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~~> It’s the baby dream house! Explore 9 amazing rooms while you take care of babies!
~~> You can play in the garden, bake cakes in the kitchen and even take a shower!
~~> Check out all the rooms like the Bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, and living room! There’s so much to do!

Have a fun playtime in all 9 amazing rooms with your baby! This is your dream house-- so you can do all the fun you’ve always dreamed of, but don’t forget your chores!

Toilet Time!
Using the toilet is a super important part of any baby’s life! You need to make sure she knows how to ‘go’. Don’t forget to wash her hands, and brush her teeth too! Make sure she keeps her good hygiene habits for life!

Eating time!
For this adorable and fun baby to be super healthy and happy, you need to give her the best kind of food and make sure that she’s all clean once she’s done eating!

Once your baby’s awake, go take care of the garden with her! She’s in the inflatable pool, and you need to put your green thumb to good use when you tend to the garden!

Now it’s time to get cleaned up!
Bath time is a lot of fun, and it’s important too! Give your baby baths before and after playtime!

Now let’s get creative!
It’s time to show the world how you can create a masterpiece! Try out all the utensils and all the colors to be the next Picasso or Mondrian!

Laundry list!
Now that we’re done in the art room, it’s time to get our clothes cleaned and ready for dressing up! Separate the clothes, white from colors, and use the right detergents!

Time to clean up the house!
Phew, after all the fun activities, it’s time to clean up the living room before we can play inside too! Teach your baby what tools to use to make it all sparkling clean!

Dress up!
It’s been a long and fun day but before it ends, we need to play some dress up to let your imagination run wild and look amazing too!

Full days like these are one in a million but they all end in a sweet story for your starry eyed baby!

What's inside:
> 4 babies!
> 9 games and rooms inside and outside the house!
> 20 shirts & dresses
> 10 pairs of fun & fancy socks
> 10 pants, jeans, skirts overalls and bloomers
> 21 bracelets, necklaces and watches
> 10 hairstyles
> 10 funky hats, 30 sunglasses
> 10 pairs of crazy and fun shoes, sandals, boots
> 10 toys, wagons, baby carriages, balls & more

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Customer Reviews

  • Grand kids love it. Problem with iPhone

    by Bzmomkc

    When I got the app it was on my iPhone and iPad. But after I bought the 5.99 update it only shows on the iPad...... How do I get to show on phone too ?

  • Does not do everything it states! paid for full version

    by Planet fruit ninja

    While I like the app ..I paid the full $5.99 to have have access to everything especially to have baby brush her teeth as stated in the description. Low and behold Baby does NOT brush her teeth and there aren't any toys for the baby. The app has glitches and freezes at times. My biggest disappointment is that I emailed TabTale makers of the app twice regarding my problem and I have had no response! I paid for the full version and expected some sort of resolution. I purchased the app because my toddler loves to brush her teeth but I am sorry I spent the money.

  • Really?

    by Kglnoodle

    Are you kidding me!! Some of the stuff it says they have on there is a total lie!! I mean, are you serious!!

  • I. Want new update

    by Lilys friends

    I updated the app and it did not let me brush her Teeth.

  • Okay

    by Domogirl2000

    This game is ok. I don't like it when you have to pay for other rooms.

  • Fun game but can't be used across multiple devices

    by Sleepless in CA

    My 3 year old likes this game. It's quite expensive to buy all the rooms, even at a 40% discounted rate. However, what really irks me is the fact that if you purchase the rooms it can only be used on that one device. All other games I ever paid for in the apple app store is a one time purchase and I can choose to use it in the iPod touch, iPad or phone.

  • Its fine

    by Jessica loves justin

    You have to pay for most the apps and it is boring!!!:(

  • Awesome!

    by Cathy

    My nephew loves it but she is really depressed that you have to unlock the rest if the house.But she luvs it!

  • Love it!

    by Brittbrat19947

    Love the concept. I'm almost 19 and I enjoy this app. :) can you make it where they can wear the outfits throughout the house after we dress them? That's the only complaint I have. Keep up the good work! :)

  • Okay

    by markrl59

    I mean not the best app but pretty fun but mainly everything is locked and the price is ridiculous

  • This app is soooo cute!!

    by Sexy-Mrs.Powell

    My daughter loves this app and I sneak and play it too!! Lol so cute!

  • Boo

    by Uzi10

    I don't like I just have to

  • I just downloaded it for nanas

    by lol

    But there is no need to curse on a child's app

  • Cute

    by The woman of your dreams

    I think it's really cute how you get to play with a baby in so many ways!

  • Great

    by WinxClubLuvr

    My 5 year old sister loves these games! Thank you tabtale

  • Hate this game

    by Poppy

    Can not download it

  • UNFAIR!!!!

    by Not awesome peps

    I'm so excited to have a game like this when.... GUESS WHAT!?! I only have 2 rooms I have access to!!!! Plz fix that!!!! It's not fair how I have to unlock everything. I'm not a millionaire

  • Baby house

    by Glitter 2007

    About the bathroom thing the toilet paper should go into the toilet not the GARBAGE!

