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~~> You're the Doctor! Time to care for the most precious patients, babies!
~~> Awesome new doctor toy tools like sticker removal, change diaper & a toothbrush for pearly whites!
~~> Here you will find a rich doctor's toy tools kit that you can use and you can even give a gift to your baby patient!

Now it’s time for the most precious patient of all-- babies! These babies thankfully are healthy, but they sure are playing sick so they’re here for your help! Start by choosing from 4 adorable babies who need your care and listen to their heart: when you squeeze their hand they’ll even tell you they love you! Follow your nose to see if your baby needs their diaper changed with your awesome new smell detection. Use the lamp to cast light on the baby, it can even shine with cool stars and bubbles! Did your baby patient get a sticker, too? No worries Doctor, you can handle it! Use the awesome new sticker removal by rubbing cotton gauze on the tattoo and it will disappear like magic! Don’t forget to use your handy thermometer and check for a fever!

Oops-- did baby forget to brush their teeth? That’s what you’re there for! Make their pearly whites shine when you use the toothbrush! Noticed your little patient has a runny nose, too? Easily solved with your help! Simply use the soft tissue to wipe it away and your baby patient will be happy and healthy! Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s wrong with a baby, but with your help and expertise, you can get them healthy in no time!

> Diagnose the baby when you check for a fever, listen to its heart, or even use the x-ray!
> Amazing treatment tools like tattoo removal & tweezers, and you can even help the baby to blow its nose and brush its teeth!
> The baby can’t tell you how it feels, so use your five senses, like smelling a dirty diaper, to understand what’s wrong!
> Use everything in your kit and give your baby patient a gift at the end of the treatment to make her feel super!
> Use your nose to see if the baby has a stinky problem!

What's inside:
> 12 doctor tools toys! Like the stethoscope, thermometer, the blood pressure sensor, and x-ray and many more!
> Treatments like tattoo removal, bandages, cherry cough syrup, tissues to wipe away their sniffles, and a toothbrush to clean their teeth!
> 16 colorful bandages, plasters, and stitches!
> 4 adorable babies that need your help!
> 2 Doctor Kits for all of your medical needs, the First Aid Kit and the Pro Kit!

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Customer Reviews

  • Please change the game

    by Terrible help me!!!

    Please unlock the locked stuff or this game is so down and that is what people hate when it's money so please or I'm deleting the game.

  • In love but, ehh?

    by Jdjsjdsbdndnsjz dhdsndhan

    Ok ok

  • Good

    by Edith2003

    It's an ok game

  • Fabulous

    by Gram1222

    Explore around and use common sense all these aps are great ! There is a VERY SMALL learning curve. At the start follow the arrows-after that touch everything to see if it responds and if it does Think what would you do with this ? In The dream house touch the Pear and take it to the baby's mouth. Use the spoon to feed the baby food to baby etc. The bathroom really -- by repeating the functions reinforces each deed. "She is drying her hands". (5) times. This is one YOU EXPLORE--And then show the 2-6 year old. Great potty using tools--she wipes 6 times --older5 & 6 year old boys love THAT POTTY HUMOR ! Remember don't JUST USE THE ARROWS--THINK AND TOUCH EVERYTHING ! ,THIS 64 year old year old Grandma LOVES IT !

  • Cool

    by Cottoncandyluv

    This game is sooooooo awsome

  • Awesome

    by Booklet.

    Daughter plays game always

  • Sara

    by beeeetthh


  • Great kids game!

    by Chuy_Boludo

    Daughter likes playing the game,

  • 好游戏一个

    by Kaisasa


  • Love this game.

    by KeithMSoto028

    Better than game other.

  • Great game!!

    by NikkiY1020

    The babies are really cute and they talk. It is really fun taking care of them :)

  • Mommy911

    by Retro Buddy

    I love my daughter Emma but this game sure does not it always glitches and has so much adds.

  • Halee

    by Tater head 8

    Bad game

  • BAD!!!!

    by Not reveling my name

    You can't help the baby at all, and you have to pay for everything:( I AM DELETING THE GAME:( :( :(

  • Inapp purchases are a rip off!!!

    by Kellyserena

    I have tried to buy the babies twice now and I was charged $2.99 both times and they never worked! Even with a restore. DON'T FALL FOR THIS SCAM!

  • Most terrible app I ever seen

    by Gughgbjbbkbj

    Ok first every time I press doctor it closes on me but when I press dress up it let's me do it's such a bad app don't buy it it is truly terrible and the first time I clicked on doctor it let me do it and the second time i clicked the app closes and now every time I click it it just closes and dress up is boring so just don't buy it ok

  • Not good!!!!!!

    by Emmiebennie

    It was not good and I didn't get it delete it if you have it

  • Worst game ever

    by The writer who is right

    It is a worst game ever because you almost have to pay for the whole game. it cost lots of money and you have to change the baby diaper almost every second and clean it nose. Do not get it if you have zero money . Loser only get this.

  • This game

    by Bugsyarlo123

    This game stinks. It stalls and nothing works. When you try to get a new baby, it goes right back to my home page. I deleted this within one hour of my buying. Don't buy this game.

  • Yep stupid

    by That guy u know!

    No i got this for another apps benefits this game is retarted

  • Horrible I want a refund

    by Butlersgrl

    Stupid game I gotta pay 7 bucks for my kid to play no way

  • Dumb

    by iaminca

    I don't know how else to out this game.

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