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Sexy, hot, and crazy dares in the popular truth or dare game fashion!
Embarrass your friends and ensue a hilarious game of sexy dares.

Fun for saturday game nights or playing after school on the bus home. Includes fun dare game features like revenge and fantasy dares like where everyone of the opposite sex must kiss you all over for a minute or massage your body for a minute. Be king of your own crazy game!

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Customer Reviews


    by Awesome57$

    I'm 10 and I got 2 have sex like 5 times in 1 night

  • OMG!!!!!!


    I love this app!!!!!!! So I invited my bffs and all of our bfs over and we played it ALL night!!!!!! And my bffs and the bfs chose 4 me 2 have HOT SEX 4 1 hour and we did and so then we just quit the game and we all striped ourselves and had sex 4 the rest of the night

  • Please Remove

    by Kevlop31

    I Gave you 5 stars so now could you remove this app from my purchases?

  • Sexy

    by Boloni03

    I love this game did it wit da boy i like and now hes my bf!

  • Sex

    by Mo Banks

    I love this I had sex with by boy hand he were a condom we had it all night love it:)

  • Great ap

    by My Music, My Life

    I had fun with this ap and I am only ten! I invited my boyfriend over and we played it with our parents. Me and him ended up having sex. Our patents were drink so we kept at it. The dare was to spend a half hour naked in the room next to you with someone of the Opposite sex of your choice. So my boyfriend chose me and we had sex. It was a great time so all you people out there who wanna have sex, get this ap!!!!

  • Don't remove

    by Yomama2729

    This is an awesome app got me laid 3 times in 1 month n I'm 15 so all the losers saying delete this app are probably little kids or people who are desperate

  • Sexy

    by Cathy585

    I had sex with my Bff my boyfriend and my friends awsome app

  • I'm 9

    by Sexy Britney almode

    I had sex!!!!!

  • Love it

    by Kittykat347

    Super sexy all of those reviews are so wrong!

  • Fartdare!

    by Cheyenne way

    Fart on your gf/bf!!!! Shake!!!

  • Lol

    by Mini Bree

    I really like this except some of these aren't very sexy ( like a pillow fight) otherwise I love it, some of these are very priganal

  • lol wth is this

    by Peice of cake

    I'm giving this 4 stars because this is just too funny!! But srsly, you guys should make better dares. I mean, acting out a movie or tickling? even the crickets would chirp to such awkwardness!

  • Dares

    by JoshyPoo30


  • Please!!!!


    Please take this off my purchased!!!! My friend downloaded it as a joke. If my parent see it they will kill me!!!! Please take it off!!! Thank you!!

  • Remove please!

    by Cindy, Jimmy, & Brittany

    Remove from my purchase list, please. Downloaded by a friend and I didn't see until now!

  • Ridiculous.

    by Megan Worthy


  • Remove from my purchase list

    by Zebramonkey9923


  • Ugh

    by QuinnMcTigue

    Please remove from purchased list

  • Please remove

    by BlueNeki

    Please remove from purchased history.

  • T

    by Hdfrhjufhrhg

    Delete this plez

  • Eh....

    by Hgfvgdddssfvbkhgff

    Clogging up purchased please remove from purchased

  • Remove from purchased list

    by Tia Walton

    Please remove

  • Haha

    by Hoooooplaahhh

    I don't believe anyone has gotten laud with this app. I mean seriously, how do you get laid from dares like balancing a cup of water on your head? I mean, unless there's a fetish where balancing cups of water on one's head is a turn on. Rule 34

  • Weird

    by Jendbdhdhdbds

    Weird app

  • Please delete from purchased list

    by Anna855

    Please delete from purchased list

  • Remove

    by Serena5555878

    Take off Mi purchase list plz

  • Take off

    by Best game ever pet hotel

    Take this off my purchase list please

  • please

    by Pololamazing

    remove me from purchase thankyou

  • Really

    by Bella34343434

    It really sucked not sexy at all maybe for 10 year olds.

  • Awful

    by Twinkkk

    Stupid dares that nobody would want to do. Unless of course your friends want you to pour chocolate syrup sown there neck and back and lick it off, ect...

  • $2.99 for a "free" app.

    by BentleyJoseph

    Downloaded this free app for fun for an anniversary getaway stupid thing is dumb and ends up costing 2.99. I could have rented porn for cheaper. Way lame!

  • Dumb

    by Venus434

    This supposed to be for adults so I downloaded for my husband and I but it was very juvenile!!!

  • Lame

    by Tox!cKandy

    Don't waste your time!

  • Huh?

    by Ryanholly

    This app is the worst thing human kind has created since the beginning of time. First of all, it's advertised as a sex game AND as a fun game to play on the bus after school. Hmmm. Second, the dares are not written in correct English and most are neither sexy nor "dares". "Put shampoo in your hair and leave it there for 5 rounds"? Really?

  • Terrible

    by Illb3thejudge

    In the description it says fun for sat game night or after school on the bus home that seems to me like it's encouraging school age KIDS! Stupid description and stupid game.

  • It was bad

    by Death105

    This sucked I got a idea get some good dares hm or are you to bust dating your cousin to do any real work?!?

  • hilariously immature

    by melfromliny

    this app got such bad ratings that I downloaded it just to see how much it sucked. and I was not disappointed. these dares are perfect if you haven't yet reached 7th grade. my grandma can think of sexier dares. but it's perfect if you want a good laugh

  • Please

    by Shamazr

    Delete from purchased list

  • ?????????

    by Cats21

    What the heck is this app how is it only for adults tickle the person to your left really??

  • Stinky with poo

    by 1112223339

    This game has nothing to do with sex

  • Bad app

    by StevenBull

    Not good.

  • Don't bother

    by Hotsake

    This app is absolutely juvenile. In fact based on the dares I'm pretty sure that's there target market. Furthermore shaking the phone shows you the next dare, which wouldn't Be a bad feature if it worked. Its nowhere near the sensitivity of words with friends.

  • -.-

    by Sarah Glover

    It's immensely asinine

  • Hmm..

    by Disapp0inted

    So after drinking, my friends and I thought it would be fun to play this..... Wrong! Maybe if you're 12, but my view of "sex dares" does not include tickling?


    by sii qua tish

    this has to be th worst game "free game" available of its kind!!! don't bother even looking at it your wasting your life.. they must of gotten someone who has been living in the outback living off of snails n who has never seen another human to design this game!!! really...... really...... itunes should block rubbish like this befor it wastes th publics time disappointng everyone... again.. REALLY!....

  • Really stupid

    by ggwilson

    They have nothing to do with sex.

  • Don't get this app

    by Soccer12345is awesome

    So childish and no good dares

  • Boo

    by Lakema

    Double boo

  • This stinks

    by Gamer 5499

    This stinks ... Not worth it

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