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  • Publisher: KAMAGAMES LTD
  • Updated: May, 29 2010
  • Version: 4.1
  • Size: 29.21 MB

Languages: Arabic, NB, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese


- Bugfixes

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Do you love texas poker? Do you want to play with real people whenever and wherever you want? The only thing you need is your iPhone/iPod touch and internet connection! Now just add a bit of skill and you'll have your first winnings! It doesn't really matter whether you are a newbie without basic knowledge of rules or a weathered poker-shark, you will find a table suitable for you. Come and join the club where poker fans from all over the world gather to play and chat about the best texas poker room in the world.


You join a game, but you don't have anything good on your hands. Everyone has folded except you and one other player. You take another look at your cards. Can you bluff you way through? Your device vibrates reminding that you have to make a decision, now.

Texas Poker holds plenty of exciting poker action for players of all levels. Play, bluff, win, chat with others at the table, buy them gifts. You were impressed by the way your opponent had played a hand, or maybe you want to celebrate your own victory? Then treat him a beer or pamper yourself with an expensive cuban cigar! Gain levels by winning hands, check out other player's stats and level trying to guess how good they are. Lost all your winnings because of a bad hand? Not a problem, wait for a daily lottery to get some more chips or buy them in appStore even without leaving the table. But what if you are new to poker and don't even know basics? Do not worry, we have an interactive tutorial which will quickly help you to get into the game. Think you are already good enough? Then just choose a table and get ready for tough competition!


* Absolutely free to play
* Play anywhere, anytime
* Thousands of players online daily
* Easy-to-use, attractive interface: one tap call, raise, check, fold
* Invite your friends to join you via E-mail, Twitter and Facebook
* Chat with others, buy gifts, earn achievements
* Buy chips easily right in the app
* In app tutorial

If you love poker, come and join the club for devoted and occasional poker-players alike. Getting in is easy. Just click on the button and download the app now for free.

See you at the tables!

Customer Reviews

  • Good

    by Jtcrutch


  • Good game but expensive chips

    by Ali tajour

    Good but expensive chips and coins

  • Good game

    by Sean Pomish

    If you like poker you'll have fun

  • Just play

    by He so far so good

    Love it

  • .

    by Cj12251993

    Good game

  • Please Change

    by George Vardanyan

    This Is A Great Game Although They Should Add Like A Comeback Spin When You Lose…The Lottery Bonus Isn't Enough To Come Back…Makes You Wanna Delete This Game…Please Fix!

  • WoW

    by Tessera Home

    the best poker

  • Good poker

    by alm3fos

    Good texas poker

  • Texas Holdem

    by El 47

    The game will set u up if you're not careful. But it is by far my favorite game

  • nice

    by omixilis

    nice game

  • Dhsbfs

    by Andndjdn


  • Poker

    by Asdfghtejhrdv

    Great way to pass the time

  • Bad beats!

    by ༄ོDD༄ི

    Game is great. Been playing for years. Reached multi billions alot of times and today i made 1.6b from 100k. Cheers.

  • Texas Holdem

    by El 47

    The game will set u up if you're not careful. But it is by far my favorite game

  • Omg

    by Nialovexo

    Love love this app!

  • It's fun for awhile

    by thumper2811

    But gets boring waiting for other all the time.

  • Nice

    by Chuckjrct84

    Love it

  • Nice app

    by WaL3TNii


  • Pretty good

    by Lainey,Lo Lo

    It's good for practicing poker and everything it's just not the best thing for playing

  • Poker

    by Denro 12

    Good App!!!

  • Just does not work at all for me

    by Joe Aurium

    I tried downloading the app two times. I updated my iPad software. Nothing seems to help this iPad app does not work at all. I cannot get any listings none of the departments work, like playing videos or TV shows

  • تقييم

    by Disiewjdigr


  • Totally Rigged!!!

    by Esoom371

    Same bingo playin fückheads always win!!!

  • However

    by Jvn2012

    This is a fker pokerist

  • Regret my time wasted in this game

    by Max rrr

    I have the same problem with lots of other people here. At beginning I played with no problem and invited my friends to join me, BUT after you earn a lot of chips(I won 13B) I can't sit in any table any more. No phone number to call, so sent several emails and no respond. Very bad experience with this game, and finally gave it up with deep disappoint on this company.

  • This app

    by Cinbadd9

    This game is so rigged, I've lost over 2 billion, gone broke 6 different times. You know when they have your number, cards dealt, all you get is low cards, no face cards ever, just not fun here when they do that. Other wise it's a good app if you win.

  • Best Poker

    by ReggDogg31

    The Only Poker I Play

  • Bvvbb

    by Dhdksb


  • Review

    by Alaskapure

    It's good game sometimes too much chatting

  • .

    by thricer

    Easy to pick up and start playing. Good flow through entire app.

