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Languages: English

Seller: IntroWizard LLC

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The ultimate game of fate...What will you do? It's up to you to CHOOSE!

An awesome and fun game of chance to play with your friends or family. Download this fun game today for free for your iPhone, iPod, or iPad and play with your friends for the ultimate enjoyment.

Customer Reviews

  • Hhuh

    by Heyheyr

    It's good but it better not use enternet.... I will find out in my long car ride

  • Teegee

    by Resatuf

    Good app

  • ???

    by Doggy123321

    It wouldn't even install 4 me

  • Ughhh....

    by GMP44

    Dont bother. Theres like 5 questions tht are just repeated over and over. Dont waste the time or memory space.

  • Don't bother

    by Bieberforever

    Ummm it's fun.....I guess until it repeats itself I guess there's like only 10 questions haha but legit don't bother

  • Eh?

    by Kaykayforeva929

    I like it but then it keeps repeating itself it's f In at first but then it gets worst worst

  • ??????

    by Emmi123456789

    I dont understand it. Whats the point? Im not being mean, i dont understand it… thats it.

  • Repetitive

    by AdrianaRocaa

    This app was very repetitive. It's asks like the same 7 questions over and over again, and then every once in a while, a new one would appear. I personally don't think it's worth your time, but try it maybe you will like it.

  • Awesome

    by Tadpole with hind legs

    This game is off the fasizzke

  • Eh read this

    by anghar13

    Not that good at first its kind of fun but it gets worse and worse

  • Worst app

    by Dec0130

    I hate this app it repeats sooo much don't wast ur time do not download

  • Ughhh

    by Ripley44

    It repeats over all the time i played 4 five minutes and answered 3 questions cuz it repeated dont waste ur time downloading or playing

  • Stupid game

    by Emostar4ever

    It asks u da same questions don't buy it it's not worth it

  • So stupid

    by Tj5549

    This game asks the same questions over again and the questions are like china or japan what's up with that? Don't wast ur time with this game

  • Stupid

    by Brandylou

    Don't waste your time downloading

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