Eternal Uprising: End of Days Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Kabam
  • Updated: Dec, 12 2013
  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Size: 74.18 MB

Languages: English, Japanese

Seller: Kabam Inc.

- Bug Fixes

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Become the hero of the apocalypse and restore the ruined world!

A dark fantasy card game populated with powerful gods, angels, and monsters known as Legends. Assemble the most powerful Legends and restore the world from the grasp of the Seven Sin Demons!

In a world without heroes, the dark nature of man has led to chaos and despair. As sinners spread their influence, they gave birth to the 7 Demons, each representing one of the seven deadly sins. But all hope has not been lost! The Oracle Marianne has scoured the earth for the chosen heroes, who together will defeat the Seven Sins and restore balance to the world. Surrounded by darkness,you must embark on a perilous journey to bring light back to the world and revive the once great civilization of mankind!

- Embark on epic quests to encounter and recruit Legends, or summon rare and powerful Legends to enhance your troops!

- Fight opponents and take the treasure you desire! Assemble treasure collections to get great rewards!

- Evolve Legends into higher lifeforms with amazing strength, defense and attack!

-Team up with a guild and work together to defeat special events, gain the top rank, and earn awesome rewards!

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Customer Reviews

  • Not bad

    by Err0rsyn

    A little repetitive, but the card artwork is nice.

  • 5 stars!!!

    by VIKYNGR


  • Good game

    by Ichigo 12355

    Good game

  • Cool Game

    by Heroweee

    Real nice game. I love the artwork. Minor bug where the game may crash but I believe it will be fixed soon.

  • Really Awesome

    by TellyBear666

    My sister in law sent me an invite for this game, and Now i play it more than she does!!!!

  • Beautiful artwork

    by CaptJerri

    Beautiful artwork but little bang. Crashes often

  • Nice game

    by (-Tigerhawk-)

    This is a nice game

  • Amazing

    by Metalmartyr666


  • Cool

    by Silverwolfc33

    Cool game animated version of lord of the dragons,the only bad thing it's slow at the start up

  • Not too bad

    by Kyo Tsukino

    This is a fun game to play. It keeps me occupied for hours.

  • Nothing different from other TCGs.

    by Jumpdiva

    It's like any other trading card game. Nice art and more convenient ways yo enhance cards and get rares... But that's about it.

  • Great game

    by Leone McGee

    Fun and addicting

  • Huh.

    by Zhanhia

    Wonderfully fun

  • Really cool so far

    by Christine&Kenny

    Really cool so far

  • you ugh

    by Ernest Christian

    KVM jcjckci

  • Great game

    by Jayybeecee1991

    Addicting and just started

  • Seems stable but very expensive

    by TMol in Calif

    In game purchases are encouraged. Very expensive. Not much happening with this new version of Lord of the Dragons.

  • Just started

    by Kazano

    So far it is pretty good. Just started a few days ago and been having a blast. It is a fun card type game!

  • Just started

    by Skeltunk

    Hard to tell, but seems pretty good. Seems like there is lots to occupy by my tapping finger with.

  • I like it

    by Will hero

    Seems good for now

  • Keeps Crashing!

    by Alexaela06

    It's a good game except for the crashing part. I used real $ on this,and right when the wars are about to end,about 25sec and counting.....Crash! All of a sudden,the money I used to buy Stamina,and Energy.....just went to waste! My review will change,when the bugs get fixed. Other than the crashing,it's a really interesting game. Gets more fun once you understand how to play it.

  • Tree kaifan

    by Thespider444

    Go away

  • Kaboom!

    by Khreed11191

    Eternal uprising is just like Lord of the Dragons but the art is much better and the game is a whole lot smoother, definitely a must play!

  • Great game!

    by Artheroxxxx

    Fun progression game!!!

  • Better than lotd

    by Roler mane

    I see all these stupid reviews about "it's like lotd" who gives a crap! This game is way better. I didn't even bother getting lotd because it looked so cheap and stupid like all you nagging whiners!

  • Lame

    by hex9

    Totally uninspired. It's a tap and spam and pay-to-win game. It's full of lag and freezes and crashes that frequently make it pointless to try to do anything. Mostly a waste of time.

  • Love it.

    by BlakButler

    Great cards. Fun times.

