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The best of Dirty Dares in this enhanced collection. Enhance your night time action with a collection of dirty dares. Dare your lover or partner to choose one from the list and complete it. Who knows, by the end of the game you both could be caught up in some ridiculously hot action.

Includes secret bonus features like double dares and mystery dares, plus more to spice up the gameplay. Play alone or with others. See who can complete the hottest dares and who wimps out.

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Customer Reviews

  • Lol

    by Mini Bree

    Even though I would NEVER do this in real life I like to just read over the dares. I agree that there a lot of the same dares. But there are some new dares that I really like.

  • This was funny

    by Death105

    I had a sleep over with the whole gang Guys + Gals and the loved it still coul be better.

  • Awesome with Jimmy

    by B-dah!!!

    I enjoyed this with my partner Jimmy

  • Awesome

    by Manderssssssssssssssss

    I loved it. You havr to get it

  • Best free dare app

    by Justgot2havefun

    This is the best free one I found. Have fun!

  • Ugh

    by 14Ricky88

    I just got rapped because of it

  • Uhgg

    by Bella34343434

    Really sucked. Tickle the person to the right of you??? Really? Not dirty I have no idea why some people think it's dirty. It's dirty for 4th graders. Maybe even lower grades because I heard that middle schoolers are getting laid now. The stuff they put in there us nothing compared to middle school sex

  • Ugh

    by Dolphin64575

    Same idiotic dares as every other app, not even customizable

  • Terrible!!

    by SJ SVEN

    I really hate this app. It's EXACTLY like every other dirty dare app from this company. Every dirty dares app I download from this company has the exact same dares. Here's an idea…GET DIFFERENT DARES!!!!! I give it 1 star because some dares made me laugh and also I use these apps for my BFF's sleepover b-day parties to flirt with my crush. But seriously, get different dares, will ya?!?!

  • No stars

    by Stygean

    Laughable at best!

  • Ewe

    by <3 joe jonas <3 <~saphira~>

    No one would ever do this seriously wow

  • OH WOW

    by MrFingahs

    This was not intersting at all

  • Uhhhh

    by Softball lover

    It was ok but it wasn't very dirty

  • Uhhhh

    by I <3 my crazyyy friends!

    Uhhh a little innapropriate

  • Stupid

    by Caminoroyal

    This was stupid not dirty

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