Survival Games - Mine Mini Game With Minecraft Skin Exporter (PC Edition) & Multiplayer Games App Review (iOS, $0.99)


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Seller: Liu Tao

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***Welcome to "Survival Island" ***
As you expected, the first hunger game on iOS is here!Developed by the publisher of "Cops N Robbers - Mine Mini Game".
# We bring you the most addictive gameplay & challenge & survival & comfortable control & Complete game features…
# Most importantly, we provide a stable server & Optimized @Worldwide Multiplayer Mode@!!!

# Huge map - "Survival Island": Mountain, Forest, Sea, Arena…
# High quality graphics: Light setting in scene & Pixel scene modeling & Character modeling…
# Sound effect: different place with different sound effect.
# UI Setting: comfortable control & comfortable visual effects.
# Multiplayer: Worldwide Multiplayer support & Local Multiplayer support(coming soon) .
# Props: food, bow, stone sword, wood sword… (And more weapons will coming in update)
# Rich&Funny Character animations.
# "Survival Rules": Survival & Fight to the last minute!!!

***Worldwide Multiplayer***
# 5 server regions setting: GLOBAL/EU/US/JP/ASIA, choose the nearby&best region to start game.
# Room create: set room name & nick name & round time & max players, then create your room!
# Room search: search by keywords.
# Max players support: 10 players.
# Round time setting: 15-60 minutes.
# Chat system: chat with other players(you can choose close or open chat panel)

***How to play: rules***
1. There's an island in game.When game starting, sprint to the chest.You may get food or weapons there!
2. Search and attack: After start, you will keep fighting and find chest in the island (eat food & get weapons).
3. Hunger value: if your hunger value is low, your attack power and hp recovery power will be low!
4. If at the last 5 minutes, there are still more than 2 persons, these men will be transferred to the Arena!That's the last battle field!!!
5. Winner reward: you will get some coins reward!

*** Support & Feedback ***

This is not an official Mojang app. JoyDo Entertainment is not associated or connected with Mojang AB. Minecraft is a trademark of Mojang AB and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with the creator of this game or its licensers.

Customer Reviews

  • Needs improvement but good game

    by Vinnygarciathegamefreak

    This game needs some improvement maybe like 10 different maps unstead of just one and make the game more interesting like the hungry game and make it easier to get potions to have speed improve the game like hungry games is on PC

  • Awesome

    by John Houge

    It is very fun and u can even climb the cacti when your with another person, go into a corner and both jump and u will climb the wall!!!!

  • It's Fun

    by TheCruisificator

    The only thing I don't like is that the bow is over powered

  • Survival Games

    by £€¥cool

    It had some bad language using spaces

  • Mincraft servival games

    by Abby3881

    I think that the game is good but i know you can do better then that. Need new upgrades and maps.

  • 2 things

    by Poncho M.

    Live it BUT you could add a map and also the glitch in the pods other than that i love it

  • It needs some fixes

    by Ms twilight sparklesssssssssss

    It needs faster walking and different chest spawn

  • Problems

    by KURSY

    Ok it is still a fun game,but u could let the ppl walk faster to get to places faster.Some ppl can walk through the glass pods in the beginning and they get a head start,it is not fair.Just some suggestions,but anyways I still think it is a very fun game.And I can't wait till we can buy the weapons in the store!!!And oh one last thing,ppl r trying to kill other ppl but they can't because ppl pause for that entire time,so u can't kill them,it is so annoying and so the both of the ppl lose in the end because of the person who pauses the entire game,so please do something about that!PLEASE.And also,the game has so many places that have random holes and stuff,I don't know,ur probably working on something for those certain places but whatever.And when I get like 3 bows,I can't get 300 bows I still have hundred from the first one

  • It's epic!

    by AletheAwesome

    I love the survival games but in minecraft I can't play because so many people.So this is a miracle

  • good

    by Super baca

    But make different Arenas because I know where every chest is

  • Awesome game!

    by Abc deasvn

    Works great!

  • Dudicixicofidizifofidlcofogkxivckx

    by What ?????!!!!!&&&@@0975336

    When I enter a room everyone disconnects it's a good game but they need to fix the problems and all games from this company do same thing

  • Idiots

    by Boifugi

    Don't know why people hate on this game, it is amazing.

  • WOW:)

    by Josue.s

    This game is a really good game I love it.but it need more maps but still awsome

  • Guuchi

    by Crazyforcrist <3

    This is a good fame just needs some more

  • Awesome game ever!!!

    by The Alfa

    I love this game about survival and adventure!!! Buy this game and try it yourself!!! Go Seahwks!!!

  • Glitch

    by A! boy

    Everything is cool just like the PC version but I noticed that sometimes in the beginning of the game some people glitch out of the pods can you fix that and add some new maps?

