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New Episode Out Now! This time you'll get to travel to the pearthenon, there's a lovely Lilly waiting to give Papa Pear a really nice bubble bath!
Enjoy a smooth gameplay, this version comes with many fixes!

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Take aim and unleash Papa Pear to bounce and boing his way through the wonderfully wacky levels of this unique puzzle game.

Please note Papa Pear Saga is completely free to play but some in-game items such as extra moves or lives will require payment. You can turn-off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Join Papa Pear on a journey through more than 100 levels filled with fruity pegs, hazelnuts and crazy chillies.
Exciting adventures await you in the Fruity Forest, the Great Pearamids and beyond. So bring your friends and see who can get the highest score! BOING!!


Papa Pear Saga features:

•Pearfect graphics that will have you bouncing for joy
•Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master
•Over 100 amazing levels
•Leaderboards for you and your friends
•Items to unlock by completing levels
•Boosters and Power ups to help with those challenging levels
•Seamless synchronization with the Facebook version


Last, but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has played Papa Pear Saga!

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From King, the makers of Candy Crush Saga, Pet Rescue Saga and Bubble Witch Saga.

Customer Reviews

  • by BeautifulSinnn


  • Freezing

    by Amyd69

    Freezes up a lot- please fix

  • Love it, but it won't let me play

    by Mommy Nicky

    I love this app, I'm totally addicted to it, but right now it's having some problems. Every time I try to open the app it freezes then exits out and won't let me play.

  • Best game

    by Mashbu01

    Love it!! Very addicting

  • Fun & Frustrating!!!

    by Memom53

    Love this game! Complaint is because it froze up & I had to uninstall it!! Now I have to start all over!!!!!!!

  • Freezing

    by Strandjj

    I love this game but ever since I updated it keeps freezing the only way to unfreeze is exit out and then I loose a guy getting really tired of this

  • Love the game but

    by _Steph83_

    I download the most resent level and I am having BIG problems with it freezing up. Fix please

  • Needs rewards.

    by JoBob52 ford

    I'm on level 156, really enjoy the game. It would be great if we could earn gold bars or power-ups. Perhaps a spin wheel like other King games.


    by Cchabore

    This game is great, support is great, Apple is great and ITunes great also. But the people that play this game need to shut the hell up, quit winning, crying, and complaining. I have NEVER seen so many bitchy people in one place. Shut up, go play another game and stop bugging the hell out of these people so they can get their job done! The less you bother them the faster they can work!!

  • Takes forever

    by Bagging genuine

    I really like this game but since I upgraded the the app it takes forever to load and when I beat a level all of the obstacles disappear but it takes 5 minutes before it says level complete. Can you guys please fix this problem because it is not making the game fun any more....

  • Help to next world....

    by Moss308

    I have sent several requests to Facebook friends to get help to move to the next world and I don't think they are going out. There is no conformation. Also, some of the same requests from friends come up every time I open the app and the giving of lives is a little out of control....I can enter and have 114 lives when I get back in which makes it hard to see if I received my request for help to the next world.

  • Fun game, but....

    by ItchyPickle

    I'm stuck on level 135. I cannot pass this level unless I buy gold bars or spam my Facebook friends. Fat chance that's going to happen. So although I like this game alot, it's the end of the fiesta for me.

  • Constant Freezing

    by JaMa Cren

    Every time I pass a new level the game freezes for about 10 minutes. Also for the past few days the game doesn't even launch when I attempt to play. Would be 5 stars if these issues were resolved.

  • Awesome game, please fix bug!!

    by Carynie22

    I am totally addicted to this game and would have given it five stars if there wasn't a bug. I am on level 167 and my game keeps freezing. It is a hard level, and having to lose a life does not help matters.

  • Love it but there's a bug I noticed

    by DeadlyCpro88

    I'm on level 91 and I'm not sure if it's just this level but if you get the giant papa pear with the fire upgrade and hit two lids at the same time the papa pear freezes and you can't fire out anymore. Hopefully you can fix it :)

  • PapaPear

    by Pokey772

    It first I loved the game, but I have been stuck on 54 for over a week. So it's very boring now. You'll have to buy gold bars for extra powers, and I'm on SSI and cannot afford to do that so I guess I'll have to delete. Not fun if you can't move on.

