Multiplayer for Minecraft PE Games App Review (iOS, $2.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Innovative Devices UK Limited

- Fixed bug for Minecraft 0.8.0 update.
- Optimised for iPhone 5S users.
- Optimised for iOS7.
- Added parental controls to block text chat.
- Internal core update.

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*** The first and only App which allows you to PLAY AND HOST Minecraft PE online right from your device - no Desktop/PC required! Another world first - play online over WiFi/3G/4G/LTE too or even locally over Bluetooth! ***

HOST your own PE servers right from your own device (iPod, iPhone and iPad), no desktop computer required! No recurring charges, no In-App purchases :-)

PLAY on hundreds of public servers, or privately against your friends. Enjoy online play without having to be on the same wifi. Your crafting is finally set free from having to be on the same wifi. Better still, you can use in game voice chat for free and talk to other players while you play!

Play on hundreds of POCKETMINE servers, including special servers only available to users of the app e.g. Mini Games, Temple of Notch, Dungencraft, Legendcraft!

- Create/Host your own servers and advertise them on the App for others to join you.
- Create/Host private servers, so only friends you've invited can join.
- Free in game voice chat. Stevie won't need to learn sign language, all participants can use in game voice chat to communicate.
- Server hosts can manage users, with the ability to kick and ban griefers.
- Free game to keep you busy while you look for a server to connect to.
- Play online using WiFi
- Play online using 3G/4G/LTE
- Play locally using Bluetooth!

No subscriptions, no charges, no waiting for your server to be approved. Finally you can have more than just creepers to keep you company on your Minecraft World.

[NOTE: This application requires you to have either the free or paid version of Minecraft PE]

(If you have any issues, please contact using the email button in the app! We've yet to find anyone who's issue we've not been able to fix!) 

Disclaimer – This is a third party App, it is not the game MineCraft or affiliated with the game and its makers in anyway.

Customer Reviews

  • Why

    by Fire dird

    My house got blown up one of my friends put it out you should have an option if you want them to mine or do whatever they want Plz make that happen :'(

  • the greatest app ever

    by Lego fanb

    This is the best app I've seen so far but can u add mods like pokemon or guns

  • Reasons for why and why not

    by The master of fast

    This is a great game. Many agree. But it has its dos and don'ts. The reasons you should is because this is a fun game. It allows you to play on other servers. To go see other things people make. To have fun with people across the country. The reasons not to get it are simple. It's laggy. And when I say laggy, I mean LAGGY. It glitches too often. The other one is trolling. Kids think it's funny to go around placing lava buckets and TNT on houses. It's not. And it happened to me 6 times. I kicked them, of course. Other than that I have no bad reasons to buy a game. But in the next update, they should make it so you can disable certain things.

  • Ficks

    by HansT4

    Every time I try to make a frend it crashes plses ficks pronto

  • It won't go fast

    by Firusjahaha

    I want to play it but it won't go faster! It's still a great game. But will it ever let me play it again?

  • Love it!

    by Unknown54374774

    This app is the best. I'm very thankful 2 have it, besides the app won't let me join other servers sometimes, so on the next update can you please fix this!

  • Only app that works

    by MineBolt

    I have gotten apps that said its multiplayer. But they are all fake they are a waste of money. This really works get this. There is no reason not to get it. It's simple it comes with voice chat and everything.

  • Fun until.....

    by OrganFreeman

    I gave this app 5 stars because it deserves it. It was fun until the update. Looking forward to fighting monsters with strangers, ''I'm not signed into Game Center" I press sign in, takes me to Game Center and I WAS LOGGED IN. Retried, same message. Deleted then redownloaded. Same message. Fix this or I will delete this app.

  • Plz make blue tooth better

    by TheGreendragon2488

    The app is still awesome

  • Good app but....

    by Naterade777

    There is a gliching problem every time I play after about 20 min it kicks me out of that game! Every time! I have an iPhone 4S so I don't know if it only does that on the 4s, but plz fix soon!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just another game.

    by george zoubul

    Well, i had it and it was cool for a while, but it stopped working and now is in an infinite loading screen. And this is what happens when you buy this app. It works for a couple days then rips you off. Its not my job to tell you not to buy it. Thats your choice. I just hope you make the right decision....... Good luck.

  • Such a great app, except cursing

    by Rockstar5567

    I love the app, but, when people say bad words... Could you edleast blank them out? Please, because a lot of kids are getting in trouble because of this isue. Thanks!

  • Epic game but...

    by Opal9976

    How do u host a server.i created one i just can't get on it

  • Good job

    by TheSegaGamer

    I love this app because I can play multiplayer with people and my friends. It can get a little laggy and it can randomly disconnect but its k I like it

  • Minecraft rocks

    by Pcoley15

    I love joining games with this


    by I don't no why

    I played with people all around the world and it was awesome I give you A........5 star!!!