  • More maps!

    by Regret the Warrior

    I gave it 4 stars because there is only one map. If it had more it would be 5 stars

  • Was fun

    by My crib

    This game was fun for the first 2 matches it worked. Then everytime i get in a match, i lose connection right away, when there is nothing wrong with my internet.

  • Minegirllove


    You need to add animals that can attack you and become your pet!!!

  • I hate this!!!!!! App Store needs to let me rate 0 stars

    by Gavy123123123

    I can't even play! I'll have wifi and when I join it will say I left the game and I'm disconnected! I WANT A REFUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Come on!

    by Triforce234

    I payed the last of my App Store money to get this and when I tried it out all it said is,Your connection has timed out.That happens on your cop and robbers to plz fix this,and finally can u make a single player mode with CPU enemies then I will give 5 star.


    by Squirrel1818

    Unless you are a diehard mine craft fan, don't buy. It's slow, boring and hard to understand. It's not even close to worth one dollar.

  • Too many crashes >:(

    by Jorge Sair Trujillo

    I like this it was my favorite game 3days ago but then it started crashing every time I play it says I have no wifi please find a solution so I can play it more.

  • Waste if Money

    by SuperClasher

    When ever i try to play a world it says there are players in i join and no one is there can you please fix that

  • Horrible it has so many crashes

    by This deserves zero stars

    This game was sopposed to be fun but I can't tell beside it says i have wifi then when I final join a game it says i don't have wifi and I do I wish I can rate this no stars but if u do fix the bug then ill give u all the stars but I have a iPod 4 so if u can fix this then it will be worth MY MONEY!! But for now DO NOT buy this cause as soon u join a game it will say u have no wifi but before when u were looking for games it says u had 4 or 5 bars ( that tells u if u have wifi or not ) so this game is a waist of MONEY right now and a waist of time i can't even play and when I looked before i wrote this OTHER people have the same problem so it seems u r ignoring it this is such a disappointment i never had to write something a about a game !! No one should unless its good ! BUT TO MOST I repeat MOST people have disappointment in this game so fix it !!!

  • Can't even play it

    by Crimsonbama1

    The game won't even let me play it keeps on saying,three people have to join when there are like nine people are already on

  • Horrible

    by Ninjabunny66

    The game did not do anything

  • Don't Buy, Worst Money Spent

    by Lalala omg

    YOU CANT EVEN KILL SOMEONE CHAT MESSED UP IMMATURE KIDS SAYING LETS HAVE SEX! This game is a disgrace to Apple. Anyone reading this dont buy don't waste money. Hopefully I get my money back. Glitches everywhere. Please fix

  • 4th generation problems

    by SomeoneWhoCanRelate

    Always says you have no wifi on 4th generation and wont let u play.

  • Wast of money

    by The Music in You 101



    by TT9000


  • Why won't it work?

    by Resonable person

    I've tried playing it on my iPod touch and my wifi is full bars but game 1 and when I actually get on I lose connection fix it for iPod touch please! I am starting to think I paid a dollar for a game I will never be able to play.So please fix it in a future update. Plz

  • Not 4th fen compatable!

    by Hockey lord101

    Seems to be a great game but haven't been able to. I have a 4th gen and it crashes when i join a game. The description says i can play it. Please fix!

  • Please fix!

    by calceyyazzie

    I have the first iPad, and I used to play some minecraft games until I bought this one. Please, Please, PLEASE fix! And I always lose my connection when I go into a room. :(

  • Can't play

    by SoccerGirl#1

    Every time I join a game it says no one is in the game. It always says I have no bars when I join even when I'm connected. I have an iPod 4th generation so if my iPod is the reason it's not working you should state that 4th gen doesn't work with the app. Please fix this or give me my money back. I hate to give this game a bad score because I'm sure it's fun for those who can play. So come up with an update soon.


    by Iloveskate

    I WARN YOU THIS APP STINKS!! Horrible. I join a game and it says I have no wifi!

  • Terrible

    by Steelers Tyler white

    There are so many bugs in this game. Plz fix the problems with spawn and fighting issues

  • HELP PLZ!!! :(

    by Geth33

    Whenever i join a match it shows i am the only one in the room and that I'm disconnected. I really want to play this game but it isn't letting me join any matches. Someone plz help! :(

  • Don't waste your cash

    by MC3.uberminecraft

    It says I have wifi then I join a match and it suddenly says I don't. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!! It's not worth it!!!!!!

  • Junk

    by markocean_1968

    Doesn't even connect to a game, you select a room to join then everyone disappears. It looks like their other game cops and robbers which is also lame.

