Slots by Kabam Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Kabam
  • Updated: Nov, 17 2012
  • Version: 3.8.0
  • Size: 30.69 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Seller: Kabam Inc.

- Introducing a new slot machine: Flattrack Fury: Dominate the competition by hitting big wins!
- Multiplayer Support: Play with 4 other players to increase your chance to win on Scatters and Jackpots!
- Deluxe Special Bonus: Now your special bonuses accumulate to unlock a deluxe special bonus to win even larger prizes!
- Bugs Fixes and Performance Optimizations

Customer Ratings

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229 Ratings
All Versions:
3011 Ratings


Unearth ancient treasures and become a Coin Thirsty Vampire to unlock your luck in a collection of the widest variety Hi-Def slot machines on mobile. It's never-ending free entertainment! Your magical jumping jackpots await and everyone is a winner!

Sit back and relax as you enter the world of Kabam Slots - featuring hi-def magical slots - with exploding jackpots for you to WIN BIG and WIN ALL! Unveil the most irresistible themes as you progress through 15+ slots:

-Kingdoms of Camelot: Enjoy the King's riches
-Rockabilly Roadsters: Summer lovin' good time!
-Immortal Egypt: Discover Treasures
-Vikings and Valkyries: Transform into an intrepid Adventurer
-Zombie Slotter: Slash Slots and the Undead
-Cinderwood: Celebrate Victories with your little helpers
-Thirst of Night: Become a Coin Thirsty Vampire and get ready to collect
-Trojan War: Summon Zeus' Power

...New Slot Machine themes added all the time!

-Unique bonus games to help you discover each theme's universe
-Additional Scratchers and Wheel Games for the most variety of fun. So many different ways to win big!

-Free Spins and Bonus Games will keep the fun going!
-Collections: Win more by collecting more symbols
-Achievements: More challenges to keep you spinning
-Weekly Tournaments
-Play online and chat with thousands of other players
-Play on up to 30 Paylines!
-Compete and rule the Slots Leaderboards
-Huge Jackpots so you can play longer
-Obtain Stars just by playing to increase the number of Paylines and Rewards

Note: A network connection is required to play
Works with iPhone 4, 4S, iPod touch 4th & 5th gen, iPad 2 & 3
Requires iOS 5.0 or later

By downloading this game, you agree to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and the License Agreement:

Customer Reviews

  • Fun, great graphics, don't expect to win

    by Gilsbunny

    I love the graphics and all the little extras they try to build in but the promotions don't pan out. Loose jackpots - no, not really. The poker chip thing - I may have collected two. Additionally, they're impossible to reach. I bought a package of coins, was charged twice but only got one package. I followed all the steps and was basically told too bad.

  • Mr.

    by Moon the king

    Very good, but slow respond. Thank you for your effort.

  • Kabam slots

    by Rvakaa

    Game is like the majority is saying, great to play and looks great. Just wish the bonuses were bigger, and even though the game says loose jackpots, it's not true! I have been playing everyday for hours at a time for a year and have not yet won a jackpot

  • Good game

    by RawHead-ReX

    Great games very addicting but the only downside is connecting to the server

  • Great Game

    by Joi45

    I enjoy the game very much

  • KABAM!!!

    by Grumpy Katz

    Exciting game! Good payouts and lots of fun! The best Slot game I have played so far. Definitely Four Stars!!!!

  • Kabam

    by Moe013

    Love this game. I play every chance I get.

  • Kabam Slots Slot

    by Costelma

    I love this game. However, I think the number of gold coin "Slot"s needed to complete a silver set is really out of scope. It is fun to get stars and see your line move, plus the bonuses for gaining a star or a level. But, when you do all of that, it seems you are spinning and spinning for a gold Slot that comes up once in a blue moon.

  • Kaboom

    by Jinx1943

    Really like this gam. Enjoy playing.