  • I loved it!

    by Tender slender

    But I know it costs a lot and people can destroy your world, but I love the pocket mine thing but how do you make a pocket mine server?


    by Kaydon 365


  • Minecraft0.9.0


    Get ready for an update Minecraft0.9.0 coming in a few months check NO LIE check for future updates

  • Bug Or Something?!!

    by EnderSteve101

    Can you fix this bug with another update mine keeps on crashing!!!:( So can you please add a update do mine won't crash when I just get on please!! :) Peace Out but yes it is the best app on Minecraft 5 Stars! Yes that is why BuildCraft has not been on but BuildCraft2 is here! So hold your horses for the next update!!! :)

  • Grr

    by Squishy cactus

    Make an option where u can disable breaking or placing

  • It's stupid

    by Dtdugggrfgddfbvxswf random

    Every time I try to join a world it disconnects me or doesn't let me join the world at all and I sent an email asking the what to do and the never replied and I've tried doing everything to make it work BUT IT JUST WON'T WORK!!!!!!!!


    by Minecraftclover

    I bought this app to interact with people,but seems like all the app does is crash!I have gone on it and it crashes DO NOT BUY THIS APP! :(


    by Ramapro


  • Ehhh.

    by Garrett :) ;) :) ;)

    Needs improvement! Add being able to prevent block breaking and placing and TNT.

  • Will not let me play

    by I love Suzuki boat motors

    It will not let me play. It says I have to log into Game Center. I log into it but it still won't let me. Would have been 5 stars but not now! PLEASE FIX THIS!!!

  • Waste of money

    by Me enc@nta!!!! :))

    EVERY TIME YOU JOIN SAYS SERVER DISCONNECTED I WAS LIKE 2 hours joining different servers and just says SERVER DISCONNECTED I'm giving a warning buy it if u want to is a waste of money.

  • Options

    by luvbolivia

    Its ok but it dissconeccts automaticaly and can u make it to host a pocket mine? BUT GET IT!!!

  • Bad

    by Christiano P.

    Never connects to any servers.


    by Dyriiuuuuuuuuuuu


  • Good app

    by Jon!$

    Okay it glitches it lags I get disconnected once in awhile but its a good app I have to say.

  • Awesome

    by Jenna441

    LOVE this game. I love how I can join other peoples games and let other people join my game.

  • "Shoot me"

    by Buzzkill456886

    I've had this app for under an hour and already think its a waste of $3. First It says it needs to "connect to Minecraft" so I followed what you said. So I thought it worked and tried "join game" and what happened? It needed my Game Center password. Put that in and tried a second time. AND FOR SOME REASON IT NEEDS TO CONNECT TO MINECRAFT A MILLION TIMES. So please, fix that lump of crap of yours.


    by Kaiaune

    I love tis app like it was my gf

  • This is the best minecraft game u can get

    by Bella Mauldin

    I believe that on this game u can always have and yes this game is for pe if u wanted to know P.S needs wifi

  • Mine won't load

    by MACHO MAN45634456

    It might be because I have an iPhone 4 help me!!

  • No good

    by The rocker88

    This game stinks it doesn't work over half the time there is a rare chance it will work.dont buy want my money back plus an extra dollar for wasting my time


    by Jackie5723

    Like the app just that no freakin survival games what the heck this app is now boring I want this like right now!!! And also they should be able to disable building or destroy because what the heck people are stealing ingots,animals ect I also want a report button!!

  • Doesn't load

    by Manualdistress3

    I tried playing this game and waited 5 minutes and nothing happened. Please fix this issue.


    by AtlasGeniusFan

    It's awesome multiplayer I like how you can send requests and invites and give a shout out to silver the puppy and danlyys i have a BUNCH of friends this is one of my BEST GAMES on my ipad mini!!!!!

  • Good app but

    by xxdrsx68ygswhjl

    It's a really good app. Playing with other people makes the game much more fun. BUT... It crashes way to much every time i host a server it crashes on me. I would appreciate it if you can fix the crashing. Thnx

  • Works well, good user count

    by Smartbomb32

    I love the fact that this app exists. It works very well for its purpose. And there are plenty of people using it, so it's actually worth using. Very cool indeed.

  • What the...

    by Gun gun bot kid

    This app is really fun but has lots of issues. Like automatic disconnection and ending of matches. It also won't let me play because it keeps saying I have to log in to GameCenter after I just did over and over!!! Please fix.

  • Buggy

    by Zoeyrocksomuch

    I think the apps good but I opened minecraft one day and there was a player named crafter12345678 and we both thought it was a bug I even uninstalled all my minecraft and related apps and reinstalled them but I think it's this one so fix that plzz

  • Amazing app

    by Ewheeler2

    It's worth the money and you can play with people all over the world and if you waiting for your friend to go on click the kill time

  • great

    by Fjjfufnfujrhcimdh

    great app but could you make this for terraria?