  • Horrible

    by This deserves zero stars

    This game was sopposed to be fun but I can't tell beside it says i have wifi then when I final join a game it says i don't have wifi and I do I wish I can rate this no stars but if u do fix the bug then ill give u all the stars but I have a iPod 4 so if u can fix this then it will be worth MY MONEY!! But for now DO NOT buy this cause as soon u join a game it will say u have no wifi but before when u were looking for games it says u had 4 or 5 bars ( that tells u if u have wifi or not ) so this game is a waist of MONEY right now and a waist of time i can't even play and when I looked before i wrote this OTHER people have the same problem so it seems u r ignoring it this is such a disappointment i never had to write something a about a game !! No one should unless its good ! BUT TO MOST I repeat MOST people have disappointment in this game so fix it !!!

  • For starters

    by Cats 812 46

    I can never get out of the pods. Every1 should be able to get out when they start. I can't play on any worlds it seems like. I tried joining a 12 player world with "ten players" and I was the only one on. Fix the game already fix it fix it I'm speaking for every1 as well

  • Worst game ever

    by Jorge 05

    This game is really boring the grafices are horrible don't buy it it's a waste of money

  • Ffffffffuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkl

    by Hentai liker

    The game always says connection failure and I have what the fix it please

  • Can not join games

    by Drdrf

    I can't join any games and when I do I don't see any one and when I have wifi it says I don't. I just bought the game thinking it would be fun, but instead it just crashes and I can't play a single game. P.S. I am using a iPod 4 gen. If you can fix this then maybe I will give you a better rating, but for now it is a 0.1

  • Bad :[

    by Mags1018

    So bad do not buy.

  • Haters.

    by Kkpoiroux

    This is a very addictive game!!! I <3 it!!!! Also though it would be nice if there were other maps instead of JUST survival island this is a five star game a very much worth the money!!! I've been reading the other reviews and they r making me mad.., this game is simple and if u can't get it ur not that

  • Something happened

    by Chhbcjnjcnsmi

    When I have a lot of wifi and I press it it loads to long and when. Get n it keeps saying local server and I have no wifi but I do

  • Crap game

    by Taterbomb

    Got game over 2 months ago and have yet to play every time i get in a room it disconnects me and i have great internet plz fix it now

  • Good but...

    by Yours truly2626

    Great game idea but you need to allow the player to look up and down more, new map, and better graphics. thank you

  • Won't let me play

    by Bob7055

    Horrible! Won't let you play.

  • This game is SO Crappy

    by Lexie's awsome

    I hate this game don't waste ur money and I'm forced to rate 1 star not 0

  • PRO

    by SurvivalUser(PROEdition)V1.2.3

    Like a PRO

  • Could be better

    by JackMeister14

    Great game but has lots of glitches also it needs more stuff and maps! ALSO YOU SHOULD GeT MONEY PER KiLL

  • Fix plz!!

    by Lexi DiFabio

    I love this game so much BUT when ever I join a game I have no bars and then it says everybody disconnected so... Plz fix that!

  • Fun

    by #⃣4⃣3⃣

    Game is fun

  • By this game NOW!!!!

    by Amsomer

    This app is the best game ever. P.s. If you by this and see the name silent wolf(me) my advice is to run!

  • Ehh

    by Marie55

    The game is really addictive but however it could use some more adjustments... 1. Fix the disconnection bug! 2. Add more maps! 3. After when u kill somebody you should receive ten coins ofr kill

  • Sooo bad

    by ffgbrzYrejdqjdf

    I try to join a game and every time it says connection failure AND I HAVE WIFI!!! It's really upsetting that I had to spend $1.00 on this game and I didn't enjoy one piece of the game it's really upsetting! You just wasted some of MY money that I need, so u bought this game that crashes, glitches, and doesn't even work! I hope you understand and fix this please, not just for me for your of commenters out there too. :) Thanks

  • Winner

    by Romi uz

    This game is great and everything but please more worlds added

  • Never loads

    by Domie D

    I always try to go to a game but when I get in the waiting place like 27 people start the game and still the stupid game won't freakin start it is so freakin annoying

  • Needs updates.

    by Really sucky

    This game is in progress. I can't even play because it is a messy, unorganized game, so I don't know how to play. Things you need to add for me to rate this 5 stars: 1. Tutorial 2. Remove those weird things that there are at the top right hand corner 3. Make it more like minecraft SG 4. Make there be a better place for the chat, it is in the worst place for it to be 5. Graphics, blocks, texture pack, everything is hideous Change all of these things and I will rate it 5 stars, would need lots of updates.

