Arcane Empires Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Kabam
  • Updated: Aug, 22 2012
  • Version: 16.1.0
  • Size: 60.11 MB

Languages: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

Seller: Kabam Inc.

- Brand new and high-fidelity UI graphics
- Tablet-optimized UI layout
- Introducing the Private Chat Tab - monitor your one-on-one conversations with ease!
- New Alliance Officer Privileges
- Officer chat for coordinating alliance strategy
- Some Alliance Officers can now view member coordinates, send official alliance messages, elect MVPs, and more!
- Global chat will now be available whenever the game is in maintenance

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3162 Ratings


Selected as "New & Noteworthy" by Apple!!!

Join thousands worldwide in the hottest new strategy game by Kabam! Friendship and alliance awaits you in the world of Arcane Empires!

In the midst of a brutal civil war, you and your countrymen have at last secured your independence from the merciless Korassian Empire. The weakened imperial forces, led by Prince Dessen, attempt to regain control of the realm and enslave the population. Build up your city to protect your people and your freedom!

- Play online with thousands of other players
- Forge diplomatic alliances with other cities
- Plan strategy in real time with live chat

- Train an army of rebels, griffons & war mages
- Appoint Captains to lead your troops
- Fortify your city’s defenses

- Build a great and powerful colony
- Conquer enemies and isles across the vast world map
- Participate in tournaments for valuable rewards
- and much, much more!

Note: A network connection is required to play
Works with iPhone 3GS or later, iPod touch 3rd gen or later, all iPads
Requires iOS 4.3 or later

By downloading this game, you agree to the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and the License Agreement.


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Customer Reviews

  • Hobbit KoM

    by Hfoekvxpanflv

    It's like hobbit kingdoms of middle earth

  • Great!

    by Gunner8844

    Best game ever. Just need more players!

  • I like this game, except

    by Jrad19

    I wish you were able to upgrade more than one building at a time. It's a great game none the less I just wish you could upgrade more than one at a time.

  • First

    by Minecraft master69

    This game tastes like chicken

  • Addictive

    by BMTH666

    It's a great game.

  • Perfect Game

    by Shane Skelly

    This game is exactly what you think it is, and it does it berry well!


    by Kickkickkickjkfkxkdkz

    Please come out wit a iOS version of Edgeworld that would be really cool i will rate 5 when it is made!

  • Three years played going strong

    by IdealNimzi

    Can't say enough good about the game. I am a really casual player so while I'm top 200, it's been a long time coming and I've seen a lot of players come and go. I do like the in app purchases but have never felt like I needed to do them. Three years of constant kill, power up, and random and mikko events are great! I've played evony and koc and this environment and community and probably the ease of iPhone have kept me coming back and back again!!

  • Average

    by JxBombzzzzz

    This game is fun, but incredibly average. You have to drop serious money into it to compete with top players. I'm talking $1,000's here, not $100's or less. The support is slow and bogus, but the game itself is alright. I've been playing this for a year now, and have had ups and downs.

  • Arcane empires

    by Thomas Mozer

    Great fun for newcomers to the Kabam series of games. Lots of room to grow with other players new to these games. Same fun without the dominant old timers of the other games.

  • Arcane empires

    by B&B Mommy

    One of the best games ever

  • Addictive

    by KevinK1987

    At first I didn't understand how everything worked. But I gave it a week and now that I get it.. Super addictive and can't put down my phone! 5 stars all the way!

  • Hoarding without the stuff

    by Tdog h

    That's the addiction

  • Un juego brutal en estrategia

    by Xboxlive98

    El juego tiene una graficas brutales y las ventas en el juego estan increibles que hasta yo compre puntos para comprarme oro en el juego,pero el gran problema es el chat que siempre se entranca y el envio de recursos.

  • Kabam

    by CodyP1985

    Love this game and the other Kabam games like it keep up the great work guys!!

  • Awesome

    by The Real Harley

    Cool game

  • Arcane empires

    by Turk182g

    This is a addicting game at first. Quickly you start to realize that those who spend money have a major edge over the rest. At this point you join them or Become a farm to them. Unfortunately there's nothing you can do about it. Since I spend a little extra cash this game is awesome and my alliance is filled with top notch people so I'll give it 5 stars.