  • I love this game

    by Bob28462726

    But a problem is in some lifeboat games at death match or whenever it doesn't hit them and they don't lose hearts and sometimes they could attack you while you can't attack them

  • Crap

    by Uduhhow


  • Boss

    by The Designated Hitter

    Best game ever has the hunger games just like PC

  • Don't download

    by Scared to hell

    This app is the worst, it won't even let me stay in a server. Unless they fix the bug, I'm so undownloading this app

  • Good app!

    by gbumps02

    Great app but I think you should be able to play other people's worlds even when they are not online

  • Good but could be allot better

    by Pg 14 ,

    Ok it's good but horrible connection when i join a server i keep getting disconnected its better just to play on local host with my friends then get disconnected every 5 seconds

  • Best app ever

    by No,no,and no

    This app is working perfect over online server and Bluetooth and I have a iPod 5 generation. I would pay $10 for this app

  • Awesome app

    by H4ley101

    This app is pretty cool but, it could use some work because it is a little laggy (all app are though) It is a very fun app. You can even use voice chat and TALK to REAL people that you are playing with. That comes in handy because if you are trying to type but, you can't type fast enough. On pocketmine you can not use the voice chat. There are servers like the hunger games. Over all this app is awesome

  • Great app to play Minecraft PE online

    by Derplet

    Hosting servers, playing servers, building pixel art, it's every Minecraftian's dream when you can do this in the palm of your hand! Now we just need a report button to report all the griefers and this will be the best app on the App Store. GURANTEED.

  • Hate it I hate it so much

    by Mincarft lover

    I'm trying to play pocket mine but then it goes Eroo bad connecting so I can't join it and my house does have wifi so what's up with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It won't load

    by Corndog846

    It's probably a great app but whenever I try to go to it it exits the the home screen of my iPod you should make it available for fourth generation iPods


    by Plants vs


  • Vary bad game

    by RP2012LJ

    This game is so bad!!!

  • Improve connection.

    by Gamemassdave

    I live in a town when I try to host a server with my router next to me nobody can connect to my location. Fix this I can join other servers. Plus I want join other servers that won't connect for me. Plus if u get griefed it's ur fault. I got griefed so yea not app fault.

  • by Drew&LivsMom

    I love it but some people blame the game for people destroying their worlds destroyed when it's the other players fault.

  • Let me explain why it's one star

    by Lucas David Johnson the 1st

    I would love this app if it worked! I don't know if my iPod has problems or what it is thats causing problems but i can't make my own server, i cant join a server but when it says I'm connected, i get on and no matter how many servers i join it kicks me off within a few seconds. But I can't join pocketmine either! Ill give u ur 5 stars if u can fix this.

  • Booooo

    by Azap2124

    I think the app itself its really good. I do have to say that annoying people destroy your stuff, like everytime i try to host a server. I would suggest you not to buy this stuff if you want to share with others your creating. But for hosting, this app is crap. Please add no breacking/ or putting blocks.

  • Disconet

    by 14638463$$

    Pls fix the the bug about disconnecting every time I go on a server I get disconnected pls fix :D

  • iPhone crashed

    by I love it! Not!

    I downloaded this app on my new iPhone 5s for my 9 yr old. After about 40 mins of play time, the screen developed purple lines across it and then my phone completely shut down. It needed to be restored to factory settings through iTunes. I wasn't happy and my son is now unhappy because not only can he not play on my phone, but I won't allow him to download the app anywhere else. Can't say for certain that the crash was due to the game, but it seems like more than a coincidence to me.

  • Lag

    by MadMan7483

    I try to join a server,but I keep lagging. And when I write a message,I disconnect. Please fix this app!!!!!

  • Good needs update

    by Toxic spider

    Every time i try to connect 80% of the time it fails. But when it does work im so happy. Also you need to go in to minecraft pe almost constantly. But I guess its worth the money. Plz update to fix disconnection issues. Thx.

  • Terraria

    by Zombie Pics

    Good app I like how you can play using bluetooth so could you do the same for Terraria

  • This app doesn't work

    by App Reviewer 15

    I like the app but it won't let me enter any game whatsoever and now with the update i can't even get in the app! Please fix it, I want to play with people. I would honestly give it 2 stars unless they fix it.

  • wast of money

    by Andrew Ireland

    I keep loosing connection even im on full wifi

  • Maybe

    by Ffdoofugjdj

    If this app is stupid i will right a mean text to other people of how this game is

  • My opinion

    by Ugucucucuvivicucucu

    I spent 2.99 on this and it always lags and won't let me join a server

  • Why tax

    by Trebor 11

    Why is there taxes on this stuff

  • Problems

    by Panda Peace Out 234

    Okay. I go look for groups to Join, okay, and GUESS WHAT! I get disconnected for no reason what so ever! It's great, but could someone fix this please?! And also when I get dissconnected, The lady who talks to you seems like she has a glitch. She says two sentences at once. It gives me a headache.