  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    by Louisa.Abq

  • Great

    by Eman1018

    Papa pear saga is a great game

  • Crash and burn

    by Mcox89

    Love the game, but new to it. Hope levels don't get impossible. Biggest complaint is that when I got check requests and lives and even help for new episodes, it crashes. Then the numbers add up until inbox had over 4000 with no way to retrieve or clear because those don't carryover to Facebook version.

  • Nice


    I like the concept and I like hitting small stuff with small stuff so that they blow up, so I think it's a win win


    by Melopanies

    Since the recent update I can't get lives from my friends send them lives it's ridiculous especially after waiting for weeks and seeing Coming Soon over and over! When will you fix this??

  • Crashing when opening message folder!!!

    by MissLyon

    Since downloading the newest update... I cant play! Every single time I select my message folder 2 collect lives... IT CRASHES!!!!!!! It's ALWAYS something wth this game! Wud love this game if it was fixed!!!

  • Fun but

    by hldon2lifendeath

    It's constantly asking to log into my account and keeps crashing and a daily noun like candy crush would be nice

  • Completely ridiculous!!!!

    by Eric Kohlmeyer

    Keeps crashing. Can't even play it. Please fix.

  • Game won't load

    by 50Blue

    I'm at a high level and the game will not load, even after the last update. I like the game, but I haven't been able to open it for approximately 2-3 weeks.

  • Crashes

    by MellyB.

    Ever since update it opens to king splash page then it shuts itself down.

  • Fix bugs PLEASE & get 5 stars!

    by Mama&Gavin

    Since the last update there are multiple issues, game freezes when you have multiple bonus pears going at once, you cannot open messages AT ALL, cannot send requests to unlock episodes or request lives, please fix I really enjoy this game & would hate to stop playing!!


    by Seeeestar33

    Game keeps freezing! Have to start over and loose a life! Please FIX!!!!!!!!!!! One star for now...

  • Fix the glitch!

    by Living Stoner in SB

    Please fix the glitch! Large pear + fire ball ends up freezing after hitting the lids & you can't play the level anymore. Level 167, but other reviews noted the same glitch.

  • Can't use sent lives

    by Julzy83

    I have over 5000 messages and every time I got to check them I get booted off the whole game! What's the point of having something you can't even utilize?!? Fix this please!

  • Won't open

    by Darlagb

    This game worked fine until a couple of updates ago. Now it doesn't open at all. Hard to play if it won't open.

  • Crashing

    by JaKourtney

    Everytime I try to open my messages the game crashes

  • Fix glitches

    by Zenickname

    Big papa bear freezes equals lost play. Please fix the newest version. Fix and Four Stars.

  • Wouldn't open

    by Sammibevans

    Good game, but was around level 70 and app stopped opening, had to delete and re download witch started me from beginning. Lost all my money I spent for gold, and the stupid spend 3 bars or refer 3 Facebook friends. Hate Facebook so I don't have one, had to spend gold. Now I'm stuck on level 56 and spent a ton of money in boosts to try and beat. Needs a better way to advance episodes and needs to give boosts for bonuses.

  • Papa pear saga

    by Cgplayer9

    I'm on level 167 and the game keeps freezing up. I have to end the game and loose a life.

  • Fun when it isn't freezing up

    by Cityniece

    Downloaded the update and now it freezes. Very frustrating. I waited for what seemed like forever for this new world to be released on the iPad and now this...

  • sth wrong with 161?

    by evababe大妞卓玛

    stuck on 161. Can't open it at all. Fix it plz!

  • Messages

    by Torpswim16

    My messages keeps adding 1000's at a time and now has gotten so full that I now can't use any lives I've been sent or get the help to open the next level, how can I erase all of the messages.

  • Fun but.....

    by Aris814

    This game is super fun as long as it does not freeze. I have had multiple times where I was just about to win or had more than one pear playing and it freezes. So you have to end the game to start over. It gets annoying. Real annoying.

