Bible Challenge Game Games App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Fashion Wholesale Inc

* New Trivia Questions
* Updated for the new iOS



Game Features:
- Challenging questions for the enthusiast
- Timed Challenge for each game
- Bible themed graphics and sounds
- WiFi play with friends
- Leader Board

The Bible Challenge Game is fun and filled with the history and facts from the scriptures. It encompasses the events and people to illustrate the strength and might of the lord. Brother killing brother, peasants unite and emperors fall. Challenge your knowledge of the history and facts related to the scripture.

Discover who was the first man killed, why did David fight Goliath, and the many events of the holy wars as told in the bible. This will all be revealed in the Bible Challenge Game.

This game is great for adults who want to know more about the events and people in the bible that shape the history our world today.


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