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~~> You’re a money makin’ machine! Create, customize & decorate your coins, bills, & credit cards!
~~> Grow your allowance even more with money trees! Help the planet when you recycle plastic & metal to make your money!
~~> Spend your hard earned money how you like on cool gift shop toys or save up for a bigger purchase! You’re in charge!

Money Does Grow On Trees!
Grow your money making trees! Plant coin, bill, or credit card tree seeds, water, & watch your money grow before your eyes! Shake your trees to collect the money and add it to your bank!

Coin Creation Craze!
Melt scrap metal by stirring it in a huge pot! Pour into molds, freeze, pull them out with a magnet, and cut them out with a saw! Save money in your piggy bank & decorate the coins too!

Bill Making Machine!
Print bills with your face on them! Snap a picture & choose the color of your bill sheet! Once they’re all printed out, cut them out! Tap to collect ‘em or decorate ‘em, & take a picture with ‘em!

Credit Card Madness!
Melt down left-over plastic, stir it up, & pour into the mold! Pull the lever to freeze, & magnetize your card! Customize your card with stickers, names, chips & more! Get money at the ATM!

Gift Shop
Start spending the money you earned with awesome gifts and toys! Check out the gift shop to choose from an amazing selection of items-- you’ll wanna save up for these!

> Learn how important it is to recycle by using metal and plastic to create money!
> Earn the money yourself to learn to manage a small fortune!
> Swirl to stir plastic or metal in the melting pot and turn it to a liquid to place in a mold!
> Pull money out using a magnet, and polish the edges out using a saw!
> Click to collect coins, bills, and credit cards!
> Shake money trees to collect the money you’ve grown!
> Drag to cut out dollar bills, coins, and credit cards!
> Swipe to use credit card at ATM!
> Tap to paint and decorate your currency!
> Customize your coins, bills, and credit cards!
> Decorate the coins with whatever you want!

What's inside:
> 26 cool coin decoration items!
> 32 credit card decoration items!
> 26 bill decoration items!
> 6 colors to tint the bills with!
> 2 awesome games to learn about recycling! And 2 more just for fun!
> 8 awesome toys in the gift shop!
> 7 Ingredients to make coins & help to recycle!
> 3 Money Trees to grow & harvest your cash!
> 7 Ingredients to make Credit Cards, all recycled & melted down!

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Customer Reviews

  • Golf

    by Havendi

    I am waiting for it to download what do u do on it??!!!!!!????!!!!???!!!???!!!!????!!!

  • Very bad

    by Beakman08

    Teaches kids to counterfeit money to spend on fake toys that make a noise when tapped. Many ads to accidentally tap on and half the features cost extra.

  • Don't talk if you don't have anything nice to say

    by Iiltg

    Listen you should not talk about this game so just be quite and you know what I mean by be quite ok

  • Pretty stupid

    by Ben70191 (on Game Center)

    Its a pretty stupid game its for 6,5 or 4-8 year olds you really expect them to own an IOS device get real dude go make a real cool shooting game or make the legend of zelda. Bad rateings

  • Uninteresting and derivative

    by Et6277

    Nothing new here

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