  • Just started

    by Linleesawr

    But so far so good

  • Fun

    by Nugnum

    Fun game But has some crashes

  • Needs chat

    by Hyassine

    Game has looks fun its not as pay to win as kabams usual games... So i liked it but i dnt want to play till there is a global and or at least guild chat! Im a big social player and it would be tons more fun like that

  • Not half bad

    by The Lil Spaniard


  • Great game

    by schmitner

    Sick game

  • Bad stability

    by Bob1886

    Bad stability

  • Definitely worth a try

    by Shogun brah

    Good graphics and gameplay

  • Eternal uprising

    by Capt America AD

    I love it.

  • Great game

    by Krayven1978

    Time killer supreme

  • Finally!! I don't have to pay to win

    by LooperX23

    Just started 2 days ago and I'm ranked 475 in the current event at lvl 39...Go for it it's better that dark summoner and mobage games

  • Good

    by Wanna a French fry?

    Good game

  • Solid game

    by Asw9353

    Overall a fun game Add me 973-935-460

  • Unable to transfer account

    by Moe shabazz

    I traded in my old phone and wrote down my user ID. When I tried to transfer my account on to my new phone it keeps saying "system error". I'm using the correct user id and password but it will not let me transfer. I've tried multiple times on different days.

  • Great

    by DoomSayer1991

    Really good game

  • Sweet Game

    by Odinson26

    Awesome game, little learning curve for getting everything down. Recommend this game

  • Nice Artwork

    by Comatos

    Like the art

  • Same game

    by Steady Chaos

    Milk it some more 5*

  • The app doesn't work

    by Rojas Jesus

    I'm just stuck on the intro screen flipping through the pages. Nothing happens

  • Nice

    by Seamonsterq12

    I enjoy it

  • Love it

    by Alucardimpales

    Both addicting and balanced

  • Great Game!

    by Drakos101

    Most addicting game I play on the iPhone!

  • Love the game.

    by Kangamanga

    And Kabam.

  • Excellent gamed

    by Egyangel190000

    Verygood game addicted to it great game indeed

  • Great game

    by Bike man 309

    This is a fun game.... Graphics are very nice, and interesting.

  • Amazing app!

    by Mattsbix

    Very well thought out

  • Vampie

    by Lost amp

    Good game. I think in many ways it is superior to its predecessor: better graphics, fewer crashes, and most of all since it is still fairly new it is rare to battle someone who is 50 times as strong as you. Lol

  • Great game

    by Brandon Haas


  • Great game

    by Odiesammy

    Can't stop playing

  • Lots of fun

    by Fir3Water

    Great game

  • Best

    by Edgardella

    Best game ever

  • Nice game

    by Ryukotsu123

    Cool graphics

  • Nice

    by Oppai heart

    Good game, great graphics, fun concept, if you love card games and gods this is it.

  • Great game

    by Cinder the fella

    Fun to play

  • Review

    by Ears6679

    This is a purity good game so far. It has a lot of potential

  • Same old

    by O.J.O.

    This game is just like their other app. Klag tries to milk all the money they can out of every possible aspect.

  • Awesome!!

    by Brandon Herman

    So fun

  • Great game

    by Sketh05

    So far so good I play LOD as well my name here in this game is sketh add me!!! Love this game !!!!

  • A lot like

    by Shannholacik

    Lord of the dragons

  • Truths

    by Cardfight fan


  • Great game

    by Hellishsoul

    This game is so fun def worth playing!

  • Awesome

    by TweedyKH

    The minor differences is what makes this game as cool as LOTR.

  • S

    by Cascade:4

    Good game

  • Eternal

    by Darkenr

    Great game

  • Good game

    by Ltcvhehxy


  • Ok app

    by PS3 SHoTTaS_916

    Ok app

  • Good game

    by Sunny55


  • Impressive

    by Nice 123 yes!

    A very nice game

  • Can't play. Update progress 0%

    by AndroidLover4Ever

    Can't even play. It's hung on the update progress screen!!!

  • Awesome game

    by Lilac271

    Awesome. So easy to get established as a player. Have a lot of warriors already.

  • Great art

    by AJFenrir

    Art in game is great and play is very simple. Is just like LotD

  • Great

    by The D Man 44

    Like this app easier for people to keep up

  • Great Fantasy Game!

    by Jswall

    Any LOTD player will greatly appreciate this game. Has it's differences but some for the better. Try it. You'll like!

  • Good fun

    by Matthew Szwast

    I enjoy this more than a lot of the other card based games

  • Fun

    by Suchadouche0

    Awesomely fun

  • Review

    by IEEEjend

    Pretty good game so far

  • Its interesting

    by Elias0908

    Its interesting

  • Great Game!

    by Nyc123456

    very fun and enjoyable!!

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