Runes of War Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Kabam
  • Updated: Dec, 12 2013
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Size: 45.99 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Kabam Inc.


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A Strategy Builder Multiplayer Game set in the romance of the Medieval age! Rule as Lord of your city, recruiting Knights to battle, managing your serfs to gather resources, and build your city into a bastion of strength and hope. Carefully allocate resources to feed and grow your city, forge great treasures, strategically make and break alliances, develop your knowledge of ancient magic. Prevail in the ultimate goal to overthrow the Dark Knight and his Dragons, and establish a noble and tranquil Camelot in a sea of turmoil.

The Dark Knight has cast his shadow over the lands, and calamity has beset the villagers through the onslaught of the Dragons. You are recruited to serve as Lord of your fiefdom, to beat back this ancient terror, and defeat the darkness and his servants. Villagers rally to your cause as your reputation grows, are you the long awaited Chosen One that will restore peace and prosperity to the lands?

Real-time strategy, requiring thoughtful planning and allocation of resources, for both offense and defense. Build, craft, heal, study magic, train!

Multi-stage quests involving battles, exploration, and compelling storylines to engage and maintain player interest.

With real-time MMO systems, engage with thousands of players around the world in Mail, Chat, Friend quests, Group battles and collaborations.

Expansive set of zones with variety of exquisitely drawn landscapes, and detailed character renderings.

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Customer Reviews

  • Awsome

    by Law152

    I dont know how to describe it is so good this is the best kabam game yet also could you think about expanding playstation,also there is an update today but it wont update you should make it update faster.

  • The game is so-so

    by Izzy wan

    It is not good. It is not bad.

  • Good

    by Andrewgggggghjt


  • Every iOS update fails. :-)

    by St mikes

    Things in-game get mighty quiet for two days straight every time they try to post an update. Kind funny.

  • Unable to log in

    by M?!

    Been a great game until today. Upon launch of the app it states an update is required, even though I hit OK the game never seems to update. This needs to fixed before I can consider updating my rating.

  • Yeah

    by Mmyers3301

    Fix the game can't even play. Do it NOW

  • Game won't update...

    by Josh-360

    I'm upset been playing the game for some time on my login today I was going to claim the large login prize now it won't even update takes me to the App Store and won't update this is how I get turn off of a game...

  • Not working!!

    by Mad Priest

    So you have an update and the game stops working!! Awesome!!

  • Game issues

    by Dsm1276

    No support for this game at all!!!

  • Need fixed.

    by Noworkies no update

    There is a forced update message on load. However there is no update in the app center. The game will not load it just send you in circles. The game sends you to the app center, the app center sends you back to the game. Wish it worked. I was having fun.

  • Update Problem

    by Medevilcop

    Please address this problem!! Im getting stuck on Update .

  • Update?

    by OctaSteve

    Apparently, this app has a "Force Update." Can't update via App Store, and the in-game updater just sits on the last file. Another "F2P" game with shoddy maintenance.

  • Doesn't load

    by levi..........

    After spending over 140$ on this game I can't even launch it

  • Can't login

    by Shaleah Palmer

    Will not update

  • No worky no ticky

    by Wolves ^_^

    How are we suppose to continue to waste our money on kabam games if we can't log on.. Update.. Update.. Update.. Jerks ^_^

  • No Start

    by CK52

    Wish I could play this game it's updates to 100% then never goes anywhere. Please fix! :D

  • Boo! Copy game

    by Myaje

    I wish I could give games like this no stars. This game is Avenger Veil under another name and publisher.

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