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> Care, feed, play, dress up & bathe your very own cute kitty - awesome fun!
> Tons of interactive activities with kitties like arts & crafts! Paint banners & blow up balloons!
> Present challenge! Unwrap gifts with your kitty cat and play host for all your kitty’s friends!

Dress Up Time
It’s time to dress your kitty cat for the big day! Choose between a whole bunch of awesome birthday hats, tiaras, halos and more! After you get them dressed, it’s time to choose a funky bowl for food and water.

Birthday Cake Time
Now bake a birthday treat for your kitty! Mix all of the yummy ingredients to make the purrrrrrrfect birthday cake! Your kitty will be so grateful and happy!

Clean up!
Your kitty can make a mess! The cat hair is everywhere. It’s time to clean up the living room. Get out the vacuum and lint brush and clean up the hair.

Be Creative - Arts & Crafts Activities!
> Balloons: Blow up colorful balloons to decorate the party. Choose from animals, helium balloons and more.
> Paint B-Day Banners: Paint an awesome decoration for the party! Totally creative and you don’t have to get your fingers dirty! Everyone can see your art at the birthday party!
> Paper Dolls: Make cat-themed paper doll chains to decorate the party. Decorating is so much fun!
> Cat Food: Make yummy cat food cans for your special guest to eat at their party!

Unwrap the presents!
The birthday party wouldn’t be complete without presents! Your cat’s best friends all brought presents to help in the celebrations!

> Restart - Use the restart button to start the kitty birthday over again!
> Dress up your guest of honor in many different funny birthday hats!
> Bake a yummy cake for your kitty while learning about different kitchen tools!
> Drag to clean up your kitty to get ready for the big day!
> Use cleaning tools like a vacuum and lint roller to clean up kitty’s living room!
> Tap to create birthday decorations like balloons, banners & paper dolls!
> Watch the cat food disappear when your cat eats it!
> Stunning HD illustrations & interactive elements on each page!

What's inside:
> 4 Cute kitties!
> 25 Awesome costume ensembles of kitty clothes to dress up including Xmas gear, tutus, fish fins, animal feathers and more!
> 25 Funny hats, tiaras, halos, crowns, Santa Claus & animal styles
> 25 Festive and funky bows and ribbons to dress up the kitty’s tail
> 25 Super cool shoes, wild animal claws and robot shoes for dress up
> 40 Collars, stripes, bow ties & crazy sunglasses to play dress up
> 9 Water bowls, 14 names to monogram the bowl
> 22 Pet play toys for fun & games including balls of yarn, plastic fish and other toys

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Customer Reviews

  • Amazing for kids!

    by BrownEyedGirl8)

    My daughter loves this and I checked it out as well; totally a fantastic game for kids! I even gave it a go and enjoyed myself! A must-buy!

  • My daughter loves this!!

    by Rebamor

    My almost 5 year old loves this game!

  • It WAS fun...

    by h00pysc00p

    My little sister saw this game and asked for the "meow meow day". I got it for her... Big mistake. In this game, you get to dress up the kitty and blow up balloons(which is hard to do), but you can't do anything else without paying real money. Thanks for ruining a child's spirit. My 2 year old sister asked me why she couldn't bake the cake or feed the "meow meow"s as she calls them. Unless you let her at least FEED THE CATS THE CAKE. You may or may not get one more star from me.


    by Amber326

    This app was good up until I PAYED FOR IT! 5 DOLLARS? SERIOUSLY? I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!

  • Not Recommend

    by Pizza AWESOME!!!!!!

    I think it's stupid to only have like 2 or 3 things to do on this app. This is an app for children have every room unlocked just not everything in each room unlocked. The children would appreciate this and like this app more. I DO NOT recommend this unless you want to pay 5 dollars for all the activities!

  • Pure camp

    by G van Rossum

    This app is so hilariously stupid I'd almost give it two stars.

  • Bad to feed cats the cake

    by Apalotz

    My brothers ex girlfriend worked at a Petsmart last summer and when she saw this game she commented on how it set a bad example for cat owners. She insisted that cats should never be fed cake unless they were, ya know, about to be put to sleep. Then, it's like acceptable because they are gonna be dead anyways.

  • Weaird

    by Michetrain5555

    It's fun but you have to buy other rooms witch is .like not cool and not fun so if you want to buy it I just want to say it is not fun so I would say one of the good things about it is that you have the option for any of the cats but it's is like not cool so ther is some things that are bad like really bad and something's that are good about this app so buy at your one risk

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