  • Fun and addicting

    by Mike T. McDonnell

    Very fun

  • The Texas poker

    by Bongtot

    This poker is bad don't buy chips they will take ur money..u will win in the first play ,then u will lost till u chips gone.pls,don't buy chips.

  • good zzccvvv

    by whynotzzzz

    s f g

  • Fukerist

    by Tompaful

    Looking for table for over 6 month now. And my account have over 15b. So gay

  • good

    by Khy col

    very good

  • Texas Poker


    I Love this game

  • So disappoint

    by KSPoole

    I been play poker in this app for 2 year. Wake up one day my acc been disappear for no reason. It's say 'section been expire' seriously? I have 5 billion in there. Try to use forgot password and officially none of my email in the system! This is rip off. The server move people to different zone for no reason. The worst server ever

  • I like this pokerist very much lots of fun

    by DudeXtreme57

    Play and chat with real people from all over the world

  • Don't download and install

    by Pukershit

    Bad app i ever see. My chips and many other friends chips have been reset for "having too much" by pokerist. I have contacted kamagames by email and Ofc no response. Kamagames needs to be held responsible for them just taking chips away from honest players that have worked hard to build them up . In two acc they have taken over 40 bil from me I have nothin left now an did nothin wrong too deserve this an just about all others they have done the same too, this is how pokerist awards you... Also there customer support is an joke they do not reply too emails at all only with an computer generated reply always same resonse if any.. Apple must to remove this app from apple store.

  • #%:".?!

    by Burto000

    Your game is to big for the screen so there are no choices to play this game No stars for you for taking my chips!

  • #%:".?!

    by Burto000

    Your game is to big for the screen so there are no choices to play this game No stars for you for taking my chips!

  • Very Good :)

    by Ma$kara

    Very God :)

  • Terrible scam

    by driver205er

    I've spent well in excess of $500 over the past three years on coins and chips. Only to have the app confiscate all of my game chips with no explanation granted. There is no customer service and nobody to complain to. There should be an agency to complain to because it can't possibly be legal, the way they treat their customers.

  • insulto

    by walter perez

    perros desgraciados ojala se pudran en el infierno por ladrones

  • Cant support

    by Gambler man

    Around 10:00 it wont let me play one hand with out crashing and kicking me out

  • Love this APP

    by Joychenee

    Love love love.!!!!! Once ur on .. ,,,,u can't get off.

  • Best aap :)

    by Kia1432

    Best poker aap ever really nice I'm livening it :):)

  • Poker

    by يوسفـ

    Very nice but i see something If i win in this game last day loser me y

  • Fun but no real stakes for people to play right

    by Gumby111


  • Can't see

    by Fix the bugsss

    The bottom Of the screen is cut off. Can't bet call or fold. On the 5s

  • Ty

    by Khalid141414


  • Mysteriously lost all chips and level rating

    by Tad B

    I played and enjoyed this game for over 2 years. During that period I won over $800,000,000 in chips and played over 45,000 hands earning a level 44. Throughout most of that time I logged in with Facebook. One day I logged in and the app basically wiped out all of my chips and play level. I was shocked and signed out and back in several times, but to no avail. I send a detailed email to pokerist outlining my problem and never received a response. A few weeks later I logged in, again through Facebook, and my original funds were there! I immediately made a note of my player ID, which I had did not know when the first issue occurred. About a month later all the earnings and play level disappeared. I wrote a detailed email to pokerist again, and guess what... No response.

  • rigged????

    by Infamousrobby12

    Fun as he'll to play but I'm very much a skeptic. I've never purchased but it seems to have bots and an algorithm that will destroy your chip stack. No way in h$ll you see so many quads and river straights. Like I said fun! But I would purchase based on my hypothesis.

  • Quality has gone downhill

    by Judgethis1

    Location doesn't work anymore, friend and message feature is malfunctioning, and doesn't remember table preference like it use to.

  • Rigged

    by Nystati

    This app is rigged. I've been playing off and on for a few years. I couldn't get over level 40 for 3 years with great hands. I've recently played a lot more and I just keep loosing with the best of hands. It's rigged.

  • Good

    by LeBron SuKs BaLLs

    The app is great but it won't let me be friends with anyone! I accept a friend request or I give one out. They/me accept it but nothing happens!! If this happens to u please write a review so we can fix this

  • Great!!!!

    by Silverback9294

    Love it!!!

  • Cool App

    by Rovk

    Enjoy playing with friends online.

  • Texas Holdem

    by El 47

    The game will set u up if you're not careful. But it is by far my favorite game

  • Pokerist

    by Ricky1377

    Its really fun

  • Are you kidding?

    by Yankeez Girl

    You whiny people who spent real money to get fake money are asking to be ripped off. But people who play bots take the cake. Pokerist needs to stop this - slows the game to tedium.

