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> It’s Makeover Time! These adorable babies want your help to renovate 4 rooms - bedroom, living room, kitchen & garden!
> Clean & repair with tools - mop the floor, mow the grass, pick up leaves & much more!
> Choose from different activities like pooltime,fun puzzles, painting and eating in the kitchen for endless entertainment!

You’ve joined them on all of their previous adventures around the house, now get ready for home makeover fun! Watch your progress as the cleaning bar fills as you complete your room makeover!

Bedroom Tidy-Up!
Room makeover is underway when you start in the bedroom to clean up the cobwebs and remove the garbage. Then take your time to coordinate your decoration with pretty wallpapers and matching beds, dressers, lighting and more! You can even paint once you’re done! The fun doesn’t end there!

Lovely Living Room
Move on to the living room, where you can clean with a vacuum, duster, and other cleaning tools. Then change the furniture and carpet, and pick out a new TV and bookshelf to match the decor! Play puzzles in your brand new room with your adorable baby! With this fun app, you can be a true renovating renegade!

Cozy Kitchen
Now you can move on to fun in the kitchen! Make the countertops shine and floor sparkle with your special cleaning skills! Once you’ve tidied up, transform the ordinary old kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams with endless makeover options! You’ll even get the chance to feed your baby once you’ve completed the makeover.

Gorgeous Garden
Get a breath of fresh air with some time in the garden, too! Watch your step though-- you’ll need to get out the trash bags to clean up the pool! Perfect your backyard by using the lawnmower to trim 10 different types of grass! Redesign the garden to make it look like the backyard of your dreams with different pools, flowers, and intertubes! Once you’re done play with the baby and watch the squirrels eat the strawberries!

> Clean, repair, and play in each room, there’s so much to do in this house!
> Drag to select different tools like the mop, vacuum and lawnmower to make cleaning a easy and fun!
> Customize your home with wallpapers, rugs, furnitures and much more!
> Play different activities like feeding your baby in the kitchen and painting in the bedroom once you’ve completed your tasks!

What's inside:
> 4 cute babies
> 4 rooms that need to be cleaned, restored, and redesigned!
> 11 different cleaning tools to make the house sparkle.
> Hundreds of decoration instruments like cute curtains, swinging mobiles, wallpapers, grass types & garden statues!
> 4 different activities such as: painting, puzzles, eating and play in the pool!
> 15 different pool styles to play in!

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Customer Reviews

  • It's ok

    by 1# girly girl

    It's not great now but, if I get more rooms I will be good

  • Great

    by Jinx0213

    This game is GREAT! I love it!

  • :)

    by XD :) lol

    I think it is a good game for growing up

  • Good

    by harmony815

    My daught like this game

  • Ehh.

    by reneeray23

    App was okay. But you could only do a very little part of it without paying. Which I would not do. But all these other reviews are pointless and irrelevant.

  • Just did it for a website

    by Soggytoothpaste


  • Great App

    by Chuy_Boludo

    I like it! Easy to use for kids.

  • Iraq

    by Diyaa alabasse


  • Only using because of FreeAppLife

    by ZombiePott


  • Appnana? ;)

    by Gblank11

    ^^ hehe

  • Good

    by 503solo

    Great app I recommend this app

  • This game is very bad

    by Turtle man 7

    It's about babies. Maybe if you're a little baby? Why why let a baby use a touch screen.... They will break it, lol

  • Please upgrade

    by Hi5678910

    This game needs a major update because u have to buy and I am not allowed to buy things on apps. And you could at least upgrade so there are a few more rooms to decorate and play in. Thank you. Please keep it in mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mad at it

    by Kac1027

    1ROOM It stinks

  • Horrible

    by Esmeralda_hate this app

    This app is horrible you have to pay for every thing like the living room the kitchen and the back yard so if you are interested in this app don't get it and I'm not messing with you trust me

  • Ciara

    by Hermit crab lover

    I like the game , but you can only design the bedroom. If you want to design the other three rooms you have to pay.

  • Can't Uninstall Fast Enough

    by Tatathomas

    There's a big banner ad at the bottom that is annoying. It's a guaranteed in app purchase if your kids use this. Thanks for nothing!!!

  • I hate it

    by Trina burns

    Everything should be unlocked you shouldn't have to pay for it who ever is paying your bill could say no so you are playing only one room :(

  • Mbbgbnjkj

    by HSBC,jgfvnkk

    To much for baby's

  • Horrible

    by Pikante

    It only has one level

  • Me

    by Pinktacular

    I just don't know. Cuz well it fun at times but it really bad at others u know.

  • FreeAppLife Purposes

    by Kevin Santos


  • App weirdos

    by Irie fresh

    This apps for weirdos are you a weirdo?

  • Babies Playing With An iPhone?

    by Bungie's Destiny

    Same remake over and over again... Most babies shouldn't even handle an iPhone.

  • Umma

    by Narry_lover❤️

    Well.hi.not a good app.

  • Eh

    by Cnlou

    This app is for kids and has some potential.. The idea is cute but it's really hard to work. I can see the ages being 3-4 years old but some of the activities are hard. It took me as an adult some time to figure out what to do.

  • Just awful

    by DrBradleypants

    These guys keep putting out the same product

  • Lolololololol

    by Squirt2001

    Just getting this app for a website. ;) I bet this app is good for kids tho.

  • First

    by 5limShady

    First review!!!

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