Celebrity Quiz Games App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Fashion Wholesale Inc

* Updated for the new iOS



Game Features:
- Celebrity News, Scandals and Fun Facts
- WiFi play with Friends
- Challenge Mode
- Leader board

Celebrities are modern day kings and queens, sometimes they are born from fame but often they are common people do does something special and unique. That’s why we crave their fame and the media follows.

Do you know the latest gossips? At Cannes this year Woody was with Penelope and Javier. Jake was seen in the Village with a beautiful blonde. Lindsey was arrested...again. Lady GaGa was seen walking a lizard in Central Park. Who did Brad date before Jenn? Who was in the reality show with Paris? Was Marilyn with JFK, RFK, and Sinatra?

Play the game about gossips and your favorite Celebrities. Experience the fun, the challenge, and the shock of Celebrity News.


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