  • The worst game in the whole world

    by Michetrain5555

    This game is the worst game in the world do not buy this app you have to buy most of the rooms and baby's witch is the worst thing ever and when you feed it the pear it goes like ewww and I have to agree with that review about the cake and it teaches your kids to eat the whole cake and get fat and why would they put the pear ther if they did not want you to feed the baby it so it's also about what that review sayed that it also teaches your kids to be picy so ya

  • What the

    by Rfhswugsxhu

    This game stinks it's just about a spoiled brat that makes me sick and before I end this review I just wanna say when you give her a pear she makes a face that I hate please don't get this game it's also disgusting so who ever made this game please destroy it that is a hell toddler

  • Boring

    by Jaz7590

    You only get three rooms unless you pay for more. It never ends, you just keep going until you hit home.

  • Bad

    by Singerpink13

    This game is ok I still suggest not to download it. All of the babies are unlocked. Only three rooms are unlocked and I don't know how to unlock them.

  • Worst Ever

    by Britnie brat

    No one buy this game you can only use 3 rooms and they want you to pay for a corney game like this this by far is the worst game in the App Store I will tell all my friends to delete it if you make everything available maybe your game will actually pay of!!!!!

  • !!!!!!!!!

    by jsckelly


  • Ugh I hate this app

    by ILuvCake949

    It is just an annoying as hell toddler. What's the point of playing? You can't play any rooms without paying, the brat is smothered in cake, which will teach kids to eat entire cakes and get fat, and the most ANNOYING PART is the ugly face that spoiled brat makes when you feed her a pear. She's all like, Eeeww! And then scoffs. She acts, not like a toddler, but like a bratty 14 year old. This teaches kids to have fits when they don't get what they want. Now before I end this review, I'd like to say she eats with the grace of a one-toothed gorilla. Who would want to see saliva drenched, chewed up food in kids mouths? That's what this dumb app is teaching your kids to show you. There is about 15 more bad things this stupid app will teach your kids to do. Download at your own risk!

  • Uh

    by R S Chewning Jr

    So stupid it freezes up all the time it froze my hole phone don't get it

  • Bad terrible do not buy

    by Gay boy Steve

    This game disgraces the App Store and everyone that's owns an iPhone. Just delete this now to not disappoint anyone more.

  • Lame

    by 33525/awesome

    So boring

  • Improvement

    by Kiki_luvs_u

    Needs improvement no reason for the UPDATE IS UR NOT GOING TO UPDATE THE APP it's stupid. Needs a better update I don't want to pay money just for lik 4 rooms

  • Okkkk

    by Disappointed74

    Ummmmmmmm........ I thought " oh hey this looks cool", to all your games but you have to pay 10 dollars to be able to do everything. Cool game, but it stinks. Maybe people shouldn't have to pay as much like 2 dollars maximum to be able to do everything.

  • Dangerous!

    by Nick Vojvodich

    I would never allow my child to play this game. The arts & crafts room uses regular scissors. NOT safety scissors! This is setting a bad example for children. Also the child appears to be home alone. It also promotes obesity, allowing a child to eat an entire cake!

  • Bad!!!!!!!

    by KissMe

    You have to pay for it and whan your baby won't to take a bath you can't because you have to pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And my sis do not like it because you have or pay!!!!!!!!

  • :( mad & sad ):

    by Flower time ;)

    I agree with you all that this game is quite, well ,stupid. But if you do want a game like this, I suggest Baby Dress Up. And I also don't think it is very appropriate in the bathroom room of the house. First of all: Eww! Second of all: if a boy wanted to play, it would be quite awkward. So, coming to a conclusion, if you want to pay 5.99 for a game you will probably delete in the near future, go for it! And be scarred for life in the bathroom room!!!!!!

  • Half good half bad

    by Mady2004

    1. Greengod21 it doesn't crash when u open it. 2.I agree with those who said "you have to pay for every room". 3 I'm sorry but I will give this app 2 stars

  • Lame

    by Ehrmerhgerhd

    $4 to unlock all the rooms? Oh, but don't worry, they give you a discount if you buy the package instead of alacarte... Don't waste your time or money on this poorly done "game".

  • Bad!

    by richmiami

    Way too many ads You need to buy almost all the rooms Not appropriate for young children Outrageous prices I do not suggest that anybody should buy this app! D:

  • Bad bad bad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By Mallory B.

    by JulesB78

    Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad!!!!!!!

  • Cockroaches and snakes crawl.

    by MEKDLK

    Deleted this app after a few minutes. The ads are horrible with cockroaches and snakes crawling across the bottom.

  • Horrible

    by Kukushkamoia

    The app which is designed for kids has ads plastered all over it and experice is horrific - no matter where you click you see ads. I wish they charged money for apps and took out all crapy ads. Deleting all of their apps - don't wan my kids to be exposed to so many junky ads


    by Softballkindofgirl

    This app is soooo boring and you have to pay for all the rooms do not get this app.

  • Stupid zero stars

    by Greengod21

    Whenever I open it it crashes

  • Horrible

    by 5663673

    Not good at all

  • Yikes yikes

    by Craze days

    Stupid and expensive app. You of to pay for every room in the house.

  • Crappy game

    by Adrianalvary

    This games for girls not boys

  • เน่า

    by Hikkop


  • Crappy crappy crappy

    by Johnnybob2k

    I hate it

  • bad

    by 枫落之夏


  • Horrible

    by Orange$$$5

    You have to pay for all rooms! I don't have any money. This is a waste of my life! BOO

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