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Seller: Adan Vielma

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** DOWNLOAD FOR FREE WHILE IT LASTS! ** Block kickoffs in your own virtual goal with this interactive iPhone and iPod Touch game. Do you have what it takes to be a World Cup goalkeeper? Play a virtual shootout game and practice your soccer skills with interactive gameplay.

Fun for anyone to use and easy for friends, soccer fans, goal lovers, and those goalie fans in us all. Plus it's a bit of quick fun and a conversation starter about how you can use your iPhone as an interactive soccer game with the built in accelerometers!

Can't hear any sounds?
Make sure your volume is turned up and if you have an iPhone, that the silent switch is off.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome!

    by Gubcub

    This game is amazing

  • Sensational

    by Cool cucumber123456789

    Not only does this game blow but it pushes your soccer imagination BACKWARDS

  • WOW!!!!!!

    by Ladygaga818

    Better than Fifa 12

  • Awesome

    by Jklx

    Your not gonna get a better game. Graphics are great

  • Stupid

    by Yard476558

    It's so stupid you shake your phone and stare at two pictures as they switch back and forth.


    by cool is cool man


  • Horrible

    by Roarwzoarz

    Couldn't even play

  • Please Fix

    by "Hannah123"

    I just got it, it doesn't make sense! Please fix or I might delete it!! Thank you

  • This game is terribly bad!

    by The1Metallian

    So it says shake to continue right? So I did then it just getting things to pop up and I waited for a hour and I never got to play!

  • Horrible

    by Vicfifjxy

    It doesn't work!

  • Terrible

    by MelNiall1D

    Worst game ever


    by PumaWP

    horrible game dont get it. it makes absolutely NO freakin sense. if i could i would rate it -9999999999999999999 stars sadly i cant tho. but that is how crappy this stupid game is. ha no wonder. i just searched this crappy 'game' company and NONE of their 'games' are rated more than 3 stars. so do NOT get THIS piece of crap or ANYTHING else made by this company

  • Wut

    by Holdenmcgroin69

    All of my wut. What is this. I don't even.

  • The worst.

    by sergentkyle

    This is the worst game I've ever played. I really hope this is a joke.

  • What?

    by 9superawesome9

    Makes absolutely no sense. Don't get it.

  • Worst game

    by Tickii

    Just stupid

  • Gay game

    by GreatGamersRus

    Gay game


    by AttiaZ

    Worst app by far I have ever downloaded.

  • Dum!!!!

    by Hans224


  • by Ria1522

    Stupidest game ever, I could have more fun talking to an orange then playing this game. Don't download it!!!

  • Horrid

    by Guyman345

    I expected better than this trash

  • Goalie?

    by 12345hansolo

    I'm a goalie and i dont understand this

  • Terrible

    by Skyskymonk

    Worst app ever don't get it

  • Stupid

    by its not very good

    Stupidest game ever!!

  • :0

    by Lhwadhh

    Wow. I'm impressed how lame this game is. It's kinda funny

  • Trash

    by Sarge-1972

    Garbage. Don't waste time with it.

  • Stupid

    by Kevin Avelar

    Stupidest game i've ever played

  • Blow me

    by Frosty walrus 1774

    This is the stupidest game I've ever seen I don't see a point to it at all whoever made this deserves to get punched in the throat

  • Hmm

    by John. Smith. Doe


  • Most awesome game ever!!!!!!!!

    by Tdgilani3

    It is so much fun like reall soccer.. You have to save 20 goals and then you can move on.. Its stupid

  • Horrid

    by Ggfyygd

    What a waste of time and poor gaming.

  • GAY

    by Skficuxhwhdjshsuai

    Worst game don't get whoever made this is a lesbian!

  • Horrific

    by Goal10

    I am a goalie, and this is an insult! I am very upset:( This game is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad , that it doesn't even deserve any stars!!!!!!!!

  • Sooooo stupid

    by Cbong007

    I can't even rate it!!!!

  • 3mak yad

    by Elgenny

    Simply stupid...if there is a negative rating stars I give it 1000000000

  • Worst ev

    by kingkauz

    0 star

  • What!!!

    by peaceloveswimm

    This is not a good game don't get it.

  • Hate it

    by Katielove01

    It wouldn't work at all

  • WHAT?!?!?!

    by Animalrescue

    What the heck I can't even get to the game! I guess their idea of swiping is different from the world's!

  • Dumb

    by Purple green awesome

    It is so dumb!!!!!!!! All you do is let a player play! I want to rate 0 stars! BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By Stasi Roukis

  • Dumb

    by Moneyhead$$

    Dumb dumb dumb . I don't get it


    by Nickki0322

    This is terrible! You can't see where the ball is being kicked! It's SOOOOO stupid! I warn you! Don't get this!!

  • Terrible

    by Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnmmnnnno

    The worst game I've ever played, don't even try it!!!!!

  • Awefull

    by Xtreamtoast

    Worst game ever

  • What the heck?????!!!!!!!

    by Bobby 111

    Epic fail who ever made this game is a total loser!!!!!!!!:(

  • Maddie a soccer player

    by yo fat dog

    Right when I got it I played it and I could not see where I was kicking hateeeeeee outfitter:((((

  • What?!

    by mohrocks1


  • How?

    by N()vertogo

    I don't understand how people make a game that is so terrible, this isn't a game, u shake ur iPod back n forth...another fail

  • terrible

    by Koolsportsguy22

    all you do is swing your iPod and it flashes back n forth from 2 pictures

  • Lol

    by A awsome Kat

    Worst game ever do not get I'd rather see a bear get raped by a rabbit then play this game for 30 seconds

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