  • Minecraft

    by XxRreaperXx

    This game is totally fun but I wish you can make it like the real survival games from the computer

  • Axon

    by mitchhoucksr


  • Ok

    by LyonsAreAnimals

    Good game but needs new maps desperately because it gets boring after a while

  • Sent a threat letter

    by YouthfulSaturn1

    I like the game but they had the a threat letter sent to me and what do they mean by other threats

  • This is bad

    by Bvok707

    When I join a game and it says there are people and then there is a huge lag spikes that last for ever then when it's over their gone so what the heck

  • I <3 THIS GAME!!!!!!!!

    by Lilian 8

    One of my friends on Game Center got this game and when I saw the title of it I knew I had to get it. I love survival games! That's why I got it! When I played for my first time on this game, I was HORRIBLE!!! I didn't even know how to open chests! But when I teamed, well... that REALLY helped. That is why I LOVE this game. You get to kill people, team with people, and have fun. So if you don't have this game, you're missing out. But if you LOVE this game, you're AWESOME!

  • Don't understand

    by Green5125

    I don't understand how to play the game EVERYTIME I go into a room within a minuet every one is gone. its stupid. they don't have anything to tell u how to play the game!! no settings sign either so if u wanted to change something forget that! I give this game a bad rate because u paid $1.00 for this game and I shouldn't have.


    by Stalker14423

    Every time I try to join a match the wi-fi on the game cuts off. I have never played a match yet. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This game rocks

    by Joe bob J.r.

    This game is so much but it would be cooler if u could take out the doors


    by Awesome Gamerz


  • Most shittiest game ever

    by Kennneth c

    The game was a mistake


    by Cynthia Tighe

    I payed money for this game and it won't work. It always says i have a perfect connection but when I join a room I have 0 connection. I WANT A REFUND! Or HELP!!! I have an iPod 4.

  • Best game ever in the world

    by Wikiwiki wiki home

    This game is so awesome I love it you should definitely download it it's worth getting

  • Bad

    by Table2

    No effort was put into this game everything is just flat out bad.

  • Problem 2

    by Teresa Albritton

    It has a lot of.problemsit every time I try to join a 12 person game it is ends up saying every one disconnected

  • Not good

    by Winning_baller

    I'd like the game more if it would let me play but I never can

  • ...

    by Subvana

    Maps are to large. Extremely difficult to find other players. Lots of running around aimlessly. Maybe make a radar so you can find other players.

  • I love it but


    Pls do not change the texture pack I love pls don't change the texture pack

  • What they should do

    by XxxxcandyXxxxgirlxx

    I think that they should put in more buildings. A lot of people like the building. They should add more to the building or add another one

  • Hunter

    by Awesome mini game mine craft


  • Help plz

    by Sgtchuy

    There is a problem that when I join a game it says it is local what do I do so I can play it. So put a good update that can help me joydo so I can play with other people and win it thank you

  • It is alright

    by Xbboy10

    The game is pretty fun I guess more maps would be awesome it should be 5 tributes to death match struggling to find last two players overall good keep up the great work

  • Fun

    by Somebody named vito


  • Needs more work but fun

    by Awsome omar00

    U need to get atleast some money for last place or anyplace also more worlds and needs to be more like mine craft pe

  • Fun but hard to understand texture pack

    by Robert Yamulla

    I don't have too much of a problem with the texture pack but for newbies it maybe a little hard to people just getting used to the normal minecraft texture pack

  • Bad

    by Gamer882233

    It's wicked boring don't buy it

  • Great!

    by Wille Billie

    I would only change getting out of the pods in the beginning. Also have a timer so everyone is ready.

  • No Good

    by Bobby To Bobby

    Utter failure in survival of hunger games

  • Connection

    by Doggert123

    It always works for about 10 seconds then says there is no connection and everything freezes.

  • Problems

    by Cfgjbde

    This is a good game but it has a few problems. The bow is to op you get 100 arrows and it does tons of damage and it's a ranged attack 2nd there should be an automatic death match at 3 people it is really annoying when three people are running around for ten minutes looking for each other I would recommend giving the bow less arrows maybe 25 and maybe do slightly less damage

  • Crash

    by Mad gamer 8

    The game crashes everytime I choose a room. Very disappointed

  • Pretty good

    by Katrinamartin105

    Pretty good. Maybe make ambiger coin reward and some obsticals like in the Hunger Games with Mutant creatures and get rid of the cactus Wall Thing it Ruins the effect but all in all it good ;)

  • Hate the new textures

    by 112001

    I love survival games but the new textures are terrible I just hate them please change back to the old textures

  • I can't get I a game

    by Dromodo 1589

    So I see a room that says it has 4/6 players then I go in the room and it says I am the only one there and I have no signal. Plz help!!!!

  • MoMo10152252

    by MoMo10221552

    This game doesn't work just disconnects u out of the game.

  • Good game

    by Metallibasher2

    I can't put the game down


    by Greendogspit

    great thier needs to be uela to many kids cursing on servers

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