  • Kabam honored my points! Ty Aaron!

    by 102dagood

    I had given this board 5 stars and am Very happy! Kabam slots is my favorite game by far. The customer service given to me by Aaron was EXTRAORDINARY! Thanks Kabam!

  • Kabam Slots

    by MajorOcelot_

    Kabak slots is awesome, so much fun.

  • Kabam Slots

    by Quiet Nite

    Fun games, but forces you to play maximum bets if you want to win anything. The winnings are usually lower than your bet, and bonuses have extremely low payouts. Fix this and let us have fun!

  • Great Graphics

    by Coco100

    Fun...addicting.....but.....can't really play very often. Takes 90 minutes to reload some betting points, and, very few wins. I will probably delete soon.

  • Kabamm slots

    by Flowers 2244

    The game is fun the only thing that bothers me is you get kicked off a lot. Wish they gave more coins to start off with

  • Kabam slots

    by Ting,Ting

    Fun game.

  • Kabam slots

    by Kitty2407

    This is one of my favorite games, play it everyday. I have not experienced the problems that I see on this review. I get lots of bonuses. The only thing I dislike is the continuos ads that interrupt my game, it comes on in the middle of play.

  • I love this slot but....

    by Catalana.

    I love this slot game but is disgusting everytime I won the bonus , the stupid archer miss the shots , and when finally I win the scatter some spins don't pay me what most be paid.

  • Getting left out

    by Mustangsallypostal

    When I play kabam slots I am getting left out of the bonus bronze Award because whenever I get a bonus it never shows up on my achievements. Some of the games it does and on others it does not. I hope this gets straightened out soon.

  • Nice

    by OpenFeint Fan

    Too long ads come on before I can even play is annoying! Like there is a little banner that scrolls across the screen to announce a player's winnings. The jackpots for low levels are way too small!

  • Not working-does anyone look at the reviews and fix the issues at hand?

    by MsSarky

    I downloaded iso7 on iPad and now it's not working please fix thank u - does this app work with iso7 -I am still waiting for a response - I hope I don't loose all $ - should delete ? But don't want to start all over again-

  • Not fun

    by Minnesota74

    The pay outs are small as well as the bonuses. It takes away from the fun of playing when you can make little money.

  • New update Awful!!!!

    by Kabam went kaboom!!!!

    I have been playing the game a couple months and it's been fun and I like the chats. However..... I updated to the new release and now I can't even play!!! The app loads, oh yes being prompted at each load to rate the app - annoying, and it looks cool but,,,, no matter which level game I choose it doesn't open and the app closes by itself!!!, grrrrr I tried several times over a few days and it still doesn't work!! So needless to say I haven t been able to play since the update. This is an ongoing issue.

  • Kabam slots

    by Mamaranphi

    I am an iPad user. Something has changed I canNOT play the games or tournaments. I believe it has been this way since the last update. The game wants me to spin when I go in but it won't spin!!!!!


    by jerp 13 jaa

    Just played the challenge and got over 9100 pts. Then it FROZE. Sure hope I get credit for this and my score which is over 1,257,000

  • Won't come on

    by Gail Mitchell

    I saw this game and like what I saw, downloaded it and it won't come on. Had it about a week. Please help would like to try it out.

  • Disappointed

    by Dcen

    Game pays at first and then takes it all back. Its there gimmes to get u to buy. I get bonus and it boots you out.". Losing bonus. Bad taste in mouth about this app.

  • Recent upgrade not working w iOS7

    by Jenmfrench

    The game loads w too much $;:-($&!! before you can get to play. On DoA, the bonus no longer knows which dragon I'm raising, the status bar doesn't work so I never can *raise* the dragon, and crashes when lots of points are earned. I can do without the snarky/sex laden comments on the screen, even though they're now hidden (thanks for that part!). Ouch! Epic FAIL. I used to love the game. I will play again, but not until I see an upgrade.

