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~~> The babies you love are back and they are up for some home adventures!
~~> Kids will learn responsibility by helping around the house with 6 fun & educational activities
~~> Matching socks, washing clothes, growing plants, tidy up their room and more!

After 6 million of you joined in on their previous adventures, it’s time to head home... but the fun’s never over! In Emma, Sophia, Olivia, and Kim’s 5th adventure it’s time to help around the house! You can help with doing the laundry, matching the socks, hanging the clothes to dry on a windy day, cleaning the TV room and the kid’s room, and even plant flowers that giggle when they’re all grown up! Helping around the house has become so much more fun with these awesome educational games!

6 Fun & Educational Home Activities!
> My Room! Drag the toys in their box and make sure everything is in the right place! Get crafty! You also can find an awesome painting game.
> Clean Up the Living Room! You have all the tools you need to help out like the vacuum and the mop!
> Do the Laundry! First you need to separate the clothes - whites & colors, and then pick the right detergent for the right pile!
> Hang The Laundry! Fire up your child’s memory skills with these smart laundry hanging activities: puzzles, memory games, and more!
> Match the socks! Be sure to match the socks together, spot the right one!
> Grow the cutest flowers! Dig small holes, put the seeds in the soil and cover the holes. Water them, care for them, and voila! Your tiny garden is ready and the flowers giggle when you tickle them!

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Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by Vivi #1

    I think if you say it's a bad game are wrong it is so fun

  • Derp

    by Sketchy_freaky

    Maybe now that the kids are getting older maybe you guys can make a game when they go to the first day of school by the way I like the app I guess

  • Very fun

    by App288!

    My little sister loves it! It's a very fun game ; )

  • Good but should be able to..

    by MelisssA.

    I love this app but we should be able to play all the 4 games. That would make it the best app ever. It's really boring with only doing the laundry and planting flowers. You can't even fold the laundry! I'm starting to think that I should delete it because it becomes boring With only 2 activities to do. Please change it to 4 activities! Thank you

  • Game

    by Kinkinzie

    I love this game

  • It's awesome!

    by Blockhead Ethan

    I love everything about it! If I had the chance to change it, I wouldn't.

  • it's ok

    by zozo


  • Ok

    by Maria0987654421

    It's ok and nice

  • More chores

    by Baker32

    It's fun but you only get 2 chores and if you want more you have to pay for them.

  • Best Application.

    by Michael Bailey_01

    This app deserves 5 ??stars. It is so cool.

  • Enjoyed

    by Elisa Granados

    Really cute should b more app games like these

  • Baby home adventure

    by Bhrhyhf

    We get all the baby's but only two levels I rather have only one baby and all the levels .

  • Bad

    by Jaz7590

    You only get two things to do unless you buy more. And the ones that you have are boring.

  • Not cool

    by Mo mo yay

    You have to buy everything!!!

  • Really Bad!

    by CoolzGirl

    This game is the worst! I got it and it only let me have two rooms! It's horrible!!

  • booo

    by Review 234

    this was very very very boring there's 2 things unlocked booo

  • Stinks

    by Abc blah

    It's so stupid there's only 2things unlocked so I suggest unlock the other thing and who cares about the ads so my point is this game is terrible so I wouldn't get it if I were you. >:(

  • Worst game ever

    by Chloe Lemaire

    I wish I could put zero stars nothing is unlocked

  • Shouldn't be ads

    by Girthmonster

    I purchased 2 of these games for my granddaughter and both STILL have ads and options to buy MORE games. PLEASE turn off these features when you charge $7 for a child's game. Epic fail as far as I'm concerned.

  • Horrible

    by Nellylee

    You should not get this app

  • Sersersopretty

    by Sersersopretty

    It horrible however made this game. Should be sued I hate boo ( UNLOCK MORE GAMES )

  • Adds

    by Sugarplums007

    I paid for this app and I have adds????

  • Good but...

    by Nickyg111

    Good but, they lock a lot of things. There are only 2 things unlocked. It's pretty boring. I suggest that the makers of this game unlock everything or maybe 2 more things as an update.

  • Horrible

    by spongeyy<3

    This game is so stupid

  • Boooooo

    by Radar498

    Why why why I need a new app and one of the kids I baby sit saw this app and I got it and you gotta buy the other stuff boo!!!! It is junk! And no boys?! I dunno I don't think I will get this company any more!!!!

  • Don't get this

    by By:NICKY:)

    It stinks. It only comes with two things to do. You have to buy the other four!!!!!!

  • by Anna . B. cosper

    You only get 2 things u have to buy four.

  • Mom's Helper

    by Linda5225

    We love this app, except that the gardening part has a major glitch and just keeps repeating that you should dig the holes over and over!! It won't move on to the planting, watering, etc. Please fix this problem!!!

  • Boo

    by jphandy

    After selecting a baby, the game quits working.

  • What

    by POMKO

    This is stupid 2 games?!!!?? What each game you finish in a minute! I get it cost a lot to to make an app but you GOT STOP MAKING GAMES WHERE YOU BUY THE OTHER GAMES!!! HOW DO YOU THINK ANGRY BIRDS GOT SO POPULAR CUASE THY DON'T MAKE IT A RIP OFF!

  • Horrible

    by Cutey pea

    My daughter hated the game it only had 2 games what a wast of time

  • Moms helper

    by Swapey is cool

    Not a good game u can't even play it

  • Yoohoo

    by Yoohoowow123

    Be carefully with this game, bought the game then my daughter finished the game in 2min restart the game all the socks same spot lol. I want my refund please

  • Such a huge rip off

    by Jo Jo kn.

    This indecipherable you have to buy everything Ancabide Mark characters if you want to play different characters also say you wanted choose a different girlfriend you want to do the rest of a call cleaning supplies etc. far as the rest of the other game is not cool I give this a rate of zero gold stars or 0 1/2 or just a big fat zero

  • by Sugarbunn

    I dislike how it only has two levels

  • Ugh

    by Gymgirl12

    I can't even open this game

  • Ok

    by Wheteva

    This game looked fun but its ridiculous how you have to PAY for other levels..!!

  • I would love i if you would unlock all of them

    by Mali Elise Gomez


  • This is the truth of my feelings

    by Demandqqq

    For who say this game is awesome are you crazy look at it it's stupid game who made this game if you make what I say this game should be awesome unlock the chores and the baby's nobody cares about them just make one only and you will see everybody will say AWESOME GAME know please fix or update this game

  • Upset

    by PrincessAniya1

    I do not like this game because of only get two things to do so that is all I wanted to say

  • Stupid

    by Monkey(Na)

    It stupid


    by Jxjjfjaklqcnd

    Honey this game suits little kids. Wouldnt recommend above the age 6. I don't how it's popular


    by I love the smurf

    This game is not fun at all

  • Stupid game

    by Fffffuuuuuuumnnnnn

    I can't do anything. I CAN'T DO ANYTHING

  • Пиздец, ребята

    by LeLuckyVint

    Хуйня, посоны не качайте!

  • BORING! Waste of time.

    by LunaMoonFlower

    You are only able to at least two chores that lasts 10 seconds. It's a waste of your time.

  • Could be beter

    by Oh my God worst game

    I'm tired of doing things like this I don't get how it could be number one. Worst game ever

  • no guys?

    by Arna Bjorg

    Where are all the guys? Why are only little girls helping their moms? Some dads do laundry and both genders should be able to play this game.

  • Meh

    by KatalinAZoldos

    Did not like, u can have all the babies but only two chores? How are kids supposed to stay occupied with this?! Did not like please change,

  • by Sand(56)

    U only do one thing an one of them is glitched

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