  • Boosters??

    by Mike @@@

    When are you going to add a way for players to get more boosters without having to pay for them? I refuse to spend money on pomegrenades and I don't play through FB. If no way to add/win boosters is added, I'm deleting this game. Tired of being stuck on the same level. Booooooring!

  • Please fix!!!!!

    by BamaQT

    It freezes up when you try to give or accept lives from your friends. Please fix before you lose a lot of people!

  • App deleted itself

    by Juserfjeicikf

    When I updated it the icon disappeared from my home screen. Never had that happen before in 4 years of iPhones. App Store tells me to hit "open" but when I do nothing happens. Fix please!!!

  • Lost interest

    by JLPK112

    The game is kind of fun at first, but there are some levels that I cannot pass without buying their upgrades. It feels like a game of chance more than skill, so I rarely play it.

  • Bug fixes didn't work!

    by Tammy6265

    Well the last update made the game crash on my ipad3, this update didn't fix that, still crashing, won't even open. It's a fun game if I could actually play it I'd give it all stars, bummer

  • Fix bug

    by No more pens

    I am on level 42. I have had over 171,000 and all the bucket lids gone, I should have moved to level 43. This happened twice, so I should be on level 44. Please fix this and advance me! It took me awhile to get papa fiesta, but didn't go through!! All that's required on this level is 35,000 points and all bucket lids gone. Please fix. Also, it won't let me send lives to my friends. Thank you.

  • Wanting to move on to the next level

    by Let me move on!

    I can't move on to the next level because my inbox will not load. The game is messing up, I went from 60 messages to over 4000 and no one has sent me anything according to my Facebook. Please help!

  • Update way behind Facebook app

    by RachelxxDCMA

    This is the big update? Level 180? I'm on level 260 and prefer playing on my iPad. You really need to sync these updates. #fail

  • Cool kid

    by HI MOM123

    Am I the only one who plays this game?

  • Entertaining but still glitchy

    by Name$Brand

    Crashed soon as I updated it then froze my phone a few hours later. It's entertaining and a good time killer but wish you got a few more lives. I refuse to buy them and I refuse to be the pest friend on Facebook and bombard people with game requests.

  • A Big Bug!!!!!!!

    by No pip

    Hi...I have a big bug during opening this game. Plz fix this crash....THANK YOU"."...........

  • Fix the bug! It still doesn't open!!!

    by Picmolder

    I updated it, now it won't open. I updated it again!! And it still won't work!!!!! Fix your game!

  • Get Stuck and Get Bored

    by Swsxdedcfrfv

    It was so much fun until Level 117. Granted it's also no fun if it's so easy that it isn't a bit of a challenge, but playing the same game over and over turns into a chore and a bore. I'm probably headed the same direction as Pet Rescue and Candy tired of the same levels on those, gave up and deleted them. Papa Pears is going to go bye bye very soon as well. Just not fun anymore.

  • New Update

    by Helbarn

    I just updated the game and the new level is great. However, it still freezes up when I want to get lives that are sent and when I want to send lives. The program crashes after the screen comes up to get lives. Can't you fix that soon? It's been happening since the last update. I would have given this game 5 stars otherwise.

  • Jinxie jinx

    by J Garcia

    I finished the purple part when do we play on the white part. #166. I'm getting tired of waiting for 166,I'm just going to get rid of this app,there never coming up with the upgrade,update.they just want you to buy gold. At least they could tell us something.

  • Level up

    by KristinLPN

    Fun game but what a ripoff when asking for "tickets" to unlock next level the game makes you use one gold bar even when I know for a fact that my friends are sending me tickets. Just another way for the developer to screw the gamer

  • Freeze!!!

    by Phatmatt_0

    Pears get frozen in the middle of gameplay!!! Need an update plz!

  • Update

    by MzzTish

    When is the new update coming??

  • Stuck!

    by Mar 3646

    I am stuck, and my friends give me lives, but they don't open the next level. What is happening? I used to enjoy this game, but am really frustrated with it. Will probably quit playing if I cannot get a solution!

