Ascendancy Games App Review (iOS, $6.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Logic Factory International Publishing Limited

Species Art Update:

-Improved and increased resolution of species artwork, especially for iPad and iPhone 4.
-Increased resolution of some buttons on iPhone 4 and iPad.
-Improved management of artwork to reduce stress on memory.
-Improved data loading to speed app startup.
-Fixed a rare crash that occurred during ship target selection.
-Fixed a rare crash that occurred during diplomacy.
-Fixed a bug that allowed some ship actions to be skipped if the user exited the system view in the middle of an action.
-Fixed a bug with rotation in the research view.
-Fixed some minor user interface layout errors.
-Fixed a bug with tinting of system objects.
-Changed the resume game button to make its effect clearer.
-Made other improvements to increase the stability of Ascendancy.

Thanks for all the comments and reviews!

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As a small, independent developer every great review helps us keep improving our games. If you like Ascendancy please consider a favorable review or rating.

- The Logic Factory

Customer Ratings

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338 Ratings
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706 Ratings


"The definitive hard core strategy experience on the iDevice." -

"Control the universe from the comfort of your iPhone.” [or iPad] “An incredibly satisfying strategy title that just keeps giving and giving. Highly recommended." - Imagine Publishing,

“ endlessly customizable sci-fi playground.” “Excellent replayability.” - Slide to Play, Jason D’Aprile

“Ascendancy is a true classic in the turn based strategy genre.” - TouchGen, Torbjorn Kamblad


Create and control a space colonizing civilization. Manage your planets, research new technologies, design ships, explore small, medium, or massive galaxies, engage in combat, conduct detailed and nuanced diplomacy, and discover the cosmos. Once your people venture to the stars, they will encounter exotic spacefaring life forms.

Choose to lead any of TWENTY-ONE WILDLY DIFFERENT ALIEN SPECIES. Each one has its own personality, evolutionary history, theme music, and approach to diplomacy. Strange effects abound: each species has its own special powers, and technological advances allow you to bend the rules of the cosmos.

A universal app, just as much fun on your iPhone and iPad for a single purchase. True interactive 4X entertainment designed from the ground up for digital gaming.

Combat in Ascendancy is turn based and occurs within star systems. It ranges from encounters between a few small ships up to large battles between as many as seven species at once, wielding fleets of ships with varying hull sizes and capabilities.

The new technologies the player can discover in Ascendancy allow enormous battleships to maintain a wide variety of devices including weapons, shields, and specialty gizmos that can change the course of a war with a single well-timed activation. The player controls combat: ship movement, firing weapons, raising shields, invading planets, planetary attacks on ships, and setting up combinations of moves so key gizmos can be used at the right time. At any time, the player has the option to activate the autopilot feature and watch combat run on-screen.

Ascendancy offers extensive diplomacy, communications options, and trading between species. Players can win through clever means that go beyond brute force.

Be a diplomat or a warlord. Win by force or by unity. Can you lead your people to Ascendancy?


If you like big, rich games for a great price that don't try to interrupt your fun or make you pay in-game fees just to make progress, then spread the word!

No in-game ads, no "micro transactions," no non-game popups begging for reviews. Just Play.


Thanks to players of Ascendancy for the great reviews, ratings, and comments. Please keep them coming!

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Don't forget to check out for more information, and fans of fiction should look for the novel, "Space Pilot Connor Grant," which may, or may not, bring a whole new kind of gameplay into the Ascendancy universe.


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