  • This App is GREAT

    by Ellenzellish

    Sometimes it may glitch a little, but overall I love it!!

  • Please help!

    by Wolfy wolf lover

    Everytime I try to join a game I go to minecraft pe and go to the online server , it always says unable to join world! I just wanna play with some people and not by myself!

  • L



  • By lupita

    by Glupita

    It did not work on me

  • Awesome!!!

    by _hey_its_hannah_7_

    Works well and is GREAT for making servers! The only thing wrong is that you can only allow four people on your server. Other than that, I use this app a lot to go on other people's servers and to host my own server! You should definitely get it!

  • Reviws

    by iPod 4th gen reviews

    This app is horrible I can only stay connected for 1 minute before I lose connection not worth the money

  • I want money back

    by Chuy123123!

    I want my money back. when I enter a game it always disconnects me. I wish I could give you 0 STARS. ^^^^^^^ | | | | | | |

  • Doesn't work

    by Mr.Ybntgjyguuhjgy

    It has to actually work to like it.i try to connect and it never works.i look up a world,it doesn't show up.not good at all.

  • How do u play on a world

    by Baseballer guy1

    I click on the server that some people are on. All i see is the people that are on

  • Needs more features

    by Red1496

    There needs to be a view only setting so other people can walk through my world but not destroy it.

  • this app stinks!!

    by Zackaluna7

    its really bad every time i play it crashes on my ipad4 and no one should buy this cuz it just keeps crashing and when you play on a lifeboat it will kick you off

  • Help

    by Sugarrush4

    The longest time that I've lasted on a server was fifteen seconds. After a few seconds it would say player disconnected. There is nothing wrong with my wifi. I just wasted three dollars.


    by My Dog is Cute

    Every time you play you get disconnected from the game within 3 minutes of joining! PLEASE DONT BUY THIS APP!!


    by Justin.n9ne

    Has never once worked properly for me. The servers never respond therefore can't join anyone's game and have never had anyone join mine either. I have all the recent updates/devices/requirements and still nothing... Very upsetting

  • Luv it buuuuut...

    by Megank25

    I love this app but I can't play for more than one minute without getting disconnected! :(

  • Not really happy

    by Mnnnfhurn

    First, the app wanted me to put in a password, which I didn't even KNOW about, then I found my password. I login to the survival games and it keeps saying incorrect password. NOW it won't let me in because "I'm not signed into game center". Now IT WONT EVEN LOAD!!! I spent a good 3.00 on this app thinking it would be cool. But now it won't even let me play! I am using an ipad 4th gen... So I dunno know what happened. Otherwise if I get to play survival games and can actually LOG IN, I will give 5 stars.

  • Plz Fix This

    by Jackyrulz2

    I've been having this problem that when i join/host a server it says i need a game center account! i do have a game center account! it won't let me join/host a server! D:

  • Ugh

    by Rams fan 723

    Doesn't work with my Motorola wifi. Fix this please

  • Awesome

    by Ghostpower2

    I would give this game five stars but it keeps on disconnecting me. It can get really irritating!! But nice game but please fix!!!!!!!!!!


    by Sparksspeed

    It won't let you make pocketmine games but great app

  • Ugh.

    by I love u hehehe

    I want my money back!! >:( This game doesn't even let me join people! When I go on Minecraft I don't see anything. I only see the worlds I made. Then when I go back on the app it says the owner disconnected. Not worth it. -.-

  • Great app

    by Jackyr662

    It is a great app I recommend it if u want to play with ur friends.I just have one problem.My friend has an iPhone 4 and I have a iPhone 5c.I can't get into his world but he can get into mine.I tried a bunch on times but it won't work.Please fix this over all good app.

  • It always disconnects it never works

    by Skydoesminecraftyes


  • Awesome app!

    by misterhelicopter

    This is one of my favorite apps. Other people are saying you get disconnected, but the only way that happened to me was when the server owner disconnected, or if you join right when the server becomes full or offline. This app is great I would recommend it.

  • Servers

    by Captainnick8

    Every server i go in i join the world. Then after five minutes i get disconnected, big deal, i just have to rejoin the world. Well that's not what happens. I disconnect and then i cant join the world. I go in multiplayer for minecraft and my screen goes white. I cant ever play on servers because it wont let me

  • Fun but

    by The master of fast

    It's fun but the came was meant for griefers. They blew up my mansion and my brother's too. There should be a way to disable certain items. Others than that, it's fine.

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