  • Great game

    by Hgdsawetgfxssawsome


  • I like this game

    by Talal1978

    good game but if they put the price for chips 100$ for 500 M will be very very vey good because I spend a lot of money

  • Revoace

    by Revoace

    I like this app. It's easy to control, the action is fast and the pots are big. The odds are a little unrealistic but it is a video game. I say try it and make many friends that play daily. Good times!

  • CCDs

    by Sdddsx

    Great app

  • str8pokerprincess

    by ~str8pokerprincess~

    terrible app. full of cheaters. I purchased coins and then they blocked me from tables. Took my money and no response to email inquiries. Poor customer service

  • Pokerist fraud

    by yankiefan

    This app is a game run by thieves. Sit at a table and see how many seats are occupied by Pokerist run profiles. The game is rigged to steal your chips back people so you'll buy more. The only way to write this review is to give it a star rating but I would give it a minus ten star rating!! Should be illegal to operate this game.

  • Here's the scam

    by Adam DeShong

    Great game!

  • Pokerrapist...

    by Youll have this

    As soon you buy any chips, you will then lose 99% of hands. It's blatantly rigged, FKN ripoff!!! Literally, 1 in 32 hands after a purchase, 32!!! Dont bother!

  • شوفني قبالك

    by botrke


  • Review

    by Mubarakeawad

    Fast good and very clear

  • Awesome Game

    by Da rap critic

    If u like to play Texas Hold Em. GET THIS GAME. No bugs, Fun, Friends, and even more EARN MONEY!!!

  • Uhhhh...

    by Whitewhizzyinthehouse

    Well don't know much about this app, barely started playing 3 months ago. I'll tell you one thing.. I way rather have Carmen Electra around... Know what I'm sayin

  • Ehh

    by Doug1624

    It's not bad but it's hard to win chips when people go all in on every hand

  • Pokerist

    by Mikejendewey

    It's OK for what it is !!!!! Entertainment only. A social game, but if you really want to win :) you have to spend a little money on the site !!!! From time to time $5 or $10 dollars :( just keep the real money at the casino's !!! We're you have real odds... I think this is a fare review of the game . Fulltilt is also nice:) on line.

  • Good

    by Arcadetech

    Good app

  • Rigged scam

    by redbigfoot04

    This app is purposefully flawed. You'll spend money on chips, you'll do good for a little, and once your comfortable all the sudden you start losing. It's obvious pokersit needs you to lose all your chips so you buy more. I'm not buying anymore and trying other poker apps. Scam!

  • Good

    by Timothy Hadley Jr

    Good app, interface is user friendly but I do miss some of the old tournament features.

  • Babak

    by Babak_behnam

    But i dont have money

  • Bad

    by aimjayjar

    Delete this app from app store please

  • Мой обзор

    by iKrevis

    Хоть я и не профессиональный игрок в покер, мне очень нравится эта игра, можно легко научится играть и просто отдохнуть, всем советую.

  • Melhor jogo de Poker

    by Edqbastos

    Tenho testado outros aplicativos de Poker mas esse é o melhor que conheço. Recomendo.

  • Rigged

    by JWC14

    Fun game but must be rigged or has a cheat. Had over a billion chips and lost all playing conservative. Most on full house or better.

  • Game

    by |hon e y

    Good game

  • Good time killer!

    by Viktorc11111


  • Great game

    by 66DWR

    The game that helps sharpen your skills. Great game, try it you will love it!!

  • d

    by 타잨


  • Rip off

    by sst1

    Twice I built up my chips and had them stolen. Pokerist did not even answer my email. Also it seems the hands are rigged. You never seem to win with what should be a winning hand. You could have a full house and somebody will have a higher one. I even lost once with four of a kind that way. Almost impossible to have two of those in one game. Just not fun when you keep getting ripped off.

  • Pokerfiend

    by Dr. Putter

    I am so hooked on this game! Playing Texas hold'em poker 24/7 with people from all over the world is amazing !!

  • Poker winner

    by Lazychicano

    Love this app for Texas Hold'em!!!!

  • Santos62

    by Santos.62

    Buen juego

  • Poor app

    by 0likethisapp

    Took away all my properties( both worth with lots of coins & chips),& all my friends from the list just over night. All GONE.... Wrote to them & nothing happened. I probably gonna give up

  • Dreamer

    by Lilpoker

    It's fun but some players can be too sexual. So if you are taken it can cause some problems. Just beware!!!

  • Not bad

    by Hashvvvsv

    I don't like it

  • 海事局bbd

    by Anzjjzjhn


  • 0098

    by Parchang


  • Fun

    by Mac12222222222


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