  • Bad update

    by Daredevil Dave12

    Like this game, but last update was bad. It keeps kicking me out. Need to fix bugs.

  • I'll give you all five when...

    by ryaaano

    ... you add the levels from Facebook to the apps. Not cool.

  • Fun but can't far

    by Cass3111

    I liked the game but will probably delete soon unless changing levels is done without Facebook or gold.

  • Fun but

    by hldon2lifendeath

    It's constantly asking to log into my account and keeps crashing

  • Need more land

    by Dark Chocolate 68

    When are y'all going to finish building the other lands, so I can play. I'm on Level 165....I love this game. I would have giving 5 stars, because y'all put this game on the market for a test, and working to slow to complete the other lands.

  • Advancing

    by Grat matter

    I paid to advance to the next level after asking a bunch of people to help me move on. Apparently that doesn't work. People have sent me request to move forward but I never got it. Then I purchased 20 gold bars but only needed one to advance. After advancing I should have had a balance of 19 but NOOOO only had balance of one. Don't buy gold bars. You'll get ripped off.

  • Papa pear

    by CCK2089

    I love this game but your last update will not allow me to stay on Facebook. It kicks me off every time I try to get my lives from friends. Please help. Thanks.

  • Papa please

    by Kimbowee

    Love this game can you fix it. Please papa pears.

  • Really fun and addicting.

    by SavannahBanana196

    I like it it's kinda like pinball or something

  • Please fix

    by Mrscno1

    I still can not get me messages from friends that have sent me lives. Every time I go into messages it kicks me out of the whole game.

  • great game

    by Happyslotjourneyplayer

    i love love love this game its awesome but their are some problems. on some levels when i get to clearing a level with the fire balls it freezes up and wont let me do anything so i have to quit the level. also i play this on my iphone the most and it shows i have over 3000 messages and for a while after i lose my 5 lives i could go to my messages and accept 5 more and keep playing i could do that all day long with the messages i was saving. starting today every time i open messages it knocks me out of the game completely. so i cant get my messages. please fix the problems so i can continue to play my favorite game!!

  • Game keeps freezing up

    by Cassie Isaacs

    Fix it dammit!!!


    by Horablr

    This is a must get game!!! It is sooooo addicting and sooooooooooooooo fun!!! I love it and can't stop playing it. I honestly tnink the only time I'm not playing it is when I run out of lives. LOL!!! So you MUST get this game!!!!

  • No lives!!!

    by Jrod804

    It's a good game, but it only gives you five lives at a time and then you have to wait a long time to get more or pay to get more instantly.. Come on!!! At least offer more lives for longer playing times.

  • Addictive but disappointing

    by Elaine K-O

    There seems to be no way to "earn" gold bars and I am not one to pay for games on FB. I cannot progress unless I annoy my friends with constant help me requests because three people have to help you move out of certain levels. :-/ Also will not connect to FB on my phone half the time.

  • Too many

    by Ternus-Huedepohl

    Every time I get on I get 20 more hearts in my inbox thing and no one sends me any and It has requests to unlock to the next episode and they aren't even close to advance yet! Just stop the madness!

  • Fix the problem to make it perfect

    by MikeJudy

    I love the game, definitely getting ready to drop it due to the balls getting stuck and game then freezing up. Happens most often with the fireballs....and when I am close to completing a level. Not worth my time when that happens. Please fix it.

  • Bugs

    by Addictingggggg


  • Pleas help

    by Potatoe land

    It's still closing out and I rely wan't it to be fix

  • Update levels!!!

    by Ktanne31713

    I love this game! But I'm now stuck because the new world is coming soon! My friend said its unlocked on her laptop, but I don't use my computer to play.

  • More Level

    by Lucelyy_

    Waiting for more level... Update???

  • Was a good game. But

    by Crystal Harris

    I was loving this game, but now every time I turn into flaming papa pear and become huge. When it's time to go back small it freezes in mid air. I've had to lose my life like 5 times and 2 time I was about to beat the level because I only had one bucket left and had like 7 shots left. I'm on level 123. Fix please

  • Levels please

    by Call girl two

    Love the game, but you need to update the game for iPads please.

