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> Make Your own Ice Cream Friends! Smash the Ice Cubes & Make the Perfect Ice Cream!
> Create Dozens of Delicious & Unique Ice Creams and Make them into Milkshakes Too!
> Decorate with Wacky Costumes, Sweet Candies & Crazy Cones! Then You Can Eat it all Up!

Meet Creamy Chris, Jimmy Sprinkles, Chillin’ Charlie, and Chocolate Chad! These cool ice cream pals can’t wait to party with you! Make your very own ice cream! You can make them into amazing things! We need you to create a whole new bunch of ice cream flavors and decorate them so that they look and taste amazing!

Now it’s time to make your ice cream. You will add milk, cream, crack an egg and mix it all up. Choose from 18 delicious flavors. Mix in your flavor and then combine the ice (don’t forget to crush it up!) with your sweet mixture. Put in a bowl and stick it in the freezer. A clock will tell you when the ice cream is ready.

Choose a fun cone or cup and create silly faces on your ice cream. Put on some wild candy hair, a mustache, crazy lips and a bow tie. Then decorate your ice cream creation with some candy, Gummy Bears and chocolates! You can cover them all up with candy and gummy bears if you want! You can layer on some syrup too! Choose from 8 types of syrup like strawberry and chocolate! Change the cone at will; don’t worry about spilling! Let your creativity go wild!

Once you are done with making your ice-cream, sit down and enjoy all the ice cream you want! Eat it all up and then, if you want, you can get another one straight away! But wait, we can be more creative than that-- there’s more to do than just eating! You can turn your ice cream into a milkshake! What’s more fun than sipping a milkshake through a straw on a warm summer day? Sipping on the ice cream you created!

> Break up blocks of ice with the tap of your finger!
> Reset button lets you make ice cream over again and re-decorate!
> The replace button lets you change flavors!
> Make a milkshake out of your ice cream and sip down!
> Gallery of ice cream creations - keeps photos of all the fabulous ice cream you make!
> Rotate - changes the angle and size of each ice cream decoration & candy

What's inside:
> 18 delicious flavors
> 22 different cones & cups
> 125 dress up including hats, hair, silly lips, mustaches, bow ties & sunglasses
> 100 candies to decorate your ice cream

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Customer Reviews

  • Foot

    by Nocavities


  • Sauceum

    by Dorktropolis

    This is cheesey

  • Ms

    by Claire Blue Bear

  • I. Love. It

    by Angieto2009

    So. Fun!

  • Good game

    by Noicerules

    No ice cream choiceis but.... NO ADDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I Scream 4 Ice Cream!!!!!

    by 100000000 stars

    Yumm...........Ice Cream!!!! This game is SOOO much fun!!! U should get it!!It's SOO cool!!

  • Pretty good

    by Cupcake172004

    I would like to have more ice cream choices to choose from...

  • 4%

    by Josh/Kyle iPod

    Super dumb~~~~

  • Asome

    by Morganlittlepriss

    Game rocks

  • Good idea but ads kill it

    by RadioJeff

    This app seems well done and fun, but it is so full of ads that get in the way and that my darter can't click out of, so she winds up angry more often than amused by this app. So, we're done with it. Classic failing of kids apps.

  • This is stupid

    by Anime_

    You barley get anything on this app unless you pay!

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