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See how many creepy crawlers you can fend off in the darkness of a deserted tunnel before becoming infected yourself with their deadly virus you're trying to prevent from reaching the outside world. It's Friday the 13th and you don't want the world to feel the fear you're feeling. Let nothing survive.

Tap the screen in the center, left, or right side to shoot the horrors as they come towards you. Listen with your headphones for which side they are on. We've taken the common shooter game concept and applied a sound / touchscreen feature to give you the ultimate LISTENING SHOOTER EXPERIENCE that when played in the dark will send shivers down your spine!

Can't defend the bugs and need a break from the creepy horror? If you win the flare bonus, just shake to ignite a lifesaving flare which scares off all bugs for a short while... giving your thumbs the needed break from your amazing gun action.

Can you be today's top scorer? After each game, you can choose to submit your high score online. Will you be the first to reach 10,000 bug kills?

* You can hear bugs, spiders, and creepy crawlers approaching but if you shoot while they're far off, you're not guaranteed to hit them. Your chance of hitting them is practically guaranteed when they're right up front to barely promised when the vampire bugs are far off.

* Use an extermination poison bomb or flare when you need too, but don't wait until you get a new killing spree, otherwise you'll lose the old bonus in exchange for the new one.

* Listen for the sign of a monster attack and defend yourself before it happens! Bugs have a distinct sound right before they'll bite you. It sounds like some mutated angry cat hissing or a freaky spider crawling across the floor.

* Use a pair of headphones with the game! You'll want to hear which side to shoot on.


Customer Reviews

  • Better than temple run

    by Drake1211

    Nuff said

  • Terrible

    by Holyminer64444

    You just shoot at darkness and hear mice DO NOT GET GAME!!!!!!1!!!

  • Game

    by 20@&:esxn

    Don't waste your time with this game. You cannot see or do anything. COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME

  • Is this really horror or a waste of 5 mins is your life

    by Funiel26

    I should of looked at the reviews first WHAT DO YOU DO IN THE GAME is this BS or horror waste of 5 mins if you keep this game you must be retarted


    by Infamousplr

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAGHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH funny joke. Seriously it's just a blank screen.

  • Stupid

    by Bob man pop

    Blank screen shoot STILL STIPID.


    by Dalaufer

    A black screen with nothing to see, that's it. How did this GAME, Even get on the app store?!

  • Bad


    This game is a pathetic excuse of a game! You cant even see what your shooting!

  • This app is crapp

    by Lexy360

    I hate this crapy app!!!!!!!!!!

  • Absolute crap

    by Jacobbstar

    All it is is a black screen with some noise

  • Great app if...

    by DudmasterDJ

    This is a great app when you fell like dying. If you hate black screens and gun noises, don't get it.

  • Stupid

    by Alice05

    That game is so stupid you just shoot in the dark.is this like a joke.why would they lie.i could give it a zero

  • waste of time

    by l0l at ur swagg

    in this game ur literally shooting in the pitch black

  • Can't see anything..

    by Ajrsfeld

    It would prolly be fun if I could not die. I have no idea where the enemies are because it's just a black screen. I'd give it a 0 if I could. Non functional.

  • Bad

    by Thatguyluke

    This game could have been fun if you could see.

  • GAY

    by IIBackslashII

    All you do is shoot in the dark! Waste of time. At least it was free.

  • Wow not worth it

    by Hahahahahahahee

    It doesn't even do anything!!! All u do is shooot in the dark! Bogus!!!

  • Garbage

    by Garbage1garbage

    Garbage!!!! Shooting a black screen, not worth the time

  • What a joke!!

    by ScottyBlaze

    Why would this even be called a game and even be available? Waste!!

  • Joke....

    by kingdomheartsgir

    Seriously... IS THIS A JOKE????!!!!!! this couldnt even b considered a game!!!!! Its not even scary.. The sounds when you kill a zombie.... ITS SOUNDS LIKE A RAT!!!!! BS!!

  • Bad

    by JohnTheWolf

    Look up "Zombies!" it's the same thing, but 150x better. (it's got more interactivity)

  • Lame

    by Patsavanna

    Worst game ever!!

  • Retarted

    by Dmester

    It is so dumb.you can't even see anything.dumb noises too.DO NOT DOWNLOAD

  • A shot in the dark

    by Alchemerist

    No, literally. Basically all you do in this game is tap on a black screen with the occasional red paibt effect. Now I'm depressed that I wasted ten minutes tapping maniacally on my screen.

  • A game

    by Coasterkid12

    Stupid game DON'T download

  • Lol

    by clover mist

    After reading the reviews, I knew I just had to get it to see how gay it really is. My conclusion: Using the toilet is more fun than playing this. 

  • The h*ll?

    by Osopolar

    This game is complete bullsh*t. And i wouldnt even go as far as to call it a game. DO NOT DOWNLOAD

  • stuiped

    by parrisparsons10


  • Don

    by mystic282

    I didn't read the reviews b/c it was hard to see on my Touch. This game doesn't give u points score. Doesn't tell u did that u have pass a level. Not worth the time.

  • Crap

    by BWhit24

    Bump it

  • This app is stupid!

    by Sport15

    This is the stupidest app I have ever bought u just shoot into blackness sooooooooooooooooo stupid u r wasting ur time even looking at the app find somthing else. Stupid app!

  • What a waste of time!!!

    by Nolnik

    The only thing I'm gonna say is you've already wasted your time even looking at this apps reviews so don't waste anymore time and go find another app. Any app! They're all better than this one!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stupid

    by Jchxjdjdjd

    Really retarted don't waste your time working out is gunner

  • I don't get it

    by Max Rebos

    Totally stupid. Just a blank screen and you touch the screen and your shoots at something. Glad the iPhone deletes apps faster then they install them Can you say LAME! I thought you could.

  • Are they serious?

    by melissarobyn

    Possibly better than watching paint dry.

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