  • Really great

    by xStarya

    I'd probably download it again if I could switch servers! I don't like my server at all and I refuse to play if I can't change it. I'll change to 5 stars when this changes.

  • Kabam is awesome

    by Medic8410

    Kabam is awesome I love it

  • A+++++++

    by Ragengagen

    Great game wish u could log out and log in with different acc instead of deleting app and reinstalling every time

  • Ripoff

    by JaxJava

    All Kabam the developer cares about is making money. Download a different game, just not one made by Kabam.

  • Glitchy/Terrible Support

    by FooFooFairyPants

    Good gameplay. Great times with other players. Unfortunately the game is very glitchy and support is almost completely unresponsive to any issues, seemingly hoping players will just eventually drop the issue....... Got a response politely informing me the issue must be my fault, just like the only other time I got a response. Will update as I hear from Kabam again.

  • MineCraft master69

    by Elena Morgan

    Dude what the heck was that supposed to meen!?!?!?!?

  • Miss the steampunk version.

    by psycopathic64

    Love the game. very addicting. But the game should of stayed like it was. The steampunk was what made this game different from all the other games like this. 5 stars if the old version comes back

  • Getting boring

    by Griselda Contreras

    I have been playing this game for over a year, and the only thing good about it, is the friends I have made there. I was pretty addicted to this game, but it's getting boring. If You want to be one of the top players, obviously you need to have a open credit limit to be able to do it. Kabam have been messing up the last couple months with all the stupid updates and system errors, also I really think they are trying get the most money they can before shutting down the game. The game is dying,... you can see less players everyday, because if you don't spend money there no then you don't have a chance with all the people that do spent or hack the the game. So ppl if don't want to spend a penny, don't play this game.

  • I should be victorious/moving buildings outside city

    by shadowblade9

    If attackers don't breach my ramparts how am I not the victorious one? Loosing when they didn't get past my ramparts seems kind of stupid. Also you should give players the power to move the buildings that are inside or outside the city. If you add/fix these things then it would be a 5 star game in my opinion.

  • Annoyed

    by Shercross

    Loved the mix of steam punk and magic, I'm rather annoyed they changed it like this and removed its most unique point.

  • Arcane Empire

    by Jayski65

    This game was great until Kabam messed it all up! Items missing, Captains locked. Kabam won't even reply to messages. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SUPPORT! All they want is ur money nothing more! Game crashes all the time lose resources when transferring. I can go on & on about all the issues. REGRET INVESTING SO MUCH MONEY ON THIS GAME, WASTED from Regulators on Elam 8! THIS GAME IS FOR PEOPLE THAT HAVE MONEY TO WASTE. IT WILL EMPTY YOUR WALLET TRUST ME!

  • Really?

    by RJ1242

    What did it take kascam 20 min to make this game? It's almost an exact copy of another bug filled game that they killed through greed call KOC. I mean change it up a little bit before you try to rob your customers kabam..

  • Hollidaz

    by Abbas Son

    Played the game for over a year but am extremely frustrated with kabam. The game is constantly taking resources which were paid for and earned and they won't compensate. I have refused to buy anything from them which makes it impossible to compete but I finally broke down and bought gold which I will probably regret.

  • Banned

    by High sung

    What heck? Kabam fix this please and stop forgetting about AE don't download at all, so many problems , money grubbing game with no respect for players at all, and the new look is terrible!! Mythology really? No go back to steam punk please

  • Kabam Customer Service --> Service "Not Found"

    by AnwarAisling

    I've been playing Arane Empires for some time now. I go to log in today, and all of a sudden I'm finding out that I'm banned. This came from out of the blue, and without provocation. I certainly haven't recieved any message from Kabam indicating why I was banned. That, however, is not the problem. I can't even find a way to send Kabam a message to resolve the issue. In short, there is no customer service. It's not like I've been a problem account. This looks to be completely arbitrary.

  • Really

    by Chadsta789

    I've been playing for about a year, I've spent money I've sadly put a lot of time into this game. For some reason though when I tryed to log in today it says I am banned. I have never done anything wrong or said anything offensive, this is ridiculous, I've been banned for 3000 somthing days for nothing, I've looked at the forum and others have to, get you sht straight kabam, it's always one thing after another, I enjoy your games but I'm getting fed up

  • Horrible

    by ANTHONYB12345

    This game is just one big scam for money. It's boring and repetitive.

