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How many donuts can you eat? Challenge your friends in an all out donut eating battle with virtual donuts! In 10 seconds, can you eat 10, 15, how about 20 donuts??? Who do you think will eat more donuts, you or your best friends? It's a fun game that is quick to play but highly addicting in that only split seconds make the difference so if you think you have skills, test them out in this fun virtual eating contest!

Play now for free while it lasts!

Customer Reviews

  • Enrgy

    by ME ME!!!!!!

    U have to have enrgy to play this

  • Good for the arm workout!

    by Bamasmilez

    The only thing good about this game is that if you're used to monkey-spankin', it'll give you a similar thrill (without the guilty feelings afterwards, lol). Other than that, there's really no point to it. At least it's free for us all to decide for ourselves. Thanks anyways Dev team.

  • Suker

    by Set

    It's addicting, but stupid.

  • OMQ (oh my quasymodo)

    by Dr.Uconn


  • Worse game ever

    by Owl01111

    This is a gay game it takes forever to download ive had it for two days nd its still not done.!!wacckkk.!

  • Good game

    by Taahb

    This is such a good game.

  • Free(come on)

    by Love forever and foreveryone

    Of course they make it free it doesen't work it should be there when you first get your iPod/iphone after 12 donuts it starts all over!(what is that)

  • Lame

    by Cloee123

    Don't buy it it's just shaking the iPod/iPhone/ipad I could only get ten and I shook it as fast as I possibly could LAME

  • Wow

    by SKKhi

    Worst app ever. Pointless. Especially if you think about, its the lite version!

  • Pointless

    by Bbbbbbbbbbbhhhhhhhh

    This game is boring and pointless. All u have to do is shake the screen. What kind of game is that?

  • What's with the "Free while it lasts"?

    by Poopybuttface12345

    This is the worst game I've gotten so far. All you do is shake the device and it says you eat donuts? It is quite confusing, but it is a good workout. :D

  • Crap

    by MHouskeeper

    This awful game

  • Stupid

    by KyrGlraisoydoyxphxitsita

    Not worth it

  • Terrible

    by Justin Biber lova

    This is so boring

  • Terrible

    by Best app on earth!!!!

    It says get it free while it lasts meanwhile it's dount racing LITE!!!!!?!

  • Awful

    by p[0oj

    Don't buy

  • Shake and Break

    by ToddPj

    Kinda dumb, I could only get up to 12 donuts no matter how fast I shook. After three plays (shakes), I decided I didn't want to shake my Touch into broken submission, so done with the game. I do love all the other donut games I've downloaded though!

  • Dumbest app ever

    by sindeekay110

    All you do is shake the Ipod! Lame-

  • Ok?

    by george fotis

    What crap is this?!?

  • Uhliezah

    by Uhliezuh

    Wtf dis is sooo boring :/ all yoo do is shake d damn ipod/iphone. NOT WORTH GETTING!!!

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