  • Fix the bug!

    by Picmolder

    I updated it, now it won't open.

  • Addicted!!

    by MeB(84)

    Oh my gosh! This game is so fun yet challenging! It's so cute with all it's adorable sounds!! I love this game!! I play it all the time!!

  • Need more levels

    by JaKourtney

    I can't go any further on the app!! Need to advance!! Add more levels!!

  • Great game

    by bbeerryy

    Has been crashing a lot lately

  • Same As CandyCrush

    by Clarkie2099

    This game is the same as CandyCrush. Once you get to a certain level, they make it almost impossible to beat without paying to get more bonuses to use. We'll see how long I keep this game. Deleted CandyCrush after 2 months

  • Over 3,000 lives but frozen.

    by Carriesbeans

    I normally wouldn't complain about the illogically increasing number of lives I get whenever I open the app, but I can't answer friend requests nor accept help to unlock levels when I need it. "Accept All" freezes the app completely.

  • Excellent

    by Crolanda

    The best game ever, though at times I feel lazy cause the game is going through the motions; but as soon as it settles I am all game and ready to play.

  • Love, but...

    by mutication25

    Used to be fantastic, now after I have spent money, the game freezes with a ball in the air and I have to lose a life.

  • Crashing

    by Hi good game 79

    Keeps crashing in the middle of a game and when I go back that life is gone this happens in candy crush too please fix the bug

  • Annoying bugs

    by Littleben1

    I like the game but when I request tix to the next level they don't show up for days even though friends just gave me tix. Also it always says I have four messages but nothing shows up. Little things that make it irritating.

  • Papa pear

    by Ally 22

    This game was my favorite I am finished with the level 165 but like many others my lives are increasing like crazy which is awesome BUT I can't get them ever since the last update it freezes when I try to use the lives given. The messages pop up I have 7,689 lives! I try to get them but it crashes or it shakes back and fourth! Deff needs fixing.. Please listen and fix the issue.. Then u will get 5 stars!

  • Levels

    by Jub Jub iz me


  • Was fun until I got to level 44

    by Chris & Andrea

    Then I found out that after trying to beat it for 2 months, I can't. Now it's a waste of time because there's no way for me to advance.

  • Y'all messed up game with update in IPhone

    by tori21225

    I updated on my iPhone and now I can no longer send friend request. I can send from my iPad but no longer from my iPhone! Please fix this it ain't right!!!!!

  • :(

    by Lynn Ranalli

    Every time I try to play the game it starts to load then exits should really get this fix I would like to play this since I downloaded it

  • Papa Pear Glitchy!!

    by jennah77lovesbubbles

    Started out loving the game. Still wanna love but waited over a week for update for new n more levels. U give us too few gold bars to move on up . Now on last pear it glitches between example two blue thingys and points keep racking up but never stops. Only way to fix is delete app and redownload!! But it keeps happening. Ugh!! Not happy at all.

  • Crash!

    by Handsome hair

    I love the game!! But it keeps crashing.. Fix it fix it fix it!

  • Just log in

    by Pootanda

    The settings to this game are quite simple, just log onto Facebook, it's not a game you will get far if you do not, I have just as much fun as I do playing candy crush!! You can set your settings so that non players will not get your requests. It's really not a bother to anyone if you take the time to figure it out, after all you are already taking your time to play an app game.. Just 30 more seconds of your life to edit the privacy of your game requests.. Well worth it because the gold bars go fast and you need help moving on! It's fun to try to beat my friends scores or see who is the farthest... ONLY problem I have is I am at the end of pearsylvannia... New levels need to be built and added to the app faster, I go thru the levels too quickly!!!

  • Oh the bugs!!

    by AcGal9

    I give this game a 5 based on the game itself however; this last update REALLY messed this game up. It is soooo slow it is absolutely maddening. Also, it is taking too long for the new levels. I'm really hoping you fix the bugs and step up your game. The way things are now is really affecting how much fun it is to play.

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