  • Out of steam :(

    by rareEntity

    Saddened by the loss. Would have preferred more steam-punk, not a fantasy (myth, magic, wizards) theme found in many other games. Just lost another player.

  • If you play KoC, you already played this

    by AdryTheQueen

    Exact same game as Kingdoms of Camelot, with different graphics; not worth it

  • Stay Away

    by Rogue26

    You couldn't pay me to play a kabam game. They make copies of their Games changing very little in an attempt to take the most money from the players. Find another game maker to invest your time and money with

  • Terrible update

    by Flamec4

    Generic empire game now instead of a individual unique steam punk game.

  • Bring Back the original steam punk theme..

    by Jag Metty

    I thought when they was doing a major upgrade with this change,I didn't expect this craziness to happen... Please bring back the original version and stay within the scenes of that... If this stays,I'm leaving this game and I love Arcane Empire.

  • Got lame -_-

    by Loki&Bean

    I liked the game because of its steampunk but now they changed to this lame fantasy thing...

  • New changes made it a generic game

    by Disconap6

    It WAS a steampunk I version of koc before, but the most recent changes (dubbed "art") have removed the steampunk elements and turned it into a fantasy game (why, I have no idea). Boring. Certainly playing less, if at all, and no further interest in making in-app purchases.

  • Great game.... Until you update...

    by dustin/flu

    Final update after playing a long while. End game play really isn't very compelling. Not very much strategy or depth. Gets pretty boring frankly. I don't recommend the game. Kinda fun initially then less and less so. ----------- Update to my review. For those that had account resets go into the game and send an email to their support describing the problem. Within 2 hours of sending the email they sent me an email saying it was fixed. And it was! Everything back to normal. They really need to mention the potential issue in the update text and inform people of what to do if it happens. ++++++++++++++++ Fun game. Well done. Spend lots of time building up a city, maybe even spending real money for some nice add ons. Oh look! An update! And it is all gone. Resets back to ground zero. I feel horrible for those that spent *any* money on this game. Kabam has no help documents on how to recover. They must not care and are happy with one star reviews. Don't bother downloading this "Russian roulette" game. You never know when the next update might be the one to kill you off.

  • Bugs, bugs, bugs

    by Thund999

    Its a facelift to KOC. Lots of bugs. Every update provides more bugs to discover and work around. Lots of server issues, lots of lag when you can finally connect. Lots of people have due to bad-poor support from Kabam.

  • Carbon copy of koc

    by K8ty123

    Exact same gameplay, exact same bugs, different graphics and names. Newest worlds only have 1 city.

  • Lost sight of paying players

    by 1m2m3m

    Game is terrible now. Constant updates to fix problems only to make things worse. I did love this game enough to spend real money on it. Now I can't even log in. Kabams customer support is the epitome of how not to do it. I think I will just spend my money on a xbox one. What a waste of a game don't down load it

  • Cupcake from Elam8

    by mysanchez

    You people are a real joke. You all have players PAYING players that have been unable to log into their accounts for weeks now. Including myself. I've contacted you all thru Email, thru your forums and even left a voice message because your phone operators don't pick up. Once this problem is fixed I will retract my negative comment. Till then I will keep on.

  • Arcane Empire

    by Jedi1974MJT

    Great game! Frustrating some times! Overall great!

  • Arcane empires

    by Tweedy321

    Love the game play all day while doing other stuff. My wife hates it! She stares at my iPad like she wants to kill it! The past 2 days the game has crashed or locked up every time I do anything I've lost shipment between my cities messages in chat don't get delivered can't build or train! Whatever the problem is Please fix it soon. BrorAblaze. Game is better but still crashes too often .now can't assign general

  • Enchanting

    by kahlyle

    It's cool that they are still working on new features for the game.

  • Fun game

    by Yodatopia

    Fun game, but the chat lag and lack of the ability to expand beyond one city really take away from the games environment.

  • Fun time waster.

    by Jeeva702

    Has the added benefit of socializing while you waste time at work =D

  • Awesome game!

    by xXiron_dawgsXx

    Great game super addicting Ironv from best world: berra1

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