4x4 Jam Games App Review (iOS, $1.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Invictus
  • Updated: Jul, 06 2009
  • Version: 2.7
  • Size: 83.65 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Invictus Games Ltd.

✔ Game Center support
✔ iPhone5 and iPad retina support
✔ HD textures for retina display
✔ minor bugfixes

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
72 Ratings
All Versions:
6967 Ratings


4x4 JAM is the most unique all-terrain Off-Road racing game you've ever seen. Jump over your opponents or roll down a steep hill - there are no rules and no boundaries in 4x4 Jam!

Challenge your opponents on icy mountains or hot sand dunes and experience the excitement of hill climbing with custom built off-road vehicles.
Race with various off-road vehicles with tilted or tapped game control!

★ universal build with retina display support for iPhone and iPad
★ realistic physics
★ 9 licensed soundtracks from awesome rock bands
★ Career mode with 32 different achievements
★ 4 different racing series: 4x4 Contest, Off-Road Championship League, Ichor Racing Series, Final Jam
★ Various difficulty levels
★ High score and best lap time records
★ 5 camera views including cockpit view
★ Tilt, Tap and combined control methods
★ GameCenter Leaderboards

Greenfields, Autumn, Desert, Frozen, Hawaii, Sand Dunes, Red Rock and Apls

Jam, Off Road Race, Road Race, Collector and Free Ride

10 unique off-road vehicles: 4x4 Truck, Beetle, Willy Top, Land Raider, Peak Climber, Wrecker, X-Revo, Custom Pickup, Custom Beetle, Spieler Buggy

Customer Reviews

  • Need multiplayer

    by Vicente fernandez619@

    I like this game but i think yall should make it multiplayer so you can chill and roam around

  • Cars from the 'Racing' Year 2000

    by Drivingforfun365

    An off-road racing 1NSANE game. Is such a game even possible, especially for a tiny iPod?!? Yes it is. (Why not give it a try!)

  • Fun but not too addicting

    by Hdrgstr

    Love it! "Quick Race" mode is fun and addicting but "Career" mode is somehow too easy to be addicting. Higher performance cars seem to be detuned to make player win championship easily (a Beetle can beat a higher performance Pike Climber or Custom Pickup). Ironically that makes it less addicting. I win the championship within 2 days with my kids crawling and bouncing all over me while playing. So to make it more addicting especially in "Career" mode keep those high performance cars as what they are fast and handle well and also make us able to tune or modify the low performance cars like LandRider and X-Revo with higher performance shocks or engine then it'll be the best racing 4x4 game app ever and I'll give 5 stars :)

  • Add damage


    Need I say more

  • Great

    by Kodypod

    I like this game a lot but it can start to get boring and the custom truck hardly steers when your going fast and you shouldn't have to pay for the spieler buggy and custom beetle but otherwise great game.

  • Good

    by Extremetaco367

    I think it needs more cars and add damage more worlds too

  • Used to be my favorite :(

    by buy right

    This app used to be my favorite racing game of all time! Now it's really glitchy and there isn't a restore purchases button. Please update!

  • Great app but

    by The man 1234658

    It needs an up date i can only give it this cus of that

  • GREAT APP!!!

    by Art07321

    I love this app a ton, but the thing is, could u give your car tune ups..? I mean I have everything unlocked but i have TONS! Of money laying around... And FIX THE CRASHES!!! First my custom pickup if it was flipping and rolled back over without stopping, the wheels go F.U.B.A.R and I can barely drive and the thing with the spielers buggy, good god fix that things suspension.. I mean if I'm going above fifty if i hit the smallest of bumps i fly into the air sideways doing a fricken quadrouple back handspring 720. It makes me lose races with it

  • AWSOME but


    I can't restore my purchased cars Help

  • Great...BUT


    Ill give five stars if you make it capable for i pad 2 please. I really need it :) everything else is great,

  • Please add

    by $Jony$

    This s a really fun game but I would like there to be some kind of mountain world. I would also like for there to be more vehicles like a monster truck. I also would like to have a vehicle damage option which would make free roam more fun.

  • Pretty fun

    by Duckzrule12

    Probably my favorite driving game but it needs a rocky mountain area and maybe a few buildings in the maps or something because the maps get boring after a while. And maybe more challenging hills. The lag on the throttle needs to be fixed.

  • Extremely fun game

    by Big buck 123

    Awesome game, but you really need to fix the acceleration delay problem. Whenever you hit the gas it takes like 4 seconds for it to actually kick in and take off

  • ok

    by gamer 1080

    the races and free roam are fun but the cars are too hard to unlock and the landscapes arent that great it should have a rocky noubtain area also when you get toi far the races get waaay too long im talking 6 laps and it takes 10 minutes of the same thing also the graphics are terrible should be retina display

  • Freeking Amazing

    by BTW G-SKI

    This is by far the best off road game ever for the iPod because you can race around the open country and if you get bored you can go and climb hills for fun!!!

  • Tom

    by RvPop

    Truly enjoy the lite version. Want to get full game but would like to know if u have to buy all the cars etc.

