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> Jump on your hot dog truck & business will bump! Time to: cook, serve, eat & compete!
> Plenty of hot dog fun and buns! Beat your opponent by catching flying hot dogs & avoid the bombs!
> Become the ultimate hot dog chef! Beat the clock & challenge yourself!

Wrap To It!
Tap to wrap up the hot dogs quickly! Your guests are hungry so keep up with the conveyor belt and keep the hot dogs coming!

Serving Party!
These hot dogs are too hot to handle and too legit to quit! Serve ‘em up fast! Drag hot dogs, buns, and drinks together to make meals for the hungry people! Don’t forget to put some ketchup!

Eat It To Beat It!
You gotta eat to compete! In this game, out-eat the opponent by tapping as fast as you can!

Let ‘Em Fly!
Incoming-- flying hot dogs! Tap the hot dogs to hit them before they will disappear!

Don’t Just Play, Saute!
Time to cook by the book! Drag and drop hot dogs into the cooking pan, don’t let them burn! Put them in buns for your yummy customers! Track progress with the sidebar!

What's inside:
> 5 Fun mini-games for hours of yummy play time!
> Dozens of levels to challenge your hot dog chef skills!
> 6 Hot dogs to make in the kitchen to get ready for the lunch rush!
> 3 Different condiments and 3 different drinks to go with the Hot Dogs!
> 4 funny characters!

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Customer Reviews

  • No Restart

    by Ldybug08l

    I would like the game much more if I didn't have to restart the entire game each time I exit the game

  • Does not save progress

    by MrsAmellion

    I love this game except I can not save my progress and just start over every time.


    by Pcmman12

    this game is so amazing even though they only give you two types of games out of five it's still AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! BUY THIS GAME!!!!!!

  • It's okay

    by Hannah Sweitlk

    It's a good game, but when you try play levels on the game it doesn't save your progress... Please fix this!

  • Great app

    by Bodnsoex

    Best app ever made.Works great !

  • ;)

    by Estgyjuradhhijjojfraul


  • Love it!

    by Charisma Kish

    I love this game!

  • Fun


    Very fun!

  • awesome

    by LoveForLife<3

    awesome game

  • awesome

    by LoveForLife<3

    awesome game

  • Yay

    by Abrillllllllll!!

    I love food making games so much! I don't know why i just love them.

  • Sexy

    by Boy of awesomness

    The sexiest game ever

  • good

    by maoniukay


  • Hot diggity dawg!

    by -holydiver-

    Who wouldn't want a hot dog making game?!mirite?!?!

  • IDC

    by Idontcareiguessnothing


  • Meh

    by Pretty good I gues...

    It's a somewhat good game, some will like it others won't.

  • Bad

    by Abby koralewski

    So many pop up ads and is not the a game that u want to download

  • Eh;P

    by Karissa the cute

    Well I say OK. Because it was a little fun. Well if you're SUPER BORED. Don't get this! I rate one star I possible ZERO. Live life be happy

  • Worst app ever

    by Grace4572

    This app gave my device a virus and I would never recommend it.

  • Ok

    by Sunshine872

    The game is ok to pass time away but everytime u leave the game it takes u back to level 1 annoying there's no way to save your game.

  • Ok

    by Sunshine872

    The game is ok to pass time away but everytime u leave the game it takes u back to level 1 annoying there's no way to save your game.

  • Horrible

    by PandaGirl37

    Never get this app! it's stupid and it wastes your time! It's horrible! If I could rate this it would be 0 stars!

  • Bad

    by Doglover333456

    This game stinks

  • Bo

    by Selmonati

    It doesn't work :(

  • LET'S SEE!!!

    by Jacy Barber!!!!

    I haven't tried this it won't download :(

  • Bad

    by Ragtag20

    Worst game ever

  • Oops

    by Rory watson

    Yeah this is bad

  • Ok

    by uecker123456789333

    This game is ok but I have played better games!

  • Poop

    by IrvinS17

    I just want my diamonds.

  • Gay

    by Gerath

    Uuuuggggg horrible I just downloaded it for the credit on app bounty

  • Eh

    by Ghostcrawl4

    It's alright :/

  • Discriminatorio

    by Egmg182

    Es demasiado discriminatorio con los gordos y se burlan de ellos! Mal...

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