and still doesn't know it was just an app, he won't even sleep in his own bed!

  • Awesomèeee

    by Birdyyy:)

    My friend was like what's that ?? I was like idk!! Haha I'm lovin this app :)

  • AWESOME!!!!

    by kellieebee

    this app scared my mom sooooo much!!!!!!! she thinks the house is possesed!!!!! ahaahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!

  • The stupidest game ever

    by Pinkdancergirl25

    This game is stupid. It didn't even scare me and my brother

  • No JUST no

    by That's just nooooooooo

    It like reminds me of like a dog running up the stairs? It's gay. Sorry...

  • Awful/horrible

    by SScrazygirl

    It won't work it's stupid don't get it

  • Stupid/awful

    by Molinalarosa

    It dnt even deserve one star it gets a zero it plays the same thing over and over again n it sounds like a cartoon character is coughing do not get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    by Tory 101

    All it does is make weird sounds that aren't scary and sound nothing like footsteps. You can't even trick anybody because the ads get in the way! Don't buy this! :/

  • Lame!!

    by Kitty's are awesome

    The sound isn't right,the ads are in the way and I hate this app!! Update and get it right


    by No nicknames available!!

    I WAS going to play this prank on my 7 year old sister, but I listened to it myself first. I got to say, when I first turned it on, the noise was so weird and loud that I did jump a little, but those are NOT footsteps! It's someone making really weird gasping noises or something like that. Definitely finding another pranking app for that.

  • Weird

    by Justaddwater11

    Waste of ur time

  • Blahh

    by Razzledazzle888888


  • Bad

    by Whegegeg


  • Don't get it!!!

    by TangledLover99

    I would never download this app. It doesn't work and it made my iPod freeze and then crash. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS!!!

  • Bad bad bad

    by EmbAz147

    I hate this app

  • Ads

    by Badmississippi

    Ads block the way!! Deserves 0 stars!!!

  • Don't download

    by Yaya9120

    Doesn't do anything and ad is in the way... Dumb app

  • by Cowgirl Up

    Nonsense doesn't do anything rate 0 smh

  • Dumb

    by im lovin this season totally sick

    The ads get in the way and the sounds are so gay

  • Hate it

    by lexibear1798

    It wasn't scary, wouldn't trick anyone don't get this stupid app.

  • hate it

    by Mrs.LuckyDucky3

    Don't buy it! it just will take up space its not scary at all i invited like all of my friends that got easly scared over they were not scared at all! they could tell it was definitly FAKE!


    by Teena17

    I wish I could rate this 0!!! Doesn't do anything!! The sound effects don't reely do anything!! THIS IS STUPID!!!

  • No

    by Surdoblade

    Because i m deAf cant hear this is

  • This is stupid

    by Sydni mcguire

    It dont do any thing


    by Really awesomly fun game

    1st let me get somthing strait, u have wait like 40sec. 4 sum...

  • Stupid!!!!

    by Mccsquared

    This app is so stupid it will only let u play one sound and that sound sounds like someone taking a hard crap

  • Vxhsvshsgsusb

    by Boobear_10

    The stupidest app on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lame

    by LilJasmine

    This app doesn't even do anything don't download it a waist of time just makes 1 sound stupid retarded app

  • Bad

    by cuddlebuddy4eva

    All it wants me to do is buy a other app and it will not let me EVEN look at the pranks every time I press the button it takes me back to home page do not get this app

  • Lame

    by KandyPeace

    Dont get this it horrid just a bunch of non creepy sounds

  • The worst app

    by Fucibucgvuxhdjj

    This app is so bad that u don't even want to by it. It's not scary at all. And the people who actualy like this are afraid of their shadow. Not scary at all don't buy.

  • Pranks

    by Hacker1112

    It's soooooo stupid I'd rather eat plane salt the ever see that again its just noises boooo

  • Don't get it.!!!!

    by Kadii Cue

    It's lame. Deleted it right away.

  • Stupid

    by Loveeme

    All it does is make one noise and it didn't sound scary DO NOT GET ITS STUPID

  • Lame O!!

    by Punk-a-dunk-a

    Never get it!!! I'm 12 and I showed it to my little sis who is 3 and having nightmares and didn't believe it!!!! It's just a waste of time! I wish I could give it a 0!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:p

  • Worst

    by Park Slope

    It stinks it goes boom

  • UCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Josie clary

    I hate this stupid retarded app all it does is make sounds that I can't even Hear!!!! GGGGGGRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dumb app

    by Goblin guy

    Won't even scare you I have it and deleted it right away! Cation if you get it you will delete it and cuss at it beware and don't be around family!

  • Don't download!

    by DeverBoy

    This app is so stupid! All it does is make weird noises that you can't even hear

  • LAME!!

    by Mazibay

    So DUMB all it does is make noises you can try this app but you'll delete it right when you get it....stupid app

  • Omg

    by Brinohart

    This is so friekn stupid

  • Stupid

    by Kajlol


  • Omg

    by Hannnnnah Beeeee

    It doesnt do a freakin thing except retarded noises whats so scary about that?

  • Bad

    by Momzilla in Charlotte

    Worst app I have ever gotten! It was a prank to me a stupid one 2.It broke first time I used it! I don't like the app worst app Ever. I would never use that app again.I deleted it first time I used it! Do not get the stupid app.

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