  • Very addicting!

    by Zack3098

    This is a game that is hard to stop once started. The vehicles are fast and look great, and the realism of the game is amazing. The one thing that would make it better is if the graphics were better. Thanks!!!

  • Great

    by Vikingdude14

    I have had this game for 2 years and I still play it. It never gets old because after you've beaten the levels then you can do u quick races. The cars to pick from are awesome. X-Revo is my favorite.

  • So good

    by Killer kline

    It's the best games ever buy it now u want be mad that u did put the time in it it's so good. Ps get the buggy

  • Ok

    by Jimmy romano

    Good graphics but everything is locked up hard to get and the cars have no control

  • Thanks.

    by ionlywantedtobeadentist

    It lags so much after the update I can't even use, it so I just deleted it.

  • It's laggy as hell on th iPhone 5

    by x0xDJSx0x


  • No good!

    by Lkemmler

    Everything's locked....

  • ??!!??

    by C2fer2255

    Everytime i tap on the app to play it its about to load and then it goes to a blank white screen??? Whats up with it?? Do i need something special to play it?? Some plz help because the lite version is good and i would like to try to play the full version??!!!?!??!?!?

  • Terrible

    by Blacky992

    Can't even get past the 2 level cause it doesn't even tell you what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could someone PLEASE tell me how!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Awesome fun!

    by 0n3m4n

    This is one of my favorite racing games on the App Store! Please, make it retina ready :(

  • Um

    by -stonerock-

    Not sure what everyone is hate'n on this game.. I think it's pretty great..thought I'd put my 2 cents in... I haven't had any probs. W/ the Controls..works 4 me..

  • Awesome

    by Hello367

    I love truck games and this one is the best!

  • Graphics update

    by Cciggihgfdjtrdcyrd

    I've had this game ever since it came out for the IPhone 3G and the graphics have not improved much. ROC has great graphics and I really like the game, but this has choppy graphics when the app is made by the same company. I know this is an old game, but if y'all redo the graphics more people will buy it. People don't want a game that has bad graphics, they want a game that has great graphics with awesome cars(y'all already have great cars so don't even worry about that unless y'all want to make this game epic, which I recommend). All I'm saying is do a HUGE update and watch the sales and ratings go up.

  • C+

    by CasualGamer6666


  • Great game

    by Christian97CSnowboarder

    Great fun, nice selection of cars. I love the free roam mode.

  • Cool!

    by take_me_seriously

    Sweet game! Would be even sweeter if it was universal or available in HD.

  • The hell

    by Skater26

    I used to have this game on my iPod and I loved it then I got the iPhone 4 and I re-installed it and now a page comes up before I can get a chance to play it saying "the page you were looking for doesn't exist" please fix this so I can play it thanks

  • Hi

    by Ggsdgtf

    It's a great game, but it needs retina display.

  • Add retina display graphics

    by jjjammer

    The graphics are low-res, add retina support and it's 5 stars

  • best ever

    by i love it it is the best

    best game ever Ilove it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P

  • Nice work

    by osiris00

    Enjoyable body of the game need more cars you don't have to buy cuz no offense 99 cents for a car in an app is rediculous

  • Please return version 2.1

    by Nickmane created

    What is wrong with the game developers? Turn on the TV or look up racing on the internet. Real race trucks go faster than 50 mph. It is so painfully slow that absolutely no fun can be had. ADD HORSEPOWER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don't buy it!

    by RAY FACE

    When you try to change the sensitivity of the steering it will stop working it won't move left or right waste of money I want my money back !

  • Awesome game!!!!!

    by Zrxsix3

    This game is totally worth the money! 4x4 jam has good graphic, the suspension on the trucks is realistic, awesome maps! Everything is good! It would be cool if it had maps were you run over logs, go through water, mud, and rocks as a course. That would make this game 100000000000000 STARS!

  • Boring

    by AA7788

    This game is so boring and there is nothing to do in it. Not worth $2 don't waste your money.

  • This is awesome

    by Tk1994

    The title says it all I love this game new tracks would be sweet to

  • It needs a truck with tracks

    by Mythbusters#1fan


  • Great

    by zebraUTTERS

    Best game ever

  • Great! Worth th money completley.

    by HungryBrandon>Xbox LIVE

    Great app, i even spent an extra dollar for a faster car!

  • Please Update!

    by med33ffx

    This game is awesome but you need to update it. You need to make the easy mode harder and you shouldn't have to buy vehicles with real money. I thought it was a real waste of money but the spieler buggy was so cool I couldn't resist it. I want to also say that if you think the "unlock everything" setting was cool, you're wrong. It's sorta like cheating. I don't like it and am glad it is gone. Anyways add a map showing you where you and your opponents are. Like some people have been asking about, I agree that you should be able to make your own vehicle and add more to unlock. I'm 8 years old, so I don't really care and I know it's a lot to take in but I would give the game 5 stars. Sorry I messed up and accidentally put a review but this is the real one. Thanks

  • Great game

    by litetaker

    +1 

  • Awesome

    by Deer111


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