  • New Update Very Frustrating!!

    by Moseymae

    I have gotten the bonus twice with 5X boosts, each time I'm getting kicked completely out of game! I go back in and the bonus is gone and zero monies added to my game.. I loved this App before, now it's very frustrating to use!! Please fix!

  • Kabam slots

    by Atthehop

    Love the game but it's been a week since I played because it will not compleat the entry process.

  • Crashes

    by Johnoak10

    Like the games but it crashes each time I should get a bonus.

  • Ugh

    by Superpole

    This game does not pay well, but instead does one jackpot multimillion to one person. wrong. Gives most winnings to guests rather than the regular players who happen to like the game. Lousy payouts and although I like to play, frustrating

  • Kanamycin slots

    by Billls52

    Exciting game loosen up some

  • Loosen up the slots more!!

    by Juniem000

    I have 3other slot games, but I keep coming back to Kabamin hopes of getting lucky. I have been playing for several months now and only gotten one jackpot. Yes I played when the reels were " loosened," Really fellas ! Not enough. It's not as much about the chips or credits as it is the excitement. I do not buy credits because my financial budget is tight, so I have to wait between bonuses. I cannot play as much because the higher value machines cost so much in order to make a payout to break even or better. More excitement please!

  • 777 slots

    by lthouselvrs

    great game, wish you could change the game you want to play in tournament.

  • Kaboom

    by islander46

    The game is good BUT get rid of the pop-up boxes to buy extra coins every time you open the game. If I want extra coins, I will go to the "buy" button!

  • Ads

    by Ceil66

    Love the game but find the ads annoying. Never had them before. Please try to remove them.

  • Slots by Kabam

    by Pamela Gormly

    Good Graphics, good game

  • Kabam

    by nhanphanhippo

    Not much chance to get sufficient credits. Less bonus is offered. It's a good game by the way!!

  • Kabam Slots

    by Hiawatha6833

    Great game.

  • Games

    by Gramzille

    Love playing the games. I wish there were more pay outs so I could play longer

  • Kicker

    by Tylorrose

    Kicks me of the game When I get a bonus love the game when I can play, still kicks me of the bonus won't give me my credits.3/17/2013. Getting better after upgrade 9/16/2013.still kicks me of once in a while when I get good bonuses .

  • Kabam slots

    by Kbg123456

    Love this game. Excellent graphics and animations. Just enough bonus to keep you going.

  • Kabam slots

    by Pops7814

    Great game, I play it daily!

  • Network error.

    by Slotaddict1947

    I keep getting a network error. Naid for user required. How do i fix this without losing all my coins?

  • Kabam Slots. Need to be fixed,it freezes and lose your bonus.I like the game but it does notbwork

    by Nm875

    The games were great when I could play it will come on then go off,I have over 70,000 coins available but it will not stay open so that I can play.Please fix this problem. Thanks.kabam slots load then go off,I have not been able to play even with the recent update,please fix the does not work yet.kaban slots are working now again,they are great,,,,,

  • Fun slots

    by Kittishk

    Lots of neat slots, great way to kill time.

  • Kabam Slots

    by kdby 12

    Loved the game before the change. Now it freezes and I have to start the game again. When I win a large amount, it freezes and I do not get the amount I won. Loved the game before the changes. Don't like the commercial when opening the game and don't like seeing four people on my screen while playing. Don't care why they are there.

  • Don't bother

    by Av8rami

    Yeah, slots look great. But seriously, every 90 minutes I get to spin 2-4 times, then coins are gone until the next bonus. My son finally gave up any hope of ever being able to actually PLAY this game and deleted it. I keep giving it chance after chance just because it does look amazing. If only they actually wanted us to play though...

  • Server Issue

    by RainbowView

    Have fun playing but lose the server connection all the time and therefore have lost lots of points

  • Kabamslots

    by Noni Rose 9

    They have finally fixed the game to work right. I really enjoy it although it is addicting. More wins would make it better. But the extra rewards make it worth playing. Apps still shut down but not as often.

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